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all about Pandas population and more!!

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Pandas Popultion

by Caileigh Mapes

This book is on pandas and how there population is going down.



    Pandas population is going down! People are trying to help by putting them in captivity. Only eight countries out of Asia have pandas in captivity or zoos. Some zoos can’t mate there pandas, either there pandas are too old or they only have one panda


there are only 1,600 pandas in the wild and more than 300 people in zoos and captivity mostly.Pandas population

   People should help more for pandas population. Because they also care and affection, there population is worth fighting or figuring out why their population is going down. But some people don't care about them, they won't help.


      pandas population  




  When a newborn is born it is hairless and blind. It weighs only 2-5 ounces. it needs its mothers effort and affection. The cub is only 1/1900 of its mothers size. they don’t open their eyes until 6-8 weeks old. Cubs don't move around until 3 months scene birth, some cubs might stay by its mother for another 8-9 months.


cute cubs


      A solution that would be good to help the giant panda is to try putting more in captivity. also have different countries help more with it too. When cubs are 4-8 years old until they start mating they stop around the age 20. Thier lifespan is a part of their population problem.

In conclusion pandas pandas population is important too. Most of their population is in central Asia. Scientist are trying to help pandas and have their population go up Pandas population is nothing to kid with.