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July 12, 2016

Today remembering our wedding!

The hymn that was sung that night.

"O perfect Love the Love that knows no ending

lowly we bow in prayer before Thy throne

that theirs may be a love that know no ending

that forevermore may be one."

May not be the exact words but as I recall.

The journey has been worth it.


July 13, 2016

Memory Lane: this week our 65th Anniversary. Did not shop, nor even choose my dress.

MY MOM said. I will make it. Her pattern her choice of material. her talent.

i wore it on our 50th Anniversary too. It cost her $25 and time and love.

More precious then a queen's dress.

she used to say "one day she would patch the angel's robes." A blessed

dressmaker. She could neither read or write but.............,!!


July 14, 2016

Memory Lane: 65 years ago...we spent the wedding night in Rochester Minnesota.

No hotel reservations, drove until we found a hotel with vacancy. It was called

Samaritan hotel. We had a room with twin beds and had to share the toilet in

the hallway.

when we got up to leave in the morning at check-out we were the only ones not

In bandages. Could not figure it out. Then on the receipt it said.


the way we we need that. Ha ha!

July 15, 2016

65 years ago : On way to hotel we had to change clothes. Dean had rented his shoes

and suit. I still had my wedding dress on. So while driving Dean managed to change

Quite easily. BUT I was wearing a long dress with a train. It was quite a trick getting

It off and dressed in regular clothes. Am sure it was as dangerous as texting and

driving LOL

By the way we returned the rented suit AND shoes. BUT Dean forgot to bring his.

So our first day of wedded bliss started out barefoot. No breakfast.,but we stopped

at the grocery store and bought our first watermelon. Can any of you top this?


July 16, 2016

65 years ago: Now we are headed back to Plainview.MN. To Dean's place, he worked

For a farmer and lived there. Remember he had to get his SHOES and mail. Then we

Went to my sister's house where i lived to open our wedding gifts. Some of these I

Still use. We also rec'd $40.00 in cash. (Which we no longer have)

Upon opening the mail , sad news. Dean was to report to Minneapolis Army base.

In 13 days. He was drafted into the army.....blink! Our plans changed.

i have heard this phrase " Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans", Right then

He must have been hysterical. So now we began married life. Tomorrow the rest of

the story..........


July 17, 2016

65 years ago: On day two Dean went to help the farmer make hay. He had been working

for him and knew he needed help. While he did that I packed our gifts . And stored them

at my sister's house. It would be 2 years or more before we could us them.

Since Dean was going to the army he thought he/ we should spend this time with

his parents. They had 4 boys and a girl living at home. A small house and crowded.

nearest town was New Auburn Wi. So we stayed with them on their farm. I can't

Recall where we slept. Dean said we slept on the floor. REALLY! It is rumored that

How you spend your honeymoon indicates how your life will be. Oh! NO!.

Not all too bad.....homemade bread, fresh every meal. Good home cooking too. Only

no indoor plumbing, all water had to be carried in AND out....i was beginning to

grow up fast. Basic training! More tomorrow.....


July 18, 2016

65 years ago : Days 3 and 4 lots of visiting. The 5 children were great. I grew up in

Chicago, Sister and brother much older than I a new experience. The meals amazed

me. Breakfast was a large platter of fried eggs. No special orders. All the same. No

complaints and quickly gone. Fresh bread, still warm so good.

my mother- in - law cooked and baked with a wood stove. Imagine making an

angel food cake from scratch. A hand egg beater, 12 egg whites (from the chickens

she raised) and successfully baking it in wood stove. No A/ C or even a fan. The floori

in front of this stove got so hot it would sizzle if water spilled on it. Every day I

began to love this women more. But......Dean Gunn, you are crazy if you think I

am going to do this. I am sure the vows i took skipped this part. Tomorrow

will be more fun......a wedding shower and a dance. Can't wait.. you?


July 19, 2016

65 years ago..: i have been waiting for this. Another wedding shower. Friends and family

celebrating with us. All homemade food. No paper plates, handmade gifts, wrapped with

love. There was one quite large box. Anxious to open it. It made a noise. What?

oh! My! It was a black and white Cocker Spaniel puppy. No card with it. No way to

return. This is a gift I could not pack away and store for two years.sooooo

my dear mother- in -law said they would care for her. Bless her.

then a night later there was a dance.

Some neighbor rolled up the rug. Everybody came. Big and small. My father-in-law

played the accordion, an uncle played a guitar, banjo, and violin ( not at the same time)

another played the jug. They danced till way late......10:00 pm. Bedtime..till tomorrow....


July 20, 2016

65 years ago. : We are still at my in- laws. There are no churches near here A preacher

comes by once in awhile and holds a service in the Town Hall. We went with them.

i was raised Lutheran, i think this was old time religion. WOW! No smoking, movies,

or make- up. Etc. Sin was preached, fire and brimstone. It was an experience!

Eventually the people got a Church Of Christ pastor, and they literally built a church

bldg. With their own hands.

Dean had not been baptised so my pastor told us he would not marry us until Dean

had instructions. Dean actually had to memorise parts of the Catechism. He did!!

one Sunday he was baptised and confirmed. I think I am his God mother too. He he!

tomorrow we will get back to our HONEYMOON........


July 21, 2016

65 years ago: 10 days ago we were married. The time is going by too fast. It has

been great visiting here. Love this family. BUT we have very little time to be alone.

We need to really talk too. What are we going to do. ? In 3 days Dean will be on a bus

on his way to Minneapolis. Grandma Randolph had us over for a meal as we sat

at the table she said, " This may be the last time we will all be together, The war

and all is separating families, " It was then it sunk in. Dean was going INTO THE ARMY.

I could not go with him. How could life change so fast.?

We went for a long walk and tried to make plans for our future......notice said TRY.!!

My in-laws were feeling sad too. Their oldest son going far away.........

tomorrow more.......


July 22, 2016

65 years ago: Well only in 2 days Dean will leave. He will get on a bus with other

young men going to a Minneapolis Army base. The next day I will be on a train

headed for Chicago. Back to be with my Mom. That's usually where a person goes

Back Home.

We are not sure what will happen. We cherish every minute we still have to-

gether. We know God does not let us see the future for a good reason.

I want to hug my Mother-in-law and let her know how much she means to me.

she is counting the hours too. Tomorrow is the last day.already..


