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Ignite 2016

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Ignite 2016

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Welcome to Ignite



Cochair, Prayer Team, and Counselor Intros



Night Day 1 Letter



Morning Day 2 Devo



Night Day 2 Devo



Morning Day 3 Devo



Night Day 3 Devo



Morning Day 4 Letter



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         Welcome welcome welcome! We are so stoked to have you here at Ignite this year and especially pumped as y'all are apart of Camp Bus! This booklet is meant to act as a supplement of extra information for you to have to help you get to know our camp better as well as some awesome other resources for you to take advantage of. Counselor, prayer team, and cochair intros are there for you to read up a little bit on each of us counselors. Every counselor is here to get to know you and love on you, so don't be a stranger! To give you guys an aid in growing in your walk with the Lord these next couple of days, we've included devotionals for you to read each morning and night. These devotionals are totally optional, so don't think that you're going to be quizzed on the material or anything! These are just little snippets that the cochairs and prayer team have put together of things to think about throughout camp as well as your transition into college in general. At the very end of this booklet, we've put together an index of Scripture references for you guys to have as a resource. College can be a great time of spiritual growth but can also be a time of a lot of doubt, so feel free to use this group of scripture references to your advantage! We are here for you this week. If you have any questions, any questions at all, big or small, we would love to talk about it with you! We love y'all! Can't wait to hang with you guys at camp and after!

Welcome to Ignite!



Hey y'all I'm Amanda! I'm a senior public health major so hopefully going to med school next year! I have all sorts of hobbies: racquetball, crafting, cooking, painting, calligraphy, and playing with cute dogs. I love coffee, really good food, and HDTV. Catch me at Cabo bobs talking about how much I love Ignite!

Name:  Amanda Ryu


Hometown:  Las Vegas, NV


Major:  Public Health


Year:  Senior

Fun Fact: She was named after a cat




Name:  Justin Segler


Hometown:  Plano, TX


Major:  Computer Science


Year:  Junior


Fun Fact: Loves plastic spoons



Hey guys! I'm Justin. I'm a computer science major from the beautiful town of Plano, TX where the grass is green and sweeping down the plains. I really love sushi - so if you ever want someone to have an oriental dinner with, I'm your guy. I love hanging outside and walking around looking for Pokemon. I'm quite an avid reader and playing music is my thing. My favorite movie is Nacho Libre which means I'm a lover of corn and wearing stretchy pants. 



Prayer Team

Hey pals! I'm Ellen, and I was born and raised in ATX, the promise land you all are about to enter. I'm studying elementary education, meaning that I analyze, research, and write a lot of papers about munchkins. College has been the best time of my life and that started with Ignite (even though I ran away from camp as a camper - ask me about it later). I'm always down to make people coffee or a nutritious meal and llove hearing people's stories. My love languages are people following and enjoying my meticulously crafted Spotify playlists. Please, let's hang

Name:  Karsten Wilkinson


Hometown:  Plano, TX


Major:  MIS


Year:  Sophomore


Fun Fact: Can recite 47 digits of Avogadro's number





Name:  Ellen Ede


Hometown:  Austin, TX


Major:  Elementary Ed


Year:  Junior


Fun Fact: Peter pan was based off her life




Hey guys! I'm Karsten, and I was born and raised in Stillwater, OK. I'm studying Management Information Systems, meaning that I'm learning how to be super nerdy and techy in the business world. I can't tell you how excited I am that you decided to come to Ignite. It was, without a doubt, one of the best choices I made before coming to UT. I'm always down to jam on the harmonica or throw down thousands of calories from great ATX restaurants if you ever wanna hang or need a ride somewhere. My love language is watching documentaries and enjoying @ellen's meticulously crafted Spotify playlists. Let's bust a chill sometime.


