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A map of Argentina

Argentine cattle


Buenos Aires Obelisk

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Argentina is in between latitudes 37.5S and 53S. It's longitude is between 74W and 62.5W.

The approximate area of Argentina is 1.074 million mi^2 (squared)

The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires

Basic info

The population of Argentina is 43.85 MILLION

Argentina is a presidential-representative-democratic-republic. It’s like our voting system.*special rule!* If no candidate receives at least 45% of the vote, or 40% with a lead of 10% over the runner-up, a second round is held.In Argentina federal government makes a bill then congress approves it or vice versa.

The Rio De La Plata basin is 1.2 million square miles.

Puna De Atacama is an high arid plateau (A dry, high and flat area)


Golfo Nuevo has only about 20km of a gap leading to the ocean

 In northern Argentina, there is a tropical section with scorching hot temperatures and plenty of rain.


In central Argentina, there is a mostly temperate section receiving hot and humid summers and cool and dry winters.

The Buenos Aires Obelisk (above) was once decorated like a pencil and twice a christmas tree.

Recoleta cemetery has over 6400 mausoleums including 26 argentine presidents

Human features

The train to the clouds can cover 434 km in just 15 hours(28.7333 etc. km per hour)-not bad considering it's a passenger train.

Over 100 pounds of argentine cattle were consumed per person in Argentina making it the second largest beef consumer in the world.

Natural resources

In 2010, Argentina produced about 763600 barrels of oil every day

An estimated 80% of the world's lithium came from Argentina.

Loma negra is Argentina’s main producer of concrete.

The Volkswagen Gol Trend was the most produced car model in Argentina.

Fonseca is Argentina’s main leather maker.


Argentina makes over 1.4 million tons of sugar, that's a ton(get it,hahaha😒😒😒)

Most Argentine fruit comes from the rio negro province.


Argentina is the 9th largest cotton producing country with 214371 METRIC tons per year.

A roman-catholic church. Roman-catholic is the leading religion in Argentina.

Carbonada Criolla is considered an argentine delicacy.

Spanish is the most common language in Argentina.


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