July 23, 2016

65 years ago: We were married 13 days ago. Where has the time gone? Dean will be

Leaving in the morning. He has to be on a bus with other guys going to an army

base in Minneapolis. He will only have the clothes he will be wearing.

His Mom and Dad and I will ride to the bus station in Ladysmith WI.

This was not in the wedding plans . This trip won't cost us a penny... but it will

cost even more..not money but.........

It is hard to say goodbye or so long......or 'til we meet again! We will make the best

of it tho' ............until tomorrow............


July 24, 2016

65 years ago : Today is THE day. After finishing chores (cows milked by hand) we ate

our last breakfast together for some time. My in-laws, Dean and I drive to Ladysmith. WI

the bus was waiting, full of other young men. He did not know one of them. It was

a sad good-bye, as we watched the bus drive away.

life would change for all of them. Some had never been away from home or even

Worked hard. Dean had lived away from home for some time and did work hard

for others. He was used to taking orders...felt sorry for those who never had..........

Dean only had the clothes he wore. In a couple of hours he would start a new


I cried my heart out that night. My in-laws felt so sorry for me BUT they were sad

Too. Tomorrow I would be going to Chicago...HOME again, and wait..........


July 25, 2016

65 years ago : I am on a train headed for Chicago. I thought Dean was in Minneapolis.

that's where his bus was gong. He was there for three hours. But orders were changed.

At this very minute he was on his way to Fort Sheridan, Il. I did not know this yet.

Remember there were no cell phones.

I got to my Mom's flat okay. Her Landlord got a call for me. Dean was in Illinois

at that camp. My dear brother took me to see Dean there.

You could not just see someone. He needed a "pass" and we were restricted to

just sitting at a table to talk. Only for short time. It was good to see him. It was

bittersweet. He would only stay there 4 days.....just the beginning more tomorrow......


July 26, 2016

65 years ago: Dean is still at Fort Sheridan, Il.. My bro' and I plan on going to see him

on the weekend. BUT he was being sent to Ft. Leonardwood, MO. We did not know that.

Remember we had no phone. On the 4th day before leaving he sent me a telegram

asking if I could come see him. The telegram came hours later and he was gone.....

I think we both cried that night.

Basic training lasts 6 weeks. When done the men are sent to another country. The

time was going so fast I wanted to shout STOP.!! Forgetting God is in control.

My dear brother said he would take me to see Dean on Labor Day. More than a

month away.......but it seemed like forever.... Now the letters started!!!!!


July 27, 2016

65 years ago:: Dean's life has really changed. Different clothes, extremely short hair cut

the food, strict rules. Lots of drills, exercise, marching on long hikes. Now he slept in

tents and sometimes on the ground it was very cold in the mountains.

Basic training was really far removed from basic.

Altho' he was with hundreds of young men he said he was lonesome. At night lights out

early. One could hear some young men softly crying for their Moms. I imagine visa versa.

Dean rec'd $50.00 to spend (remember he only came with the clothes he wore)

First thing he bought was writing paper and envelopes. That was the beginning of the

many letters he wrote me. I have kept all of them. They have moved with us from

house to house They are in the Attic maybe one day we will sit down and read them


It is said " little things mean a lot". Not expensive, but priceless!!!


July 28, 2016

65 years ago: Dean’s life is routine for now. I can't even imagine it. I am with

my Mom. Her flat is not big. A front room and a kitchen. There are 2 small bed

rooms. In hers she has her sewing machine. It takes up half of it. Her income

is from her sewing. Her customers would be surprised that she turned out the

beautiful things she made came from that small room. Others were poor and

asked her to do the impossible at times.

Since that was her income ( too young for SS) I couldn't expect her to support

me too. I looked for a job close by, no car, public transportation only. I found

one a few blocks away.

Can you believe I was measuring firing pins for large guns.?? It was piece work.

Often military brass would walk thru for inspection. Very scary.

In less than one month of marriage my whole life changed. As I look back, I see

how God is/was in control. Really this was just the beginning.....

July 29, 2016

65 years ago : I write this on an old Kindle. Lost what wrote this morning. Try again.

like Dean, my whole life has changed. Back home to square one. I moved to Plainview,

Minnesota at age 13. Went to high school there. My sister had a farm and I loved the

country. Worked the last two years of school at the Plainview News office. Graduated

And could have gone to college. Dean could have pitched ball for the Cubs ( at

least that is what his mother used to tell me).

My Mom lived 3 or 4 city blocks from the grocery store, remember we had no car.

we carried our groceries in shopping bags. One time I made a mistake of buying a

watermelon. I did not repeat that again.

One nice thing was church was only about a half a block away. It felt so good to

go every Sunday. This church had 1300 members, a school that i attended for 10

years. ( i flunked kindergarten) really was too young to pass. At least that is my story

and am standing by it! !!!!!

Mom and I are adjusting to all the changes, besides I love all her German dishes

i was the life, while Dean ate C-rations. He may never get over that. Tomorrow...


July 30, 2016

65 years ago: it's about 8 days since Dean is in Missouri. Remember no cell phones,

i have no phone either. No communication. Waiting for a letter from him, i was anxious

for the mail to be delivered. THEN one day the mailman brought the first letter from

Dean. I read it over and over again. My mom asked me to read it to her too.

He was adjusting to army life, really no picnic. He said they kept him pretty busy,

He heard that his squad was to be sent to Spain soon. Had to finish basic training first.

Every day there was a letter from him. The mailman was afraid to come to our place

for fear of me overwhelming him. If I rec'd no letter I blamed him.

This began my love of writing letters. To this day I use about 100 stamps a month. My

Mailman says I am his job security.

We are planning on visiting Dean for Labor adventure for sure.............


July 31, 2016

Note: to anyone reading my blog. I am 83 years old. My memory is fuzzy and not 100%

accurate. Please do not quote me. Thank you. My memories. :0) ;:0)

65 years ago: Every day is routine except when the mailman comes. Then my day

really begins. Am planning to go see Dean on Labor Day weekend. My brother Charlie

will take me. He is 17 years older than i. He never married, watched over my Mom

and me too. Dean has tried to call , our landlord has a phone. Soldiers only get to

use the phone for 3 or 4 minutes after standing in line for a long time. Everyone

wants to call home. The landlord is grumpy, doesn't want to be bothered so...........

if only cell phones had been invented.

