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3 Google Searching Tips That I Never Knew About


Searching for a Politically Correct


Defintion of a Word


Type define: and then the word you are defining



  • I could use this with the students when they are looking up important words in research. For example, students will often use words they aren't familiar with because it comes up in their research so in order for them to understand what the words mean they can use Google to search for the definition.


The Knowledge Graph  


By using the knowledge graph you can find detailed information about the topic you are searching for. It also shows interconnected data that Google has gotten from the web that is associated with your topic.


  • This is also great to use in the classroom with students for research. This can help students narrow down specific information that they are searching for about a topic.


Google Tour Drive


This option tells stories by giving a tour about a topic or gives you the option to create your own tour on a topic.


  • I really like this option in Google. I could use this with students to teach them about a new topic in an interactive way or have them create their own tour of a topic we are researching about. I'd love to use this to show the teachers at my school during professional development.