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history in  



the future 







by: Thaddeaus Tang

History in the future



Hiawatha stood alone among the flickering flames. As the ashes and embers flew past him and blew into the sky, he let all of his rage and fury take him over. He let loose a guttural scream and felt hatred and anger slowly burning into his soul. His heart burned with rage, extinguishing all rational thought. At his feet laid the bodies of his wife and his two daughters. This could only be one person who could have done this; Tadodaho.

Part 1

Ruby Kurosawa sighed. She looked out of the window of her furie ie (old house) , once again pondering about history and about what could happen in the future. The entrance to the house filled with the last of the sunlight, casting a warm glow across the wooden floor. She sat down and thought about her trip with Dia (her sister) and how much fun they had. Then suddenly she saw something move. It was a dog. Her instincts kicked in first. She ran out the door, forgetting the fact that the dog was outside. Then she noticed that the dog was outside, and ran. The dog barked, only making her run faster. Then she saw the forest up ahead.The forest that no one really dared to go into. yes! She thought. As soon as I leap into the forest I can escape the dog! She felt her energy draining fast. She gave one last burst of energy and leaped into the forest, and fell to the ground panting. Then she noticed it. The waterfall. Huh. a waterfall. It’s pretty. she thought dully. Then her mind quickly realized what happened. Wait. a waterfall? What is it doing here? What? A WATERFALL? The bushes behind her rustled and she jumped in surprise. ‘’W-who’s th-th-there!’’ she stuttered. The bushes rustled again and the dog from before jumped out of the bushes. Ruby screamed and shivered in fear, cowering before the dog. ‘’Relax, screamer girl.’’ a smooth, calm voice like a lake pierced the silence. Ruby looked up and gasped. In the dog’s place there was a girl. Her hair was blue and looked wet, as if she had just gone for a swim. She wore a wetsuit that was soaked and zipped up tightly. Ruby screamed again and the girl snickered. ‘’That little chase wasn’t planned, but i had to get you here. It was a last resort to scare you out into the forest. And i had already tried screaming for you to follow me, so i had to do that’’ the girl shrugged nonchalantly, then grabbed Ruby’s wrist, and started dragging her across the dirt floor. Ruby screamed some more again, but she could not do anything about it.  As Ruby was dragged across the floor, she noticed that birds were chirping brightly, and the trees had strong light cast upon the tree's canopies. That’s strange Ruby thought. By now i would expect it to be dark. The forest that once surrounded her and the mysterious girl, now opened up to show a small village. The wind blew gently and the sun was at all it’s glory. Ruby heard laughing

And she saw people over a tall hill. She wriggled free of the mysterious girl’s hand and she ran towards the tall hills towards the laughter. The forest is completely unpopulated. There shouldn’t be laughter, above all in this forest! As Ruby ran, the laughter got closer. As she was about to get to the top of the hill and see what was going on, the laughter suddenly stopped, and Ruby knew that something was wrong. Then a scream pierced the air. It was a scream of pure rage. The sound reverberated and carried through the air, and a flock of crows that had nested in the trees burst out flapping and cawing in fear. Ruby finally scrambled over the hill and gasped. before her laid millions of dead bodies littering the ground.

among the mass of dead bodies, Ruby saw a lone man fall to his knees, tears streaming
down his face rapidly. Just then a torrential rainstorm struck and Ruby saw the man turn
around one last time and spotted her. The man narrowed his eyes and started slowly
advancing. Ruby ran towards him. Just then she heard the mysterious girl’s voice scream
‘’no!, Ruby’’. Ruby saw the man pick up his spear and just as he threw it, she heard the
mysterious girl say ‘’やめる!バック!収縮’’ and the spear whistled past her as the world
around her morphed into blackness. She saw a door and she reached for it. She opened the
door and she came out of a hill. She saw the mysterious girl standing in front of her, and she
smiled nervously. ‘’Let’s go.’’ the mysterious girl said. Ruby ran up to her and started blabbng.
ctjapanesean- ‘’i will answer all your questions once we find a safe spot to rest for the night.’’
the mysterious girl said. ‘’ what’s your name?’’ Ruby asked curiously. ‘’My name? It’s Kanan
Matsuura.’’ the mysterious girl said. They walked for a long time before they reached a cave.
‘’Alright.’’ Kanan said. Ask me a question’’ she said. Ruby opened her mouth to pepper her
with questions, and Kanan said ‘’one at a time please.’’ ‘’okay’’ Ruby said slowly. ‘’How did you
do that thing when that man almost killed me?’’ she asked. Kanan raised her eyebrows in
surprise. ‘’You don’t know how to do magic?’’ she asked. ‘’Magic? Of course i don’t know how
to do magic!’’ Ruby said. ‘’Well that was a simple teleportation spell.’’ Kanan said. ‘’And i think
that i’ll have to teach you some magic if you want to survive here.’’
Part 2
Ruby was flying. She looked down and saw so many trees so many trees burning burning.
Ruby woke up screaming. She sweated nervously and noticed that Kanan was gone. Then she
heard a roar. She looked outside and saw Kanan calmly punching a bear, square in the jaw.
Ruby gaped as the bear came tumbling down and watched as Kanan brushed her hands and
said: ‘’hello sleep-like-a-rock. How are you feeling?’’ Ruby looked at her and said ‘’what’s for
Kanan took the bear and ripped it open with her bare hands. ‘’This.’’ she replied, then a fire
burst into blaze from out of nowhere. Ruby promptly stared at it, then started gathering
sticks and impaling pieces of meat and cooking it. ‘’I’m going to the lake.’’ Ruby said. She
treaded lightly over to shining blue waters to relax. She gazed upon the shining sea and
looked ahead. She saw trees...trees and a person. Ruby calmly kept her eyes scanning the
trees, until she realized there was a man. Ruby noticed that there was a canoe on the lake,
which was gently rocking. Ruby hopped into the boat and to her surprise, the boat started
silently gliding towards the other side of the lake. Ruby waited until the boat was lifted
ashore by the water, which was now quietly sloshing. Ruby took a tentative step on the land,
making sure it was not rocky. As soon as Ruby confirmed that the ground was smooth, she
started strolling towards the man. Suddenly Ruby knew exactly what to say. ‘’Why hello.
Beautiful day.’’ Ruby said. As if she had foretold the future, the man came into view. He
whipped his head around, and Ruby saw that his eyes were bloodshot, as if he had been
crying. ‘’What do you want’’ he whispered in a hoarse voice. ‘’I have c-c-c-come to seek p-p-p-
peace’’ she said. The man stared at her like she was crazy. ‘’At a time like this? You come to
get peace at a time like this?’’ the man was getting angrier with every sentence. ‘’I c-c-c-can’’
Ruby responded. ‘’I will bring peace!’’ she said with confidence. ’but my voice cannot b-b-be
carried very far. I-I-I need a big st-t-trong voice like yours to help me s-s-s-spread peace.’’
Hiawatha looked at Ruby. ‘’I will help you’’ he said.