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A Safe Place to Be
March - 2018 Prayer Bulletin
Just this last week, I
went walking with
my daughter in
the Dales. It was a
terribly cold and wet
day, but my youngest
wouldn’t let me o
the hook! I fancied a
warm cuppa in some
café somewhere,
but she was thinking about my health,
So o we went to nd some country walk
and I have to admit it was a precious time.
If you are a parent you will, I am sure, agree
that any personal time with those who
mean more to you than anything else, is
always a boost and a blessing.
On walking through one particular village, I
was reminded of a conversation I once had
with a man who lived there. He shared with
me that he had lived in that place for many
years and how it was such a safe place to
live. We often leave our doors unlocked”
and We never lock our cars he said. We
don’t have any trouble round here.
It got me thinking about the city I live in and
the city where we share Jesus love through
the arms of CFLs ministry. Its a place you
can’t leave your car or house doors open;
a place where, if you are vulnerable, you
are very likely to be targeted and abused.
I couldn’t say with him that we don’t have
any trouble round here.
I thank the Lord every day for our two
supported living homes, Tindall House and
JP’s Journal
Wendy Margaret Home, because I know
those homes are safe places. In fact, as one
who lives there once said, “Its a safe place
to be, and I also know that those who live
there are well looked after.
I am afraid that can’t be said for many of the
others we look after and support. Not that
we do not do our best to look after them,
but because, for many of the 150 or so we
are called to love and care for across the city,
they live in situations we certainly wouldn’t
want to live in ourselves.
The words of Isaiah come to mind when,
inspired by the Lord, he said that we are
to set the oppressed free. The oppressed
are all around us and it doesn’t take a long
conversation with someone to nd out
that this is an individual who is trapped by
lifes traumas, and in many circumstances,
trapped by the world around them.
As we continued our walk that cold, wet and
at times snowy day, we talked about all sorts
of things. We talked about school, singing,
ice. We talked about CS Lewis and how he
came to faith. A bit random, I know, but you
had to be there to understand! We talked
about Tolkien as I shared that the place we
were walking through was the inspiration
for Helms Deep in The Lord of the Rings”.
Part of our walk took us past Janet’s Foss,
a beautiful waterfall, and through some
ancient woodland. In that woodland, the
local conservationists had made some
shelters for lone bees.
The roof looked like an open book, hanging
down from its spine, with scores of circular
tubes stuck together below to create a
warm and safe place for our little friends to
live out the winter.
That also made me think about how our
Heavenly Father knows when even a solitary
bee falls to the ground, just as He said that
He does a sparrow, in Matthew 10:29-31. But
then our Saviour said these words in verse
31, “So don’t be afraid; you are worth more
than many sparrows”.
The world treads under its feet the poor and
needy. The vulnerable and struggling have
no idea what their worth is to God. Its only
by God’s grace that the heavy laden and
browbeaten can lift their eyes to the cross.
Its only by God’s grace that they can have
the scales removed from their cloudy eyes
to see how much the Father has bestowed
upon them and how much they are truly
valued by Him.
God has reached out to us all; He has, by
His grace. He has reached out to us through
His Son and is still doing today in His Spirit;
and He is making His appeal to the world
through His servants. And that’s all of us
who worship and adore the risen Son.
We need to pray that our hearts will be
lled with eyes to see and ears to hear the
downtrodden. We need to pray that we
will have hands to do God’s work and feet
to follow the Saviour, as we walk as Jesus
The writer of Proverbs 21:13 wrote, “If a man
shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too
will cry out and not be answered.
Let us never shut our ears to the crys of
the oppressed. The Lord, through the
prophet Moses, said this; Deuteronomy
15:11 There will always be poor people in
the land. Therefore I command you to be
openhanded toward your brothers and
toward the poor and needy in your land”
Its a sad fact that the poor will always be
with us till our Saviour returns. Let’s all pray
about how we can be openhanded toward
those less fortunate.
So many of you live this out already. So
many of you have embraced into your
hearts and prayers, and into your open
handedness those in our care, those in
the mission eld of Leeds oppressed.
