falcons loons ravens cardinals crows
Official Responsible People
Only Work (IRPOW), making
sure the new Cardinals Castle
(it is amazing!) is ready and
prepared for Summer 2021,
and staining cabin doors and
other IRPOW. Other than
that, we made sure to take
advantage of all the fun that
can be had at camp, playing
ample amounts of KanJam
on Beginners (Craig and I
successfully defeating the
unqualified tandem of Dan
and Tanner time and time
again), hippo-wallowing in
Panther Ponds serene waters
to soak up its natural healing
powers, and wrestling with
Teddy (Jimmys adorable
golden retriever) and others
on the blue mat; I think Im finally ready to take on Dustin!
I was accompanied by fellow current staff Ryan Neafsey,
Brendan Gray, Jeremy Cutler, and Will Danforth the
second time I was able to come to camp, and we
accomplished quite a lot as well. Our many projects
included fixing and beautifying the fence behind the clay
tennis courts (especially important now that the trees
between the road and the courts had to be cut down,
with saplings in their place), rearranging the sailboat
moorings in a more effective manner (hopefully Head
of Sailing “Gugs” will approve - but if he doesn’t, tell
him it was all Dan’s doing!), and continuing Timanous’s
eternal battle with pinecones and brush that loves to
reside on our alluring paths. Also, we spent a scintillating
afternoon picking up the grass clippings on the ballfield
after Pineman mowed, which certainly was a highlight; did
you guys know Pineman got 2nd in the 1987 All-American
Lawnmowing Tournament? He got beat out in the final
by some guy named Robert Blake, although Pineman still
contests to this day that the judges had it out for him and
that Blake’s trophy should come with an asterisk. The loss
is still a sore spot for Pine though, so I would avoid asking
him about it. Nonetheless, we had an equally merry time
at 85 Plains with this crew, and were even there to watch
what Nick Leyden (former professional StormChaser
and winner of the Southern Maine Weather Association’s
StormChaser Of The Year” Award back in ’04) called the
most intense winds he’d ever seen on Panther. Safe to
say, that storm downed quite a few limbs, creating more
work for us, but no structures or buildings were harmed in
the storm’s wrath.
Overall, a great time was had by all, and I think I can speak
for everyone involved in these two weeks (and all the
work crews I was not a part of) that the ability to spend at
least a few days at camp this summer was unbelievably
gratifying. A summer sans operation of Camp Timanous
was a thought most of us would not have even considered
prior to COVID, but I think we as a larger Timanous
collective were able to make the most of it, especially
given all the work my fellow counselors did this summer
with online programming. I am eternally grateful to
Timanous and the time I was able to spend at 85 Plains
this year, and I even felt that regular rejuvenating feeling
of time spent at camp heading into the school year after
my somewhat brief time there this summer. The only
thing missing was you, the campers! We certainly missed
you and the energy all of you guys bring to camp, for it is
not Timanous without the presence of the campers, and
I am so excited to welcome all of you back in whatever
capacity it may be come Summer 2021! Wishing
everyone well, and may the four winds blow you safely
home, to 85 Plains, come June of 2021. Fare thee well.
on several wicked awesome Fall days,
enjoying the changing colors of the
leaves as the sun drops behind the trees
near Red River. Happy Holiday and all
the best for 2021. Be well, keep in touch
and keep thinking Camp.”
rysler: “All has been well with
the Chrysler family in Louisiana. Hur-
ricanes Laura and Delta left their marks
but property damage can be repaired.
Fortunately, all people and animals were
safe. It has been a busy year with Scott
III graduating from college and moving
to Indianapolis to begin a job and “real
life.” Twins are in their second year at
LSU with one majoring in finance and
the other construction management. We
returned to in-person classes on August
24, and I am in the thick of the college
process with the Class of 2021. Hope all
are healthy and happy. Merry Christmas.”
ak: “Hello Timanous Family!
This summer was full of the excitement of
new things accompanied by the comfort
of Timanous friends. I recently married
my wife, Megan. Ash Wall officiated the
wedding and Livy
e was the best man.
