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Alriona, after facing his ten years of exile, now must face his ancient enemy, Karvanorn, inorder to free himself from the darkness that eternally follows him. However, dose he even stand a chance at victory?

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By the one who created the Role-play campign of the Moonsworn Campign
in World of Warcraft.
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Part 1: The
Lost Hunter
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Chapter 1: Suicide mission:
The life of a hunter is never one of enjoyment, and even in the
few times that I manage to carve something even enjoyable out of
my cursed existence, it is taken from me. I am Alriona
Moonsworn and I am a demon hunter. The follow is my story, the
story of how I faced the legion invasion…
I walked through the many corridors of The Enclave of Light.
This was where my tale truly began, with a paladin named
Alerion Dawnbringer. This paladin was a true friend of mine, yet
however, he is no longer so. I walked across the slick floors of the
great enclave, the smell of death filling my nostrils. The Enclave
used to be called the Scarlet Enclave, that is before the Scourge
came down and slaughtered all of its defenders and destroyed the
place. On top of that, it was located within the Eastern
Plaguelands, meaning that the entire air of the Enclave was filled
with smoke and ash.
I walked until I finally found a wooden door at the end of the
corridor. It was just basic standard wood, unlike the rest of the
area made of hard stone. I opened the door, revealing a stone
room with many desks and other things in it. In a chair, behind a
wooden desk, was Alerion. The human was dressed in grey
battleplate, a light sword resting nearby. I bowed to him in
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respect, yet the tight armor made the gesture painful.” There is
no need, Alriona.” Alerion said, his voice as light as a feather.”
Why have you called me here?” I asked, impatience quickly
penetrating my voice. Alerion smiled at me, before continuing.” I
have a mission for you. A dangerous one, filled with parallels
beyond anything I have ever face. I’m going to send you to the
homeworld of The Sons of Legion, Narazeal, in order to gather
intel.” Alerion explained.
For moments, I simply stood there, stunned. The
homeworld of the Sons of Legion? Surely they would notice me
sneaking around their world and when they did, surely they
would torment me. Instead of voicing these concerns, I simply
asked” are you sure?” Alerion nodded. A jumping fear starting to
build up within me. If I failed this, I would surely die and endure
a thousand years of endless torment at the hands of the Burning
Legion’s third in command. With that said, there was only one
thing left to ask.” When do we start?” Alerion smiled.” Now.”
I walked through the massive legion portal, quickly
reappearing on the other side. I looked around, seeing a massive
world of endless black and green. Pools of light green were
everywhere, a crude parody to water. I reached for my warglaive,
the massive weapon feeling light in my hands. Though I wore a
blindfold, like most, if not all, demon hunters, I had a massive
problem with using my spectral sight, the ability that allowed my
kind to see the world, using sort of magic eyes in order to do so.
The problem was that my spectral sight would often go crazy
when I removed my blindfold, allowing me to see enemies
through barriers and rogues who foolishly hid themselves away
in stealth, but I would also see many colors that could damage
my ability to use sight.
I looked down to the ridge below me, and I tried to
conceal a gasp. Thousands of demons were pouring in from
massive green gateways, marching with intent. I looked around,
searching for some kind of cover, before deciding to hide behind
the Legion portal of which I had come from. Demons marched to
the portal, passing through without so much as noticing me.
When the demons had past, I quickly ran down the hill, moving
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as fast as my legs would allow me to, in order to avoid being
seen. I took cover behind a fel green brazier. I held my warglaive
at the ready, preparing for the possibility of being seen. Yet the
demons simply continued with their twisted duties. You fool.
came a rough voice within my head. You truly believe that you can
survive on a Legion world? How foolish of you, demon hunter. The
Legion will end you, just as it has countless others. I tried to
contain a small outburst of laughter. How foolish of you to think
such things. You do know if I die, you die as well? I asked my
inner demon.
The demon held no reply for me. I was thankful for that,
since his voice was a great annoyance to me, not to mention it
was very unsettling, even after ten years of having a demon
within me, I still find the idea in general at least a little bit
creepy. I waited for the demons to finish their business, and,
after many, many hours of waiting, the demons finally walked off
through various different portals. I began to break into a run for
a nearby citadel of massive green metal that reached into the sky.
When I finally made it to the massive doors, I felt a hand upon
my shoulder. I looked to my left shoulder and saw a purple
skinned hand grabbing at me, pulling me back into some kind of
pit. I struggled, trying to be silent, trying not to give off a kind of
fear or scream, yet the more I did so, the harder the hand pulled
until finally, the hand pulled me in. I looked around me and saw
what looked like some kind of sewers, yet much more advanced
than anything I have ever seen.
The area was utterly dark and I saw shapes moving in
the darkness. I drew my second warglaive, ready to face anything
and then, the lights came on. The light revealed massive, purple
figures. They looked like the humans of Azeroth, yet purple, and
having heavily advanced technology. Their bodies were placed in
massive suits of flickering armor, flashes of electric lights
flickering throughout them. In their hands, massive refiles were
loaded. They flickered, just like the armor, yet I felt the hum of
engines working.
“Who are you?” I growled at them. They said nothing, all
of them starting to aim their weapons at me.” Who are you?” I
asked again. They did not reply. I held my warglaives before me,
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ready to strike, yet knowing that I would more then likely be dead
on the floor considering their advanced rifles. Minutes passed,
yet they felt like years. Finally, the creatures lowered their
weapons.” We are a shattered people.” One of them said, a male
voice that sounded rugged and devoid of hydration. I strapped my
warglaives to my back once more, knowing that fighting would do
me no good here.” Do you fight for the Legion?” I asked. They
nodded in unison. But it was not one of acceptance, and I could
tell that it was full of pure hate, fury at the question.
“We would never join the Legion.” The same ragged male
voice replied.” They took our world from us.” The male ragged
voice grew with fury.” They came and slaughtered our family, our
children, and our governor. They murdered every last one of us,
we are all that managed to survive the massacre in these
tunnels.” I felt a bit of nagging sorrow. Of course, this was how
the Legion did their business. Yet every time I heard of a world
conquered by the legion, of the countless people slain by the
demons, I always felt horrible for not being able to aid those
people, no matter who they were, what they were, no one, not
even the most tyrannical warlord deserves to be fuel for the fel
magic or to watch their world burn before them. I walked for the
way I had come, knowing I couldn’t stay long.
I had no idea what I had just seen, yet I assumed that
these people were the survivors of the invasion. But it hardly
mattered. I searched around the planet for hours, searching for
any kind of Legion Information I could find. Eventually, I came
across a command center, guarded by an army of fel guards. I
considered taking them on, besides, I knew how to work Legion
Technology back then…sort of. With a roar, I charged at the
monstrous demons. Their purple chests were bare of any kind of
protection, like most of the Legion’s Foot soldiers. On their
shoulder, a red piece of armor stood, along with matching armor
everywhere but the chest. My warglaives quickly demolished the
demons, cutting a blow through their chest’s in an instant, before
they could even raise their axes.
However, many Eredar, along with Wrathguard and
Doomguard noticed this. I heard a demonic screech, heralding
my doom and a thousand demons coming.” An intruder! Kill it!” I
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heard something cry out in demonic. They surrounded me, yet
beyond a ring of demonic troops, there was nothing to stop me. I
smiled and dashed across the demons, smashing through their
armor, what little of it they had, and shattering their weapons as
I went. Then, my heart sank. I saw a massive demon, the size of
the green ship’s ceiling, begin to emerge from one of the corridors
of the ship.” Mo’arg.” I whispered to myself.” Me crush you.” The
massive beast said. The thing was massive, it’s ugly flesh covered
in scars of a thousand different kinds in a thousand different
places. Its armor was scaled, massive, barely containing the
I raised my warglaives, knowing how powerful this thing
was. In its left hand, slung over its shoulder, was a massive
spiked mace, that pulsed with foul magic. As the thing came, the
rest of the demons parted, forming a ring around me and the
creature. I charged, my warglaives forward, aiming for the
demon’s head. The massive beast brought it’s mace down with
such force that the mace created a whole in the ground, forcing
the Mo’arg to focus its strength on raising it. That was my
opening. With inhuman speed, I rushed forwards, up the arm of
the demon, reaching the shoulder, and I plunged my warglaives
into it’s skull. It reeled, before falling to the ground with a
massive thump, sending me flying from its shoulder and into the
demonic army gathered before me.
The demons around me roared a furious cry. The Mo’arg
were among the most powerful demons of the Burning Legion,
sometimes used as commanders, sometimes used as siege
weapons, and sometimes, just used as a way to slaughter enemy
forces. Not to mention how much the beasts could take. The
Demons glared at me, almost in awe, before roaring a challenge.
Slowly, they began to come in all around me. With a cry, I began
to drive my glaives into the massive army of demons. As more
and more fell before me, the rest made up for it with a more
furious assault. It was then that I realized they were trying to
capture me, force me to become a servant of The Legion, a
“Never.” I barked at them, slicing my glaives through even
more demons. Eventually, I cut a path through the army of the
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surrounding demons and with the force of a dragon flapping it’s
wings, I bolted for it. The demons didn’t see it coming, and were
found dumbstruck as I ran with every fiber of my being away
from the command center. Despite the possibility of actually
reaching the console of it and retrieving information, like where
every legion world was, I knew that it wasn’t worth dieing. Even
though, back then, the promise of an honorable death was one I
would relish. I had nothing left to lose, everything had already
been taken from me: my people, my titles, my blades, my love…
The last thing I had wished for was simple: to prove myself once
more in the eyes of Elune. To prove to her that I was not like the
other hunters, that I still believed in her.
