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Tim Burton

By: Jairah Birung


I choose Tim Burton because I like his movies and characters a lot. Tim Burton is very creative with his ideas and thats why I love his work. Tim Burton's work is original and unique. 


Tim Burton has made amazing characters and movies, I actually love them all. Everything he has made is creative and unique, his work is different from other animators. I like this animator because he has worked hard to get where he is now and does an amazing job on his work.


I Tim Burton is very creative with his work. All his movies and characters are different and amazing. His movies and characters are pretty gothic and I like his style. 



Tim Burton was born on


August 25, 1958. At a


young age he was interested


in horror films. He made a


production company and


created Batman (1989). H still


creates movies today and has a


wife and two children.

Tim Burton characters.