Name:  Rachel Genrich


Hometown:  Allen, TX


Major:  Accounting


Year:  Junior


Fun Fact: Voted the most interesting woman in the world



Hola I am Rachel from Allen, Texas and I am in the integrated Masters in Professional Accounting Program. I like to spend my time outside - hiking, camping, and swinging - and I enjoy having people to do it with. I am always willing to have people over for a campfire to make some of my infamous s'mores. UT is the greatest and such a great place to make friends (beginning with Ignite) and to learn about yourself and how you fit into the world. The best part about Ignite is the relationships you build from it later, so I cannot wait for y'all to connect after camp! Hook em!

Hey amigos! I'm Wande. I was born in Nigeria and raised in Austin. I'm majoring in journalism and public relations, so if you need any help with writing, building a brand, or convincing people to do stuff, I got you. I love rapping and plan on opening a record label, so you'll probably see me tweeting about that a lot if you follow me on social media. I also dabble in dance and video creation. I love Jesus and giving pep talks, encouraging people to pursue their purpose (life is so much more fun when you do). Let's chill! #MinusTheNetflix

Name:  Wande Isola


Hometown: Austin, TX


Major:  Journalism / PR


Year:  Junior


Fun Fact: Inspired Lecrae





Holla!!! My name is Caitlin Lee and I'm a senior advertising major!! I'm originally from Friendswood, TX! I transferred from the University of Arkansas last fall, and I have loved every minute of being here at UT! The Lord has been so good to me since I came, and I cannot wait to make that transition a little sweeter for you igniters. I enjoy hiking and kayaking and making friends and talking about Jesus, so if you're into any of that, hit me up!

Name:  Caitlin Lee


Hometown: Friendswood, TX


Major: Advertising


Year:  Senior


Fun Fact: Grows oats in her backyard



Eeeeey dood ha, it's ur boi R Kirsch here ahhhhh yuh. I'm finna be a sophomore buiznez major. I mean buiznes in my life. I'm from Beaumont "Big Money" TX, said to be the stupidest city in da states. But ur boi ain't dum. I'm on team mystic and eye luv Batman more than anything. If u think Batman isn't a superhero, I will argue u. I recently just went to Egypt. I love camp

Name:  Ryan Kirschner


Hometown: Beaumont, TX


Major: Business


Year:  Sophomore


Fun Fact: Dresses up as a bumblebee every halloween (and some weekends)






Hey guys - my name is Graham. I'm a sophomore and just switched my major from architecture to nutrition for pre-med! I was born and raised in the ATX, so if you want to find the best breakfast taco or queso in Austin, leggo. Coming into college, my biggest worry and prayer was to find community and that's exactly what God's given me here at UT. It's something that He started at Ignite but continues to grow and bless me with even today - which is something I would love to talk with y'all about!

Name:  Graham Scott


Hometown:  Austin, TX


Major:  Nutrition / Pre-med


Year:  Sophomore


Fun Fact: Can solve a rubix cube with only his mouth



Greetings ~~ my name is emily. I'm an advertising major from swagnolia, tx!! I enjoy reruns of parks and rec and tiny house nation. Ty Pennington is the most famous person I've ever met. I like to swim and paint sometimes. If you like studying at central market, drinking coffee, or generally chilling, I am your gal. Hmu and we can fangirl about gool ol Ty.

Name:  Emily Ward


Hometown: Magnolia, TX


Major: Advertising


Year:  Sophomore


Fun Fact: Has been to mars thrice





Hi - I'm Paul! (Someone finally explained this reference to me...) I transferred into UT about a year ago and I've loved it ever since. I'm majoring in Management Information Systems and enjoy running, going to concerts, and not having Friday classes (tip: don't sign up for them). UT has been an amazing experience and I've met so many wonderful people and established an amazing community. I can assure you that you are in the right place. If you're ever craving pancakes or just wanna hang, I'm always down!