It was not like that would happen ever, yet still, being the
fool I was back then, I believed it possible. I had ran far from the
command center, as far as my legs would carry me, hiding in the
small corners that I could find on the world whenever I sighted a
Legion patrol. Why don’t you just give in? came the taunting voice
of my demon within. Why not just surrender to the Legion? Why
do you fight so hard for a world that had forsaken you? Those
words sounded sweet to me. I pondered on them for what seemed
like hours. Why did I fight so hard for a world that had forsaken
me? Why didn’t I just give up my soul to the Legion? My people
had shun me. The world had shun me. Even my own kind
shunned me. Why didn’t I just give in. I heard the demon’s
bellowing laughter ring true within my skull.
You have too many doubts, hunter. The demon chuckled. I
wanted to block the voice out, to force the demon to just shut up,
to remove it’s stain from my soul, yet even then, I knew the truth
behind those words. Your kind burned worlds. I replied. Your
masters tricked me into becoming this monster. I will repay the
price in blood, and even if it costs my life, your masters will suffer
agony beyond imagining. Those words only earned yet more
laughter from the demon, as if it seemed trivial to it. That is
impossible. We are the Legion and we shall conquer your world
and burn it in eternal agony! As those words were spoken within
my head, in my mind’s eye, a vision appeared. I saw elven lands
torn asunder, only recognizable by the burnt symbols of Elune
that were scattered around the area.
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And then, I saw something that made my jaw drop. A
thousand dead, both in the numbers of demons and elves, and it
was not fel that burned in the sky. A purple void had taken the
place of the sky, sucking the souls of the dead from the ground
up. I saw them cry out for help as they fell into the endless void
of death and eternal darkness, screaming for someone to end this
suffering, even the demons were adding their horrid voices to the
endless chorus. Then, the vision faded and my eyes returned me
back to the barren land of Narazeal. I stood atop the hill once
again, overlooking the hellish view of the shattered world. You
will not stop the end from coming, hunter. The end will not be the
Legion, no, no, no, it will be something far worse. My demon
stated. I found the idea amusing that a demon, one from the
legion nonetheless, would be so arrogant as to say the legion
would not take Azeroth. The concept was amusing.
As I looked around the shattered world, scanning it
for any sign of demonic presence giving chase, I saw none. Which
was odd. I looked towards the command center before seeing an
even more massive structure, a structure so massive that
missing it would make you blind: Legion’s Citadel. The massive,
green iron citadel loomed in the background, giving rise to
massive spires, made of solidified fel magic. The gates of the
massive citadel looked like the gates of hell itself, opening its
massive maws to welcome the damned of the universe. It would
be a bold, and foolish move to even think about making my way
to the citadel. Yet I was both.
I leapt off the hill I was standing on, witch was more like a
mountain, spreading my tattered wings and gliding towards the
citadel. As I approached the massive citadel, a sense of fear
gripped me. What is the citadel was guarded by devastators? Or
fel cannons? Or worse? It was truly a foolish move to even try
and go into the citadel without any intel. And I was soon going to
the pay the price of that massive mistake. A massive boom went
off in the courtyard of the citadel, igniting a fel cannon ball and
sending it straight for me. I maneuvered to avoid it and with a
relieved sigh, I did. Then, a thousand booms went off. A thousand
cannon balls of fel filled the sky. I panicked, trying to maneuver
my wings around from the explosives. Yet as I did so, one cannon
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ball shot my wings right out, sending me flying into the
courtyard. I landed with a hard crack on my left hand. I checked
to see if anything was broken, yet felt nothing.
Demons surrounded me, all of them baring their
weapons, from demonic axes, to massive clubs, to claws, and
even swords. They roared, ready to slay me in an instant. Yet a
figure began to part in the crowd. The demons made their way
aside, revealing a humanoid figure dressed in fel armor. His face
was pocked, filled with a green hue, almost as if he was sick. Yet
I knew this figure in an instant.” Shalerion.” I breathed. He was
supposed to be leading the invasion of Azeroth, from the Sons of
Legion standpoint at least, yet here he was. The warlock stopped
mere inches before, resting one of his hands on his saber.
He let out a laugh that bellowed throughout the halls of the
citadel, making my ears almost ring.” So, Alerion has sent his pet
demon hunter to discover information on our kingdom?” The
warlock said. I drew my glaives from my back, ready to end this
monster. This was the man who had betrayed all of Azeroth, his
entire race, and this was the man who had slaughter thousands
on the Broken Shore.” Finally, I can end this damn war.” I said,
amused. The warlock laughed.” No.” Shalerion said.” Get him in
chains! Bring him to my quarters!” The warlock barked. As the
warlock began to walk away and allowed his pets to gather
around me. I saw the warlock gain a smirk upon his face.” And
please, for the love of Sargeras, try not to kill him.” The warlock
chuckled. I fought with everything I had, yet one of the fel guard
pierce my back. Blackness filled my vision and I knew that
whatever would happen when I awoke, it would either be
unspeakable agony or true torment…
I awoke within a fel lit chamber, nothing around me for
what seemed like a mile. The shadows had claimed every inch of
the room, making it impossible for me to see. A sense of panic
gripped me hard. I realized that I was going to die. I struggled
with all my might, moving the chair in every directions. A laugh
came from some direction. I stopped my needless struggling and
searched the area for a source, before it walked into view.
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“You're finally awake.” The corrupted voice of Shalerion
came. I stared at the warlock, though it did not intimidate him.
Then again, I am blindfolded all the time, so that might explain
half of it.” Now, the fun can begin. You will tell me everything you
know, or you will suffer.” Shalerion said. I laughed.” What kind of
suffering do you think you can inflict upon me that can even
reach the surface of breaking me?” I challenged. The warlock
merely laughed again.” I will not torment your body, all too much
anyways. I will torment your very mind until your will is
shattered into a thousand pieces.” He exclaimed.
A cold chill went down my spine as I realized what he was
going to do. Yet I showed no fear, even though inside I was
itching to find a way out. The warlock lifted his hand, sending a
blast of pure fel energy into my body. Yet it was not painful, at
least in the physical way. As it hit me, my demon within began to
break into a thousand voices, all of them begging for freedom. I
saw visions of horrid things, death everywhere, on every world,
anywhere that had ever been or would ever be.
The warlock held his blast for what felt like hours, yet I did
not scream I did not flinch. Yet I felt as his strength was
straining. My spectral sight failed me, the world becoming no
more then blackness. I cursed under my breath in hate, even
though my strength was fast fleeting. A voice began to whisper in
my mind, screaming at me to slaughter everyone in this forsaken
world, a world that had forsaken me. This continued for what felt
like hours, until finally, from true agony, I passed out. Yet as I
did, I knew that doing so was a horrid mistake.
In my mind’s eye, I saw dancing light, beautiful night
elven women offering promises of pleasure, of love. They only
needed one thing: for me to give in. I would’ve smiled had I been
conscious, yet I was not. The warlock knew it would take more
than this to break me. Then, I saw her. My fallen love, the one
person who had believed in me and that the Illidari, the foolish
force of demon hunters obsessed with their crusade, had taken
from me. Her eyes glittered in the darkness, her face perfect, her
skin silky smooth to the touch.” No.” I breathed. The image of my
former love was convincing indeed. So perfect. Yet another figure
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came into view, Shalerion. The warlock held a saber to Lorven’s
throat and she begged for release, struggling with all her might.
“I have an offer, Alriona.” The warlock said, a dark smile
creeping off his dark features.” Surrender to the Legion, give up
your defenses, and I will bring your love here back from the dead.
You two can be together, forever, nothing to stop you from taking
what is rightfully yours.” My jaw dropped. Could the warlock
actually do that? Could he truly bring back Lorven, as she was
when she fell? A thousand questions raced through my head, yet
then, as if my inner demon realized the offer, it whispered to me.
NO! The demon screamed. You must not! If you do this, you damn
me and you together! Reality cleared my vision. “Never.” I said.
Then, the warlock sliced his saber across Lorven’s throat, her
heading rolling to the floor. Sorrow filled me, yet I stood
unmoving. And then, full blackness took me.
Chapter 2: The Fragments of
Two months after Narazeal:
It had been two months since I had ventured to Narazeal.
And now, I am a wanderer. I wonder the plains of Westfall,
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wishing I had a true home, yet knowing it can never be true. I am
a lost soul, forever gone, forever lost. There shall be a glimmer of
hope soon, however, yet until then I am lost. What follows may
depress some. You have been warned…
I wandered around the plains of Westfall, the land of
peasants. It was barren, dark, and covered with leftover fel from
the recent legion invasions. There were peasants everywhere,
many of them giving me weird glances of wonder and awe. Some
even gave me glances of fear, yet none dared come near me. I
understood them. I am a demon hunter, a dark path, the doom of
any demons, yet I do not only hunt demons. I am more of a void
hunter, you could say. I do not use the powers of fel, at least
much anymore. I mostly use physical power to slay my enemies.
As I stood atop my manasaber, I knew that I did not
belong here. I should’ve gone to the forests of Ashenvale, or to
Felwood like the rest of my kind. Yet, I knew that within human
lands there was a slim chance of being put on a stick. Humans
hated demon hunters less, well Night Elves found demon hunters
not to even be elves anymore, more of monsters.