After the wedding, Megan and I moved to
the DC area, and we are excited to get re-
acquainted with the Timanous crowd here.
We’ve already been able to introduce our
new puppy Raymond to the Whelpley
family. We hope everyone is healthy and
safe. Enjoy the holidays and best wishes in
the New Year!
e: “I’ve enjoyed spending the
summer and fall with my family in
Rhode Island. I’m still working at Tesla
in the finance department, but remote
work and life back east has allowed me
to see Crows 2001 cabinmates Grant
rgess and
n Whelpley, as well
as attending the weddings of Ash Wall,
ak, and
ke Goodwin. The
Navy recently recalled me to active
duty, so I will go on a leave of absence
from Tesla and be sent to Bahrain for
most of 2021.”
ngleton: “While still doing my
regular job raising money for Hartford
Hospital, the pandemic has necessitated
the redeployment of non-clinical staff
like me to serve under the COVID drive-
through testing sites in the Hartford
Healthcare networks central region.
Working as a team of 8-12 people at a
time, we check-in each car by walkie
talkie at curbside as they wait in line, di-
rect them safely into the tent when the
swabbing crew is ready for them, and
take turns performing the PCR test on
occupants of each car. Every day brings
new challenges. As the organizational
process has evolved, I am constantly
reminded of Johnny Suitors talks about
the collective power of each individual
seeing what needs to be done and tak-
ing the initiative to do it. One day last
week we performed 307 tests in the
pouring rain and I thought of Camp T as
I listened to the sound of the rain on the
roof of the tent above.
Crew i
s still sailing the east coast
from Newfoundland to the Bahamas.
ler: “I run into
Mark N
olson walking the streets of Harrisville
aimlessly, but then again so do I. And
he’s kind enough to give me a ride to our
local lake destination. That’s what we do
in these parts of NH during Covid times!
I think he has more gray hair than I - but
he certainly has a lot more hair! Great to
see old pics of the old dads. Hope all are
healthy and safe, I look forward to a visit
at camp next summer. Cheers!”
Dapas: “
What a challenging year
it’s been! I have been quite fortunate
all things considered. I’ve been living a
pretty low-key life in Chicago, working
from home--doing genetics research at
the University of Chicago. This was my
first year in which I did not visit Maine. I
certainly miss seeing family and catch-
ing up with camp friends.
The last summer I worked at Tima-
nous was ten years ago. I was the head
counselor in Ravens. I was going through
a very difficult personal situation at
the time, and there was a lot of uncer-
tainty in my life. During this past year,
at moments when I’ve felt overcome
with anxiety over the state of things, I’ve
often returned to the chapel talk I gave
that summer. In my talk I spoke about
how important it is
during moments of uncertainty and
change to focus on the new opportu-
nities that present themselves rather
than letting yourself succumb to fear
or sorrow. In that [Timanous] spirit I
have been trying to use this unusual
period to pursue positive things that I
otherwise would not have had the time
to invest in. I refurbished my dormant
guitar and have started taking lessons
again, renewing a creative outlet for me.
I am taking Spanish lessons again, too,
because I think it’s lame to only be able
to speak one language! And I’ve taken
several road trips this year, exploring
parts of the country I had never seen
before. The list goes on...
So to my friends and to the campers
that were unable to spend this past
summer at Timanous, I hope you are
pursuing new opportunities that would
have otherwise remained closed to you. I
can’t wait to read about them and to hear
more about them when I see you next.”
li: “Attending to all three
sides of the Timanous triangle is hard,
but I often come back to Luther Gulick’s
commitment to that balanced work from
The Efficient Life and the way our camp
days drew us toward it, even and maybe
especially during pandemic life in NYC.
Starting with a long walk, pushing hard
mallards eagles hawks crogles herons
BiLL crEw
for a rigorous, engaging program and
the completion of our new campus at
Harlem Academy, and ending with a few
chapel-esque songs from Luke on the
guitar, our family has many blessings to
be thankful for and hopes the same for
everyone else.
