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Lovely Poems by the wonderful Ashtan Swanson

Love is deep

'"I'll still kiss your head in the morning, make you breakfast in bed while your yawning.. So you cant say your man dont be on it. You know true love aint easy, girl I know its you cause you complete me. Theres no replacing me cause we made it through the weather. You stay on my mind so believe me, our love dont change. I saw an angel in a crowded place... She caught my eye, as I walked on by! We shared a moment that will last till the end!!"


I mean anyone meditation is boring you'll "bad" convinced never sit no law frozen shift, adjust, sneeze do it. Level feel experience thoughts sweet spot shooting for. Not "the best"  no winning, build strength amazing better sleep, stronger immune system less stress, and increased productivity.

ABC poem

  Ashtan is fast                                                                         Becuase she puts in work                                                   Consistently failing                                                             Doesnt make her give up                                                     Even when she feels she cant get better                              Fond to acheive her 



Carl                                                                           Strong, wealthy, dedicated, happy                             Husband to Maria Lewis                                       American former track and field athlete                    Who always had the feeling that he was born to do something. Convinced that God has given him the talent.                                                Feared people giving up on him because he "sucked" at the time.                                               Won nine gold medals, including four at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.                              Wanted people to have faith in him no matter what.                                                                        Born in  Birimingham, Alabama, July 1, 1961       Lewis

Bio Poem

              My Hand

Small, loving, caring, trustworthy, truthful, kind, pleasant, sincere, friendly, loyal, thoughtful. considerate, hard working, and last but not least faithful.

                                     Swimming                                                                     Deep, Shallow                                                     Waves, splashes, laughing                                           Summer memories                                                      Pool                          

Cinquain Poem

A is for admirable 

S is for sincere

H is for hospitable, with a carrying heart

T is for talented

A is for attractive

N is for notable, right from the heart

Acrostic Poem 



Freedom is like wild animals not tied up to keep them from attacking you, or a person jeep riding with the top off, just living for the moment.



I love the track.

It is so big and round.

It is blue all around,

with 8 lanes and white stripes

It lights up when I win a race.



Thank you for God.

Thank you for track.

Thank you for my mom.

Thank you for my family.

Thank you for food.

Thank you for all that I am blessed with.

List poem

There was a young girl with a flower,

Who stood on top of a tower,

Her skin was silk,

Her hair was smooth like milk,

Until she finally took a shower.


First day, same school

backpack heavy as ever 

last all my food in my bag.


"Its all about the journey, not the outcome." Carl lewis



Happy, warm

welcoming, inspiring, soothing

tight, expression, emotion

disturbing. deterring, depressing

sad, not welcome