Eventually, I made my way into Duskwood. The land
that was once barren quickly began to turn into a black
grassland, with trees blocking out the sun, what little of it
remained. There was an Emerald Dreamway within these forests,
and I could see it, a massive gaping tree standing in the center of
the forest. I eventually made my way to the tree, standing under
it’s shade. Up ahead, the massive stone gateway into the Dream
I sat on the grassy ground, weariness taking me. I thought
over what had happened between me and Alerion, over how
Lorven had died, over Narazeal, over a thousand things. Sorrow
grasped me. Yet even then, I knew that it didn’t matter. I had
been through hell and back yet even as I sat there, I knew that
there was no chance of surviving for long. If the wilds didn’t take
me, then insanity would. A cold breeze swept through the forest,
making me shiver in my leather armor. And in that moment, my
demon spoke to me. Don’t you understand now? To this world,
you are nothing more than a rusty weapon. A fallen hero, a fool.
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Why do you still fight for them? Why do you still believe that Elune
will save you? NOTHING will save you from the truth and the truth
is this: This world has forsaken you! Back then, the demon’s
words sounded as sweet as honey.
I was so tempted by them, my mind racing,
wondering if I should take his offer. Doubts filled my mind. The
demon was right. Nothing would save me from the truth, Elune
would not save me, the world had forsaken me. Yet I still fought
for it. What could Azeroth offer me? What could any mortal alive
ever offer me? My life was gone. Why did I still resisted the
temptations of the Burning Legion? Was it the training of the
Illidari? Was it Lorven? No. I had no clear answer for the demon
and it’s reply was dripped in honey. The Legion could give you a
purpose. It can give you power beyond anything this world has
ever offered! The Legion can give you everything you’ve ever
wanted and more! All you need to do is set me free! The offer
sounded sweet to me then.
A purpose, power, everything I’ve ever wanted. All I
needed to do was give in. Then, I realized that accepting this offer
would do something more than that. It would damn me, chain me
to Sargreas’s chair.” Never.” I said aloud. A laughter ringed in my
ears, yet it was not demonic. It was…something else. Something
more. I turned my head and then jumped at the sight. Behind
me, a massive dragon stood, coming through the portal. It’s
scales were black and red, it’s eyes orbs of darkness. The massive
wings of the creature were tattered. It’s chest was made of
maggots, it’s heart forged from pure darkness.
“A little demon hunter. All alone, helpless against my
fury.” The dragon said.” By Elune.” I breathed in awe. I was
stunned by the darkness of the thing. A mistake. The dragon
used its massive claw to send me flying to the ground. I watched
as my warglaives flew from my back, landing on the ground with
the sound of metal meeting hard earth. A desire to run from this
thing emerged. I was defenseless.” I shall claim the fragments, for
the Nightmare Lord!” The dragon screamed like a madman. It’s
voice was chorus of the damned, a thousand voices all screaming
at me for release. The dragon swept it’s claw, sending me to the
| Page19 Demonheart:Moonsworn
I thought I was going to die, by this foul dragon. Desperate
times called for desperate measures. With all of my will, I forced
my warglaives into my hand before leaping across the area to
where the dragon stood. The dragon sought to send me flying
once more, yet I sliced through it’s claws, earning a roar of agony
from a thousand souls.” You will die, or you will succumb to the
nightmare!” The dragon roared.” Burn in hell!” I roared back. I
leapt upon the dragon’s back, landing with a roll. The thing
lashed around, trying to shake me, yet it was too late. I drove my
warglaive into the dragon’s chest, forcing it to roar in a thousand
different languages I did not understand. I brought it down again
and again, until finally, the dragon fell. I rolled away from the
dragon’s falling corpse as I fell off it.” No….Xavius…I have
failed…The Fragments of Sargeras…are…lost…” These were the
dragon’s dying words.
The fragments of Sargeras…These words had me
thinking. What could they be? Where could they be? Then it
struck me. Whatever these fragments of Sargeras were, they were
within Karazhan. It was the only thing that made sense. Sargeras
had corrupted the guardian Medivh since birth and had lead him
down a dark path when he summoned the orcs to Azeroth. The
mage was then killed by his friends and had his head cut off. Yet
it was possible that Sargreas’s power had manifested in some
way or another and made these fragments. It was worth checking
out. If the fragile remnants of the Nightmare were after these
shards, then surely, they would have something of grave
I arrived at the tower of Karazhan mere hours later. The
surrounding area was grey, barren of life besides basic life forms
and whatever life there was, it was twisted by dark magic. I found
the crypt, a mysterious place that no one had ever been to, and I
walked down the stairs. There was an iron portcullis, blocking
the way into the crypt. With all my might, I bent the portcullis
open and made my way inside.
Within, there was next to nothing. Light bricks made the
entire room and an altar stood at the head, an altar of fel magic,
an altar of death. I made my way down deeper into the Crypt, my
| Page20 Demonheart:Moonsworn
warglaives shaking in my hands. I passed many rooms, one filled
with sand, one filled with bones, yet one room made me want to
jump out of my skin. Eventually, after I made my way deep
enough into the crypt, I found a room filled with water. With a
sigh, I plunged into the cold water, the only thing that kept me
from freezing to death was my light armor. I swam with all my
might to the top, finding a massive dirt pit. I slid down into the
pit, finding three green shards in the middle. They were shaped
into what looked like fragments. Yet when I looked upon with my
sight, my eyes burned.
From my magical eyes, eyes that I wish I never had, I
saw their massive power. They glowed in my sight, making me
turn away before my eyes were shattered. I reached for them, but
as I did, lightning tore the air above me asunder. Dark clouds
formed overhead, the lightning that held the sky quickly
descending into the massive pit. I jumped backwards, and when
the smoke finally cleared, I saw a demonic figure standing before
the fragments.
The figure had massive horns, rivaling that of Illidan
himself, The figure held a massive, demonic sword in his hand,
green glowing runes flickering off the blade.” You have no right to
claim these fragments!” The figure roared, its demonic features
tightening. I tried to warn you. My demon within taunted. Shut up
you demon. I replied. I ran at the figure, my warglaives ready to
strike the figure as hard as I possible could, yet the demonic
figure swatted me aside. I fell hard to the wall. My head
throbbed.” Stand back!” I yelled. The demonic figure merely
laughed at me.” You cannot stand against the power of the
Legion!” The figure yelled, the fragments falling under its foot, yet
not being crushed under the weight.
“I think you should rethink that, Sargeras.” I mused. I
threw my warglaives aside, running under the demon, grabbing
the four fel infused stones before the figure could react. I made
my way from under the figure, dodging every attempt to attack
me.” YOU ARE NOT WORTHY, ELF!” The figure roared, swinging
it’s blade at me. I leapt into the water, holding my breath. The
figure tried to follow me, yet it failed to get it’s massive head past
the small hole. The demon’s shaking forced the entire crypt to
| Page21 Demonheart:Moonsworn
shake with it’s fury, sending pieces of stone flying off the ceiling. I
ran out of the crypt with everything in body in motion, running
with everything I had in an attempt to escape the crypt. By some
stroke of luck, I managed to get out of the crypt before the thing
fully collapsed. I looked to the hand that held the fragments,
seeing the glowing stones. Now, the hard part came: a mission to
cleanse these things and discover what they are…
Before I continue the tale, I suppose I should actually
explain what the Fragments are. The Fragments of Sargeras are
artifacts of untold legend, a power beyond mortal minds.
Obviously, they are fragments of Sargreas’s power, shattered
when Medivh died. When the mage did die, four fragments of the
Demon Lord's massive soul failed to escape to the Twisting
Nether. These fragments materialized into the Fragments of
Sargeras. Sargeras, after learning of this, knew that allowing
these fragments to fall into mortal hands was not an option.
Sargeras sent a thousand demons into Karazhan in order to
recover these fragments and this was why, back during the
Outland Campaign, the tower of Karazhan opened up. When
heroes ventured in in order to slay Prince Malchezaar, they did
not know the true reason why the demon prince had come.
Malcazar had been sent by Sargeras himself to recover
the Fragments of Sargeras and open up a way for a new Legion
Invasion. Obviously, he failed, and he was slain by the hands of
mortals. However, the demon prince had on him the orders from
Sargeras and this is what the mortal heroes of Azeroth made
known. For many years, the heroes of Azeroth, as well as
explores, sought the Fragments. As you may or may not know,
the Legion recently made a return to Karazhan in an attempt to
open the way for a new legion invasion point and in order to gain
the Fragments of Sargeras. They failed. And the rest has already
been told…
Outland. The place where I lost my former life, the place
where I lost my love, the place where I abandoned in the Illidari. I
returned to this wasteland in order to find something that can
cleanse the Fragments of Sargeras: The Lost Tear of Elune.
| Page22 Demonheart:Moonsworn
Apparently, some dumbass had brought the four Tears of Elune
to Outland. He lost the tear of Elune somewhere in Shadowmoon
Vally. And so this is the place where I returned. Fel magic has
twisted the place into something dark. Grey sand filled the area
with fel magic infused into it. A massive fel volcano sat in the far
off distance, also known as the Hand of Gul’Dan.