Nathan Gamble is a senior at Wesleyan
University, where he is majoring in
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He
runs cross country and distance track
when there’s not a pandemic, and works
in a lab doing research on cholera.
Noah Gamble lives in Chicago, where
he is pursuing a PhD in Biophysics at the
University of Chicago. He applies quanti-
tative methods in immunology research,
and is looking forward to traveling with
his friends in the post-Covid era.
ve Giancola: “Hi Everyone! My wife
Sam and I celebrated our 1-year anni-
versary in September, and are still living
in Jersey City, NJ. We certainly haven’t
seen as many camp friends as we’d like
given the current circumstances, but
the collection of Timanous yearbooks
have kept us busy. It’s amazing how the
pictures bring back great memories, and
always turn into a long story and a laugh.
We hope everyone is happy and healthy,
and look forward to getting back up to
Plains Road and the wooded path for a
visit as soon as we can!
ke Goodwin: “2020 has passed
by in a strange blur. The highlight
for me however was getting mar-
ried in October to the love of my
life, officiated by my best friend
and Crows 2001 bunkmate Livy
e in the desert outside of Las
Vegas. Congrats as well to Ash
Wall and Phil
ak from the
Crows 2001 gang who just beat
me to the altar in 2020. Other
than that, my wife and I continue
to live in San Francisco, where I
work at a tech company and she’s
a mental health counselor at Kaiser. We
look forward to any and all visitors who
come West, and hope to see you all on
the Bunkline sometime soon.”
Ben “Ben
jie” Gray lives in Florida with
his beautiful wife Susan and their pup,
Sahara. “We spend as much time as pos-
sible on our boat cruising around sunny
Tampa Bay. We were fortunate to stop by
Camp T where we visited with Pineman
briefly over the summer. A walk down
the bunkline brought back all the fond
memories. Missing everyone and wishing
the happiest of holidays to all!!!
ip Hatch: “
nard Wheeler, whose
sister Holly preceded us to the Gulick
world the year before, 1949, came to
Timanous and Herons with me in June
1950, continues to be a steady partner
by email and phone. He is my window
(photographs etc.) to
nd Jake.
Also, I’ve contacted
Barth wh
lives in a town near Damariscotta.
Roland was my head counselor in Loons
in the 1957 season when I was his senior
counselor. He had this cool psychology
senior thesis project for his upcoming
Princeton senior year where he arrayed
the campers’ perception of height of
select campers and counselors. The idea
was that height was perceived tallest for
those regarded favorably in status: No
wonder Johnny Suitor was number 1;
Jake and
tall” and
by Ferrell
Lanigan and so on were way
there too…
Fred Hollister: “I spent the bulk of the
past six months happily ensconced in
Raymond enjoying the retirement pace
of life. Felt very fortunate indeed to
be able to be there through this pe-
riod of serious and ongoing challenge
presented by Covid to so very many
around the world. Not having camp in
session felt strange but seemed like the
absolute correct call. Lets all hope sum-
mer ‘21 brings a different result. I also
enjoyed a Halloween visit to camp with
l and
our own Best Sport, Dan Shepard (high
school buddy of mine, college buddy of
Craig), for listening to Timanous tales for
over 45 years! Shout out to all in the \T/
family to stay healthy and safe!
k Howlett: “Because of the pandem-
ic, for the first time in my life, I didn’t
spend a single day in Maine last sum-
mer. Instead Susan and I self isolated
here in Maryland, growing vegetables in
the backyard, to keep me busy and out
of trouble.
Stu & Kathleen Howlett are slogging
through 2020 but still able to make
some connections with the local Ti-
manous crew. Everyone is healthy and
while working from home we daydream
of the next vacation, whenever that
comes. Cole, Evie and Tenley vote for
LEGOland 2021...See you out there!
Dan H
ubbard: “Despite the absence of
camp in 2020 I was fortunate to be able
to visit Maine and renew some
great Timanous connections with
l Leece and
over a round of golf. They even let
me win a few holes!
llin Ives: “Lynda and I are
grateful we remain healthy in
our ‘bubble’ here in Sacramento.
