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Tony the Teddy

By: Elizabeth Calvert 

Published on 30 October 2014

ASU Polytechnic Campus

7001 E. Williams Field RD.

Mesa, AZ, 85212 

This book is dedicated to my wonderful friends, I would be lost without you.

There once was a Teddy Bear named Tony. Tony was from a big city, called Polyopolis. He was born and raised there. Now, this city was a dangerous place where there were all sorts of problems. It was hard to keep everything and everyone clean, happy and safe. Tony decided that he was not happy in the city, and decided to set off to find a place that was truly meant for him. He was ready to find his soul friend who was meant to help him, and always be by his side.

Tony the Teddy

Tony journeyed through this big scary city, where he passed towering skyscrapers and needy people, whom he helped in whatever way he could.


 As Tony continued to walk through and wander the city trying to find a way out, he encountered more people who were in need of a friendly, helpful paw, and he was happy to help them.


All Tony  had ever known was the city and he was  not expecting  the sight that greeted him when he finally was able to find a way out of the city.


Tony was surprised  by the site before him! What were all these green leafy objects?! What were all these noises?! Tony did not know what to do with himself!

Tony realized that it was almost nighttime and that he had spent a long time helping  people in need that day. He decided that before he set out to explore the forest, he should get a good nights sleep and wait until it was daytime to start his adventure into the forest.


Tony found a safe, nice place to stay, that was close to the forest, but still within the city limits to stay in that night; but as he started to check in, he realized that he had dropped his wallet outside!

Poor Tony! What should he do! He slowly walked back to the hotel, with his poor head hung down, trying not to cry. On his way back to the hotel, a kindly gentleman noticed him looking upset , and remembered him as the Teddy Bear who had helped so many people in need that day. Now, this kindly gentleman was quite wealthy and did not have to worry about spending money. He decided to pay for Tony’s room and food at the hotel that night, but he did so without Tony knowing who did this kind thing.

When Tony found out that his room and food were all paid for for the night, he wept for joy and was very thankful for the kindness that was shown to him. This kind deed that was shown to him gave him the idea that he should always help others, not just when it suited him to do so, and that he should always be happy to help no matter how big or small the favor might be.

After Tony spent the night at his comfortable hotel, and filled his teddy tummy up with a well-balanced meal, he decided it was time to go into the forest. Tony returned to the calm and pretty spot that he had observed the forest from the day before. Tony was afraid to go into the forest by himself, but he realized that he needed to be a brave little bear and that if he did not go into the forest, he might never find his soul friend!


Tony marched bravely into the forest!

He got past the first layer of trees, and bushes, which only had a few, well spaced trees and bushes so it was still very easy to see the forest floor, and continued deeper into the forest. Each layer of the forest had a different, unique look. Some layers were scarier than others. Some had trees so close together that they completely blocked the sun, while others had small ponds and rivers and streams flowing through them. But they were all beautiful and unique despite their different appearances.

As Tony traveled, getting deeper and deeper into the forest he realized that he had no way of knowing which way he had come from. When he realized this he became a little frightened! But then, Tony remembered that the whole reason he was in the forest was because he wanted to find his soul friend. This thought cheered him up and put some pep back into his step.

Tony kept wandering through the forest. He was lost in thought and at first did not notice what seem to be cries for help! But as these shouts continued, Tony was pulled out of his thoughts and noticed them. He looked around with care and attention, and tried to discover where these cries are coming from!


Tony finally located the direction that these cries were coming from! He immediately ran in the direction where they were coming from. To his surprise, when he got there he saw a little dog sitting  under a tree!


Tony ran over to the little dog. He asked him “Excuse me mister, but what seems to be the problem?”The dog replied, “Oh thank goodness you showed up! My name is Charles! My best friend, Lila the Cat, and I were walking through the forest to try and find some yummy treats, but then Lila decided to climb this tree and now she is stuck!” Tony replied, “Uh-oh, I should try to help her down!”


Lila was shaking with both fear and relief! She cried “Oh Mr. Bear, however can I thank you for this?!” Tony replied, “Please, call me Tony! And it was my pleasure to help a person in need!”


Lila asked Tony if he would like to join her and Charles gather some snacks and drinks; and Tony gladly agreed to help them!

Charles, Lila, and Tony walked around the forest, and found all sorts of berries and leaves to eat. Tony was a great help with carrying the snacks that they found, he was able to carry a basket full of extra snacks and a bucket full of water in case they got hungry or thirsty as they walked around the forest.

It was starting to get dark, Charles and Lila asked Tony if he would like to come back to their friend, Julia’s, house. Tony happily accepted their invitation and followed them back to her nice cozy cabin.

When they arrived at this cabin, Tony saw a little girl outside carrying some firewood into the house. He realized that this must be Julia.

Julia noticed Charles and Lila first and greeted them by saying “Hey you guys! Where have you been? Oh and you brought a friend home with you!” She went up to Tony and introduced herself to him.

They both immediately felt a connection! Tony realized that this must be what it was like to have a soul friend! It was as though he had found the other half to him, like a hole that had been in his heart had suddenly been filled!

Julia invited Tony to stay with her and Charles and Lila for as long as he liked. Tony gratefully accepted this offer! He, Lila, and Charles stayed busy during the day gathering food and water while Julia was at school. When Julia came home their little family, that lived in the house have fun exchanging stories and comforting each other when there were storms outside. This little family stayed together forever and had adventures and supported each other with everything.


The End!

Tony the Teddy is a great children's story that teaches the reader an important message, true friends will come with time. Little kids will love the details and imagination put into this book. Many children will be able to relate to the struggles and successes that Tony experienced. I have read it numerous times and loved it every time.

 -Brianna Myers


I love the adventure in this story! I'm also loving Tony the Teddy's name!

-Dan Pollak

About the Author

Elizabeth Calvert is currently a student at Arizona State University. She is planning on becoming a high school history teacher after she graduates. She is the youngest of three siblings. She also is a huge supporter of fine arts in education!