Name:  Paul Sommerdorf


Hometown:  Austin, TX


Major:  MIS


Year:  Junior


Fun Fact: He is a famous local bluegrass banjoist



Hi friends! My name is Abby and I am a nutrition / pre-dental major from La Grange, TX. If you know the song "La Grange" by ZZ Top, you've just earned a high-five from me. This summer I've been working my way through every book I pretended to read in high school. I have a deep love for any and all puppies, coffee, and conversations about Jesus. I cannot wait to get to know all of y'all and in the words of my current netflix obession, "It's gonna be legen... wait for it... dary!" - Barney Stinson.

Name:  Abby Morgan


Hometown: La Grange, TX  


Major:  Nutrition / Pre-Dental


Year:  Junior


Fun Fact: Has the world record for "highest number of plates held in one hand" 



Name:  Catherine Gonzalez


Hometown: Cypress, TX


Major: Psychology


Year:  Sophomore


Fun Fact: Her favorite time of day is midday



Hi campers, I'm Catherine. I'm a sophomore from Houston studying Psychology (my focus will be in Developmental / Child Psychology). My ideal night is playing cards and binge watching netfilx (how I met your mother & gossip girl) with friends. I just became an aunt of a super adorable Golden Doodle puppy - if you want an overload of cuteness, ask me for pics and videos (I have tons). I absolutely love cookies so if you're ever down to bake or get Tiff's, hmu for sure.

Name:  Eunice Iyalho


Hometown: Mansfield, TX


Major: Plan II / Psychology


Year:  Sophomore


Fun Fact: Competes in cauliflower eating contests



Howdy! My name is Eunice and I am from Mansfield, TX. I am in the Plan II Honors Program which I love becuase it caters to my eclectic interests. Among other things, I am passionate about environmentalism (bleed orange, think green!) and hope to one day retire and research / help marine animals. I really, really like plants too and it's kind of ridiculous because I buy flowers nearly weekly... I promise I'm not lame though! I'd love to just chill and talk about anything from quantum physics to why Caillou is the worst. Be my friend!!!!


         Hey y'all! Welcome again to Ignite. I'm sure you've probably heard that like a thousand and five times today, but all of it is wrapped up in love as we are so genuinely excited you guys are finally here at camp. With that being said and your first day coming to a close, I'm not sure where you are at right now. Maybe today was crazy awesome, but maybe it was really overwhelming and Ignite is not as you had expected it to be. Either way, I hope that you know that this day has been a year in the making. We've been praying for you since a year ago today, that God would reveal Himself to you here at camp in ways you never thought could be possible. Every single person here is here to serve you and wants to meet you and talk with you. It is so cool for us on staff to see a year's worth of prayer finally come into fruition. We are fully committed to helping you grow in your relationship with the Lord. We hope and pray that over the course of these next few days that you would see a glimpse of the amazing community that can be found at UT. We also want you to realize that college is an amazing place to grow in your relationship with the Lord and can be one of the best times of your life with regards to your walk with Christ. I'm sure meeting us - especially your counselor and the other campers in your small group - was a little awkward. That is totally okay and normal! Please don't let that inhibit you from diving in here at camp. The awkwardness will eventually fade. We want this place over the next few days to be a place for you to feel completely comfortable opening up and asking questions, no matter how big or small. College is a time of unprecedented thinking and learning - so let that start now! We also want you to know that we are hjere to serve you and to come alongside you, no matter where you're coming from at home, no matter who you were in high school, no matter the burdens on your plate that seem to be weighing you down, no matter the insecurities and uncertainties you have jumping into one of the craziest times of your life. We love you. Genuinely and fully. But that doesn't even compare to the love that the Lord has for you. We hope that through us you ultimately see His love for you, which is so much stronger and greater. Because of that, we want you to simply be honest with God. Maybe you've come from a time in high school during which you were on fire for the Lord, and that is totally awesome. On the other hand, maybe you are struggling to even grasp the idea of a personal God existing. Or maybe, due to something you have recently gone through, you are so angry at God that you are refusing to acknowledge Him. As weird as it sounds, He wants to hear all of that. He wants you to be honest with Him. Allow these next few days to be a time during which you allow it all to surface. 