Unfortunately however, Covid has
meant no trips back to Maine for
the time being, but we’re hoping
it will be safer later in 2021. We’ve
recently purchased a condo-
minium in Maine which will give us
some relief from the increasingly
hot summers in California and will look
forward to spending several summer/
fall months each year getting to know
grandchildren better... and maybe visit-
ing Camp for a walk along the bunkline.”
falcons loons ravens cardinals crows
to hang with a baby again - the story of
the grandparent dividends is true! Also
celebrated our daughter’s marriage in
September, she is living in Northern
California, so we drove from Seattle
through some smoke, but the reduced-
sized wedding was also really fine. Have
enjoyed being included in the Gritty’s
Zooms, and seeing some friends from
long ago - almost as good as reconnect-
ing at the Hundy. Hope to be in Maine
next summer - see you all then!
Nick Young: “Hey everyone! What a
year it’s been. Last January, I moved
across the country to be with my part-
ner Alex in San Francisco after three
years of long-distance. I was in the
process of securing my dream job when
the pandemic hit; needless to say, the
job search ended up lasting six months.
We also decided to relocate to LA (tem-
porarily) to get some more space during
this extended work-from-home period.
Despite these unexpected road blocks,
we were fortunate enough to spend
the entire summer and fall in Maine
with my parents, which was a real treat.
And in June, I joined the global risk/
strategic advisory firm Control Risks as
an embedded consultant at Facebook,
where I’m managing communications
on the Global Security Resiliency team.
I miss working in U.S.-China relations a
lot, but this has turned out to be a great
opportunity and an ideal career pivot.
This past year has certainly tested my
own capacity for resilience, as Im sure
you can all relate. I am grateful to the
Timanous family for playing such a cru-
cial role in my personal and professional
development over the years. My best to
all in 2021!
e Zeilman: “Aloha Timanous, got
married to the love of my life, Adriann
Bruce, in Kilauea, Kaua’i on February,
29th. My brother, Surfton, was the of-
ficiant and shared “The Salutation of
the Dawn” as a part of the ceremony.
After the poem, we had a moment
of silence to take in the beauty of the
nature around us, a la Sunday Chapel.
We were all delighted to see an alba-
tross flying right above the ceremony, a
rare sighting. Miss you all. Shout out to
Crows ‘03.”
2019-2020 SUMMER
Charlie Albanese and Ducan Van Nor-
den (2019 Loons cabin mates) both won
bronze medals in the food science event
at a Science Olympiad competition!
Diego Alvarez Hibbs is spending this
academic year in San Diego. He is mak-
ing new friends, playing tennis, perfect-
ing his BBQ skills, learning more he
ever knew there was to know about the
electoral college, and missing Mexico.
Despite none of this being part of his
original plan for 2020 (except maybe
tennis), he is making the best of it. He
has enjoyed connecting with Teddy
Alonso and
o Palazzi online and
CANNOT WAIT to be back on Panther
Pond next summer.
ic: “I have been spending a
lot of time learning how to ride dirt bikes
and ATVs in the woods near our house. I
was also able to get in some time play-
ing soccer and lacrosse this fall.”
c: “I have been playing golf
for school and doing some workouts on
my own. I have also gone back to school
which has been an interesting time
with the new adaptations. I also started
an outdoor 3v3 basketball league with
some friends of mine, and we had
someone commentating all the games
which made them hysterical, and overall
it was a ton of fun.”
