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Digital Citizenship


Malaijdah Seay & Asia Harrison

Digital Life 101 


Blog: regualarly updated website ran by one person or a group in a conversational or informal way


 Flaming: argument between internet users


 P2P: peer to peer, interaction between computer systems connected by the internet


Phisphing: an attempt to obtain confidential information from internet users


Podcast: downloadable digital audio file available through the internet


Aggregator: a computer software or website of a specific type of informtion from many online sources



Dont give out passwords to people



Create passwords easy to remember 



Create mutiple passwords



Use fingerprint on phones






Respect others privacy


Follow same rules as you would in real life


Share your knowledge 


Forgive others


Don't plagiarize



Protect Yourself Online



Shop safely 



Use computer security services



Create strong passwords



Avoid scammers



Protect personal information

Digital Piracy




Videos,DVD's, Music & Softwares being illegally



Social Media



Use different passwords



Only acceot people you know



Be respectful to others



NO cyberbulling



Don't post illegal activities



Change privacy settings




  bullying a person using electronic communication




Keep parents involved



Keep passwords a secret



Use privacy settings 



Dont add strangers