Fel lava surrounded the path ahead, making it impossible
to fall off the trail without losing one’s life. Eventually, I rode atop
my manasaber past Wildhammer Stronghold. A place that held
so much sorrow me, the place where Lorven died. I ignored the
massive stronghold to the best of my ability, yet still It made me
nod in reguardment. Eventually, I saw it. The Black Temple. The
former home of the Betrayer, the place where I lost my former
life. Massive black-green spires shot up into the air, forming
around the entire temple. I began to walk towards it. I knew that
it was a foolish move to do so, since the Ashtongue Deathsworn
had retaken the temple as their home. The Ashtongue had been
the reason why Illidan died.
They hated Illidari and more so to the point, they hated
Demon Hunters. I made my way across the Courtyard, tools of
battle scattered around. I was tempted to take one of the
weapons as my own, but I decided that I was armed enough with
my warglaives. As I approached the gates of the temple, which
were open, I had a feeling that I was being watched. “Show
yourself!” I ordered. Nothing but the wind answered me. I began
to head into the Courtyard of the temple, where even more
evidence of a massive battle was shown.
Weapons were everywhere, the corpses of long dead orcs
and demons were everywhere as well. Ahead, the entrance into
the temple stood, looming over me. Two massive figures loomed
aswell, hooded men from the looks of it, holding massive blades
of stone, their eyes the color of dark green that showed in the
darkness of their hood.
As I entered the inner temple, I heard a voice.” Stop, demon
hunter!” It said. The baffled voice of an Ashtongue reached my
ears. I turned around to see a squid-like figure standing behind
me. The broken was dressed in the armor of an assian, dark blue
coursing from it’s skin and protecting it from harm. More of the
| Page23 Demonheart:Moonsworn
Ashtongue gathered around me, making a circle in order to
prevent me from escaping. With Akama having gone
to…supposedly aid the Illidari, the Ashtongue were left
leaderless. The Broken that had originally appeared behind me
stepped to the front of the gathered crowd.” Haven’t you Illidari
taken enough us?” The Broken exclaimed. I smiled.” Friend, I am
not of the Illidari. Nor have I come to seek revenge for the Death
of Illidan. Or his warglaives.” I explained. The Broken chatted
amongst themselves. I couldn’t make out the words. Eventually,
the broken all regained their composure. The one that stood at
the front crossed his arms.
“Then why are you here?” The Broken asked.” If I told you
that, I’d have to kill you.” I said. The Broken stared blankly at
me.” If you don’t tell me, or anyone of my soldiers, then I will kill
you or put you in chains until Akama returns.” The Broken said,
matter of factly.” Fine, have it your way. I am here to find a lost
artifact of my people called the Lost Tear of Elune.” I said. The
Broken stared at me.” I believe I can help you, demon hunter.”
The Broken said.
“Then lead on.” I said. The Broken surrounding me began
to disperse. The Broken lead me up a set of stairs, into a large
room. Two statues of the same kind as the one I had seen outside
loomed over us. At the end of the room, where a balcony
overlooking the area where I had come in, a stone in the shape of
a tear stood, floating above the ground, yet not quite off the
balcony.” The Tear of Elune.” I breathed. I could feel the peaceful
nature of it, from meters away.
The Broken nodded at me.” Indeed.” He said.” But just
because you came in here and asked for the tear doesn’t mean I’ll
give it to you that easily.” The broken pulled two swords from his
side, throwing them to me, before using arcane magic to throw
my warglaives off the balcony.” Prove yourself, demon hunter! If
you use your fel magic in this duel, then the tear will never be
yours. If you use the rules of honorable trial by combat, and you
manage to beat me, then the tear is yours.” I laughed.” You have
no idea how skilled I am with two weapons.” I said. The broken
smiled.” Let’s fix that, then.” The broken threw one of his daggers
| Page24 Demonheart:Moonsworn
at one of the swords, knocking it from my hands and taking it for
“Now, let’s see how you square up against me!” The Broken
said. The former Dreanni charged with the sword he had knocked
from me, his other dagger in hand. I brought up my one sword,
sending the other one from his hand and blocking two attempts
to stab me in the heart with the dagger. I brought down my
sword on his dagger, nearly shattering it were not for the fact
that the Broken had superior strength. The strength the broken
applied to my sword was so strong it sent me flying to near the
balcony. I barely managed to grab the edge before I was sent
flying to my death.
I leapt up back onto the balcony, charging at the broken
and shattering his dagger.” You're very skilled without your fel
magic.” The broken said. I nodded. Then, with furiously fast
speed, I swept the broken off his feet and held my blade to the
broken’s face, as if in challenge.” Now, give me the tear.” I said.
The Broken coughed up blood, the dark blue liquid falling to the
metal ground.” Take it.” The Broken said, pointing to the tear at
the edge of the balcony. I walked towards it, only then
considering the fact that, since I was touched by fel magic, the
Tear might actually be the end of me.
I paused. I knew that the possibility of that was very
high, yet allowing the Fragments to remain corrupted, without
any hope of being cleansed, was not an option either. Back then,
I could feel the secrets of the Fragments whispering in my ear,
taunting me, squealing to be discovered. I needed to know, before
I went insane. Driven by a hunger for knowledge, I grabbed the
tear of Elune firmly in my hand and in that instant, every
emotion known to man flooded my senses. I felt agony in both
mind and soul. I felt rage at my foolishness for touching the tear.
Sorrow for the fact that I was going to die more than likely. And a
thousand more emotions for a thousand different reasons. In my
magical vision, I saw the tear’s power. When I had first laid eyes
upon it, the tear had a faint red aura around it, yet as I touched
it and looked upon it, I saw it shining as bright as the sun,
forcing me to look away. I screamed in agony, feeling the fury of
Elune assault me.” You fool!” I heard the broken yell back.” The
| Page25 Demonheart:Moonsworn
hero who dropped it did so because he felt the agony of the tear.
What made you think you would fare any better?” Anger filled
I felt the Broken approaching behind me. He was alone, that
was for sure, but his daggers were in his hands, I heard him
twirling them, ready to stab me in the back. And this is where we
both die. My demon taunted. I felt the broken breath down my
neck, his daggers ready to slit my throat, yet for what happened
next, he was not ready for. Fury erupted within me, sending
spires of fel flying into the cold metal. My hands glowed green,
intensifying the agony of the Tear. I knew I couldn’t hold the tear
for much longer. I let go and with a roar I spun around to meet
the broken, who had somehow survived the fel spires, yet was
fatally wounded.
“Broken….kill this fool…” The broken yelled, falling to the
floor. In an instant, a hundred broken flooded into the room.” I
knew we should have never trusted him!” One of them roared.”
He gave me no choice.” I said, trying to calm the gathered. My
voice was not soothing, and the spires of fel magic that were
already starting to recede into the cold metal ground did not aid
in my attempt. With a prayer to Elune, I grabbed the Tear of
Elune, ignoring the agonizing pain that shot through me and I
leapt from the balcony, not using my wings, but instead falling
perfectly on my feet. And once that was done, I ran for Shattrath.
Chapter 3: The Cleansing and reforging:
| Page26 Demonheart:Moonsworn
I felt sorry for the broken, yet I knew he had given me no choice.
Yet life often did not give people choices that they enjoyed. Yet
still, I suppose I should continue my tale…
I arrived in Shattrath a day after I retrieved the tear. Every
bone in my body ached with agony. I had ran the entire way
there, fearing that the Broken would send troops after me, yet
none ever came near me, for some odd reason. Shattrath was a
beacon of shining light on Outland. The grey sky overhead, on
Azeroth at least, would normally herald the storms to come that
would tear the sky asunder in brilliant displays of raw elemental
power, yet that was not so on a shattered world. The grey sky
was normal for the people of Outland.
Yet the city itself was one of the most amazing things I’ve
ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes upon. The central building
was a crystal of massive size, the radiance of the Light coming
from it. I felt calm. My demon did not dare speak. For once, it
was peaceful. I center the central building via a bridge of
crystallized material that stretched from the forest to the
building. When I centered, I breathed in awe. In the center of the
room, a massive being of shining light floated above the ground,
humming a mesmerizing toon. The rest was like the inside, only
lit up by the massive narru, as it was called. A’Dal.
Then, after a few moments of staring at the Naaru in awe, I
realized that every pair of eyes in the room was looking upon. I
heard the narru’s voice in my head. Why are you here? It asked.
That was the question everyone in the room was asking. I heard
the sound of booted feet approaching and I turned to see slim,
elven figures dressed in shining armor walking towards me, their
blades forged from pure light itself and their shields forged of
| Page27 Demonheart:Moonsworn
earth itself.” Leave this place, demon hunter.” One of the guards
snarled.” Or face the punishment.” Another one said, holding his
blade to my spine. I smiled at them.” Why good sir, I have not
done any harm-“ I began.” You do harm just by being here!” One
of the guards blurted out.
“How?” I asked.” Your fel arua harms the naaru! Do
you want to be the one who corrupted a naaru?” One the guards
explained, his tone filled with rage. I laughed, nearly falling on
the floor. The guards just looked at me like what is wrong with
this guy? After I finished my mocking of their words, I
recomposed myself.” That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever
heard.” I exclaimed.” It's true! Now LEAVE!” The guards seemed
enrage. The guard grabbed my shoulder, pushing me, but as he
did, a voice erupted in the minds of all present. ENOUGH!” It
screamed. Everyone looked to A’Dal, shocked by the narru’s
response. Unhand him. Allow us to hear his plead. The naaru
said. The guard’s hands fell off me before I heard their legs hit to
the floor, as they fell to their knees. I stepped forward, staring at
the naaru.