I am still working at the factory. Helps time pass quickly. We work on the second

floor. On the first floor they make refrigerators. Enamel is baked on them. It smells

very good. One gal said " it smells like Pizza Pie". I asked what kind of pie? You

are a dummy... PIZZA PIE. The first time i heard of it. But not the last

tomorrow i will get back to the trip we took on ROUTE 66 and the visit with Dean.......


Aug. 1, 2016

65 years ago : Next week is Labor day, I am so excited. My brother Charlie said he would

take me to Fort Leonardwood to see Dean. I need to get word to him to see if he can get

a pass. Everything so difficult. It would be a shame if we drove that far and he couldn't

get one. Remember we have no charge cards, no way to reserve a hotel room. Then

i started to be concerned. Would my brother and I have to sleep in his car??Would Dean

be able to leave the base. My excitement turned to so many If's.

Remember how I said "God is in control"....I forgot that.,................

Charlie said we were going regardless. Then I made plans to go.

No GPS, only maps and Charlie always took "survival food" along" so there would only

be stopping for gas. Soon we will be on our way. Excited again, couldn't sleep that night

could you?.......


Aug. 2, 2016

65 years ago : Looking forward to the Labor Day trip. Dean continues to be in

training. It gets pretty warm in Missouri and the hikes get harder time by time.

His company should go to Spain when finished, he has no clue why it is there.

But you will see God has other plans for him.

It is funny all these young men had to learn so much. One is thing is how to

make their bed. Two flat sheets and a pillow. The sheets have to be on so tight

you can bounce a quarter off them. When he comes home he will have to teach

me how to do that. He said he never realized how little he knew. Will have to thank

the army for all his experience.. perhaps I should have been drafted too.?

Tomorrow i will take you on a trip along with me..... hope you are ready............


Aug. 3, 2016

65 years ago: News bulletin! The year is 1951. Here are some of the prices ..of

necessities these are the average prices -----a house $9000.00, a car $1500.00,

gas. 20-27 cents a gallon, bread was 16 centss a loaf, postage stamp was. .03 .

Now don't get too excited -average wages were $3,510.00 a YEAR.

We know our hotel will cost about $5.00;a night. Soooooooo! We are on our

way to Ft Leonardwood, MO. The weather is very warm. ( remember there was

no air condition) A very long drive seemed like the car barely was moving. We

arrived okay. The army camp was very BIG. All the soldiers looked alike. We asked

at the info desk to see Dean. Remember how God is in control! !!!! We are informed

Dean had guard duty. :0( sniff, sniff! We will wait until adventure

continues. Are you still More tomorrow.


Aug. 4, 2016

65 years ago : Sadly we left the base. Dean would not be able to join us until

later tomorrow. Now we had to find a hotel. Remember this was a holiday and

No vacancy signs lit up everywhere. My brother and i found a compassionate

Manager of one hotel tho'. He had no empty rooms but said we could use his

room. He thought we were husband and wife. Charlie said we prefer to sleep

In separate beds. So the kind manager set up a cot for my brother that was a

close call. Now after a good.nights sleep we had to find a way to spend the next

day waiting to see Dean. We did some sight seeing between meals. He rented a

paddle boat (that was an experience) powered by us. That was work. The time went

by very slowly. I was beginning to wonder what else could go wrong. Missouri is a

Beautiful state so.we drove around taking the scenery in. I have never been this

far from home before feeling lonesome for the familiar things. Now i was experiencing

What Dean must have felt leaving home.. Soon the time passed and we are back at the

base. There I saw Dean tall, in uniform, short haircut but still handsome. Can't express

how happy i was. We started our visit leaving the base, two of Dean, s buddies came

with us. All five of us left the base and to enjoy the next day finally together. More



Aug. 5, 2016

65 years ago : Today is a good one. Dean and I are together finally. The weather

is very warm and the car has no A/C. But we manage. We are headed to Anonagaga

Cave. Amazing! There is a 5 mile Meramac river running thru it very nice reminds me of

Tom Sawyer and his adventure. This cave is located 5 miles from Leasburg, MO.

Desn's buddies still with us . My brother is treating them with meals and a hotel

room also surprising them with his generosity. There are vineyards along the way we

stop for a small basket of Concord will be our lunch. Delicious! Can almost

taste them right now.

We are looking for a hotel, still holiday weekend, we have to take what we find. I do not

remember what city we are in, finding one called Mc Arthur Hotel. General McArthur

never would have stayed there. Run down, the blanket had holes in it but we didn't

care we were together, that is all that mattered.

Needless to say, i don't have to tell you, we didn't sleep very much. :0) The night seemed

To go too fast. Early morning we were headed back to base. Things will really change

for Dean little did we know.........more tomorrow...


Aug. 6, 2016

65 years ago : Sadly we arrive at Ft. Leonardwood, and Dean and his two buddies

have to go back to their training. Do not know when we will see each other again.

Dean's birthday is Sept. 30 th. He will be 21. There will be no party this time.

He is almost thru infantry training, now it will be engineer bridge building. There

are still morning exercises, early morning hikes plus duties besides.

This month things happen that will separate him from his company, they will

soon leave for Spain. He will not go with them. We are wondering if this is good

news? There is a reason he could not go. Tell you later.

With a heavy heart, my dear brother and I leave Missouri and go back to Chicago.

My mom is pleased we made it, anxious to hear details.

I go back to my job and wait for the mailman and letters from Dean. It is our

only form of communication. We have no clue of what is going to happen..........



Aug. 7, 2016

65 years ago : it is Sunday morning! My mom is a dressmaker and on Saturday night

she closes her sewing machine puts it away. She does not cook on Sundays so she sends

me to a nearby bakery to get some sweet rolls. We have one for breakfast before going

to church. At lunch we have a sandwich. There is no television but on the radio the

mayor of New York (Mayor LaGuardia) reads the Sunday funnies out loud. Believe

it or not it was entertaining. Later in the afternoon we go for a walk and go window

shopping (all stores are closed) . We come home for supper (that's what we call it)

We have a dish of peaches and one of those sweet rolls.)

It is a slow day, there is no mail and nothing from Dean. I am missing him a lot. If

he could call at least i could hear his voice. Depending on pay phones not easy..

i write to him anyway. Go to bed early looking forward to the mail on Monday.

Now days it seems like i am always waiting......and praying. Tomorrow has to

be better sweet dreams,......................


Aug. 8, 2016

65 years ago: oh! Boy! I see the mailman at the end of Pierce Ave. Seems he is barely

walking. Takes forever to reach our building. I get there before he does. He says, " are

you expecting a letter?" He is no comedian. There is a letter and i rush inside so I

can read it privately. Can't explain how much a letter means from someone you love.