Night Day 1 Letter




Know that you have people here praying relentlessly (literally around the clock) for you and people who truly want to see you grow and want to help direct that growth. Through it all, we want you to have fun. The quicker you can let go of your ego, insecurities, and fear, the easier it will be to meet people, get real with God, and spark an awesome start to your transition to college. It's not going to be easy - but the beauty of Ignite is that it shows you that you are not alone. 

          A few notes about what camp will look like. Over the course of the next two days, there will be 4 sessions where we will all meet in the big hall to worship and listen to our speaker talk about what faith - especially our faith in college - looks like. We will have chances for you to meet up with your small groups to discuss the talks, ask questions, and address anything else on your mind. For the next 72 hours, the prayer room (which is in the conference center across the street from the big hall) will be filled with prayer teamers. These people have dedicated themselves to praying for you, from your senior homecoming to your time here at camp and beyond. The prayer room is such a beautiful place to come and ask tough questions and to simply be in the presence of the Lord. We encourage you to visit our prayer teamers - Karsten and Ellen - in the prayer room to check it out. They really want to meet you and talk with you! We have tons of activities and free time planned for you to meet other campers and counselors in Ignite as well as hang out with the MSB fam. We are going to have an absolute blast. If at any point during these next few days you have a problem or just want someone else to talk to, please don't hesitate to come and find either of your cochairs! Please don't be afraid of us! Don't think that because we are older than you that we think we're above you or that we are cooler than you. As we keep saying, we are here for you and want to do anything in our power to help you have an amazing experience here at Ignite.

          Quick note about this booklet: We want this to help guide you through this week and to give you pointers for when you get to UT. We have written a few letters / devotionals for you guys to participate in and read through as the week progresses to help you digest the idea of you moving into a new phase of life in the coming weeks as well as process through what is going on here at camp. In the back of the book, we have included an index of scripture that we have hand picked by topic. We hope that this can be there to help you when you are facing doubts and questions over the coming months or just need a little aid in knowing where and what to read in God's Word. We hope that this resource can even be used after camp when you get hit with the full punch of college and just need a little bit of encouragement.

          We are so excited that we get to be a part of your first steps in college and can help welcome you to UT. If we already haven't nailed it home enough, we love you and are each praying for your time here this week. God is going to work in some crazy awesome ways and we cannot wait to witness it!


Justin and Amanda




         So, we're all smart. We attend the freaking University of Texas at Austin. We've not only proven that we know a lot, but that we can learn and retain facts and ideas well. Our knowledge will aid us in and equip us for life and be a basis of a security that we'll have in our jobs and intellect. And that's what it can so easily become: a security. We can easily rely on our capabilities and our minds to figure out any problem. And all of this is good; but acquiring information and knowledge is not and has never been the necessary point in our walk with God. We could be utterly ignorant about every worldly truth but have the Spirit and be fully equipped for every good work. All we need is Jesus. Our problems in life aren’t due to a lack of information, but due to a foundational rebellion. Just as Proverbs 3:5-6 warns, we must not lean on our own understanding, but in all of our ways acknowledge Him. Now, not to rephrase the Word of God, but I think the word “acknowledge” isn’t emphatic enough. God is so huge, so beyond us, so cosmologically massive that our logic and best possible solutions that we conjure aren’t even in the same ballpark of His reality. He sees our plans, our reasoning (literally lolz). In college, we feel like this is our thing, this is our time. We made it here, we have plans (maybe), expectations (s/o to parents), and standards. We even try to convince God of our plans, insisting that we’ve thought it through and we get it and we know what’s best. This comes through in our choice of major, choice of dinner, choices of relationships.  We’ve got it all figured out, and we tell Him about it after, ask for help along the way and get overwhelmed when our plans don’t work or when our logic fails us. This is because we’ve relied on our own ability to figure it out. We think all we need is a little boost, either from God, from our friends, or from our GPA, and then we’ll have it set. But a life with Christ is more than fitting Him into our plans and ideas for good luck and a get-out-of-hell free pass. Being His child means getting on board with the fact that He is a whole lot smarter than us and that His plan will always be for our good and for His glory, something we can’t craft ourselves. As imperfect people, we won’t be able to surrender all of our self-reliance overnight. It’ll be a daily, conscious decision to remind ourselves that His will is worth trusting in and He will continually prove Himself to be trustworthy if we let Him.  He has done that in my life countless times since I started college and I would LOVE to tell you stories about His faithfulness. Please, ask me. Or just read the book of Acts.


