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Anne Frank Online Diary

By: Alex Altieri and Luis Vazquez

    Mrs. Brittingham's class    

    Period 6 English




   In Act 1, Scene 1, Anne metions many restrictions placed upon the Jewish people. There are loopholes throughout almost each and every limitation, but others, you just can't do. Some of these limitations may include:

 -all jewish people had to wear the Star of David.

 -Hitler demanded to recieve all jewish people and place them in concentration camps.

 -Jewish people cannot ride in automobiles or go to the movies.

 -No Jewish people are allowed to go to schools.

    In these restrictions, most of them don't directly apply to the Franks, so these loopholes are easy to get through. You can take off the Star of David and be perfectly okay because if you're found hiding, that doesn't really apply. And nobody except Miep and Mr. Kraler are going to see you so that doesn't matter. The Franks were in hiding like I said before, from Hitler, so the second restriction doesn't matter to them. The Franks aren't ever traveling, so the third and foruth restriction doesn't apply to them either. They are sort of homeschooled anyways so there isn't a real reason to leave for school.



   In Act 1, Scene 2 , Miep and Mr. Kraler are introduced, and relied on to get the Franks Food, Soap, and many other things to be able to live in hiding. In our diary question it asks,"Would you be able to be a protector like Miep or Mr. Kraler knowing the consequences you would suffer? Why or why not?" This could go either way, I might collapse under pressure, after doing that for more than 3 years, but I love hiding stuff from people and keeping secrets.

    Like I said before, this could be yes or no. I love keeping secrets and hiding things from people. So keeping an extremely serious secret like this is an even bigger motivation to not get caught. My only problem is that I would crumble under the pressure of doing something like this. But having another partner so I wouldn't have to do everything would help though. With someone like miep's help, I would be fine.



   In Act 1, Scene 3 , now that everyone has spent time in hiding together, people start annoying one another, it seems almost inevitable. But the real question would be, who do think you would be able to get along with best? And why would that be? 

    The one person that I would get along the easiest would be Peter because he is a guy and because he and I have a lot of the same characteristics. We both are shy. We  don't like to be teased by the parents and we don't like other people on our personal things. When Peter tells Anne that she will be sorry for taking his shoes, I would also do that if someone is teasing me. That’s why I would get along the easiest with Peter.






   In Act 1, Scene 4 , anne and the others start to mention what she wants to do once she gets out of hiding. What they want to see, do, and have. What would you want most once you got out of hiding? This is what we thought.

   Some things that would like to do if I were to if I were in hiding would be, running outside, to feel the breeze from the wind again, and going to my friends. I would like to run outside because I want to feel again what it is to be outside. I would also like to feel the breeze from the wind because I would need to breath the new air. Finally I would like to go to my friends because I haven’t seen them in a while. These things are important to me because I have not had those things in a while.   



   In Act 1, Scene 5, evreyone in hiding with the franks were celebrating hanukkah in hiding. They had to celebrate in hiding, but did so and still felt truly happy. What is your favorite family holiday? How would you celebrate this if you were in hiding like the franks.

   My favorite holiday/ family celebration is Christmas, so somewhat similar to Hanukkah. If my family and I were trying to celebrate Christmas in a situation like that, it would be hard, but still fun to celebrate what little we have left. We would probably try to scavenge anything that would be a possible present. Most likely, we would also eat a bigger dinner than normal situations. This is how I think my family and I would celebrate Christmas in situations like the Franks.


Anne's mood:

   In Act 2, Scene 1, Anne's mood completely changed. Earlier her outburst's were on trivial matters. But now she changed. Describe how she changed, and how she is now.

   Anne changed by being less annoying, by being for helpful, and by being more calm. She became less annoying by not talking or interrupting an adults conversations. She also became more helpful by not making a fool of herself. And finally she became more calm by being more like Margot.

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