Good news, when he gets a weekend pass, he may hitch a ride to Chicago soon. It gives

me something to look forward too.

Maybe there should be a parade with a marching band and lots ..of balloons?? But on

second thought, i'd rather see him alone he will only be here a few hours. But......

i came back to reality and went to work, my mind was miles away somewhere at

an army camp in Missouri. Waiting............


Aug. 9, 2016

65 years ago: While waiting for the mailman, I will focus one my mom today. She had an

interesting life but a hard one. My daughter Lori and her husband was kind enough to get

the Manifest from Ellis Island, New York. The ship was the Rotterdam and the date was

June 13, 1914. It was a 9 day trip, she was 18 years old left her family coming to the

new world alone. She.never spoke of this tho', but it must have been very hard. There

is lots of info on the manifest. Her height was 4 ft 11 inches tall, ethnicity was Russia/

German. She had $13.00. She was going to stay with an older brother in Chicago. I think

she had to have a place to stay and promise of employment before entering the USA.

She was a dressmaker by trade. She met her first husband who was a tailor they had

much in common. She had 2 living children. One of which was NOT me.

She and first husband divorced. Later she.married my father. She had 2 daughters.

The youngest was ME.When my sister was 5 she got the measles pneumonia. While

waiting for the doctor she died in my Mother's arms. The funeral held in.our front

room. My mother bathed her and dressed her for it. I was 9;months old. My mom

Was a real God fearing woman i love her and admire her to this very day...tomorrow


Aug. 10, 2016

65 years ago: Time passes and the mailman delivers a few more letters from Dean.

i go to work every day. I really have no friends because i lived in Minnesota for 5

years, went to Plainview High School, everyone that I knew here has moved on. I

only see my mom's friends and customers. The gals i work with are older---except

one. We got along well and struck up a friendship. One day at work, a man in military

Uniform came and took her away. We found out she was only 14 years old. One had

to be 16 to get a social security card back then, and she had used her older sister's

card. ( now i think you get one the minute you take your first breath) .

So i lost my only young friend.

i usually receive a letter a day. But they stopped.!! No way to check this out. Still

waited patiently (not!). Finally there was one. Dean wrote "Don't get excited, but

i am in the hospital, with " double pneumonia". Good news, i am not going to Spain"

More tomorrow.........


Aug. 11, 2016

65 years ago: Remember God Is In Control. Right now Dean would have been on his way

to Spain with his company. He is not. He is in the army base hospital and pretty ill. He gets

penicillin shots daily plus other meds. I cannot go there or see him no other family

can visit. There is no TV to pass the days in bed. I tried to call from a payphone...almost

impossible, by the time i was connected i ran out of change. Remember there were no

charge cards. Dean still writes and i do too. The mailman is almost like family, in fact

i have seen him more then Dean. Dean will be in the hospital for three weeks. We hope

he can get a pass to come see me when he is well. I continue to keep hoping and

waiting...........At least he is still state side.......more tomorrow...........


Aug. 12, 2016

65 years s ago : i am in hospital room with 3 other gals. They have

had their babies already. As soon as i was admitted and prepped I

was given some medication to "force labor". I am glad the others

were with me. I admit it is lonely and scary. In a very short time

i begin to have very hard "labor". Unbearable. A roommate calls

a nurse and they come and rush me to the delivery room.. i am

given something to "knock" me out. What seemed like a very short

time,, i wake up and show me my first born son blood was trickling

down his forehead and crying hard. While i was "out" they turned

him and delivered him using forceps, that's why he was bleeding.

It now is December 14, 1951, i just gave birth to Dean Allen Gunn,

He weighs 7 lbs 1 oz. A fine healthy baby God has blessed us so

much. Bless her heart my dear mother came to see me. I just had

to cry ( children always cry so their mom's feel sorry for them) but

these were tears of joy.......tomorrow Dean will be here can't wait!!!!!


Aug. 13, 2016

65 years ago: Dean is finally well enough to leave the hospital. Somehow he got word to

me that he would be getting a weekend pass. Now he had to find a ride to Chicago .

He did hear that the platoon sgt.would be going there. So Dean and 4 other guys would

get a ride. He charged them $30 each (which was a lot of money then)

Stopping for gas they switched drivers. This Sgt. made many families very

happy. The weekend went by very fast and it was time to leave again. Even

my mom cried as we saw the car disappear down Pierce Ave. Almost seemed

like a dream, would not hear if they got back safely until Dean 's next letter.

Again I was waiting, but was so happy to see Dean, changes for him coming



Aug. 14, 2016

65 years ago : Dean made it back to base safely. Letters still come daily. He

is still state side. Studying how to build bridges. Most of the draftees that

were drafted with him are other countries. God has a different plan

for him right now. Chicago weather is turning colder my work had a layoff.

so I am unemployed right now. Haven't been feeling 100% and find out I am

expecting our first child. This is quite an experience what you will read about

in future posts. This is quite a year for us you may not believe the way things

were back fact as I recall it I can barely believe it myself. Tomorrow

join me on this new adventure............



Aug. 15, 2016

65 years ago : Sometime has passed, and i need to see a doctor. Because I

do not have one i must go to the maternity center. Remember we have no

car, so i must use the streetcar. I went alone, feeling afraid not knowing

what this is like. There were a lot of young married girls there somewhere

Army wives too. We had to form a line and give info to the nurses. It felt

like an assembly line in a way. We were told our babies would be delivered

at home, a doctor and nurse would come to do this. We were to prepare

some things for this. This was mind boggling. Also i was certain, if I got

Thru this I would never have another child.!!!!!( ha ha) The ride home seemed

endless. Shared this news with my mom, she was not surprised BUT i was.!!!!!

I must sit down and write all this to Dean. If you want to make God laugh, tell

Him your plans..............


Aug. 16, 2016

65 years : Sometimes I want to question God and Say "What are You thinking?"

I have been told my first child will be born at home...Really? I have written

Dean and i can almost hear him say REALLY?

I know he won't be here for that. My mom and i have to make some things

for the delivery. We have lot of time.. Dean writes that he may fly here in three

Weeks or so to visit again. Gives us something to look forward too.

He may try out for leadership training! A boast for him if he can. All the men

who were drafted with him are long gone overseas. God has a plan for!

He does not let us see the future.....because we may try to change it.!!!!!!!


