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College Tuition in the U.S.

  • Coming out with a college degree opens up more job opportunities.
  • There is a wide earnings gap between people who get high school degrees and those who recieve college degrees.
  • One with a college education has a better way of living their life, financially.
  • There aren't as many opportunities when one has just a high school degree, they usually live a poorer lifestyle.

Economic Benefits of College Education

  • College benefits go beyond earnings.
  • College Grads are more satisfied with their jobs.
  • College grads say college is worth it.
  • College majors matter.

Potential Problems that Emerge From Student Debt

  • College is becoming so expensive it's holding the middle class back.
  • People are paying off debts in their 40s and aren't able to send their own children to college.
  • College costs emerge as bipartison in the presidential race.
  • 40 million Americans are in students debt.
  • Interest on loans is a major factor on why people are in debt for a longer period of time.
  • The overall student debt in the U.S. adds up to $1.08 trillion.

  • College education helps pursue what career you want to do in life.
  • More likely to get a good job with a college dregree.
  • The earnings gap between young adults with and without bachelor's degree has stretched to its widest level in near half a century.
  • Young adults with just a high school degree ear 62 percent of the typical salary of college graduates.
  • High school graduates were more likely to live in poverty and be dissatisfied with their jobs, if not employed.
  • 9/10 college graduates ages 25-32 say that their bachelor's degree had paid off or will pay off in their future.
  • Recieving a college education is so important and opens up so many doors for an individual.

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