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Betty Vinson

Jeanroney Nombra



Period 7

In 1996,she took a job as a midleve accountant at a small long-distance company. Five years later, her solid carrer took a sudden turn in a very sorry direction. Today Ms. Vinson, 47 years old,is awaiting sentencing on conspiracy and securities-fraud charges. She has begun to prepare her 12- year-old daughter for the possisibility that she will go to jail.

The long-distance compny grew upon to be telecom giant WorldCom Inc., which melted down last year in an 11 billion fraud, the biggest in corporate history. Asked by her bosses there to make false accounting entries, Ms. Vinson balked-- and then caved. Over the course of six quarters she continued to make the illegal entries to bolster WorldCom's profits at the request of her superiors. Each time she worried. Each time she hoped it was the last time. At the end of 18 months she had helped falsify at least $3.7 billion in profits. Ms. Vinson refused to talk about her work for WorldCom or the case against her.

Betty Vinson