Aug. 17, 2016

65 years ago: i went back for a checkup at the maternity center. More info

and the streetcar ride there takes longer than the exam. I am getting more

nervous about this. In the movies the mom and baby get royal treatment

in a nice hospital. But then it dawns on me this is not a movie.

There such thing as disposable diapers, so mom and i go to the store

and buy 12 yards of white flannel and make 12 diapers. (You know that is

not enough). We start buying other things. We do not know if we are having

a boy or girl so the colors a neutral.

Dean is flying here this weekend can hardly wait lots to share with him.

The baby is due New Year's Day......hope he can still be stateside for this

Waiting ...........


Aug. 18, 2016

65 years ago : Dean will be flying to Chicago today. He will be on a small

plane that holds about 20 passengers. He will land at Midway Airport and

needs a ride to my mom's flat. My dear brother will pick him up, it takes

longer from Midway then the flight took from the base. BUT it is worth it.

No special plans just a little hugging and talking about our future (so far

Of which we have not had control over) . His visit is short and he has to

catch the plane for the return flight another ride to Midway. Seems his

whole "leave" he was traveling. He is well, I am well too. We have much

to be thankful for...........,


Aug. 19, 2016

65 years ago : The weeks go by and my baby is growing bigger,

so am I. It is December, the days grow shorter. I go to the maternity

center every week. My mom comes with me now. We are told we

must have things ready for the delivery as the doctor and nurse only

bring what is needed for the delivery. We make some of what is needed

but must purchase other items. My Mom has no running hot water it

must be heated on the stove. The toilet is in the hallway, and shared

with the landlord. There is no sink or bathtub in there either. I just

can't imagine having my baby born at home..I now am sure i will

never have another baby. This is just the beginning.........


Aug. 20, 2016

65 years ago : It is the second week of December soon. Another

Appointment at the center. My mom and I ride the streetcar to

it. This time my check-up is not so good. They say the baby is

"breech" and my blood pressure way too high. I was told I must

go to Wesley Memorial Hospital for forced labor. Guess what?

No home delivery!!!!

Mom and I go home to get the essentials for the hospital stay.

We have to take the streetcar to the hospital. While riding in

It another passenger asks " Aren't you afraid to travel while so

PG?? My mom said i was going to the hospital to have the baby!!

The passenger said " My goodness, how close are your pains??"

I had none. She gave us her phone # asked us to let her know

How this turned out!! Tomorrow i will let you know too......


Aug. 21, 2016

65 years ago : We arrive at Wesley Memorial Hospital, it stands tall 9

stories high. I have never been here before. What a contrast from my

Mom's flat. Walking into the large entrance way is quite an experience.

i have to register at the desk and soon someone comes with a wheel

chair. My Mom is told she can't come with me as i am being taken

to a ward on an upper floor . She was feeling sad and worried.. She

went home to try to reach Dean and my brother to let them know.

The ward (room) has 3 other women in there and a bed for me ( no

private room or telephone) . I will never forget how i was feeling this

was to be a home delivery........but remembering "to make God laugh

tell Him your plans"......Dean Where Are you????? Right now you are

clueless. It is December 13th 1951. !!!!!!!

Aug. 22, 2016

65 years s ago : i am in hospital room with 3 other gals. They have

had their babies already. As soon as i was admitted and prepped I

was given some medication to "force labor". I am glad the others

were with me. I admit it is lonely and scary. In a very short time

i begin to have very hard "labor". Unbearable. A roommate calls

a nurse and they come and rush me to the delivery room.. i am

given something to "knock" me out. What seemed like a very short

time,, i wake up and show me my first born son blood was trickling

down his forehead and crying hard. While i was "out" they turned

him and delivered him using forceps, that's why he was bleeding.

It now is December 14, 1951, i just gave birth to Dean Allen Gunn,

He weighs 7 lbs 1 oz. A fine healthy baby God has blessed us so

much. Bless her heart my dear mother came to see me. I just had

to cry ( children always cry so their mom's feel sorry for them) but

these were tears of joy.......tomorrow Dean will be here can't wait!!!!!

Aug. 24, 2016

65 years ago : Dean is back at the Army base. Our weather is changing

fast getting colder and snow is coming. Remember Chicago is called

"The Windy City!" not snow friendly either. My baby is two days old

and doing too. Mothers and babies used to stay in the hospital

for 5 days, but because the maternity ward was crowded, i was told I

could go home. AGAIN my dear brother came to give us a ride. It was

snowing very hard and most public transportation is closed down. What

traffic is out there, almost at a standstill. It took us twice as long to get

to my Mom's ....But we made it safe and sound.

Dean is trying to get a "leave" but they refused him. He will have time

off for Christmas tho'. Finally it will be relaxing not a rushed visit.

My next letter from him had bad news in it. He dropped out of his

leadership training so he was informed he'd be going to Korea soon.

We had forgotten there was a war. ( police action they called it). We

just decided to live one day at a time. What will 1952 bring?? It is

good we do not know the future or we would have no happiness.

More tomorrow.......


Aug. 25, 2016

65 years ago : I am at My Mom's flat. It is very small. Now we have

added another being to this space. Some babies come home to a

very well organized nursery, but my baby has a large wicker basket

with homemade sheets and blankets. It is positioned on a trunk that

has seen much use. I feel very blessed that all is well. Visiting nurses

come twice a week and that is a very nice thing. With the extreme

weather they have had to walk their route, transportation closed down.

Dean is lucky he made it back to the army base in time.

We do not have a lot but i have learned my baby doesn't even know it.

He is warm, well fed, comfortable and loved about all he really needs.

Now am waiting for his Daddy to come see him and finally get to hold

him in his arms for the first time...this will be a very special Christmas.

Then we also will make plans.......again.

Aug. 26, 2016

65 years ago : The weather is impossible this 3rd week in December.

Most of Ft. Leonardwood will have Christmas off base. Dean is planning

to come see his little boy and hold him for the first time. I promised

he will be the first one to do that. I do not recall how he came this time

in the meantime, his younger brother Don was in the navy and stationed

at Navy Pier. That is not too far from Mom's, flat. He had a pass and he

came to see us. Dean is on his way here not knowing Don is here.soooooooo

Dean makes it here and surprises us. As he walked in thru the door, was

surprised instead, there sat his younger brother holding his baby boy. He

was not the first one like I promised. Can't explain Dean's feelings right then.

it may not have been Brotherly Love.