But the takeaway: Proverbs 3:5-6, and Proverbs 19:21. His plan will always prevail, regardless of us. We might as well experience life to the fullest, surrender, and jump on board as soon as possible. 


Ellen Ede



Morning Day 2 Devo



Hey guys!


         I’m so pumped that y’all came to Ignite, choosing to invest in friendships that will last for years to come, as well as investing in your spiritual walks with Christ. In this devo, I’d like to give less of a sermon and more of a charge. 

         In so many of our lives, we give God what we think He is due. We give our Sunday mornings, maybe our Wednesday nights, and occasionally an Instagram post of a cup of coffee and a leather Bible pulled out specifically for a picture. Aside from this, we spend hours scrolling through food videos on Facebook, binge watching seasons of Netflix, or find some other way to waste the allotted time that the Lord has blessed us with. It’s our life, we get to do with it what we want. Why not just hang out and chill as we go on living? Many of us have plans to get our degree from the University of Texas (hook ‘em), find a high-paying job, get married, maybe have kids, and retire at a young age in Florida, spending our days walking along the beach and looking for seashells.

         Oh how we should fear this life.

         To dwindle away the life that God has given us is to spend it completely on fleshly pleasures and earthly happiness. We were not created for temporary happiness here on Earth. We were created for eternal joy in our Creator to glorify Him.

         “Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the end of the earth, everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for My glory.” (Isaiah 43:6-7, emphasis added) According to John Piper, a pastor, “Life is wasted when we do not live for the glory of God.” This does not just pertain to a single part of life though. We ought to strive to glorify God in every single thing that we do, whether that be through school, through relationships, through reading Scripture, through being kind to family, or through simply taking joy from resting in Christ.

         “Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31)

         “What we do here echoes in eternity.” – William Wallace (Braveheart)

         Throughout the rest of our time at Ignite and the rest of our days, “let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles (Hebrews 12:1),” as we seek to honor and glorify the Lord of all in every single aspect of our lives. Less social media, more Scripture. Less gossip and tearing others down, more encouraging and loving others. Less worry and anxiety about daily struggles, more time spent and depth in prayer. May we yearn to hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant (Matthew 25:21)” when we finally go home.


Karsten Wilkinson 




Night Day 2 Devo


        Hey campers! I’m so excited that y’all are here at Ignite! I have been looking forward to meeting y’all for almost a year, and I know that God has divinely placed each of you in this specific camp.

        In this devo, I want to talk to y’all about something I have personally struggled with. In fact, it’s something that many people have struggled with, and maybe you’re dealing with it right now.


        ap·a·thy (noun)

        lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.


        Maybe you’ve experienced apathy before. Maybe you’ve been to camp or a retreat like Ignite, and your experience there grows your faith, and you leave camp on fire for Jesus. And then a couple weeks of being immersed in the real world extinguishes the fire, and you’re back to your old habits and disinterest in God. Maybe you’ve never even experienced that passion and Jesus has always been on the back burner for you. Regardless of where you are right now, you’ve probably experienced some form of the poison that is apathy.

        Open your Bible to John 11:1-44. It’s the story of the resurrection of Lazarus, Mary and Martha’s brother. It’s lengthy, but worth it. I promise I’ll still be here when you get back! 

        You may be thinking, “How on earth does this story even relate to apathy?” I have a few reasons.

