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5 People of the Scientific Revolution


By Russell Gushiken


Nicolaus Copernicus


Nicolaus Copernicus was a


Renaissance mathematician and



Nicolaus Copernicus


Nicolaus Copernicus was the


person who made the idea of


the sun being at the center of


the universe instead of the



Blaise Pascal


Blaise Pascal was a French


mathematician, physicist,


inventor, writer and Christian




Blas Pascal invented the 


calculator and adding


machine. Pascal made the 


Theroy of Probabilities.

Isaac Newton


Isaac Newton was an


English mathematician,


astronomer, and physicist


Isacc Newton invented the


reflecting telescope and the


pet door. He also made the 


theroy of gravity

William Harvey


William Harvey was an


English physician who made


seminal contributions in


anatomy and physiology. 


William Harvey was the first


person to describe the heart's


functions and the circulation


of blood in the body. 

Francois Viete


Francois Viete was a French


mathematician who worked


on algebra. His work was


important to develope


modern algebra.