Trey Baum: “Hi everyone…. I am cur-
rently back to in-person school, but was
recently sent home due to close contact
with a COVID positive classmate, so
Im back at home doing school in my
pajamas! My family and I went to Yo-
semite over my Fall Break and I did my
first ever 5 pitch climb – it was pretty
amazing!! I’m playing lots of baseball
and enjoying the fact that it is now super
nice weather in Arizona. I am excited for
camp next year and cannot wait to see
all of my friends again!!
mallards eagles hawks crogles herons
Michael Beam: “I moved to Boston in
August. My downstairs neighbor is a
Wohelo girl with whom I once shared
many slow, awkward dances. I made
it up to camp several times this sum-
mer -- to celebrate Jim Poulin’s 45th
birthday, to chaperone Sam Hollister,
and to pick up my vaccine (a pint of
Panther Pond water). In keeping with
my No New Friends policy, I hope to
get in touch with Timanous alums in the
Boston area in the coming months.”
ss: “It’s been an awesome
first year living in Maine, and while you
can’t beat a summer at camp I’m happy
to report that it’s pretty darn nice here
year-round. Casey and I feel incredibly
fortunate and grateful to have bought
our first house, in the same hometown
as Jimmy Poulin and Garth Altenburg,
no less! We enjoy seeing
Ben Motley
from time to time, though he’s usually
biking too fast for us to keep up.”
arelli: “Hi guys — I’m doing
well in Chicago, but I really miss camp!
This past summer I drove to Maine
with my parents to pick up my sister
at Wohelo, and meanwhile we stayed
at the Migis lodge. I managed to bump
into one of my good Timanous friends
sser! We had fun together
and went tubing, waterskiing, and more!
It reminded me of camp and how much
I missed it. I hope to see all of my fellow
campers and friends back at camp this
l: “I graduated from
Georgetown in May and went back
home to NY for much of the pandemic
this Spring and Summer. I was lucky
enough to be able to be at camp for
a week in August doing some main-
tenance with
Craig H
amilton, Jimmy
Poulin, and others. In September, I
moved back to DC and I’m now working
in politics. I hope to be back at camp, at
least for a little while, this summer.”
n is in 5th grade, in person 5
days a week. He prepared for the up-
coming ski season by working hard on
the K20 this summer. Here is a picture
of him from the top bar of the K20 in
Lake Placid. He will jump the K20 and
K48 this winter, and will compete at
various ski jump locations in the north-
east. He’d love to see friendly Timanous
faces in the crowd if anyone is around.
He hopes to be able to join his friends
on Panther Pond next summer.
Mike “Con
gleton: “It has been
a busy fall here in the mountains of NC.
The apple season was very successful
and we made lots and lots and lots of ci-
ot Ornstein sent me a letter last
spring reminding me of the most impor-
tant rule at Table 19. Well, Elliot and my
Table 19 friends will be glad to know
there will be no scurvy in my house this
winter! We have made over 50 gal-
lons of cider this season so most of our
friends and neighbors in West Ashe-
ville will also not need to worry about
scurvy! Thanks for the funny cartoon
Elliot! see you next Summer!
Garrett Farley: “I moved from Nashville
to Saint Louis this August and I have
really enjoyed exploring and hiking the
Ozarks. I came across a cool sign post
that points to all sorts of places on the
top of Taum Sauk mountain. Believe
it or not, one of them said “Timanous
1400mi.” Being the gateway to the
west, I have already had plenty of camp
people visit on their way somewhere
else. Feel free to stop by and say hi!
I enjoyed being a part of our virtual
camp sessions last summer and I am
looking forward to seeing everyone back
at camp this summer. Things might be a
bit different, but we will all be together
again. Stay warm and healthy this winter
and always remember that nature is
Josh Gamble is a junior at Vassar Col-
lege, where he majors in Math and
minors in Music, and plays the bassoon
in the Symphony Orchestra, currently
Covid-style. He spent his summer hiking
in Vermont and Maine, where social
distancing is easy, and enjoyed helping
out and connecting with old friends at
Camp in July.
d Koestler earned his Eagle Scout!
Nick Leyden and Ana are psyched that
the Timanous crew continues to grow at
Eaglebrook School, as
d Temple has
joined them on the faculty - to go along
with Jim Poulin, Kat Celata, and Sam
gleton. Some students
have been living and taking classes on
falcons loons ravens cardinals crows
campus, while others have been joining
us remotely. Luckily, one of the students
who has been able to be on campus
all fall is Jameson Hancock! Olivia and
Amalia are already looking forward to
getting back to Camp in June to splash
around at Beginners Beach.
