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By: Madalyn May 


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My fifth grade



teacher Mrs. 







By: Madalyn May


Published on February 6, 2017 in Mrs. Scott's Reading Class


Chapter 1- Where it lives                   


Chapter 2- Size/ Invertebrate or Vertebrate 


Chapter 3- Eating Habits


Chapter 4- Adaptations


Chapter 5- Descriptions


Chapter 6-Other Interesting Facts


About the Author

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Chapter 1- Where it lives

     What continent does the adorable Kinkajou live on? The Kinkajou lives in Central and South America. That must be a hot rainfroest because it is very close to the equator. The Kinkajou lives on the canopy layer of the rainforest. Did you know there is more action in the canopy then any other place in the rainforest? The Kinkajou stays in the canopy it never toches the ground. It has long strechy arms so it can swing from place to place.

Chapter 2- Size/ Invertebrate or vertebrate

Are Kinkajous vertebrates or invertebrates? The answer is a vertebrate. They need there backbone for many reasons they need to swing from tree to tree and they need to search for food which makes it a whole lot easier. Kinkajous fully grown are 22 inches. That is nearly 2 feet! That really isn't that big.

Chapter 3-

Eating Habits


A Kinajou's eating habits are very similer to a bats eating habits. Kinkajous eat Honey, insects, fruits, small animals, and etc.That is so gross. Well to my opinion anyway.

A Kinkajou's adaptions that help it survive in the rainforest is their long tails that help them swing from tree to tree and gather food as well as using it as covers when it goes to sleep. (That is a very cute adaption).

Chapter 4- Adaptions 

Chapter 5- Description

A Kinkajou's description is very adorable. A Kinkajou has big eyes, tiny little ears, vicouse claws, long arms, long tails, a long body, and a big nose. You really need to agree, that is adorable.

Chapter 6- Other Ineresting facts

Kinkajous are mammals, they don't lay eggs. They are also omnivors, they eat plants and animals like us. They weigh up to 3 to 7 lbs, that is so tiny but it makes sense for how little it is.

About the Author

Madalyn May that's me, I am 11 years old. I love this animal, I wrote about it because I like to study about adorable and not that known animals. When I first heard of the Kinkajou I was like "What", now I have fallin in love because it is so cute. I don't want to be a rainforest scientist because it is to much work. But I am only a child I don't really know what I want to be yet, no child does. Thank you for reading my book!