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My Dads Journey to America 


This is a story about him crossing the border ¨When I Luis was eighteen years old I tried to cross the border. I walked for thirty minutes  and it was a fail as the border patrol caught me and they took me to jail for three hours and then they sent me off on a bus back to mexico where my parents were living. The next time I tried again but with a group of sixteen people and we were successful in crossing the border and this is how. We crossed the border with a group of 16 people. To be able to cross the border we walked five hours then someone picked us up and left us on a ranch close to San Diego, California. As time passed a couple of people picked all of us up and got us closer to the border and left us all there we all just sat there and talked about how it will be in America. As it was getting darker we were getting ready to cross the border.




We all laid on the floor and just crawled all the way until we were close to the border and when we heard a noise we all just stop and waited until we couldn't hear the noise anymore and we did this for about an hour and when we were close to the border we waited to see if there were any cops around and when we didn't see any we all got up quietly and ran for the wall and everybody jumped over it and when we were all over the border we just started running as fast as we could until we thought we were free and we all were hiding until we thought we were safe and then we all came out from our hiding spots and luckily one of us had a phone that worked and called a couple of people and asked if they could pick us all up. Then from there a couple of guys in trucks picked us all up and took us to our families in different states of America I stated in San Diego with one of my brothers and that's how I am here in America today. But I am a US resident now."

When my dad this to my mom she said "That was dangerous

and stupid" She said that he told her this when they were at school for adults in Naples, Florida.

When my dad told my mom my mom told my grandma about it

and she said "He is a brave man for doing that."  





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