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  •          Hip Hop is poetry Final project.

* Gold;a

*Name;Florencio velasquez


I know that I will fall but I must get up. Do not waste time getting up

noun. A piece of writing in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by particular attention to diction (sometimes involving rhyme), rhythm, and imagery. ... 'a poem in terza rima'

I know it's late and very late at night I'm sorry that you call me and that your time wasted I just listen and know the truth, you do not care much and I can only bother you for a minute I ask you to lend me.


A poem is a literary work especially in verse. It is considered to be that work belonging to the genre of poetry. The metric is in charge of the rhythmic formation of a poem.

  Importe la conservaci√≥n del equilibrio ecol√≥gico sin dejar de lado el material del progreso ....

It is easy to dodge the spear but not the hidden dagger Chinese proverb

It is one of the values most appreciated by human beings for the loyalty and trust that implies.

Images and examples to understand the concept of respect

Harp I am single I am where the universe vibrates I come from the sun and to the sun I am the love I am the verse

The assonant rhyme is one that is established only in the vowels of the verses of the last accented vowel.

end rhyme