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Even if you have a current CV you should forget that and start again fresh, that is the
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completed online in a variety of 15 templates, if you like you can buy, it is as easy as
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Our online CV Builder is the ultimate CV Maker website. For your new, or updated
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We do not recommend
a photo is included
unless specifially
requested and you feel
it is reasonable to
include. For example
for some media,
promotional or sales
roles it may be a fair
But for any general
role it is not required
and we do not suggest
you include but if you
do make sure it is only
head and shoulders
and professionally
Job seekers often feel
compelled to include
their nationality,
marital status, smoker
status, health status
and even religion.
None of this is needed
and at worst can be
used to discriminate
against you.
CV Builder
Our online CV Builder makes creating your CV fast and easy.
Sometimes it is easier to see what we can do for you rather than reading about it. So, if
you have 60 seconds to spare please view the 'how to use' video that shows you how
you will use our CV Builder to create a new, or updated CV.
You will note it runs through a series of screens that you will see when making your
CV. It will show how easy it is to add content or to use our drop down boxes to easily
use some content we can help you with, like suggestions for key skills.
Resume and CV Builder
The smart people are now turning to a expert online Resume or CV Builder to get the
professional CV they always wanted.
Try our Resume and CV Builder to create your Resume or CV and be amazed at the
results. In less than 20 minutes your new Resume or CV wil be ready to use for all
those exciting job applications.
Our online CV Builder has recently been
updated to cater for all recruiter guidelines
for a CV in 2016. Expectations change in a
CV so we have updated accordingly.
When detailing work experience on your
CV, try to limit the number of duties to 3-5
each time depending on the complexities of
the role. Just list the main duties, your CV
is not a job description
Make sure you use a CV template style you
are sure is designed for 2016, not
something from a random google search
that could be 10 years out of date
Cover Letter Package: the Cover Letter Package includes a selection of specimen
letters to assist you to prepare a letter to accompany your CV.
Interview Questions and Answers Package: this Package includes a selection of
potential questions you may be asked at interview time together with tips and
suggested answers. The suggested answers are fictitious examples designed solely to
provide ideas for you to personalise to your own situation.
CV builder: we offer three CV Builder packages:
(a) Advanced Package: the
Advanced Package (cost $usd15)
provides a lifetime access to the
Resume and CV Builder service,
access to all our CV styles, and
unlimited reentry to the Website
to create additional or updated
versions of your CV. Subject to
these Terms, your CV will be held
on our records for your lifetime
(b) Standard Package: the
Standard Package (cost $usd10)
provides a lifetime access to the
CV Builder service and up to 5
occasions where you can re-enter
the site to update your CV or
create a further version. Subject
to these Terms, your CV will be
held on our records for your
lifetime access;
(c) Basic Package: the Basic
Package is free and provides two
entries per CV (includes the
requirements to re-enter original
version to make immediate
corrections). In the event that
future changes are required to be
made to the CV then you need to
upgrade to the Advanced or
Standard package.
Amusing CVs
We were mildly amused after hearing of recent CV that detailed how an applicant had
over 20 years of breeding and training houses. Of course, the word should have read
'horses'. But seriously, while it was a very simple error it made a such a poor
impression on the employer he did not proceed with the application as he was
disappointed the applicant had not even proof read his CV before sending it to him.
Small but costly error. We suggest you try not to make these ‘mistakes’ in your CV! "I
had affair with my boss and also his big boss and they both went horribly wrong"
A couple more reasons by people left their last job (true we are told);
My last employer insisted that all employees get to work by 9.00am every morning.
I could not work under those conditions
Was met with a string of broken promises and lies, as well as cockroaches
How would you react as the employer to receive a CV and
letter for your advertised role where the applicant mentioned
he had just been released from jail from stealing money from
his employer?. His letter said that he was not certain but he
hoped he would no re-offend. The role was at a church as
their fund raising person. Well, at least he got a polite no
thank you letter back.
About us
We are a leading resume and cv building service with a range of free or low cost
options for every type of job applicant. It does not matter your age, occupation or level
of work experience. Our service is totally risk free as we welcome you to try before you
The life-time Advanced cv package provides unlimited access, unlimited updates and
allows you to create as many different versions as you wish. Once your information is
added, you can preview the cv in a number of styles and templates before you make any
payment. The Standard option is a lower cost and the Basic package is free.
You can use our unique, large, library of ‘Key Skills’ to help you write your resume or cv
and our ‘Help’ facility on every field makes everything so easy to complete. We provide
assistance every part of the process. |