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Proposal for Caroll County indoor portable track [Sports Construction Divison-Miller Flooring Company]

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Rendering: Portable Banked Track
(Mondo Super X 720)
Carroll County Agriculture Center/Shipley Arena

Rendering  Portable Banked Track  Mondo Super X 720  Carroll County Agriculture Center Shipley Arena

Assembly and Storage of Portable Banked Track:

The following assembly and storage information is based on the procedures established by Virginia Tech when assembling and storing the university's six (6) lane portable, banked track. The assembly and storage of the Carroll County Agricultural Center & Shipley Arena portable banked four (4) lane track will be similar. Actual assembly time and workforce allocations will be established once the track is in place and assembly/disassembly routine is experienced.

For Virginia Tech:

  1. Assembly requires the allocation of 14 technicians/staff
  2. For Oval assembly - 14 technicians/staff over four (4) days
  3. For Field assembly - 14 technicians/staff over four (4) days
  4. Two (2) forklifts with 60" forks are utilized
  5. Storage-Track components are stored in 4,000 sq ft. facility with 14' ceilings. The environment is not climate controlled. Storage is dry with no moisture/wet conditions. Storage for track must be a dry environment.

Project Notes

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