         Apathy is like a disease. It’s a contagious one; if your closest friends could care less about God, it’s going to be very difficult to be on fire for Christ. That’s why we emphasize community here at Ignite. Not only is it contagious, it’s also debilitating. Apathy crumbles faith. If you lose your passion for God, it’s very easy to fall into old sin habits. If you let apathy take over, you might find yourself ignoring the very Person who gives you life. Lazarus’ disease leads to death (although it doesn’t end there!). Chronic apathy can lead you in a similar direction: feeling lifeless because you lost your love for the giver of life - but you don’t have to stay there.

         But maybe you don’t feel like your apathy is a problem. I’ve been there. Deep down, I knew that God had more for me, but I was comfortable living in a lukewarm state, happily living my busy life with God as a supporting character. When life is good, full surrender might not seem that necessary. But remember that a life not fully surrendered is one content with sin. So ask God to help you realize what apathy truly is: spiritual death. Ask him to remind you of who you worship: the creator of the universe who loved you so much that He sent Jesus to rescue you from your sin. When we consider the depth of God’s love for us, our apathy towards Him suddenly seems foolish.

Morning Day 3 Devo



         The Bible says that you used to be dead in your transgressions and sins (Ephesians 2:1). Literally dead. When Jesus rescued you, He pulled you up out of that grave so you could walk in new life. Don’t get back in that grave. If Satan tries to drag you back with whispers that the world is better than Jesus, I hope you start kicking and screaming. If your spiritual life feels dry as a desert, tell God that your parched and desperate for living water. If you feel bored with God, be bold enough to confess that to Him. Though He is marvelous and powerful and filled with wonder, He is so good to us that He doesn’t stop loving us even when we seek satisfaction in the creation rather than the Creator. Don’t accept death like Mary and Martha did. Beg and plead for resurrection.

         Even if you are laying on the deathbed of apathy, He will resurrect you. Just like He resurrected Lazarus: when it seemed like there was no hope. One of the hardest things I’ve had to learn is accepting God’s timing and His ways.

         “God, why can’t I be on fire for you right now? What are you waiting for?”

         “God, why can’t I be like (insert name here)?”

         “God, why do I have to struggle with apathy?”

         Why did Jesus stay where he was for two more days (John 11:6) instead of coming to heal Lazarus right away? Martha questioned Jesus too. 

          “‘Lord,’ Martha said to Jesus, ‘if you had been here, my brother would not have died.’” - John 11:21

          Jesus could have healed Lazarus while he was still alive. He could have done it from afar, just by saying the word like He did with the centurion’s servant in Matthew 8:5-13. But He didn’t do it that way. He allowed Lazarus to die so he could be resurrected for God’s glory. When I begged God to rid me of my apathy, He didn’t do it right away. It frustrated me so much. Instead, He allowed me to endure my apathy so I would remember what it feels like to be revived, and worship Him for His ability to fix someone so broken. Do we praise doctors for healing someone with a common cold if all they did was send them home to rest? Of course not. But our reaction is so different when a doctor cures a patient from cancer, or when a surgeon heals someone who shouldn’t have survived.

          Apathy is the perfect spot for God to work a miracle. There is no miracle in watching a rainforest bloom with trees and all kinds of life. But when was the last time you saw a desert bloom? It would be incredible for trees and flowers and plants of all kind to bloom in a place where there is no water. Let God show off and perform a miracle in the midst of your apathy. But most of all, believe that God can and will revive you. The God who rose Lazarus from the grave has not changed. If He cannot be overcome by even death, He will have victory over your apathy.

         “Then Jesus said, ‘Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?’” - John 11:40


Amanda Ryu

         So I think we should dive right in and talk about why we are here. At Ignite? No, not quite. At UT? Too narrow. The question I want to pose is why we are here on this earth? Why are you here on this earth? What is your reason for existing? Take a minute and think about it.

         "Am I here to live and then just die? Surely I can't just be here for that. I must have some purpose."

