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The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a very popular place for vacationers and tourists.

There are many beaches in the Bahamas.

Hey there! I'm Kalu, your tour guide in your journey through the Bahamas, my home country!

Throughout this trip, I will be telling you interesting facts and must-know info on this tropical paradise! My words are always in white.

Capital City - Nassau

Latitude and Longitude - 25 N, 77 W

Government - Democracy (Executive, Legislative, Judicial)

Law Maker - The minister is responsible for the most important parts.

To learn more about the making of the laws in the Bahamas go to:


The flag of  The  Bahamas

Basic Info

It's me again! Did you know the Bahamas has an area of 5,358 square miles and a population of 395,361 (Worldometers, 2017)?

Mount Alvernia is the highest mountain in the Bahamas!

It's 206 feet above sea level at its highest point!

This is Lake Forsyth. It empties out into the Caribbean Sea and is fed by the Takiritawai River.



This is Watling's Blue Hole, located on the island of San Salvador. 

Despite being in a tropical place, Watling's Blue Hole has absolutely no fresh water.

1. Lake Forsyth

2. A river (located on Andros Island)

3. Blue Holes

Above: Before and after Hurricane Irma in the Bahamas. (Credit: Youtube)

1. Average Temperature (Bahamas and Caribbean,

Summer: 80 - 85 degrees F

Winter: 70 - 78 degrees F

2. Precipitation Per Year (

Average: 53.5 in. (Nassau)

3. Hurricanes Irma and Maria have both hit the Bahamas recently. (

The Bahamas has only one major climate, and you guessed it, it's a tropical one! Here's some basic info:


This is the Hog Island Lighthouse. It was constructed in 1817.

Located atop Bennet's Hill in Nassau, Fort Fincastle is built out of circa 1793 limestone.

Man-Made Features

Located on Long Island, this museum houses info on culture, history, and customs of the area.

Hey again! Sorry I'm late, I tried to bash this coconut and it took me a very long time. Oh, I see you're looking at some of the landmarks here in the Bahamas. Awesome!

As of 2014, 0.7992% of land in the Bahamas is arable, or able to be plowed. (Trade Economics) 

The interest in mining the aragonite found in the 

Bahamas goes all the way back to the 1960's. 

Natural Resources

The Morton Salt company on the island of Inagua, Bahamas, uses solar salt production!

To learn more about solar salt production, go here:

Look! I found a can of Morton Salt right here in the Bahamas! Did you know there's a factory here?

1. Salt

2. Aragonite

3. Plowable (Arable) Land

Founded in 1959, Nassau Glass Company Limited is a glass company that sells fans, lighting, home decor, and art. (company site)

Coral  Pharmaceuticals , Ltd, is a company in the Bahamas. According to it's website, it's annual sales number has been between 2 million to 2.5 million.


Many people also scuba dive here! Here is a video of one person exploring the wreckage of the MV Comberbach:

According to the site of Bahamas Aluminum Manufacturing Company Limited, "For more than 15 years we’ve demonstrated our commitment to quality and service."

(, 2014) 469 tons of okra was produced in the Bahamas,

(, 2014) The Bahamas produced 4,905 tons of tomatoes.

1. Onions

2. Okra

3. Tomatoes


(, 2014) The Bahamas produced 625 tons of onions.

Bahamians have been practicing bush medicine for years. They use plants like Aloe, Crab Bush, Sailors' Flowers, Fig Leaf, and more!

The main cultures and people in the Bahamas are of English decent or are descendants of slaves from West Africa. There is also a population of Puritans there.


Junkanoo is a traditional Bahamian festival where people dressed in fancy costumes dance to Bahamian music in the streets. The biggest celebration times are New Year's Day and Dec. 26.


















18. And any other sources I missed or didn't put down, sorry, and credit to you too!


Thanks for watching! See you later!