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Vote for John he's the bomb


Vote for John he's the bomb

John Mccoy 



Vote for John he's the bomb 

     He was born on july 1st, 1976 in olympia,washington state. 


                                  Early life 

     When he was little he loved to travel.  In the winter his dad and him wold ride up to the glaciers.  His family went upto the Blue Mountins in the fall every year.



     When he was in high school he wanted to be a doctor. But when he got to college he changed his mind and dicided to be a president.  So he got his bachelors in political science.



Before he went to college, he worked at a bank. In 1994, he went to Harvard college to get his masters in law. Once he earned his law degree, he became a judge in his city.


Current Family

John's wife, Angela, and he have two children, Jake and Lizzy. He has a great dane named Rose. His mother and father live in California. He visits them often.




Snap shot Bio


       Mr.Mccoy strongly agrees with a stronger public education. The students need to learn as much as they can, so that they can get a job they like and make a good living. He donates to charities for schools. Public education allow students to get to school easier because they are closer.



       Decreasing taxes is important. People deserve to spend thier money on thier own personal needs. Lower taxes allows people to get out of debt faster.


 Gun Control

      He strongly agree with stricter gun control. America needs less people getting killed or seriously hurt. Military are allowed to have sutant guns. However, the general public should be requred to have a liscense to carry a gun.



      America must move away from fossil fuels. We agree with this because soon fossil fuels will run out. Also solar energy lasts longer than fossil fuels will ever last. Renewable energy causes less pollution.



      He thinks we should spend more of our nations budget of our military and help other countries. It will make our army stronger. Also it will help other countries from be destroyed.


Platform Issues

   1.John's favorite food is lazana with his family because his wife is a great cook.

   2.He likes to be a leader because he wants to help people be strong

   3. He is interested in Seattle sports like Seattle Seahawks, Mariners, Souders.

   4. All his life he hasdonated to a lot of charity. He loved to help people

   5.When he was in school he liked learning about pollitics because he found the arguments and different choises interesting.

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