         "Am I here to learn as much as I can, love other people, procreate, and then die? Still - not much reason for existing. After all, everyone will eventually die and the universe is bound to come to an end, so everything will be destroyed anyways. So what's the point?"

         "What if I am here for something outside of this universe? Maybe I am here for God. But what does that even mean?"

         In the end, we either come to the conclusion that all that is around us - the stars, our galaxy, the complexity of life here on earth, consciousness, the perfect conditions that make life happen - just started to exist and there is literally no purpose in it all or that there is something, something outside of this universe that must have created everything and given everything a purpose. The evidence is surmounting; the more we observe the things around us, the more evidence there is not only for a God, our Creator, but a God who has created us with purpose. So if we are created by Him, then why did He create us?

        Martin Luther (not the guy who fought for the rights of African Americans and gave a speech about how he had a dream, but rather the really old guy who nailed a bunch of theses to a church door and started the Protestant Reformation) devoted his entire life to this question and ultimately came up with two reasons that are intertwined. He stated that we exist to glorify God in all that we do and to grow in a relationship with Him. 

       Let's talk about that first part. We are called to glorify God. As Karsten mentioned in his devotional, 1 Corinthians 10:31 says that "whatever you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do as to the glory of God" (emphasis added). But how can one glorify a God whom He doesn't know? That brings us to the second part. We are created to be in a relationship with God. What changed when we humans came into the picture? Nothing really. God, in His infinte glory, did not just choose to create us because He simply wanted more attention. In fact, He didn't even need to create humans to receive glory, since "the heavens declare the glory of God" (Psalm 19:1). Ultimately in creating us, He wanted a relationship. He wanted something more to love. So therein we find our purpose. We exist to have a relationship with God. 



Night Day 3 Devo


        If a relationship with God is our very reason for being alive on this earth, then that must mean that anything that distracts or detracts from that ultimately takes away our purpose. Anything that we do that does not further that relationship is wasted breath. In not seeking out that relationship, you are actually better off dead. That sounds extremely morbid, I know, but consider that statement. If you are not in a relationship with Him, then you have no purpose, and if you have no purpose, someone who exists who does have a purpose might as well be using the resources you are using up squandering your purpose to fulfill theirs. In a relationship with Him, the glory that we were made to bring God is rightly given. So in growing in our relationship with the Lord, we are fulfilling both purposes: glorifying Him and living in a relationship with Him. 

        Now this is where the two ravel in on each other. Being in a relationship with Him glorifies Him. But ultimately, because of our sin, we cannot be in a relationship with Him. Because of God's grace, Jesus is the intermediate step in between us and God and has given us the ability to be back in a relationship with the Lord because of his death and resurrection. This is huge! By our own power, there is nothing that we can do to place us back into a right relationship with God. We created a debt that needed to be paid, a debt that we could not pay ourselves. Before Jesus, we literally could not, by our own power, fulfill our purpose, that being to exist in a relationship with the Lord; but now, we have been given the righteousness of Christ as substitute for our unrighteousness and are now seen as perfect and blameless in the sight of God. Accepting Christ has given you a reason to be alive!

        Obviously, accepting Christ doesn't just end everything: we don't just die and go to heaven immediately after accepting Christ. There is still work to be done here on earth in sharing His good news and showing people who literally have no purpose being alive that they can again find purpose. What a joy that is! All the while, we, now justified by the blood of Christ, are continually being renewed and sanctified into who we were originally created to be until the very point when we are finally called home. Until that point, we are called to glorify God in a relationship with Him. Now here is my last question for you. Why, having been placed back into a relationship with God, finally giving you a reason to be alive and giving you the ability to glorify God, are you letting things stand in the way of your reason for existing?

