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Once long ago, in a forest far away, Hiawatha, a First Nations warrior, was out on a hunting trip. When he got back, he found his village burned to the ground, everyone he once knew or loved dead. And it could only be the work of the evil Tadodaho. Hiawatha took some supplies and went down to the lake. He started a fire and drank some water. Then suddenly, a beam of sunlight hit Hiawatha. He quickly averted his eyes, and when it disappeared he looked at the shore and saw a man, fully dressed in white, parking his canoe. “I am the great peacemaker,” the man said. Umm… “I c-come to unite the five nations.”


“A-as you can see, I I'm not a t-t-talented speaker.” Said the peacemaker. “I-I ask you to travel with me on my journey.” Hiawatha agreed to travel with the great peacemaker. And, on they went to the feared Mohawk village.


Hiawatha and the peacemaker arrived at the Mohawk village. “ What have you come here?” asked the Mohawk chief. Hiawatha opened his mouth but no words came out, suddenly, he felt the peacemaker’s hand on his back and he knew what to say. “We travel to unite the five nations. If we succeed there will be no more fighting in between us. Will you join us?



“Why shall we accept this offering”? Asked the Mohawk chief. “The Onondaga is too powerful.” Said the Mohawk chief. “What if the other villages participate?” asked the peacemaker. “Bring us the other villages and we will see,” said the Mohawk chief.


 They told their message of peace. How they needed them to get the Mohawk to win the fight against the Onondaga tribe, and finally the Cayuga chief agreed to join them. They canoed together to the next tribe, the Seneca tribe, and told of their needs. The Seneca tribe agreed to go with them as well.




Finally, it was time to go to the Mohawk village. You have proved me wrong, said the chief when they got there. We must hurry, said Hiawatha, to confront the Onondaga. Together, they canoed to the Onondaga tribe. “All there is dead trees and dead shrubs.” Complained the Cayuga chief. “That means we have arrived.” Said the peacemaker.


They all got out of the canoe when, suddenly, they were attacked by the ferocious Onondaga, luckily, the Chiefs were good fighters and quickly won the fight, when Tadodaho came out of his home.  He was a hunched, sick old man, who had snakes in his hair and could not talk.



He needs medicine. Said the great peacemaker. Hiawatha quickly gathered some herbs and mixed them with water. After a few minutes, the medicine was finished. He gave it to Tadodaho, and he drank it quickly and greedily. Slowly, the snakes slithered out of his hair, he stopped hunching and seemed much less pale, and suddenly, he was a amazing chieftain.

Then the peacemaker instructed for all the men to Buried their weapons underneath the huge tree. It will be called the tree of peace. Then all the Warriors looked at the top of the tree, to see a Tadodaho, in the form of a great eagle.