Speak. A’Dal said. I nodded.” Great A’Dal.” I began.” I have
come in search of aid to cleanse a corrupted artifact set of
artifacts. I found them around the tomb of sargeras and they
appear to be elven in origin. All I ask is for your aid.” The guards
looked me, a stare of fury on their face.” If you want help, then go
ask your Illidari to help you out!” The guards roared. Illidari. At
the mention of that, I bit my teeth down so hard it drew blood.” I
AM NOT ILLIDARI!” I roared, with such a fury that I swear it sent
the guards flying to the wall. Everyone was baring their weapons
at me now. The guards, who had been thrown outside, were
starting to make their way back inside.” Then what are you,
Felsworn?” One of them asked. I turned to the guard, think about
driving my recovered warglaives through his heart.” I am neither.
I am simply a demon hunter.” I said. The guard regained his
composure. I looked to A’Dal.
“Will you help me?” I asked. Of course. The naaru replied.
I quickly took the Fragments of Sargeras from my pocket, as well
as the lost tear of Elune. I set them before the naaru.” What do I
have to do?” I asked. Stand back. The Naaru said. I walked over
| Page28 Demonheart:Moonsworn
to where the gathering crowd stood, yet still I had the urge to
hide myself away. Yet I stood at the front row, an odd thing for a
demon hunter, unless you're on the front lines. I watched the
Naaru intently. For a moment, nothing happened, then, a
massive burst of raw holy magic tore both the ceiling and the sky
asunder. A protective barrier prevented anyone from getting too
close to the naaru as it did it’s work.
The Fragments of Sargeras were lifted into the air, allowing
all to see their glory. The light struck them again and again, each
time, the dark green that corsed through them becoming a little
bit dimmer. The naaru struck it with bolts of light that store the
sky asunder. I heard thunder outside and cries of panic, some
even yelling out “it’s the end of the world!” The tear of elune I had
gathered was torn apart, its healing energy being thrown into the
fragments of Sargeras as they combined, each embracing the
other. For the first time ever, since the dawn of the very universe,
light and void embraced each other, fel magic and light, good and
evil all giving their all in order to cleanse these fragments. And as
it happened, as the fragments were finally cleansed, the barrier
that had formed around A’Dal faded, unleashing the wrath of
both the light and void. Yet it seemed to do more good than
harm. I felt calm, as if I had no worries. No fear. As if for a
moment, demons and mortals could live in peace. Then that
moment ended. I looked to the fragments, seeing them cleansed,
the fel corruption having been shattered. The Fragments of
Sargeras were no longer a proper name for them. I had a better
name for them now. The Tears of Sargeras
After that event, I left the shattered world of Outland. It no
longer offered anything for me but painful memories, even though
the moment in Shattrath had given me hope. Yet, hope would not
win wars, or save this world, or do anything. I knew I had to do
something, discover what the tears of Sargeras would truly do. I
went to Ironforge. The city was a grand one indeed, the entire
area carved of stone, iron, and other natural materials. The heat
from the forge on my skin the instant I walked inside the forge
area. Massive buckets filled with lava were held by iron ropes,
picking up the burning liquid and giving it to the forge nearby.
| Page29 Demonheart:Moonsworn
I walked up to the black anvil, a blacksmith’s hammer
nearby. I took the hammer, pulled the tears of Sargeras from my
pocket as well as a few bars of iron, steel, felsteel, fel iron, and fel
slate. I place all of them on the anvil and began to ponder on
what I should make. A warglaive would make the most sense, yet
I was tired of wielding those bulky weapons, and I wanted
something more defensive than a sword, yet something that could
still pack a good punch. A pair of twin shields is what I decided
on. I took a long breath in and then, with a snarl of anger, I
brought down the hammer on the first tear of Sargeras. It
shattered in a thousand pieces, yet this was not the end of the
fragment. I quickly shattered the next one and placed the other
two tears into my pocket.
I brought down my hammer on the anvil once more, this
time on the bars of metal. I also placed the shattered fragments
of the Tears of Sargeras next to them. Then, I began to forge the
basic shield outline, doing it twice over. In that moment, I
thought of the promise I had made to Lorven all those years ago,
back before my life went to shit. I swear on my soul I will protect
you, with everything I have, yet the night elven people will always
be above you. In return, all I ask for is you to never deny me. That
promise had been broken the instant she died. As I remembered
her cold, limp body, I brought down the hammer in a furious
I stood there for hours, a thousand thoughts racing
through my head, the sound of my hammering echoing
throughout the entire city. I could hear the sound of people
gathering around me, investigating the sound of the massive
banging on the forge. Most likely, they had never heard such a
sound on the forge since the Ashbringer was forged. I didn’t mind
them, all that mattered was my work. I shaped the twin shields
until they were shaped perfectly into two, demonic shields. They
were black, with a pair of burning eyes sticking out. Cosmic
energy corsed through them, I could feel it as I raised them from
the forge. They burned my skin, yet I didn’t care.” What are yeh
doin here, demon hunter?” I heard a dwarven voice ask. I
smiled.” Simply barrowing your forge.” I smiled. The dwarves
looked angry at the fact that I had used their forge, yet if they
| Page30 Demonheart:Moonsworn
wanted to face me, I would have a chance to test out my new
Yet I didn’t dare do so inside of a city. These weapons
brought back a thousand memories, some good, and some
horrific, some recent, and some from the deepest depths of my
mind. And some I didn’t even recognize. But one caught my eye. I
was in Suramar City, the city of my birth. Near the temple of
Elune, where the Nighthold now stands. No. I knew this memory,
and I had reviewed it a thousand times over the ten years I had
wandered the world and even more recently. The first time I met
Lorven. It was not worth describing, for it was simple and short.
Yet it had lead to a lifetime worth of love, up until the end, and
even then, I had known it was what fate had deemed. And fate
was the cruelest mistress this world has ever known. Fate was
what determined how and when you die, when you fall to
darkness, when you make your mistakes, some small, and some
so big that they change the course of your entire life.
And then, another memory came to me. One of so much
value that it forged me into who I am know. The moment after
Lorven’s death, or at least as far as I could remember. I woke up
to the sound of battle, and the sound of hearing the call of
Illidan. Why answer? My demon whispered to me. I looked below
the Balcony, the twisted spires of the black temple crumbling
under the weight of siege. Heroes dressed in all kinds of armor,
using spells and abilities of every type you could imagine, yet one
caught my eye. The man who I would follow in the future. Alerion
Dawnbringer. I knew I could not answer the call of Illidan, no
more would I be considered among the damned servants of
Illidan. No more would I be a servant. No More would I be a slave
to anyone! From that forth, I was known as Alriona Moonsworn. I
jumped down into the Courtyard, trying my best to make my
escape unnoticed and as swiftly as possible. Yet it was the same
hero who had caught my eye mere minutes earlier who noticed
“One of ILlidan’s students is escaping.” He spat. The warrior,
dressed in grey armor, with all kinds of ornaments, charged me
with a massive, crackling blade. The warrior swept me off my feet
and I barely managed to get my warglaives up before the warrior
| Page31 Demonheart:Moonsworn
unleashed a bolt of thunder and ended my life. Back then, I
thought I was going to die.” Please! I mean you no harm!” I yelled.
Yet Alerion was unimpressed, as he pressed his attack against
me, throwing bolts of lightning and light. I dodged them all.”
Please! Listen to me!” I begged. The paladin did not listen. Alerion
had pushed his attack long enough, yet I had enough common
sense to run from him. I ran all the way from The Black Temple
to The Dark Portal. And I never looked back.
I was greatly satisfied with the new weapons I had forged, yet
weapons were nothing without allies. Some of the most fanatical
orders recruited within the walls of Stormwind, yet I quickly
learned to avoid them, both in order to avoid death and their
Stormwind City, the capital of the Alliance. The city itself
was massive, yet the only area of interest I found there was the
Cathedral Square. It was massive, many open roads around a
fountain containing a man in full battle armor kneeling down and
holding a hammer bearing the mark of the Alliance, a lion colored
blue and gold, standing atop it. And straight ahead of that, the
cathedral itself stood. The building was massive, towering in
every meaning of the world, its marble walls and stained glass
windows making it an obvious place for worship.
I strode along the street, gaining a few odd glances. I
suppose it was just the fact that I was a demon hunter, maybe
something else, but that mattered very little. The Cathedral
Square was always busy, even in the late hours of the night.
Many orders chose this spot to recruit. The colorful banners of
those orders swayed in the wind, allowing from something that
was more than eye catching. Banners of all distinctions swayed
in the wind, some with eyes that peered into the soul, some with
a hand of thunder, and hundreds more. Not many of these
banners caught my eye, at least all that much. Many people were
yell, trying to get people to recognize their order, yet I simply
ignored most of them. Then I heard a plated foot fall behind me,
sending me spinning around. I saw women, dressed in black
| Page32 Demonheart:Moonsworn
lined armor, with a white coating. Their faces were hidden away
by a cowl that seemed to hide any features of the barer. I had a
twisted feeling in my gut that these people were troubled, and
there were even seem men dressed in the same armor.” You dare
walk these holy streets, demon hunter?” The women in the
middle asked.
