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 The almond nougat is made using: almonds, sardinian honey, sugar, egg whites and wafers (gluten-free)


The nougat with nuts is made using: nuts, sardinian honey, sugar, egg whites and wafers (gluten-free)


Hand-made nougat


                    no manufactured,


                                                                   always hand-made

This famous Sardinian dessert is dedicated to those who love the tradition and especially to those who care about the genuiness of the product (also suitable for celiacs)

Hand-made nougat inimitable taste whose white pulp is crerated only with the best sardinian honey. honey is the real ingredient thet makes the difference and is unique about this dessert.It is a local product, healtly and genuine characterized by a unique aroma. One of mains characteristics of this product is the softess,which is derivated from the cooking time in the oven, which must no exceed two hours, and the ratio of sweeteners contained in the dough. The nougat sticks are availablewith two different types of nuts, almonds and walnuts . nougat made with almonds rich of ancients tastes of the sardinian tradition by bringing together in a single product the white paste of nougat,honey and more crounchy almonds. nopugat with nuts instead has a more delicate flavor, beacause the nuts release inside the paste of nougat their essential oil, which creates a set of inimitable hints of where your taste buds can no longer do whithout.