Remember the saying " All's fair in love and war!". .......ha ha tomorrow........


Aug. 27, 2016

65 years ago : Dean has finally held his first born son. We are very

happy and ready to enjoy Christmas. His brother has gone back to

Navy Pier and won't see him for sometime. The weather still not

very nice. Snow in a big city is hard. Mom's flat is a two story building,

just enough room to walk between buildings, called a gangway. Of

course the snow has blocked passage, Dean said he would shovel

it clear for Mom. When you shovel there is no place to put the snow

so it must be carried to the back yard......the snow is heavy and.wet.

Dean finished clearing the gangway......but he became ill. Sort of a

relapse from that pneumonia he had 2 months ago. High fever and

not well. Mom would not let him hold the baby. and did some old

fashioned remedy on her son- in- law. He gradually got better. The

days slipping away and almost time to leave again............


Aug. 28, 2016

65 years ago : Dean is much better but we did not make it to

church on Christmas. You must remember we have to walk to

church, the weather not suitable,. Mom had the radio on for a

Lutheran service tho'. Our Christmas was sparse, but we were

together. Mom made the traditional meal, pumpkin pie too.

As I held my newborn son I thought of Mary whose baby was

born in a stable......i was blessed to have it as nice as i did.

The days flew by so fast and it was suddenly New's Eve. Dean

would have to back to Ft. Leonardwood. Mom "sat" our son so

Dean and I could go to church. Dean would be getting his orders

of when he'd go to Korea so this meant a lot to be together this

New Year's Day, January 1, 1952.....


Aug. 29, 2016

65 years ago : It is very cold and windy and sad. Dean is getting

ready to leave again. He will be headed for Korea. It is January

1952. Our son is barely 2 weeks old and his Daddy will be gone

until July 1953. Of course my brother, mother and i will be spoiling

him during this time.

Dean will go back to Ft. Leonardwood until he gets definite orders.

He will have a "departure leave" in February so he will visit his parents

and it will be our last time together until mid-1953. His trip to Korea

will take maybe 2 months or so. But it is faster than swimming the

Ocean tho'... ha! ha! Of course my heart will be going with him. May

God continue to watch over him........and us.......


Aug. 30, 2016

65 years ago : Dean is on his way back to Ft.Leonardwood. I go on

as Mommy. The letters start arriving soon after he gets there. Not

Sure if he is receiving mine. The weather is getting a little better. The

Visiting Nurses come every week they make sure the baby is getting

enough nourishment. When he had his first check-up at the center

they were pleased with his progress. Not all the babies did that well.

Dean has his orders, he is going to leave the base in February. He will

have a "departure leave" then. We go to Plainview, Mn to seen my sister

and her family. We had our son baptized, the minister came to the house

for this. My sister and her husband Earl were the godparents.

We had to leave and go visit Dean's parents. His brother Darrell came

to get us. They lived on a farm in New Auburn, Wisc. This would be the

last time they would see him until July 1953. The time is going by much

too fast.........

Aug. 31, 2016

65 years ago : As we leave my sister's house in Plainview, MN

we have a ride with Dean's brother, Darrell. Mom and Dad are

waiting to see Dean it has been awhile since they have seen.

him, and also to meet their first grandchild too. Seems time went

by too fast but it was a good visit. Soon the 2 week "leave ends"

and we go back to Plainview where Dean will drop our son and

me off. !! After a very difficult "farewell" Dean gets a ride to Eau

Claire WI. He will board a train there and go to Seattle, WA. A lon g e

ride with many other soldiers. He will spend 3 days there, then

get on a large ship headed to Japan. A two week trip.

Meanwhile back on my sister's farm i have to plan my return trip

back to Chicago and wait for letters from Dean start again. I have

mixed emotions right now. This is not I pictured



P.S. I am writing this on a kindle. Also have lost some sight in my

left eye. Please excuse my mistakes thank you.

Sept. 1, 2016

65 years ago : Dean is in Seattle, Washington. He goes to Puget

Sounds where he now is on U.S.Naval Ship Fredrick Funston with

5,000 others. The ship also has civilians, soldiers, beer, and cars

and some wounded on it . It will take about 2 weeks to get to

Japan crossing the Meridian on April 3rd, 1952. He gets a certificate

signed by the one and only Davy Jones. :0) :0)

Meanwhile I am in Winona, Minnesota boarding a train with my son

Dean Allan, heading back to Chicago. The train is full of young soldiers

reminding me that there is still a war and they too, will be going overseas.

Times are so uncertain, i wonder what will happen next.

I won't be getting letters for awhile..what happens next is unplanned

remembering God is STILL in control.........i am missing Dean....AGAIN!!!......


Sept. 2, 2016

65 years ago : Dean is on his way to Japan. I am back in

Union Station Chicago with our son Dean Allan. We ride

a streetcar to Mom' s flat. I remember I forgot the diaper

bag at the station, the cloth diapers inside are a big necessity

so Mom watches the baby and I go back to retrieve it the

day after returning to Chicago. On a street car AGAIN and i

have the bag. Across the street from Union Station is the

Florsheim Shoe Company, there is a big Help Wanted sign

in the window. I go inside and apply for an office position.

Guess what?? They hire me. Opps! Forgetting I have a 4 month

old baby to care for that i also am nursing ......Dean may think

he is having an adventure but...........


Sept. 3, 2016

65 years ago : Back in Chicago, back to my Mom's flat my baby is

happy to see his grandma again. We have been gone about 3 weeks

i have acquired a new job, my Mom says she could and would baby-

sit for me. It is a lot for me to expect as she also has to sew at

home. But like most Mom's she does almost anything for me.

I won't hear anything from Dean or about him until he gets to

Korea. I keep writing to him but have no clue if will receive my


i start my new job, it is mostly typing numbers and symbols for

the payroll dept. Florsheim's is a very large company. 300 girls are

Working in the office also, 1000 others work in the factory above

the office making the shoes. Several girls applied that day i did. My

boss asked me if I knew why he hired me. I said no. He said "you

were the only applicant that was not chewing gum."....What a let down

i thought it was my qualifications!!!!!!! Old saying " little things mean

A lot.".........


Sept. 4, 2016

65 years ago : it is Sunday morning and getting ready for

Church. We used to dress in our best clothes, nylons, heels,

a light touch of make- up. Sounds easy...but there were no

panty hose. the nylons ( or silk stockings) had a seam down

the back. If you didn't get them straight it appeared you were

bowlegged. You can stop laughing now! !