Her voice was filled with toxic, hate even. I saw her, and
her allies, draw their blades, as if ready to strike me down in an
instant.” Have you forgotten that we’re allies?” I asked. The
women looked amused.” And I am not alliance. Your kind will
burn, just like The Legion.” She replied. I knew at that she
wanted to kill me, to end my life, despite the fact that the guard
might just turn their blades on their merry little band.” Get
back.” I warned.” Or what?” The Women asked.
In that instant, something I never thought I’d ever see
happened before my eyes. A figure dressed in black armor, an elf
from what I could see, leapt in front of me, landing with a
massive crash of fel magic. Illidari. I told myself. Though I hated
that name, I wasn’t going to turn down aid in this.” Leave him
alone! He has done nothing wrong, why would you even bother?”
The demon hunter asked. I couldn’t see his face, yet I could hear
his dark voice coming from behind.” Might I remind you we are in
a capital city? Do you want to be labeled as criminals?” He asked.
The women and people looked surprised, as if they were just now
realizing that they were in Stormwind. Then, her and her allies
simply walked away, grunting their anger. The demon hunter
also walked away and I didn’t even bother following.
I continued my search for allies, an order, anything, and
well many caught my eye, and many tried to drive a blade
through my throat, or implied they dearly wished to do so,
eventually, after a good three hours, I found one order. An order
whose members were both interesting and who would do some
good for me. They were called The Remnant of The Forsaken. An
order with few members, yet those members were made of those
who had been forsaken by everything they had once known. How
we crossed paths and how I joined their order isn’t of much
concern, at least in the contexts of this tale, but what happened
afterwards is.
| Page33 Demonheart:Moonsworn
After I joined the Remnant of The Forsaken, I went to the
bar in the Mage Quarter to get a drink. I entered the bar, which
was a large, wooden room, with a counter for drinks, and many
tables for drinking. There were many people within the tavern,
yet as I was walking past the bartender’s area, I saw an illidari.”
Damned Illidari.” I whispered as I passed by. The servant of
illidan caught this and said” Don’t even say that, traitor.” The
demon hunter growled. I turned to face him. He was dressed in
demon sown armor, armor that was made of a thousand slain
demons.” You people are more fanatical than the Twilight’s
Hammer.” I said back.” What are you bound to, an imp? No
wonder you became a pet of the Kaldorei.” The Illidari mocked.
Rage filled me. I wanted to strike him down, to end him once and
for all, yet I contained my fury.” If Illidan gave the order to
slaughter the Horde and The Alliance, you would follow that
order to the letter just because your god ordered it so!” I barked
“Yes, I would follow that order, if it brought an end to the
Burning Legion!” The Illidari countered. At this I laughed.” How
would that do any harm to the Legion? Give them more ground to
cover so they can conquer Azeroth?” I mused.” It’d give us the
ability to end the legion!” The Illidari tried to counter, yet I knew
that that was a foolish statement. Silence fell upon the tavern
and I could tell that people were staring. I wasn’t one for
attention, yet I felt like the people were on the side of the Illidari.”
Face me outside the gates, Illidari.” I growled. The Demon Hunter
smiled, amused.” So be it, traitor. You will die by my blades.” We
met outside the gates of Stormwind, massive gates standing
behind us. A red flag bearing two swords swayed in the wind. We
stared at each other intensely, ready to end each other in an
We spent seconds, staring each other down. Then, with a
furious roar, I leapt at the demon hunter, aiming my shields for
his chest. The demon hunter brought up his warglaive and
blocked my blow, yet I could feel his fury building up. I shot a
blast of pure arcane energy from my shields, looking surprised
how I did so. The demon hunter took the hit, yet kept up his
assault. I brought my shield down upon his skull, yet he blocked
| Page34 Demonheart:Moonsworn
it his fist, the leather armor protecting his skin from being peeled
away. Then, the Illidari attempted to bring down a furious blow
upon me, yet I threw my shields up around me, forming a
protective barrier the color of light blue. The barrier took the
blow, removing it instantly, yet I caught my shields as they fell to
the ground, resuming my assault on the Illidari.
I brought on a furious assault upon the Demon Hunter, all
the pain that the Illidari had caused me suddenly filling my an
endless strength, a wellspring I had never felt before. It was not
demonic in nature, I could feel that, yet it was not something that
had happened before. It didn’t matter. I didn’t care. I blocked yet
another blow with my shield.” We could keep this up forever, you
know.” I said, aiming a blow for the Illidari chest. The Illidari
smiled.” I'm not sure you could, imp bound.” The demon hunter
replied. That was the last string I had that hadn’t been broken to
fury. With an earsplitting roar that sent the Illidari off balance, I
unleashed a furious assault of blows, some with my shield, some
with my fist.
I beat the illidari again and again, holding him by his armor.
I punched his face, letting a few teeth fall out. Then, I threw him
across the forest, sending him into a nearby tree.” For Illidan!”
The Demon Hunter roared in challenge. He charged towards me
faster than I could react, striking me under the legs, then in the
chest, then the shoulder, until every bone in my body ached with
agony. Yet fury spurred me onwards, as I rushed with a furious
speed towards the Illidari, bringing my shields down on his
shoulder, and enjoying watching as the green, gooey blood spilled
from his shoulder. The Illidari roared his fury and then beat me
again and again, until finally, I was forced to my knees.” Finish
it.” I told the Illidari as he walked back into the city. He paused.”
No, you are not worth my time, traitor.” The Demon Hunter
replied. After that, I walked away from the city, making my way to
the base of the Remnant of the Fallen...
| Page35 Demonheart:Moonsworn
Chapter 4: The Moonfang Sentinels:
The battle with the Illidari had wounded my pride greatly, yet I
never knew when to give up. I knew that it was beyond my
control and I made my way from Stormwind to Kalimdor,
eventually finding my way to the area of Feralas, a zone of jungle
that was under the control of elven forces. There, at the
Feathermoon Stronghold, something interesting happened…
I made my into Feathermoon Stronghold, being greeted by
strange looks from those there. The stronghold was an oddity, or
at least in the look of it. It was a massive tree, for the main
building, yet there were many buildings around it, with a few
military personnel walking around, yet when I made my way into
what was the courtyard, standing before a bridge with a crossway
and the main Stronghold itself, I saw a group of gathered elves.
In fear, I quickly ran behind a set of glaivers that stood behind
the weapons.
They were talking, yet I couldn’t understand the words
they spoke. Eventually, they all gathered atop mounts of flight
and flew towards an isle nearby.” What are you doing?” I
wondered to myself in a whisper. I looked behind me to ocan,
knowing it would be a long journey. Unless I used my wings. I
smiled to myself, knowing the idea was better than swimming in
cold water for maybe half a mile. I spread my wings out, their
tattered holes looking truly demonic, before I launched myself
| Page36 Demonheart:Moonsworn
into the air, using the wings to slow my descent. I made my way
to the Isle, flapping my wings, making my way there and
ensuring that no one could see me. When I arrived, I saw the
ruins of a former elven civilization, yet there were naga
everywhere. I saw the group of gathered elves from the
Stronghold and I noticed that there were worgen among them.
The worgen were massive creatures, hunched back in
nature, that were a combination of man and wolf. Their
description isn’t important, all too much anyways, but all that is
important is that they were there. I landed atop what had once
been an inn, now ruined and starting to cave in. I should’ve know
it was a foolish move. I watched as the group of elves slaughtered
naga after naga, knowing that discovery would mean almost
certain death. The night elven people hated demon hunters,
almost as much as they hated demons themselves. As I was
pondering on this, I heard a crack, and then, the part of the roof I
was standing on caved in. I fell into an area, grunting with fury.
Slowly, I rose to my feet, cleaning dust from my felskin robes.
That was a huge mistake.
I heard the sound of a bow being drawn back, aimed at my
back.” Don’t move demon.” A female voice ordered. I turned
around, seeing a female elf dressed in mail armor holding a bow
and arrow at me.” Commander, I have something for you!” The elf
yelled. You fucking idiot. My inner demon whispered.” I mean no
harm.” I said, trying to reason with the elf.” You mean no harm?
Then why are you here?” She asked. I had no answer for her, yet
I knew that there was no way I’d be able to reason with her.
Barging was a foolish move, since that would just make me look
bad.” Look, I came here by mistake, I swear on my very soul I will
not harm you, or any of your allies.” I said, my voice sounding
Just then, another elven women dressed in what looked to be
plate armor and the worgen I had seen earlier with the elves
came up. The elven women looked surprised to me, almost
confused.” How did you find it?” The women asked.” I was
walking around the inn, looking for naga, and then it fell through
the roof.” The one with the bow explained.” Miss, I mean you nor
your allies any harm, I was just wondering what you’re doing.” I
| Page37 Demonheart:Moonsworn
continued. They didn’t seem convinced. Then, finally, a human,
dressed in the robes of a druid walked into the shattered room.”
Root him.” The other elf told the human. She nodded, before
holding her hands to the sky, summoning roots of dark green to
bind my limbs.
“Dread, guard him here.” The elf in armor said. The wargen
turned around to face me well the others left, a massive spear in
his gauntleted hands. It was orange, and it glowed with primal
power, I could feel that, yet there were many feathers along it’s
edge that seemed to phase in and out of reality itself. We sat
there in silence for many awkward minutes.