May the Lord hear and bless you all because
of what you have done for Him.
May God bless you all richly, and on a nal
note, let’s above all praise God that He has
blessed and sustained us, inspired and
directed us, now for thirty one years.
Much love in Jesus name,
“Its only by God’s grace that the heavy
laden and browbeaten can lift their
eyes to the cross.
“So don’t be afraid; you
are worth more than
many sparrows.
-- Matthew 10:31
A shelter for lone bees.
This comment was mentioned in passing
by John, from Caring For Life’s Being There
housing support team, describing the
recently held Bible study. When talking later
with John and Cath, they described up to
22 beneciaries being present at that Bible
study in the centre at Crag House Farm.
John had been speaking about David and
Goliath and the talk had ended with an
explanation of how we all need forgiveness,
and explaining what Jesus did in dying for
us. The group at the study can sometimes
be slightly talkative at times, but this time
you could have heard a pin drop!
Sat right at the front, as always, was one
gentleman, listening absolutely intently
and utterly focused on what was being said.
Less than two weeks later, we heard the
news that this precious gentleman had
died suddenly, being found by John with
the police, after the alarm had been raised
because he had been impossible to contact.
This is the fourth person supported by the
team whom we have lost unexpectedly in
the space of less than three months, and
the third gentleman from Johns own list
of people he was supporting. Such sad
situations are however to be expected when
supporting deeply vulnerable people, who,
despite all we do, struggle to care for
themselves adequately.
The gentleman was formerly an avowed
atheist but, having received compassionate
and determined care by John and his
manager Cath, he said to John, ”You’ve
challenged me!” He began to attend the
Being There Bible studies and rarely missed.
It took a considerable eort to get him
there each time, not just reminding him, but
ensuring he was ok when picked up, and
had clean clothes to wear. He was poorly
and forgot almost everything, except Johns
name. But our prayer is that, from all those
times when he sat at the front, listening
intently to the gospel explained, this deeply
vulnerable and poorly gentleman may have
come to know Christ, the One who holds us
in His hands, and never forgets us.
The snowdrops are in ower, the daodils
are in bud and the tulips are just beginning
to emerge out of the cold winter ground.
Everywhere we are reminded that spring
is not too far away and, in turn, of God’s
promise in Genesis 8:22, As long as the
earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold
and heat, day and night will never cease.
A lovely part of my job is to show such signs
of the changing seasons to the horticulture
beneciaries I care for as we stroll around
the gardens. Only today I was asked Jake,
what are you looking for in the grass?!”
The answer of course was, “Seeing if the
crocuses we planted have come up yet!” In
common with all gardeners walking around
a patch of ground they are responsible for,
we also talk about jobs that need doing to
maintain the work we have already done or
jobs to develop and improve what we see
before us.
In Genesis 2:15 we read that, The LORD
God took the man and placed him in the
Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.
Thinking on this wonderfully concise phrase
‘to work it and take care of it’ I was reminded
of the wealth of literature concerning
therapeutic horticulture that implicitly or
empirically states the benets to health and
well-being from gardening or the sort of
horticultural activities that we do here
every day.
I then thought how very logical these
ndings should be; that when we work and
take care of a garden it should be good for
us - for this is what we were rst designed
to do.
We must not take for granted the blessing of
physical work, especially for those trapped
in lives of enforced idleness. Again, today
I was told by one of the horticulture team
how he “just loves working here” and was
struck how the emphasis on the work itself
shows our innate need to be active and
Similarly, our commission to ‘take care of it’
can be seen in the interest shown week
by week in the planned developments and
improvements of the gardens by those who
attend the project.
At the moment there is much excitement in
the new water feature we are planning to
install next month; fullling a need to take
responsibility for looking after something,
to take care of it and see it develop.
Yet for all the meaning and purpose that
can be found in work, (even in its post fall
state), we were also made for relationship
with God. Please pray for opportunities to
talk about the meaning, purpose, fullment
and completeness that come from knowing
this relationship restored and freely oered
through the precious blood of our Lord and
Saviour Jesus.
