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Name: Gavin Bluni
Directions: We are about to embark on an exploration of various countries. You
will be able choose 1 country to research. Below are the guidelines. You can use
the internet or books to help you in your search.
Here is a list of facts that you will need to research. You can go beyond this list if
you want. Spots 14-15 were left open for you to add your own facts.
1. Name of Country: Canada
2. Country's capital: Ottawa
3. Population of people living in this country 36.29 million (2016)
4. Which continent is this country in? North America
5. Major Cities- List two major cities and an interesting fact about each.
1. City: Ottawa
1a. Interesting fact: Ottawa is the capital city of Canada.
2. City: Toronto
2a. Interesting fact: Toronto is Canada’s largest city.
6. Attractions and places to visit. List 3-5
CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Blue Glacier
7. Typical Food/Cuisine. List 3-5
French Food, Italian Bread, Different Restaurants
8. Climate (weather). Does this country have seasons?
Climate: Windstorms , Weather Sun and Snow
9. Language French
10. Map of the specific country (photo)
11. Map of where in the world is this country is (photo)
12. Picture of the country's flag
13. Who is this country’s leader? Justin Trudeau
14. What was Justin Trudeau known for?
15. Justin Trudeau is known for a musician, athlete, and artist.
Presentation: You can present your project in any form. You can create a poster
by printing photos and putting the information together, make a brochure,
powerpoint, etc.
You will be graded on the information you gather and your level of effort that
you put into your presentation.
Additional topics for your research project:
1. Common phrases/slang in the language of this country.
Canada is known for Niagara Falls.
2. Explain what made you pick this country to research?
It shares a land border with the USA.
3. What type of government does this country have?
French Government
4. Famous holidays
Winter Day
5. Famous artists/musicians/ athletes
Neil Young, Emily Carr, Wayne Gretzky
Neil Young is known for a musician. Wayne Gretzky is known for a great hockey player.
Emily Carr is known for writing and painting.
6. Landforms- rivers, mountains, oceans, valleys, deserts, etc.
Canada has no deserts. It has rivers. It has mountains. It also has landforms.