        This is the point where our two reasons ravel in on themselves. Being in a relationship with God glorifies Him. So then why do we live as if a relationship with Him is something to be placed as secondary in our lives? The question I ask myself is why I would ever want to spend a waking moment away from the God who made me or choose to place myself as God of my life over the One who is actually the God of life? I think we too often view Him as someone we can go to when we desire Him and something we can put off when we don't when instead, we truly have a need for Him. Just as we need air to breathe, food to eat, and water to drink to sustain us, we need Him to give us life. He's no vending machine - He's so much more! We need Him in the good times as well as the bad. Because we were created to live in a relationship with Him, it is in a relationship with Him that true life is found!



        If you have accepted Christ, you have been made anew, into a completely new creation. You are no longer the person that you were before you accepted Him. But I don't understand why we continue to live as if we weren't saved, as if we still belonged to the world. "No one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment, for the patch will pull away from the garment, making the tear worse. Neither do people pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst; the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved" (Matthew 9:16-17). We need to stop living like we are still the old garment and the old wineskins. That's not who we are anymore! By Christ's power in our lives, we are called to "put off the old self... and put on the new self" and "put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires" (Ephesians 4:22-24, Romans 13:14). We are a new creation, a new creation that belongs to Him!

        As I hop off my soap box, I plea that you will ask the Lord to reveal to you the ways that you are continuing to live as your "old self," the ways that take away the purpose that you have been given through Christ Jesus. What is holding you back from pursuing the Lord with your entire being? Realize that in accepting Christ, you have been given the Holy Spirit, God Himself to live in you, with you, and for you and that you have been reborn. You are no longer living this life alone and you are no longer enslaved to your old self! I pray that you will place a relationship with the Lord as the highest priority in your life, as it rightly should be, and that you would seek to glorify Him in all that you do, allowing the Spirit to take its hold of you, renewing you and sculpting you into a new creation. College is such an amazing time to grow in that relationship and to walk with Christ, so I pray that you will do just that. I pray that you would live out your purpose each and every day, sharing with others the miracle that Christ has done in your life in giving you purpose. I pray that you would take what you learned here at camp, that it wouldn't just be left here at Ignite, and that you would use it throughout this transition, throughout your time in college, and beyond. 


"As Christians we have one life to live. Will it be lived encased in ice - safe, but dead? If we will leave the comfort and convenience zones of our lives for the single searing flame of the pursuit of God's kingdom, we can begin living on the cutting edge of a life that will be risky and even dangerous. But those who have committed to the fire instead of the ice will tell you that the flame does not consume them but transforms them into the very likeness of Jesus Christ. Theirs is a life of depth and power. People like these transform the world around them. To claim to know Jesus Christ and yet to be a stranger to this life of total commitment is a tragedy and a waste. So is the spiritual death of people and nations around us. The times demand a decision." -David Swartz


Justin Segler



Morning Day 4 Letter

 Hey campers!


         I can’t believe it’s our last day at camp. It went by so fast! But the great thing about Ignite is that it doesn’t end today. In a few weeks, you’ll be back in Austin to start school at the best university in the world. We want you to know that Camp Bus will still be there when you come back. Your counselors, prayer team, and the two of us are here to support you as you start this new chapter in your life!

        We hope that Ignite has been an incredible time for you. We hope you had an awesome time meeting new people who could potentially become your closest friends. But most of all, we hope that Ignite has exposed you to what Christian community looks like in college. We want you to do life with people who love the Lord and his people. College could be a time of incredible growth - that’s what we want for y’all. We encourage you to take ownership of your faith and walk in the life that Christ has given you. We know for a fact that nothing on this earth will satisfy you like Jesus will. You can run after whatever you want in college - perfect grades, approval from others, invitations to every date party and formal, you name it. But ultimately, your greatest joy will come from following Jesus, the one who gave everything to rescue you and give you new life. So we encourage you to join Bible studies, find a church home, look for places you can serve the body of Christ. And if you need help with that, have questions, or need a ride somewhere, ask us! That’s what we’re here for.

        We are so thankful to be your co-chairs; we seriously love you guys so much. We hope to see you in the fall! 


Justin and Amanda



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