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I waited for you to come back
For days, weeks, years
Maybe all of life
since I can remember

And you never came back
You always in my dreams
Always you, in my hopes
Always you

And now that I see you again
I do not need you anymore.  

The meaning of my poem is that people need to appreciate what they have before in the future everything that that person gave and when he realizes that the person who gave everything is not more he will realize that he lost something very valuable He will not come back.  

Because my poem shows that the more one tries to love a person and that person knows it already when that person returns and we do not need it.  

Is a love that eventually forgot because one of the two can not understand the other if I wanted.

Is like the fault that person does and is a bond because they will not be together anymore.

People tell me it's rude.
People tell me that they have no future.
People tell me he's messy.
People tell me it's a lost case.

But why?...
I was never told of his smile.
They never said of his delicacy.
They never said of their eyes and the kindness with which they look.
They never said of their dreams.
They never said how he loves life.


This image represents that the person feels lonely because he does not have the person he wants by his side since everyone was told things that he did not imagine was.