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The fictional town, Molching, which is located in Germany, is where the overall setting is, but Himmel Street is specifically where the Hubermanns and Steiner's live. While discovering her new home, Liesel is able to make a friend named Rudy, who she plays "soccer" on the street with. Yet, because of the acts of kindness occurring inside 33 Himmel Street and because of the tenderness of Rudy and Liesel's friendship, there is something heavenly about this street.  Liesel and Rudy, grow alongside eachother on Himmel, which is German for “heaven”. Considering all the despair that takes place and with its residents, it certainly isn't heavenly during these troubling years.

Molching, Germany, Himmel Street 

The Hubermann's home is where some of the biggest issues occur. Such as Max Vandenburg, appearing at the Hubermann's doorstep. They let him in and keep him in the basement. Rosa manages to feed him and give him blankets to keep him warm. Also the basement has been a key setting for the idea of power of words. The basement is where a lot of the theme was developed  and is where Liesel learnt to read.  As Liesel started off with being unable to read, the basement provided her with a secure and stable place to learn how to read and understand how powerful words can truely be.

The Hubermann´s Home

The setting being in 1940s and during World War ll it has an affect on the plot and the characters. It makes up the problem of Max Vadenburg having to keep hidden from the Nazi. Which then brings Hans, Rosa, and Liesel in danger and thats another problem. It is like a domino effect. It also creates the problem of people being financially unstable. In 1942 people didn't have the money that people now have. So Liesel's mother being a communist  snd not being able to financially provide for her plays into this, The setting being in that periods of time makes a variety of issues.

World War ll 1939-1945 (time)

The basement of the Hubermann's is where Hans and Rosa are hiding Max Vandenburg from the Nazi. Also, For a week, Hans and Rosa keep Liesel out of the basement because they know that Max is making a surprise for her — a book. Downstairs, Max paints white over the pages of Mein Kampf and hangs them up to dry. Then, in black, he paints a 13-page story with words and drawings. He paints himself as a bird because he remembers Liesel refering to his hair as feathers. The book is the story of his friendship with Liesel and he titles it The Standover Man. Max leaves it in Liesel's room when he is finished. The basement is also where the Nazi came to do a search. They needed to view the property because they needed to put bombs there. The basement ended up being too small. Not to mention, max is still in hiding. Covering himself with a flag he is able to keep himself hidden.

The Hubermann´s Basement

Liesel avoids the mayor's house at all costs because she suspects that the mayor's wife saw her steal the book from the bonfire. When Rosa makes her go there for the washing, Frau Hermann says nothing to her. Liesel believes she did not see her, and is relieved, but death reveals that she did infact know. A few weeks later, Liesel returns to the house to pick up the washing. Frau Hermann motions for her to come inside. When Liesel hesitates, Frau Hermann goes back inside, returns to the door carrying a stack of books, and lures Liesel in. She takes Liesel to the library, a room full of shelves of books, and Liesel thinks it's the most beautiful thing she's ever seen. 

The Mayor´s Library

On a stroll home in the December cold, Liesel and Rudy take a substitute route in order to avoid running into Franz, the rude leader of Hitler's Youth squad, and one of his friends. Liesel carries The Whistler with her. She likes the feel of the book in her hands. Near the river, they encounter Viktor Chemmel and his gang. Viktor takes Liesel's book and hurls it into the river. Rudy goes after it, gets it, and asks for his kiss. Again, he doesn't get one.

The Amper River