Jack “Pineman” Leyden: “Greetings
Timanous family! I was fortunate to
spend some time at camp this summer
ert around camp. Indeed, it
was very strange to be at camp without
campers. The geese, the deer, the ducks,
and the loons kept me company! It was
amazing to see how many acorns and
pinecones dropped to the ground to
cover the path down the bunkline. They
kept the chipmunks and the squirrels
busy and happy as they prepared for the
winter! I look forward to seeing our Ti-
manous family together at camp in June.
Let’s look forward to spending more
time together. In the meantime, take
care of yourselves and your families.
Make good decisions. Stay healthy. Keep
smiling! Onward!”
“Nurse Jen” Leachko took her first tent
camping trips this year in Shenandoah
NP and the Catskills. She is thankful for
all of the outdoor skills, tips, and tricks
that the campers and counselors have
taught her over the years.
Anderson Lynch is doing well in his 10th
grade year at Exeter. Because of Covid
spacing issues on campus, the Exeter
Inn was converted into a dorm, and he
is living in a room there with his own
bathroom and a queen-sized bed! He
s, Liam and
James Keeling, Andrew Luke, and Oliver
es on campus. He’s been on the
football team this fall and also playing golf
which he also spent a lot of time play-
ing this summer while not at Timanous.
He looks forward to being an Owl next
summer and seeing all of his camp friends
who he missed greatly last summer.
hel: “I am still teaching
middle school in Minnesota which as of
mid-October already has 10” of snow.
I took the words of “the excitement of
something new” and took up Disc Golf
this summer and fall with plans of en-
tering tournaments come spring.
ni: “Hi! The school year is
good and I am playing soccer. I played
against Finn
ray in a soccer game. I
look forward to seeing you all at camp.
Orlando: “Hi Everyone!
Even though I have not actu-
ally been able to be an official
camper at Timanous yet, I have
visited camp twice and can’t wait
to spend this summer at Tima-
nous! I feel like I’ve met a lot of
other campers on the Timanous
zooms. I had a great time this past
summer with all the zooms! I even
got to meet Pineman for the first
time when I visited camp late this
past summer! Can’t wait for next
Bob Si
mmons: “Greetings to my
Timanous Family. I hope this note finds
everyone feeling well and doing great.
Here in Maine we are doing well with
a warm November with great weather.
While not being able to be at camp this
year, we have been looking at differ-
ent menu items and theme days. I am
looking forward to the camp season of
2021 with cheeseburger pizza, baked
potato bar, ice cream sundae bar, and
chicken noodle casserole to name a few
new items. Look forward to foods from
around the world, Maine day, and car-
nival cookout. I wish everyone a happy
healthy holiday and a safe New Year!
Jess Simmons: “I continue to be a
middle school nurse here in Maine for
students 5-8th grade and just had a
Timanous camper transfer to my school.
I was so excited when I saw Kamosi
Silva walk into my clinic to say hi!! So
wonderful to have some Timanous fam-
ily at school! During the beginning of the
Pandemic I decided to sell my condo
and buy a house in Portland. Thanks to
Bob Si
mmons, we were able to
do a lot of remodeling and I was able
to visit with a few familiar faces! During
these difficult and stressful times I hope
that everyone is keeping their families
close, staying safe, and staying positive.
Can’t wait for all of us to be together
again with the tall pine trees, sparkling
lake and c-flag injuries! Sending love to
the Timanous family!
mallards eagles hawks crogles herons
Ethan Stanley: “Hi everyone! I am just
wrapping up my first semester of col-
lege at Cornell University and am having
a great time there. I was lucky enough to
spend some time in Maine this summer
and took a couple trips to Acadia and
hiked Katahdin while thinking of camp.
Hope everyone stays safe and has fun
during this winter!
arlie Stuart is excited about finally
returning to Camp T next summer as
part of the new Owls program. Liam
graduated virtually from Groton in May
and is currently a freshman at Colgate.
