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Poetry Booklet 



By Rachel Walker


ABC Poem

Becoming Happy

According to you its not always easy

Because times have been tough for you but

Coming through every situation with a smile makes it a bit easier

Denying you were ever in pain makes people wonder

Even though you are much stronger now

Finally you don’t have to force a smile.


My car


Small, Black

Zooming, Zigzagging, Zipped

Nice and fast

Nissan Altima



My dog

My dog is playful

She likes to jump up and down

She is a sweetheart


Bio Poem

Living the Happy Life


Handsome, Happy, Loving, Caring

Husband of Raelynn Anderson

Who loved to make people smile

Who was exhilerated with his life, always looked on the brighter side of things, felt that happiness was the greatest thing in life

Who felt happy about everything, always smiled, and loved making others smile

Married Raelynn and had 1 boy and 1 girl

Who wanted to bless his family, regardless of what may happen

Born in Arkansas, lives in little rock, arkansas


Shape Poem

Brave Heart



                                                   A dangerous outside cat,

                                         Came dashing your way faster than ever!

                               Any smart person would run, but you just stood there.

                   You didn’t think about running because you were brave enough to stay.

This cat did not harm you, it wasn’t directly coming for you. There was an animal it was hunting

Behind you and it didn’t know what to think or what to do because things were so fast it couldn’t.  


Acrostic Poem

Favorite Candy

Thickly covered in chocolate

With a twist of caramel inside

It tastes so delicious

EXcitingly awesome and wonderful




Death of a Dear Friend

was just a friend
a dear friend
of sixteen years
for I’ve not shed so many tears
Child of God
has been put to sleep
the nicest way
so they say
nor was any soul more loved


Earning Money

I have no cash. 

I am as broke as can be.

I need to earn money.

And now I work at El Parian.

I have a lot more money now.

List Poem

Before and After School Events

I woke up this morning feeling very sick

I got up, got dressed, brushed my teeth,

Then I left to head to Big Red in town,

I got a soda and some breakfast food,

After that I left and headed to school,

I went inside and had school,

Then after school I had to walk home,

I got home, set my stuff down and went to go to the bathroom,

When I got done I did my homework,

After my homework I took a nap before church,

I woke up and refreshed myself before I headed to church,

I got to my church and hung out with some friends before service,

After service I visited with some friends, then I left,

After I left I got home and change into night clothes,

After getting my night clothes on I brushed my teeth,

Then right before I headed for bed, I set my alarm clock,

After that I slowly fell asleep, That is how my day went.



Uniform Man

There was once a man who always walked

Everyone he passed they talked

No one was very mindful of him

They knew he was uniform



Loving the sun now

Makes me warm and toasty

Does not make me cold



"The best is yet to come," for Frank Sinatra

Tombstone inscription such as Mel Blanc's 'That's all folks' and Spike Milligan's 'I told you I was

"Goodbye Porkpie Hat" or "1,000 lost, sadly"? (7)





Tiny, quiet,

Zooming, Velocity, spinning

Scraping around cirners, Riding around roads

Chasing, catching, racing

Quiet, Medium


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