Laurence J. Peter
said, “If a cluttered
desk is a sign of a
cluttered mind, of
what, then, is an
empty desk a sign?”
Well, my desk is
probably closer
to cluttered than
empty, but it is denitely full of colour and
variety, and I think that reects the project
quite accurately. Regular features of my desk
include the Expressive Arts Project diary, a
set of headphones, a plan of the sessions
for the week ahead, and usually a random
Drama prop or small percussion instrument.
Water, a pencil, and tissues are also essential
in this line of work.
We are currently working towards a
performance at the end of March, so posters
for that are at the side of the desk, waiting
patiently to be put up around the farm.
A book of sheet music for Barnum the
Musical is nearby as I plot how best to show
o the musical dexterity of one talented
beneciary. At the same time, a document
on my laptop is in a state of progress as I
decide where to place certain people in the
concert in order to help their nerves.
There are several beneciaries singing solos
who have grown massively in condence
over the past few months and years, both in
the project and outside. What an immense
privilege it is to see this transformation up
close, and to walk alongside these precious
individuals. In particular, it thrills my heart
to see beneciaries who are growing
in faith and to hear some of the
deep, searching questions that our
friends are asking.
Other windows open on my
laptop include: song words for
the upcoming Rededication
Service, an arrangement-in-
progress of a hymn for our
percussion group, pieces of music
by both Monteverdi and James Brown,
details of an orchestral concert that we
are taking a small group of beneciaries
to, and an article called ‘5 weird facts about
rain in preparation for our large group who
are currently exploring rain in music and
We have such a
variety of people
walking through
the doors of the
Expressive Arts Room.
For some, it is a place
where they can safely
express themselves through music in a way
that they can’t through words. For others,
being part of an ensemble - a team working
together - is so important. For all, I hope
and pray that the Music Project is a place
where everyone feels welcomed, loved, and
listened to - a busy, colourful room with
plenty of space.
What an immense privilege it is to see
this transformation up close, and to walk
alongside these precious individuals.
Debbie has drawn up a challenge for anyone
who enjoys art! This is a great way of using
your skills, whilst also helping to raise funds
for Caring For Life’s Art Shop Project!
For details and how to enter, please see
your February bulletin or contact Debbie
Habibzadeh. Deadline is 13
April. We can’t
wait to see what you come up with!
Art Challenge 2018
Holding a CFL Pause For A
Cause event is simple – just
decide on a date, time and
location, then head to the
website to download your
posters and invites. Let us
know your event details
and we will post the lm
to you (remember we can
print posters and invites for
you if needed!)
Please do let us know if
you plan to hold a coee
morning. If you prefer your
scones and cream, there is
also a Pause For A Cause
poster design for Afternoon
Tea! It can be found on
the fundraising page of
the website, alongside the
coee event poster.
Garden Nurseries Spring Showcase
Crag House Farm
This year, the Caring For Life
Garden Nurseries is introducing
its home-grown range of Spring-
Summer bedding plants by
opening up the Glasshouse for
the evening to give people the
chance to see what we’ve grown
and to buy from the whole range,
before anybody else. Local
supporters would be so welcome
to join us for this occasion!
There will be a presentation
of CFLs work and, if the
weather permits, a walk around
the gardens, which are all
maintained by the Horticulture
Project. The Nurseries will be
open for trade throughout the
evening and there will be drinks
and light refreshments provided
free. (Donations are welcome.)
John and Jake
Thursday 19
To register your interest, email john.woodru
This is an excellent opportunity to bring along some friends or family who have never heard
about Caring For Life, to introduce them to the work!
