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Carry out a campaign against discrimination, in order to know what it is and why it is generated

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Homework # 11




Name: Erika Miranda



How is bullying prevented?
It is estimated that simultaneous intervention on individual, family and sociocultural factors is the only possible way to prevent bullying. Prevention can be done at different levels.

Primary prevention would be the responsibility of the parents (committed to a democratic and non-authoritarian education), society as a whole and the media (in the form of self-regulation for certain content).


 Bullying is when a person or group repeatedly tries to harm someone who is weaker or who they think is weaker. Sometimes it involves direct attacks such as hitting, name calling, teasing or taunting. Sometimes it is indirect, such as spreading rumors or trying to make others reject someone.

Often people dismiss bullying among kids as a normal part of growing up. But bullying is harmful. It can lead children and teenagers to feel tense and afraid. It may lead them to avoid school. In severe cases, teens who are bullied may feel they need to take drastic measures or react violently. Others even consider suicide. For some, the effects of bullying last a lifetime.


A secondary prevention would be the concrete measures on the population at risk, that is, the adolescents (fundamentally, to promote a change of mentality with respect to the necessity to report cases of bullying even if they are not victims of them), and on the population Directly linked to this, the teaching staff (in the form of training in skills suitable for the prevention and resolution of school conflicts).

How is bullying developed?

1. The stalker can begin to set potential targets of harassment while the group's components are positioned in the face of possible attacks.

2.- Soon the harasser happens to realize small intimidations that are not faced effectively by the victim, whereas the spectators either support or they are disengaged of the first aggressions.

3.-Physical aggression begins, with the victim suffering certain consequences.

4.-The seriousness of the aggressions gradually increases with a feeling of despair and collapse of the self-esteem of the victim, while the spectators are definitely added to the impotence and individualism.


It groups bullying actions that seek to socially block the victim. All of them seek social isolation and their marginalization imposed by these blocking behaviors.


Examples are the prohibitions of playing in a group, of talking or communicating with others, or of anyone talking or relating to him, because they are indicators that point to an attempt by others to break the social network of supports of the child.