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Galileo Galilie






How Galileo came across to delveloping the telescope was when he heard of a new optical instrament he set to improve it. His first few versions were very similar to opera glasses, but he gradually improved on them.

Two New Sciences

The Assayer

Sidereus Nuncius

Blaise Pascal


Blaise Pascels first celebrated calculator involved dials that we turned to represent the right numbers. The dials could be moved from 0-9 As he worked on the Pascaline it improved more and more. At first it could only handel five-digit numbers then it went up to 6-8 digits. 

Robert Hooke

One of Robert Hooke's inventions was the Diaphragm whish was basiaclly a lens. What the diaphragm does is allows the person who's using the camera to adjust the lens so that they can control lighting.

William Harvey

Proved that the orignal thought of the blood movement was wrong. He disected dead as well as living animals and made new discoveries about the cerculation of blood. He relized that the blood was being pumped from the heart and also relized that here was a  constent flow of blood.

John Wallis

Jonh Wallis was an english Mathemation. He worked with and extemnded Cavalieni's law of Quadrature and came up with a way to include negitive and fractional exponents to the law. Issac Newton had reported that Wallis's work on both the binomial theorem on calculus arose though studing the Arithmetica Infnitorum.