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For our alternate world.

Table of Contents

Introduction        3

World Continents        4

World Regions        5

Tectonic Plate Movements        6-7

Climate Map        8

Physical Topography/Elevation Map        9

Transportation Infrastructure        10

Linguistic Diffusion Map        11

Land Use Map        12

Population Density Map        13

Political Boundaries Map        14

Règle Information        15

-Reflections        16-23

- Agriculture Model       24

-Urban Model        25

-Featured Concept        26

Abeja Reina Information        27

-Reflections        28-36

-Agriculture Model        37

-Urban Model        38

-Featured Concept        39-41

Apparenza Information        42

-Reflections        43-51

-Agriculture Model        52

-Urban Model        53

-Featured Concept        54


World Continents

World Regions

Tectonic Plate Movement

Tectonic Plate Movement

Climate Map

Physical Topography/Elevation Map

Transportation Infrastructure

Linguistic Diffusion Map

Land Use Map

Population Density Map

Political Boundaries Map

Agriculture Model

Urban Model

Featured Concept

Text from the Video

La Cloche was created by Juliana, McKenzi, and Addie. We created it with dominance in mind. This video shows how our continent has developed. I have shown the first settlements, outposts, the formation of nations, boundaries, trade routes within the continent, and eventually trade to other continents. Règle is my continent, so at the end of this video, I have shown how other cities have formed, as well as other information on the continent. This process is used in almost all countries. Enjoy!

-Addie Mae Villas

Agriculture Model

Urban Model

Featured Concept

Agriculture Model

Urban Model

Featured Concept

Cities and Urban Land Use

Of Apparenza and Earth