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 Hiawatha and The Peacemaker

Re-written and Illustrated by: S.T

Inspired by: Robbie Robertson

In a small dark gloomy village, near a forest and a river, lived the Onondaga tribe. There was fighting days ago but it still remained in my heart. My name is  Hiawatha. My family died, all of them my daughters and wife. Not a good death, no one in our village had one. It was only because of Tadodaho, the cruelest villain. I, Hiawatha, had long days and nights hoping that my family would come back, but they never did, never. I wanted to fight back to Tadodaho, but something stopped me, but what.


I woke up and I heard a odd sound through my campsite. From a distance I could see a man wearing the same clothes as the Mohawk tribe. I needn't be afraid. He approached me slowly.    

 “Who are you,” I asked, still frightened.                           

 “I am the great Peacemaker,” The Peacemaker said.

“ Why are you here ? Go away ! ” I replied quickly

“ You have lots of pain in your life, I have come to help you. Together we can spread the great law to our land. I can not speak well, but you are brave and confident. We can bring peace to Tadodaho,” he stuttered.

I thought about this. We wanted the same thing in a way. Everything quietened and the peacemaker walked back to his stone boat. I followed. I may have happiness if I do this.



We paddled across the shimmering water. I couldn't help to notice the stone boat floating. How could it float? We slowly approached the land of the Mohawk. They greeted us warmly, and the clan  chief asked us, “ What brings you here?”

“We have come to bring you the Great Law” I said confidently.

He motioned for us to follow him, to the gathering of the people. We briskly sat down on the cold dried dirt. The Peacemaker looked at me and I started talking. “ We can not let Tadodaho fight and wreck our lives, we shall go to his land and bring peace to our clans” I said. I glanced at The Peacemaker, he stayed still. Everyone arose and the clan chief started speaking.

  “We can not support this, Tadodaho is way to strong, if others join we may be able to come with you.”


The Peacemaker nodded and we got up and walked to the canoe, and we proceeded to the land of the Cayuga.



When we arrived I thought of my family and Tadodaho. I stopped The Peacemaker. “ Why are we doing this? THIS WILL CAUSE US more pain,” I yelled loudly. The Peacemaker led me to sit on a dark red log, it reminded me of the horror I had been through.

The Peacemaker started speaking,“ Life will, be better, you have suffered lots of pain. But after we confronted Tadodaho, the pain will thaw in your heart” My eyes were still filled with tears of revenge, but somehow I believed The Peacemaker. The Cayuga chief and his members heard me yell and they quickly approached us. The Peacemaker kept his hand on me and I told them my story and pain. They had comforting eyes while I spoke. After I spoke The Peacemaker told the Cayuga of our mission, he talked confidently for the first time. The Cayuga chief arose.

“We are all together, I shall support you in this mission.” He said.

Together as one nation, we had new hope and we went to the tribe of the Seneca.


We arrived and men surrounded us, it wasn't pleasing. I knew we were all scared.                 

  “What brings you here?” the Seneca chief bellowed.

  “We have come to speak of the Great Law of Peace” I replied. The leader of the Seneca clan walked through and told his people to sit.

    “I have heard of your mission, tell us of your story, Hiawatha” He said. I did, that's how I felt stronger, braver and a leader to bring peace to Tadodaho .

The clan chief agreed to our mission and together we paddled as two nation, to the land of the Oneida.


It was now the last hope to prove the Mohawk that we were strong enough to tell Tadodaho that we did not need to fight to earn peace. The land of the Oneida glimmered through the moonlight. They were poor, the Oneida. Just as I was looking around their land, there was a rustle in the leaves and the Cayuga, Seneca, The Peacemaker and myself was caught in a net.

Out rustled the Oneida chief he looked so hungry I knew he was starving.“ Why are you four strangers wandering around my forest at this time?” The Oneida chief bellowed.

Then I told the Oneida my story again. I Hiawatha, felt stronger. He approached us and let us out.

“ You are very brave people. I honor this law.” He stated.

Together we paddled as three nations to the land of the Mohawk.


 I prayed the whole ride back to the Mohawk. I hoped the Mohawk would now be convinced. If they didn't agree we would all have to live in pain and anger. We all arrived, and stood proudly. Ahead of us the Mohawk chief said a command, but I did not know what he said, out stepped at least a thousand Mohawk warriors with weapons. They pushed and hit us.

“Stop,” yelled The Peacemaker. His voice had gotten stronger.

“These chiefs have came with us to bring peace and now you are fighting.” I said. I somehow knew what The Peacemaker was thinking. But it was no use, they kept pushing. The Peacemaker looked at me compassionately.

          Suddenly The Peacemaker climbed a tree and stood up there. “If you are going to behave like this cut the tree. And I will go where I belong,” The Peacemaker said firmly.




The Mohawk people looked at me with kindness in their eyes. So they cut the tree. The water came rushing, and The Peacemaker gently floated down the river.

“What have you done,” said one of the eldars.

“ You are our leader, and now you are behaving like Tadodaho,” said a young lady.

The people all started nodding in agreement. I knew the Mohawk chief noticed his mistake. He briskly motioned his hand showing all his people smoke in the distance. We all followed where the smoke was and the people and myself all found The Peacemaker waiting for us. Together we paddled as four nations to Tadodaho’s land.


As soon as we arrived Tadodaho was set off, his armies battled all of our people. As I was trying to tell everyone to stop the most impossible happened. The Peacemaker started humming and everything darkened, except around the moon glistened a border of white.

“ Stop it ! We came here Tadodaho to bring peace. We are not afraid of you. We will give you a second chance,” stated The Peacemaker. Tadodaho was watching everything, he was small, scaly and unacceptably ugly. After The Peacemaker said his long speech of the Great Law, Tadodaho's eyes thawed. Finally after I saw everything, out came the sun. Tadodaho had realized his misery and his mistakes he had done.


Before we left we had to thaw his heart. The elders gave me the materials to make a herbal paste for Tadodaho. I made the paste, but as I mixed I thought of why I was  forgiving him after all my pain I suffered, but my heart led me  to forgive Tadodaho. He was hiding.  I slid the paste beside his hiding place. He grabbed it.

“ Why forgive me after this. Thank you,” Tadodaho said.

 Every day Tadodaho was to have this medicine.

“ We will visit you tomorrow, take the medicine every hour,”said The Peacemaker.

The very next day all the people from the tribes came to see Tadodaho. Tadodaho was now a man. His scales and snakes from his hair disappeared. He was now known as kind soul. Together we paddled as five nation to the land of the Mohawk.


As we all arrived The Peacemaker started talking. “From now on this big tree I am standing beside will be called the Tree of Peace. We will gather all our weapons and bury it under the tree, and replant it after cutting it,” He said.

The tree fell and everyone kept their weapons underneath it, and two men buried all the weapons. The Peacemaker looked at me and for the last time I spoke of The Great Law of Peace. “Tadodaho you may have caused me pain but I forgive you. From now on you will become an eagle at the top of the tree. Symbolizing bravery, courage, kindness and a leader,” I said.

An eagle soared through the sky, Tadodaho was very happy up in the sky. I noticed that everyone was happy, so was I. Peace had been given and through my dreams I could see the spirits of my family.


All the tribes lived in peace and harmony.

The end.