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Our Factory...

Which you can be your own designer for your clothes, to choose your favourite colors, and your pattern of your batik.

You will find the best quality of batik painting kit and the best material in producing batik. Every pieces of our products are made heartly from the beginning until finishing.  

So, every product that come from us, is the best quality of art creature.


Our factory is the best place to create and produce beautiful and unique art to wear. As for the batik clothes, they are designed and produced mainly in our factory in Pekalongan, Central Java.



Batik Kit

Batik Cap

We made batik cap product with batik tulis combination like clothes, blouse, and shirt.

Our Product...

Batik Tulis


We served any batik tulis products like clothes, blouse, and skirt with high-quality in coloring, material, proces of making and up-to-date style of batik clothes.


We also supply batik printing kit. our kits contain of tools and items used by the original batik artist.

Batik for Women...




Batik for Men...

Modern Suit

Modern Shirt

Our Achievement...

ANTIQUE BATIK has been active  in join many fashion event in Indonesia. such as Jogja Fashion Week, Jakarta Fashion Week, Indonesia Fashion Week, and Indonesian Islamic Fshion. and being the winer of, Jogja Fashion Week in 2011, runner up of Indonesin Islamic Fashion in 2013, and got reward from "Batikology" as a 'The Best Design and Quality" in 2015. 

ANTIQUE BATIK as the support of "Miss Indonesia" wardrobe.

All of this is available to you throught 



Form more information, please visite us:

Soekarno-Hatta 75 Pekalongan, Central Java, Indoesia 5111


Graha Indah Square, Jakarta, Indonesia


Please kindly contact us:

(0285) 1555677 - +6289903088