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Brings back memories and i get to share my story with my classmates

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(Alexander) Personal Interview 11 Dec. 2016


(Gallen) Personal Interview 11 Dec. 2016


   When I was young I was adopted at a very young age. As I was growing up I never knew I was adopted untill I was in jinior high. When I found out I wanted to know who my real parents were, but every time I asked about them, they would change the subject. I used to always ask about them every day, and as days went on I forgot about it. While going into freshman year my step-parents finally explained what had happened. They said "Your dad left your mom, and she had to raise you by herself." (Step-Mom) I asked "So she just gave up, and gave me up for adoption?"(Me) They refused to answer. I knew the answer just by the looks on their faces. I was struggling in school because of this, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Sometimes I think it's how life works. Everything is going so well, and then out of nowhere something bad happens.This happens to everyone, and no one likes it. I was expecting it, but now I know to expect the unexpected.

My Obstecals



 Im still wondering why my parents gave me up for adoption are they still alive, and are they back together. There is a lot of questions that I want to ask them, but do they even remember me? I don't know, but I stopped asking and looking for them because the parents that I have right now is enough. They are here for me, and they care about me. I will love the family that I have right now. I may be adopted, but family is not by blood, but by heart.

I asked my step parents " Why did you guys take me in?" and they said " Because when we first looked at you, you smiled and, that smile gave us a feeling that is unexplainable." I smiled and they said "That's the smile." I am thankful for my step parents because of everything they have done for me.