It dawns on me I will have to dress like this EVERY morning

Because i work in an office. What was I thinking?

Mom, my son Dean and I finally ready for church. My bro

joins us too. Remember my mother does not work on Sunday

so we just have a sandwich for lunch.

Wonder how Dean is maybe on the last part of his stay in Japan.

Hoping for a phone call.or a message. In Church i pray for the

unusual things, his safety, my patience, etc. Etc. Etc. Plus let

me have straight line in the back of my stockings.......


Sept. 5, 2016

65 years ago : i love my job! But i hate leaving my son.

It is a long day because i have to go downtown, it

seems the streetcar cannot go fast enough to get me

back to my mom's place and my baby.

My dear brother has a surprise for me.... he bought

Mom a TELEVISION SET.!!! It is a huge table model, and

i mean HUGE. Mom's flat is getting more crowded now.

i would have been happier if it was a telephone tho'.

There isn't many programs on tv yet and it signs off at

midnight with the national anthem. The shows are very

descent a few cartoons, if there is big news stories all

stations ( 3 ) cancelled their programs and zero in on it.

This TV is a far cry from what we have now. So many

choices now.

The mailman just came he left a letter from DEAN. i almost

did cartwheels running to get it.....Dean IS in Korea now...

What a day! Takes my breath away. Thank you Lord....

Sept. 6, 2016

65 years ago : Each day i come home to my little boy.

He is changing so much wish his Daddy could be here.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is of a woman

named Hannah. She was not able to have a child, she

prayed every day to have a son. She promised God she

would give him to the Lord for all the days of his life if

she was given a son. This is a story of Samuel. I too had

wished this for my first born. Of course he's not Samuel

but he did become a Lutheran pastor.

Being a mother is a big responsibility, every baby needs

a father. Am hoping I am not failing at this. I think this

is when i really learned to pray. The beginning of many

and still do. Dean win that war and hurry home. I need



Sept. 7, 2016

65 years ago : I enjoy my job, time goes by faster while

waiting for Dean to come home. Florsheim's has something

I have never heard of before, or even could imagine. It is

called Air Conditioning. The only such thing i have ever used

is an open window with a screen. It is very comfortable I

must say.

i receive letters from Dean every day, and of course i write

back to him. Korea is a rough country and the roads Dean

must drive are full of ruts and not easy on the big truck he

drives. He has guard duty once in awhile but otherwise he

drives for food supplies daily. Seol is about 20 miles away, in

the distance he can hear the noises of the war going on and

sees the wounded brought into camp for care. He is blessed

not to have to be in the front lines tho'.

Harry Truman is the President and Dwight D Eisenhower is running

against him in the election......maybe the war will end. Until then

we still are waiting.................


Sept. 8, 2016

65 years ago : My letters from Dean have been coming

everyday, it is good to hear from him often even tho'

it is old news. He does not have Royal treatment, but has

what he needs. He has assigned most of his pay to me and

has very little left for himself. Enough for cigarettes and

a candy bar every now and then. He will be going to R&R

to Japan for a few days and needs some money. I send him

a $100.00 money order, hoping he gets it in time.

Entertainment for him and his squad is a movie, shown in

a tent but sometimes the generator stops before the movie

ends. Also there may not be electricity in his tent for days.

His tent is heated with fuel oil about enough for 3 hours

And it does get coold in Korea. He never told me this until

Just recently. He truly is a good man. And I miss him very



Sept. 9, 2016

65 years ago : This morning I am comparing the task of laundry.

My mom's flat shares the very small back yard and an attic.

We wash many items by hand and in a wringer wash machine.

2 other families take a turn at the clothes lines. Almost every-

thing must be ironed too. When we use the attic it takes a couple

of days for the clothes to dry.

Dean is in Korea where his laundry is done by Korean women.

they have no machine or running water. They go down to the

river place the clothing on a large rock and pound the dirty

clothes with a smaller rock. They hang the clothes or lay them

on grass to dry. Somehow the clothes get very clean and then

straightened. Even tho' they do many soldier's clothes, they do

not lose anything nor mix them up.

i sincerely hope Dean does not expect me to do laundry like

that when he comes home (soon) waiting..........


Sept. 10, 2016

65 years ago : My job keeps me busy. The time is going fast

and my little boy is growing and learning. He keeps my Mom

on her toes too. At 8 months he started to walk, little shaky

but explores unchartered corners of the small apartment.

He has no other children in the neighborhood to play with.

Totally with adults and he also says big words too.

Lincoln Park is about 10 blocks away and we have gone

there, difficult to take a stroller on streetcar so we walk. I

wish he was big enough to give me a ride. He enjoys the park

as there is a zoo there plus it is free. We both enjoy being in

the fresh air.

Dean is in the fresh air all the time, wish i could share this day

with him. Our son will be a complete stranger to him a snapshot

doesn't quite do it.

This is not quite what i thought marriage and motherhood would

be like. Tomorrow we take a trip..........


Sept. 11, 2016

65 years ago : My dear one and only brother has a vacation

and he said he would be going fishing. He planned to go to

northern Wisconsin and said Deanie and I could go along and

see Dean's folks. Of course I accepted. They have not seen their

first grandson since he was 2 months old.He has changed a lot.

They live on a farm and my father-in- law has cows. 16 to be exact.

He milks them every morning and hand. The milk

is kept cool with running water and is picked up everyday and

taken to the creamery. My mother-in-law has Banty hens (spelling?)

they are quite small, red in color, and cute.Their eggs are small and

brown AND delicious.

This is Deanie's second long trip and it will be fun for him, with other

farm animals. Also seeing his young uncles and aunts. In fact he has

an Aunt that is 4 months YOUNGER than him. I, too,, will like being out

of the big city...........


Sept. 12, 2016

65 years ago : On our return trip my brother, son and I

stop in Plainview Mn. To see my sister and her family

we listen to the car radio and hear news about Korea.

About the only way we keep up to date. It sounds bad

and it has put a cloud over our trip. I imagine the worse

( i think women usually do) .Taking care of my little boy

does help bring me back to reality. There are some things

we have no control over and must put them in God's hands.

it is about a 7 hour trip and we are glad to be back. Some-

how the city seems even bigger......down deep inside i am

still a horse- loving country girl.

isn't it amazing what a gal will give up for love.........?