Sun 3
Sept @ 10am Rawdon St Peter’s
Sun 4th March @ 10:30am Cedars Church, Stowmarket
Sun 4th March @ 11am Dungannon Baptist Church
Sun 4th March @ 7-9pm Dungannon Vineyard Church
Tues 6th March @ 8.15pm Sion Mills Baptist Church
Weds 7th March @ 8pm Knockconny Baptist Church
Tues 20th March @10:30am Wyche Free Church
Tues 20th March @ 7:45pm Hayes Town Chapel
Tues 27th March @ 11am Bradford on Avon Baptist Church
If you would like details about any of the Caring For Life presentations above, please ring the CFL main number
(0113) 2303600 or email We would love to come and share more about our work
with your church or fellowship. If we haven’t been for a while and youd like an update, or if our work is completely
new to your fellowship, and you would like to arrange for a member of sta to come and present our work, please
do get in touch.
Art Challenge 2018
Thank you so much to all those of you who
have returned your GDPR contact details
forms. If you have not managed to return your
form yet, please do as soon as you are able.
Remember that you can use the FREEPOST
envelope we sent with the form, in your
February bulletin.
Please be assured that we will be processing
any changes you have notied us of in due
course. But please bear with us, because we are
dealing with a huge number of returned forms.
Paddy & Val Manning Co Antrim* Mon 5
March @ 8pm
Chris & Dave Seaton Solihull Sat 10
March @ 2.30pm
David & Pam Young Harrogate Mon 12
March @ 7.30pm
Jack & Alison Jenner Ulverston Mon 12
March @ 7.30pm
Ruth Taylor Oxford Tues 13
March @ 7.30pm
Wendy & Barry Stringer Kippax Wed 11
April @ 2pm
Sue Morgan Boston Spa Mon 16
April @ 7.30pm
Sian & Richard Webb Reading Mon 16
April @ 7.45pm
John & Elaine Snuggs Dunstable Wed 18
April @ 7.30pm
Sian & Neil Green Brandon Sat 21
April @ 3pm
Jean Dandy North Leeds Mon 23
April @ 7.30pm
Roger Oliver Haywards Heath Wed 25
April @ 2.30pm
Norman & Norma Green Rugby Wed 25
April @ 7.30pm
Daphne Wien Haverhill Thurs 26
April @ 8pm
Mike & Liz Davison Newcastle Sat 28
April @ 3pm
For more details on any of the above groups please contact, Pam Parkinson, Support Coordinator tel: 0113 2303610 or pam. See the website for the list of most recent and upcoming support group dates (www.caringforlife. *CFL representative attending.
Due to the sensitive information in this bulletin about individuals, may we remind you not to leave it lying around, copy/reproduce
any contents without permission or pass it on to others. If you know of someone who would like to receive a copy, please ask them
to contact Pam on 0113 2303610 or to be added to our mailing list. Please contact Pam if you’re
interested in attending or setting up a support group in your area. Thank You.
Chippenham Support Group Fundraising Talk
by Prof Julian Evans, Author of “God’s Trees”
and CFL DVD & intro talk
Ladyeld Church Tues 6
March 2018 @ 7.30pm
Dunstable Support Group
Pause For A Cause Coee Morning
Fri 9
March 10am -12noon
Copmanthorpe Ladies Bible Group
Coee Morn & Stalls Sat 10
Copmanthorpe Methodist Church 10am-12 noon
St Barnabas Church, Alwoodley
Coee Morn/bacon s’wiches/hot cross buns/ stalls
Sat 10
March 10am-12noon
Solihull Support Group Music Concert
St Margaret’s Church Hall, Olton B92
Sat 7
April 2018 evening
Caterham Support Group & Baptist Church
Coee Morning & Fun Run
@ Caterham Baptist Church Sat 28
April am
Dunstable Support Group
“Baing Bygones Evening @ Dunstable Baptist
Church Sat 28
April 6.45pm
Tickets available from John & Elaine Snuggs
Parbold Evangelical Church
Coee Morning* Tues 1
May am
Chorley Evangelical Church
Coee Morning* Sat 12
May am
Troon Support Group & New Prestwick Baptist
Musical Evening*
@ New Prestwick Bap Church Sat 12
Lumley Castle Auction Evening & Fashion Show
Thurs 17
May - 7pm for 7.30pm start. DH3 4NX
£10 Tickets available from Brenda Brown.
