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This booklet is going to be about 10 boys who get stuck on an island during a war.

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Here are some tips on how to survive on an island.                                                                                           Image result for lord of the flies map

  1. When you are in a plane crash and you don't know where you're at than its best to stay put because if you wonder around you can get hurt really bad.
  2. When you are stuck on an island its best to listen to the older person there. Sometimes the older person knows how to survive.
  3. If there isn't an older person than listen to the most intelligence person because they might know more information more than anybody there because they might have A's in there class.
  4. If you're than its best to take a bath in the ocean water because if you take a bath in the drinking water, there won't be any water to drink.
  5. When it comes to night time its best not to wonder off into the woods because if you do then you can get hurt and nobody will find you.
  6. Whats also the best thing to do is to get fruit before its dark.
  7. You might want to make shelters because it can be very cold at night when you are by the beach or any where on the island.
  8. Make a fire at the beach because it more save.