Sept. 13, 2016

65 years ago : We are back in Chicago again. Back to work

and routine. My brother has another surprise for my Mom.

He has a refrigerator delivered to Mom's flat. You could have

knocked her over with a feather. Never in her wildest dreams

did she expect that. It does take up more room then the ice

box....but more convenient. It even had a small freezer now she

can have ice cubes!!! She starts to be concerned because this

takes electricity, first the TV now this.

She gets paid for sewing but not a regular paycheck. Of course

i pay most of her bills, but she knows we will move away once

Dean comes home.

Times were not easy i guess the phrase "penny pinching" was the

norm. A good side to all this is we appreciated every little thing we

threw very little away. Comes right down to it let us say we were



Sept. 14, 2016

65 years ago : I receive a letter almost everyday.I

write everyday too. Even my mom can hardly wait

for me to read Dean's letters of course she waits all

day to share this time with me. As growing up in

Germany she never learned to write or read cursive.

But she could read printed word...her Bible and the

the newspaper. I would write her letters for her too.

Today was more exciting, there was a package for

me from Dean. It took all her willpower not to open

it before I got home.

Dean had been to Japan for R&R and had a chance

to do some shopping. He sent Deanie a jacket, and

matching one for me... AND a pair of SILK PJ' for me...

need I say this said he was thinking of us. Warms the

heart wish i could call him and thank him but...........


Sept. 15, 2016

65 years ago : i want to send Dean something from me...

so I make his favorite cookies, peanut butter. It has to

be packaged by Post Office rules. Carefully and lovingly

secure, wrapped over and over again. The Post Office is

about 3 blocks away. I am glad this package is not heavy.

It is very crowded and i have to stand in line for some time

thinking these cookies will be stale before they are even

sent to him.

Finally the package is weighed and it cost about $3.00 to

send having no clue how long it will take before Dean gets

them. Perhaps i should have eaten them myself, and just

told him i thought of him as i did.

My brother had a bright idea, he packaged a bottle of

Brandy and sent it. Do not have to tell you, it did not make

it. It is the thought that counts.............


Sept. 16, 2016

65 years ago : i am still working at Florsheim's. It is a big

company and they make custom made shoes. A movie star

comes in to be fitted and other important customers too. We

see (at a distance) celebrities come and go.

This company is a good place to work, and treat the help well.

The holidays are coming soon. They are planning BIG party at

the Aragon Ballroom , about 5 miles from downtown. It is 1953

about 300 office workers AND i am invited. :0) exciting!!

I have nothing formal to wear, so my Mom and I window shop

and see THE DRESS. She said she could make one for me.

Aqua taffeta with black trim, i began to feel like Cinderella.

Mom is amazing, it fit perfectly. One sad thing i had no one

to go with me. Wish Dean was here....Three other girls and I

went together. Had to ride the streetcar, and did we get the stares.

A night to remember, i think Benny Goodman's orchestra played.

"I COULD HAVE DANCED ALL NIGHT"..but Dean was not here......


Sept. 17, 2016

65 years ago : Korean war ( police action) is on the front page

today. Wonder how it is by Dean. He is not on the front lines

that is a relief. He drives a large truck, and daily goes for food supplies

Because he works with the cooks he doesn't have to get up with

the other soldier for exercise either. He is always welcomed by

the men because he brings bananas, ice cream and other good


Needless to say mail call is highlight of the day. When there is

no mail for someone it is very sad. There also is a radio station

that takes requests from home to the camp.The happiness one

little request for a soldier from home is outstanding. Just hearing

the name of a loved one asking to play a favorite song for him.

little things mean a lot...

Counting the weeks until Dean returns. Deanie will meet a stranger

they will have to get to know each other.....perhaps Dean and I

will have to also........


Sept. 18, 2016

65 years ago : Korea is not a safe place. Altho' Dean has

safe job there is fighting all around him. Can hardly wait

until he can come home.

This is one of the prayers I pray quite often :










HE WANTS ME TO BE......AMEN............


Sept. 19, 2016

65 years ago : Still working at Florsheims, but there is a

big change coming. The International Shoe company has

bought it. The name remains the same and there will be

some lay offs. Many are concerned it was a relief to hear

only the bosses are affected. There are a lot of changes

coming. The foreign competition is threatening tho'. It is

very good to be working for a company that makes quality

products made in the USA.

I bring home $40.00 a week, which is considered good pay.

I pay Mom most I am able to save all of the allotment

i receive from Dean. During this short marriage i have learned

a lot. One is the world does not owe me a living. I am thinking

what has Dean learned, and really this is only the beginning.......


Sept. 20, 2016

65 years ago : This is a day i well remember. It has been a

year of an election campaigning. Most of it in the newspapers

and on the radio. Just an ad on tv is very rare. A new president

has been elected, our 34th. He was a 5 star general, and our

hope is something can be done about Korea. His name is

Dwight D. Eisenhower. What is so exciting he is here in Chicago

and will drive by Florsheims this afternoon. We can barely

wait. He will be riding in an open convertible a stone's throw

from our office. All 300 of us will not he working, we will be

on the sidewalk out front watching him wave to US.

As he passed by he was facing the other way, so i got to see the

back of the head of our 34th president plus he didn't see me.

But this President did stop the Korean conflict hy signing a truce

later on.

I was the happiest gal in the state of Illinois wishing i could call

Dean and share this. What an experience. Thank you Lord.

.Now we can plan our future. #1 on my list is going to have a

Telephone for sure...........Come home soon Dean...........


July 14, 2016

Memory Lane: 65 years ago...we spent the wedding night in Rochester Minnesota.

No hotel reservations, drove until we found a hotel with vacancy. It was called

Samaritan hotel. We had a room with twin beds and had to share the toilet in

the hallway.

when we got up to leave in the morning at check-out we were the only ones not

In bandages. Could not figure it out. Then on the receipt it said.


the way we we need that. Ha ha!

July 15, 2016

65 years ago : On way to hotel we had to change clothes. Dean had rented his shoes

and suit. I still had my wedding dress on. So while driving Dean managed to change

Quite easily. BUT I was wearing a long dress with a train. It was quite a trick getting

It off and dressed in regular clothes. Am sure it was as dangerous as texting and

driving LOL

By the way we returned the rented suit AND shoes. BUT Dean forgot to bring his.

So our first day of wedded bliss started out barefoot. No breakfast.,but we stopped

at the grocery store and bought our first watermelon. Can any of you top this?