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Chapter 1 : Introduction : Page 2

Chapter 2 : Course of Events : Page 3

Chapter 3 : Places : Page 4

Chapter 4 : People : Page 5
Chapter 5 : The Effects, Conclusion : Page 6

Chapter 6 : Battles : Page 7,8

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Map of The Saratoga Campaign

This is a timeline of the Saratoga Campaign







Take yourself back to 1777 in time of the Saratoga Campaign. You are a colonial Patriot. You were in Canada, fighting the British, but then you went South to New York and you ambush the redcoats at Bemis Heights. You would then be dragged into the following events and fighting.

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This is the American flag when there were 13 colonies

Battle of Bennington 



The Course of Events


In the very beginning of the fighting, called the Saratoga Campaign, the colonists had ambushed the Redcoats at Bemis Heights. Then a bloody battle occurs called The Battle  of Freeman’s Farm. The Americans lost the farm, but the British may have just as well lost due to all of their losses. Shortly following this a fierce battle in which many men lay dead in Vermont not New York where most of the campaign took place. Then there was more fighting at Saratoga and a decisive American victory ensued. Then after one more battle at Saratoga the British surrendered with a few generals captured or killed.

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The different Battles of Saratoga were fought in many places. Bennington and Walloomsac were two of them. Also, it was fought in Bemis Heights. There was another battle fought on Freeman’s Farm. Battles were named after the places they were fought at, like The Battle of Bemis Heights and The Battle of Freeman’s Farm. Most of these places were surrounded or in hills except Freeman’s Farm. The Battle of  Bennington was on just one large hill coming on a mountain’s size.

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The red dot is Bennington





Benedict Arnold was one person in the battle. Benedict Arnold was a very heroic person within the battle but was not very cordially received by Congress as a hero. In the second fighting Arnold destroyed 12 cannons and 3 howitzers which were the most advanced artillery of the time and an incredible amount of British supplies. Sir Henry Clinton was the general left in charge of new york by general howe the commanding British general in north america. He tried to distract the rebels by attacking fort montgomery. John Burgoyne was the British general in charge of all british action in Saratoga he was taken prisoner by the Patriots. Horatio Gates was the American commanding officer and was in complete control of superior minds but inferior officers. Benjamin Lincoln was a lifesaver for the Americans because he led 3000 men into the American camp after taking Fort Ticonderoga. This swelled the ranks otherwise the Americans who would have been crushed at the final fighting because the British received 2000 extra men and 500 Hessian men.


Bendict Arnold

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John Burgoyne



There were a few battles that made up the Saratoga Campaign. One of them was the Battle of Saratoga. There was an American victory for that battle but, heavy casualties were suffered by both sides and the battle was not pretty. One bad thing for the Patriot General Arnold was that due to hills no cavalry could be used which was a favorite strategy of Arnold’s. For the Battle of Freeman’s Farm, the Americans lost the farm, but the British might have as well lost, given all their losses. Then the America recaptured Fort Ticonderoga. General Clinton attempted to attack Fort Montgomery as a distraction. A battle was fought on Bemis Heights, with a win by the Americans. After both sides suffered heavy losses. The British retreated back to their main lines finding that a large force of their men had been dispatched northward looking for supplies that belonged to the colonists who lived in abundance meaning commonly in the north much needed by the British.

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General Burgoynes Surrender

The battle monument at Bennington


Later, they found that 37 of the 8000 men dispatched returned. This battle being called the Battle of Bennington. The British troops were soundly defeated in Walloomsac by a force of militia men from mostly Vermont and Massachusetts and a group of Green Mountain Boys and large amounts of the other Patriots in Vermont calling themselves the men of the Vermont Republic.  The Americans won most of the battles. They had some tricks, like guerilla warfare that the British didn’t. One more battle was fought before all others called the Battle of Oriskany. The battle was fought between Native American allies of the British. 7 detatchments of the British army led by St. Leger were present. On the American side there were 4000 men and some of the Iroquois league. The British came from across Lake Ontario and they crossed to Oswego and marched East to Oriskany were they were obliterated.

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Dear Uncle Abner Sr.,

    I  would like to impress upon you the true horrors of war. On Friday I saw a battlefield. Ooh the bodies so many bodies mangled and defaced or beautiful even in death. Just over the hills I could hear the sounds of the infernal cannons and the neverending sound of  muskets. Oh so sadly the rebels defeated the army and have enforced a horrible search of the surrounding area for any remaining loyalists or tories as they are called here by the rebels. I was almost murdered in my sleep as they broke down the door and searched the entire house end to end. I heard that the infernal rebels have taken a fort. Oh so dearly do I hope that general Clinton comes through with reinforcements or this war will be all but over with the rebels winning! I believe that this battle has decided the burning question of whether or not the rotten french will join this infernal war.

With love, Your nephew,


Loyalist Letter

Page 8



Dear Aunt Alden,

    The  war is going pretty well for us Patriots. There have been a few battles that make up this whole campaign. One of them was a battle that was called the Battle of Saratoga, where we won. The Patriots also fought in Bennington with a victory for us. We lost the farm during the Battle of  Freemans Farm. The enemies had so many deaths however, that they could have won just as well. But even if the war goes well I wish this could have been done without bloodshed and just long old talking.

Your Beloved Nephew,


Patriot Letter

Page 9


cordially = warmly, or nicely.

ambush = a suprise attack

heroic = very brave, and a hero

superior = of high quality, or higher in quality than something else

guerilla warfare = warfare from hiding spots and ambush

obliterated = completely destroyed

surrendered = to give up

cavalry = soldiers who fought on horseback. 



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