“So you’re a demon hunter?” The worgen eventually asked. I
looked at him, puzzled.” Yes.” I replied.” What are you? A
warrior?” I asked.” Im a hunter.” The wargen said. I laughed.” I
thought hunters used bows and guns, not spears.” I said. The
worgen laughed.” I believe you need to keep up to date with
current events, my friend. You see, we hunters have recently
taken up melee combat, as spearmen.” The wargen said. I
nodded. I saw his eyes slowly looking to my sheathed shields,
their flaming edge extinguished since they were not in my
hands.” And you demon hunters have taken up shields.” He said,
confused. I clapped, the roots that bound me making the gesture
awkward and I felt them tighten.” No, they have not. At Least for
the most part.” I said. The worgen laughed.” Since when do
demon hunters need shields? Isn't their goal to destroy the
Legion and die doing so, not defend themselves?” he said.
I laughed again.” I am not like most demon hunters, my
friend.” I said. He looked at me, almost as if he understood what
had happened to me all those years ago.” What made you become
a demon hunter?” The wargon asked. This was a question I had
pondered thousands of times. It wasn’t just because the legion
had tricked me, killed my beloved. It was something more, a
mistake I wish I had never made. Yet I did, and now, I must make
the best of it.” That’s a long story. For now, let’s just say I was
tricked.” I said.” Dread! Take the prisoner with you! Were moving
to the other side of the isle!” Came the voice of the commander.
The worgen began to walk out, then stopped when he
realized I wasn’t moving.” You coming?” he asked. I gave him a
| Page38 Demonheart:Moonsworn
glare that said are you serious?” Well?” He pushed.” I can't.” I
explained. The wargen looked surprised.” Oh, duh.” He said,
obviously feeling dumbstruck.” Commander!” He yelled.” We need
a druid to undo the roots!” He yelled. There was no reply, yet
obviously, the commander had heard him since minutes later,
the same druid who had bound me came into the room. She
whispered the incantation to remove my bindings and they feel
back into the earth. She bowed before running back the way she
came. Then, I felt a sting on back. I looked to see the worgen
behind me.” What was that for?” I asked.” If you try to escape,
then we can find you.” The wargen said, amused. I smiled.” I'm a
prisoner of war basicly. If I run, I die.” I said, smile in the voice.”
Just move.” The wargen said, point his spear to where the door to
the outside lie.
We walked outside, meeting up with the rest of the group. There
weren’t many other elves there, not that I hadn’t met already. I
walked with them for a few minutes until we came to a halt
around a stone. It was rune with sigils I didn’t recognize. The
lead elf, who I assumed was the commander, kneeled down
before the stone, spacing everything out.” Umm….is she ok?” I
asked. The wargen looked at me.” She’s just remembering
something that happened. Give her some space.” The wargen
explained. I nodded. I suppose it might help if I called him Dread
from now on, since I heard it before when they found me.
All of a sudden, a wargon dressed in armor that was
covered with fel spikes came out of nowhere and landed atop the
stone. I nearly drew my shields, yet Dread placed his hand on my
shoulder to assure me it was not an enemy.” Larn?” Dread asked
to the rouge. The rouge did not respond. “Let's move.” Came the
voice of the commander, who began to stand and walk off
onwards to isle. We followed her back the way we came, until
finally, the whistled and summoned mounts, mostly hippogryphs,
but there were some other animals there. I sighed.” For the love
of Elune.” I said.” You can ride on mine, demon hunter.” Dread
said, gesturing for me to take a seat. The hunter was atop a
massive dragon, it's black scaled glimmering in the sunlight. I
climb on, sitting behind him and holding onto his shoulders. The
| Page39 Demonheart:Moonsworn
hunter whipped at the beast and with a massive flap of it’s wings,
it took flight.
We flew back to Feathermoon Stronghold, where I was
bound once more and watched by Dread. This time, it was many
long minutes, feeling like hours almost, until finally, the
commander came to me with an offer.” First, tell me your name.”
She said, her voice full of command.” Alriona Moonsworn.” I said,
quickly. She smiled at me.” Very well, Alriona. I have come to you
with an offer. You may join our order, the Moonfang Sentinels, as
long as you do not pose a threat to the elven people or my
sentinels.” She said. I nearly jumped at the offer. This was a
chance to atone for my many sins, a thousand things I had done
wrong, a thousand mistake I needed to fix. Yet, there was
something that gave me paused for a few short seconds. The
elven people hated me now. They wished me dead, in the worst
way possible. But I didn’t allow it stop me.” It’s not like I have
any better option, even though you’d let me go freely if I chose
otherwise. Very well, I will join your order and I swear on my life,
on my very soul, I will protect these lands and it’s people, and
fight for Elune.” I said. War was coming, an endless storm of
darkness, I could feel it in my very soul, and I would gather these
sentinels against it if I could. For Azeroth…
A day passed from when I first joined the sentinels and I
realized something that was quite obvious: I needed a mount. I
had searched for one that would provide me with something
interesting, knowing nothing of what was to come. And then I
found it. A manasaber that the Nightborne called San’Drathorn,”
The Fury Of Suramar” in common. The beast was supposedly
born of the Nightwell, the fount of the Nightborne’s power, and it
was so powerful that no Nightborne beastmaster could tame it.
Instead of killing the beast, they held it captive within the
Nighthold. And so that’s where I went.
I entered Suramar City, a city I had not seen in over a
thousand years. The city was colored purple blueish, its
buildings elven in nature. I ran through the city, ensuring that I
was not caught by any of the Dustwatch Guardsmen. I ran
through the streets of Suramar, until finally, I saw the gates of it.
| Page40 Demonheart:Moonsworn
The Nighthold stood as a massive, towering purple spire,
surrounded by gates of the same color as the city, powerful magic
radiating from it. The gates were closed, yet I was determined to
gain this mount, and gates meant nothing to me.
I leapt with such a force that I swear it shattered the
ground, leaving great gaps in it. I landed on the wall, peering
over. I gasped at what I saw. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of
Nightborne soldiers dressed in purple armor were holding their
blades ready at the gates. I knew I could not take them alone.
That would be more than foolish, that would be my end. Stealth
was key. I ran across the wall that encircled the Nighthold, until I
finally found the an area where I could land. It was a small area,
without guards, with an area unsealed that lead into the caverns
deep below the Nighthold.
I ran into the underground area, ensuring that there were
none who saw my footsteps. Eventually, I was lead into a massive
room with an even more massive spire of arcane energy, barely
held together in form, colored dark purple. The Nightwell. And
patrolling around it was a massive being that seemed to made of
arcane magic, planets floating above what I assumed was its
head. I hide myself away from it. As it passed around the massive
spire of the Nightwell, I saw my prize. San’Drathorn lie bound by
arcane currents around another cavern way that lead into the
unknown. I looked for the creature, ensuring that it did not see
me, and then broke into a run to San’Drathorn. HALT! A massive
voice screamed in my head. What do you think you’re doing? It
said. It was San’Drathorn.
“Getting you out.” I whispered to the beast. It was even
more spectacular than I had thought at first. Its body was
dressed in runes of power, its body power incarnate, arcane
magic giving the skin of the beast a light blue hue. I cut the being
free with shields, ensuring that the creature did not see me. It
didn’t. I grabbed the creature’s mane.” It’ll be ok.” I whispered. I
broken into a run as I carried the creature along. The creature
noticed me then as it charged after me. I ran for my life, knowing
that this the worst idea I’d ever had. I made out of the
underground caverns below the Nighthold, finding the thousands
of guards, and in my reckless quest to get out of the Nighthold, I
| Page41 Demonheart:Moonsworn
had forgotten about the guards. They closed in on my and I knew
I could not fight them off. Then, San’Drathorn roared, scaring the
guards back. I dropped the beast. GET ON! It’s voice roared in my
mind. I leapt onto the mount and in turn, San’Drathorn leapt off
of the Nighthold from a balcony nearby. I expected to die, yet as I
closed my eyes waiting for the end, it never came.
I opened my eyes, looking down at the manasaber and
seeing magical wings. Hold on! San’Drathorn roared in my mind.
I grabbed what was meant to be reins, that had somehow been
left on the beast as a reminder of the time when the Nightborne
had tried to subjugate the great beast. I held on for dear life as
the beast guided me away from the Nighthold and landed outside
of Suramar City. I placed my feet on the ground, looking at the
creature. Do you wish to subjugate me? Or do you truly wish to kill
me? Shan’Drathorn asked.” I don’t wish to do ethier. I know you
may hate me, but I need a mount. I will not subjugate you under
my will, nor will I force you to serve. I will simply act as a friend,
of sorts.” I said. Shan’Drathorn nodded it’s head. You're going to
need a saddle then, friend. Then again, I could just get one myself.
The manasaber glowed brightly, purple magic nearly blinding me
a second time.
When the light ended, I saw Shan’Drathorn emerge in
armor, a saddle already ready. A buzz came over my ear, the
sound of coms going off.” Sentinels.” Came Ler’s voice.” Meet up
in Azshuna. It’s time to teach these naga who their dealing with.”
I smiled. I mounted Shan’Drathorn, feeling the soft signs of
Shel’Dorei silk. I took hold of the reins, and Shan’Drathorn took
flight. And hour later, I met up with Ler and the rest of the
sentinels in Azuna. I landed, dismounting Shan’Drathorn and
bowing to Ler. The banner of the Moonfang Sentinels swayed in
the distance. The banner was a blue background with a white
tree in the center, symbolizing what I assumed was a world tree.
