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Fighting discrimination is a collective responsibility but it is also down to people.

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World malnutrition and childrenSexual harassment:
This is a kind of harassment, as explained above, but sexual in nature. Sexual harassment incidents often leave you degraded, humiliated, and offended. It tends to violate your dignity and makes one feel inferior in many ways. This kind of discrimination may also come with threats and promises that make you feel vulnerable.

World malnutrition and childrenVictimization:
This is the unfavorable treatment one receives, often as a reaction to the person's claim of discrimination, or because the person is supporting someone’s claim of discrimination, or the person’s intentions about something. In an office setting, the person can be excluded from many activities as a punishment, until the person decides to leave the job at his own will.

Types of Discrimination

"Racism is man's response to the unknown, the hated or the envied"


Anti-discrimination law refers to the law on the right of people to be treated equally. Some countries mandate that in employment, in consumer transactions, and in political participation people must be dealt with on an equal basis regardless of sex, age, raceethnicitynationalitydisabilitymentalsexual orientationgendergender identity/expression/dysphoriasex characteristicsreligiouscreed, or individual political opinions.


 Discrimination is treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which the person or thing is perceived to belong rather than on individual merit.