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Tim the T-Rex decides to make a vase in his ceramics class, there are many decisions he will make in the process of creating his vase.

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Tim the T-Rex Makes a Vase 


Tim the T-Rex Makes a Vase


Megan, Melanie, Rachael, and Logan 

May 12, 2014

Tim's teacher asks if he wants to make his vase functional or decorative. He decides to make a flower pot that is decorative.

The first step in making Tim's flower pot is to wedge and knead the clay to get all of the air bubbles out. If he doesn't, it could EXPLODE in the kiln!

Next, Tim must roll a smooth slab for his base with  the rolling pin. He will use the fettling knife to cut out a round base to form a good structure for his vase.

He could keep rolling slabs for the walls of his vase, or use 1 of 3 coil methods: horizonal, vertical, or spiral coil.

Using a fork he scores, slips, and knits the slabs to the base. Then uses the modeling modeler tool to even out the seams. 

The walls are up on the vase and he must deside whether he wants additive, negative, or subtractive detail. 

Before he can fire his vase, it must dry completly. After it is dry, he can sand down the spots that are not smooth on the vase. After that, he bisque fires his vase at 1940 degrees to get it to the bisque ware state. 

Next he rinses his vase to begin glazing. Once glazed, he fires the vase at 1915 degrees to create glaze ware

He goes out to a beautiful meadow to hand pick flowers for his vase.

Tim takes his vase home to surprise his mother, Tina the T-Rex, saying "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!" 

The End