Nico and
rlie are still at Rivers in 12th
and 10th grades, both playing Varsity
soccer this fall and planning to ski race
this winter. Since our summer trip to
Italy and France was cancelled, we spent
time hiking, biking and sailing in New
Hampshire and Maine.
ve and Linda Suitor: “We are loving
living year round on Panther Pond, just
5 minutes from camp. (Our new ad-
dress is 259 Meadow Road, Raymond
04071). While it was obviously a strange
summer, we were glad to be able to see
many of the counselors and campers
who visited this summer and can’t wait
for the summer of 2021!!!
Kasey Suitor: “We were sad to miss
camp this summer, but spent a lot of
time camping! The highlights were our
two Katahdin hikes and a weekend kayak
camping on Warren Island. Getting back
into the swing of things looked a little
different this year as I chose not to re-
turn to school and start an experiential
learning program at the farm instead! I
have had a blast designing curriculum
and teaching kids on their remote days
and look forward to exploring where
this will take me in the future!
EJ i
s still
working for MITRE and is trying to get
a lot done around the farm before the
snow comes. Not much other news
here - looking forward to being back at
Timanous next summer in person!
James Temple was thrilled to camp in
Baxter State Park this summer with a
group of current Timanous counselors.
Enjoying a familiar view from the Katah-
din summit with old friends was a pow-
erful reminder of the Timanous spirit.
The enthusiasm for hippowallowing,
foolish competitiveness in barn style
table games, and retelling of old stories
were worthy of any standard Timanous
camping trip. James will be spending an-
other year in Jackson, Wyoming where
he will be splitting time between ski
patrol and the local Fire Department.
The Van Norden Family: “We’re excited
for this summer at camp! We spent the
summer in Connecticut, and we took
a side trip to the beaches of Newport
Rhode Island this summer for some
much needed beach time! Our family
time together has included more baking
with pastry chef (and “chief bowl licker”)
stopher, and creative meal planning
with our budding chef,
an. We all
have enjoyed the antics of our nearly 2
year old black Labrador, Piper, who nev-
er ceases to add laughter and chaos to
our lives. Kara and Tad developed new
talents in gardening, home improve-
ments, and bird watching as we made
lemonade from lemons during our
quarantine time. We were able to so-
lidify plans for renovations on our home
in Connecticut, and we look forward to
watching our dreams take shape in the
coming year. Maybe hosting a Timanous
reunion will be in our future?
Duncan is in 9th grade this year, and will
be graduating Buckley to head to high
school. He has been enjoying being back
with his friends in school full time, as
well as looking ahead hopefully playing
baseball in the spring. Most of all, Dun-
can cannot wait to be back at Timanous
as a Crow - something he has been talk-
ing about since he was a Mallard. How
time flies!
Christopher is in 3rd grade this year, and
he has hit the ground running playing
ice hockey again this fall as a Squirt on
Buckley’s club squad. He also has been
playing fall baseball and perfecting his
skills with his buddies in online gaming.
Chris hopes to start playing the guitar
or drums this year, and I’m sure that he
could add some spice to any Timanous
variety show night! More than anything,
Chris looks forward to brushing off
his bow and arrow and spending a full
seven weeks with his Timanous family.
Can’t wait to be in the most special
place with our camp family this summer.
Be well and stay safe!
Sphiwo Vessenes is very excited to
return to Timanous next summer! He has
some in-person school this fall, as well as
baseball and soccer right now, so thats
helping keep him cheerful in the midst
of challenging times. He’s playing a lot
of Smash Bros with his brother, turned
11 over the summer and is a big fan of all
Seattle sports teams. See you in 2021!
on Washington-Patterson: “My
summer has honestly been less ac-
tive than usual due to covid. During the
summer, I took part in indoor exercises
and also joined a new swim team in
Westchester County. I am still getting
used to the transition but I love the
swimmers’ and the coaches’ mindset.
Some days my family and I would go
for walks and short road trips and that
would also be a lot of fun and enjoy
some fresh air. I hope that the Covid
pandemic ends as soon as possible. I
miss camp.”
falcons loons ravens cardinals crows
chriS vAN NOrDEN