Contact CFL for details.
* CFL representative attending
March Prayer Points
“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. He makes me lie down in green
pastures, he leads me beside still waters, he restores my soul.” Psalm 23: 1-2
Sunday: Please pray each Sunday that this day will be a time when all the sta and
volunteers who serve at Caring For Life will be spiritually strengthened and refreshed for the
week ahead. We do not know what lies ahead, but we know Who holds the future.
Monday: Pray for Caring For Lifes Executive Committee. There are many issues to be dealt
with, decided upon and carried, each day. Pray for Jonathan as CEO and for all the team, for
wisdom, faith and strength for every day. Please also pray that God will meet all our needs,
by His grace.
Tuesday: Pray for our Being There housing support team, at what is a dicult time, having
recently lost several of those supported. Pray for wisdom in how to help those who fail to
care well for themselves, and for those we support who are very poorly at this time.
Wednesday: Thank God with us that in addition to Alison, who joined the Wendy Margaret
Home team some time ago, we now also have Nathan, who has joined the Tindall House
team, and Sonia, who very recently joined the PR team. Pray for the remaining vacancies at
Caring For Life to be lled, that God will draw to us the people of His calling.
Thursday: Pray for the new people being referred to Caring For Life, whether for support by
the Being There team, or for daytime therapeutic projects. Do pray for them to settle well
and to soon feel at home with us.
Friday: We continue to pray that God will help us to nd suitable land to be able to replace
Tindall House and to provide additional long-term supported living homes. Do pray God
will bless every drop in the ocean, and will bless all we seek to do, more than we could ask
or imagine.
Saturday: At weekends, we fear for some of the most vulnerable people we support. Do
pray for those who are very ill, who do not care about themselves, or who are being preyed
on by others. Pray for homes for those who are desperately in need of a safe place to live.
Thank you so much for your very faithful prayers.
We are seeking a new member to join the existing Agri
team. The projects primary focus is pastoral, caring for
the beneciaries through working the land here at Crag
House Farm and caring for the livestock. The role involves
a large amount of manual labour and any applicant must
have a proven history of good health in employment.
Previous experience of working on a farm, with animals or
agricultural work would be necessary.
-- Closing date: 1
April 2018
We have an exciting opportunity to lead the Granary kitchen
team. The successful candidate must have previous experience
of leading a team of chefs as Head Chef or at least Sous Chef. The
successful candidate must have good knowledge of food safety legislation and the daily routines
associated. They must be a team player and have a pastoral calling to work for a Christian
organisation. The Restaurant operates Monday to Saturday; daytime hours with occasional
evenings. Any candidates shortlisted for interview will be required to cook for the panel as well
as submit a menu and costing plans. Information will be provided to the candidates in advance.
-- Closing date: 1
April 2018
The Granary Restaurant and Coee Shop require new members
for the team. There are both full time and hourly paid
vacancies. The successful candidate needs to be able to work
in a busy environment and to multi-task. They need to have
a bubbly nature and be keen to provide excellent customer
service. Experience is not essential as on the job training will
be provided but would be preferable.
-- Closing date: 1
April 2018
At Caring For Life, our work is based on the principle of Christian
servant hood, because the way we support beneciaries, and
manage sta and volunteers, should all bring glory to God. The
principal aim of Caring For Life is to share the love of Jesus on a daily and
very practical basis with many people, some of whom might have generally known nothing of His
love, doing so through loving care and example, and it is our desire that they come to personal faith in
Christ Jesus and become a part of His church.
These posts involve taking an active role in providing compassionate and consistent care to
beneciaries, taking part in prayer times, providing personal testimony in experiencing Jesus’ love
with both beneciaries and members of the local community, and you may from time to time beasked
to assist in supporting presentations in representing the Trust predominantly to Christian church
As such, there is a requirement for the holder of these posts to
be a practising Christian. This is an Occupational Requirement in
accordance with the Equality Act 2010.
Please contact the HR Manager, Buy Parkinson for more details about either position or request an
application pack on 0113 2303600 or bu