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Hi I'm hoping this booklet will bring awareness to people in refuge's and hostels or any services that support vunrable people. I Though unfortunately alot of experience in refuge's I was lost I felt so low and was just following orders by staff who most of the time wasn't great it was more about there rules and regulations. I believe that in a situation were your lost and faith is squashed as your alien to your surroundings and also dealing with maybe a child who may of been abused is terrible but having a book that has advise on steps of helping your child would be beneficial. I noticed that evey refuge had nothing to offer. You may have left your home fleeing domestic violence and now your facing a situation where your now in a place which unfortunately is just as controlling you tick boxes like rent rules it was often felt like another world of control but now I had no idea what to do. That's why I no I have to help to raise awareness that had there been available information via books I could of changed alot of mistakes. People need educational books on all the above topics. My goal is help raise awareness for those in need we could support and supply books. At least a bookshelf with donated books can change lives. This is the reason I'm now opening a shop. After leaving the refuge I began a spiritual journey I beleived saved me. Knowledge is power My shop will have all books we can raise money to help support people. Anyone welcome, we also would offer a coffee and help point people in the direction they need. We would also to holistic therapies internet access. We would have stones and crystals to aidthere problems. Mainly we want to help people gain FAITH❤💙💚💛💜💓💖

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