The rest of the sentinels gathered around Ler, and I stood far
away enough to hear what she said, yet not close enough to be
noticed.” Sentinels, we are going to find one of the many Artifacts
that the Naga are after. It’s a….well, in Dread’s words, the
“Child’s throne.” Ler explained. “Kill as many as these bastards
as you can. May Elune be with you.” Ler said.
| Page42 Demonheart:Moonsworn
The sentinals charged downwards into the small city
that the Naga had made. Naga corpses soon filled the floor, and I
leapt from the small hill I had been standing on and into naga
base, driving my shields through naga after naga. Shan’Drathorn
joined me, roaring it’s fury as it cut down naga after naga, the
beast mauling any naga who dare come near it. I was glad to be
it’s rider and not it’s prey. Yet, as I descended deeper into the
base, I felt the presence of fel magic. Fel magic that could only
mean demon hunters. I shrugged it off, and continued my
assault, yet as I did so, I found out the truth. I saw a turtle in a
black shell, standing immobile before…felsworn. I ran to the
commander.” Commander! Felsworn are here.” I exclaimed,
running towards her. She gave me a look.” Felsworn? Where?”
She asked. “Follow me.” I said. I lead her and a few sentinels
back to where I had seen the Felsworn and when we brought
them down quickly, also killing the turtle who was unfortunate
enough to be caught by our blades.
The battle went on for many more minutes, until finally, the
commander gave the order to advance into Narthalas, the real
prize of the naga. When we entered the school, or city some might
say, we attacked the naga. The beasts fell quickly. The city itself
was a beautiful reminder of what the Night Elves once held.
Gleaming towers stood all over, bridges leading from tower to
tower, their design truly eye catching. I cut down one of the naga
harpooners, slicing the beast in the chest. The naga were scaly
beings, fish like in their nature. Supposedly, they used to be
Night Elves, transformed by some kind of magic into the
monsters they are today.
Eventually, after I had slaughtered maybe a hundred or so
naga, I realized the sentinels were somewhere else. I searched the
area for them, eventually finding them upstairs, the commander
without armor, passed out on the floor, with the rest of the
sentinels surrounding her. I ran to them, wondering what had
happened. Then, I saw it. In her chest, an arrow stuck out.” What
happened?” I asked.” One of the naga got her in the chest. We
don’t have any healers.” Dread explained. I nodded. Purple blood
was pooled around the area, showing major blood loss that
might’ve killed some. Something needed to be done, yet I knew
| Page43 Demonheart:Moonsworn
that there was little hope. No One present knew how to heal,
including me.” We can't just let her die here.” I said. Dread
nodded.” There’s nothing we can do. We have no healers, or
bandages, or anyway to get her out of here.” He explained.” I’ve
noticed.” I said, trying not to be sarcastic.
In that moment, a thought popped into my head. Could I
use the power of the Tears of Sargeras? Would they heal her? I
pondered these thoughts, yet came to the conclusion that the
idea was a horrible one. Using the tears would mean revealing
them to the others and well I trusted them with my very life, I
didn’t not trust them with my soul. Then another thought came
into my head. Why did I care? These people, well they had taken
me in, did not even care too much about what happened to me.
They did not care if I lived or died, or whatever. So why did I
care? I didn’t have an answer, and even now, I ponder that
Just then, a robbed women walked before us. She held a staff
of angelistic power, wings breaking off the head of a hooded
figure making the head of the staff.” A healer, thank Elune.” I
exclaimed. The healer nodded to me, before casting her gaze
upon Ler. Without a word, the priestess placed her on the spear,
pulling with a might that was unusual for a priestess. She threw
the spear aside and placed her hands on the commander’s chest.
Light glowed around the two, healing the wound, and blinding all
but the two women. When the blindness faded, the priestess was
gone, and Ler was healer. The commander got to her feet.” What
happened.” She asked, nearly tripping as she made her way to
her feet. I held no answer for her, yet Dread did.” You were struck
by a naga in the chest. A priestess healed you.” He explained. I
I felt a calling of both dark and light within my felskin robes,
and I pulled the Tears of Sargeras from my pocket, turning away
from the group and ensuring none could see what I was doing.
Words flickered across the surface of the tears, reading: IT’S
TIME. I nodded, knowing what it meant. I would have to warn
Alerion of Karazhan, and get him to Netherspace. Yet I suppose it
was better to just let it happen on it’s own. I placed them back in
my pocket and heard Ler’s commanding voice.” Dread, take this
| Page44 Demonheart:Moonsworn
throne back to base. And take Alriona with you, please.” She
ordered. The wargon nodded, summoning a grey rocket with a
blue flame to his side. The worgen grabbed the holdings on the
front seat of the rocket, taking his seat atop it and beckoning me
to come. I mounted the rocket with him, ready to move. Then, the
worgen aimed the rocket to the skies and went for the floating
city in the sky, Dalaran.” I saw what you had back there. Those
black stone…what were those things anyways.”
Damn it. I thought to myself. The Tears of Sargeras were a
secret best left alone, the less who knew of the Tears the better. I
sucked up my gut as we approached Dalaran, its white and
purple walls coming into view.” Can you keep a secret?” I asked.
The wargen nodded, flying above the floating city.
The Wargen nodded, stopping the rocket above the
floating city. I breathed in, knowing that what I said next could
very well be what lead to my end.” Those stones were The Tears
of Sargeras, stones that hold the power of the Burning Legion’s
Leader, Sargeras.” I explained. The wargen, who had looked back
to me, dropped his jaw in awe.” How the hell did you even come
across such a thing?” He asked.” Below Karazhan, legends told of
them. After I was attacked by a Nightmare Dragon, I went into
the crypts and found them there in a pit, just waiting to be
claimed, and then I cleansed them.” I explained.
We went through the Portal to Darnassus and continued
our flight to Fearlas, the elven capital quickly falling out of view,
along with much of any other land. Silently, we made our way to
Feathermoon Stronghold and dropped off our cargo and then, we
parted ways. I knew that most likely I was going to pay dearly for
telling Dread about the Tears, it was a foolish move. Yet I
suppose I just had to sit and wait to see…
If you're wondering what happened to the Remnant of The Fallen,
I found out they were using heavy fel magic and they were a
legion cult that inducted those who were forsaken by their peers
and gave them power. Anyways, I suppose there is one thing that
should be told. An event that surprised me, yet it may surprise
you as well…
| Page45 Demonheart:Moonsworn
I walked around Feathermoon Stronghold as I had been for a
few hours now. It wasn’t out of duty or any of that, but rather
because I felt like it and I was bored. It’s not like I had anything
else to do, since I had done my daily routine already. Eventually,
when I made my way to the Courtyard, I saw a female elf dressed
in purple robes decorated with skulls. I walked up to her.” What
are you doing here?” I asked. There was no reply, as the women
pushed her way through me, sending me to the ground.
A surge of anger flowed through me, yet I stayed my hand.
I knew that it was a foolish move to interrupt her, since more
than likely, she’d just shove me out of the way, or beat me to
death if she could. Either way, I didn’t want to find out. I stalked
her throughout the Stronghold until finally, the worgen
lieutenant, named Illsana, walked up to her, stopping her in her
tracks. The wargen was dressed in the robes of a healer, flowers
blossoming off her armor.” Halt.” She said, forcing her beautiful
staff down to the floor, landing with a large bang. I ran to her
side, but the druid waved me off with a hand. I grunted, standing
behind the women in order to ensure that she didn’t escape
before we got any answers.
“Who are you?” The wargen asked.” That is none of your
concern, nor is it your friend’s concern.” The women said,
darkness flowing through her voice.” Then I’ll make it my damn
concern.” I growled from behind her. She looked up at me
without turning and nodded.” Who are you?” The wargen asked
again. The women pushed her way past the worgen and then,
something that still baffles me, happened. The commander
walked out, a purple armored demon hunter standing beside her.
The commander was in her normal attire of blue and silver battle
armor, her glowing blow strapped to her back. I bowed in respect,
and then turned to the demon hunter. The demon hunter wore
dark purple armor, warglaives of grey and purple strapped upon
her back, horns the size of a dagger sprouting from her head, and
her eyes. Her eyes were aflame with the color of fel magic, ever
“God damn Illidari.” I cursed under my breath. “What is going
on out here?” Ler asked. The lieutenant took this one. “Alriona
| Page46 Demonheart:Moonsworn
found this women wandering around the base. She is consumed
in void magic, so neither of us can tell whether or not she’s a
friend or foe.” The wargen said. At that moment, I somehow just
noticed that the women was consumed in void magic, her entire
form consumed by the stuff. I have no Idea how I missed that
detail before. The women removed her hood, revealing a slender
face, slim, female features, yet still, the void magics that had
consumed her body made it look like these features were sickly.
The Commander’s eyes winded as she looked at the women.
She took the women under her arm, walking towards a nearby
tree, whispering words to the women that went unheard by those
around.” I don’t trust her.” I said, yet no one seemed to really
care, all that much.” Neither do I.” Said the demon hunter, her
voice neither soothing nor raging.” Just like I don’t trust your
kind.” I whispered, trying to make it as secretive as possible.”
Watch your tongue, traitor.” The Illidari proclaimed. I knew that I
shouldn’t have done that.” I'm going to go after my sister, you two
can come if you like.” The Demon Hunter remarked, glancing to
the worgen and then to me, and when she looked upon me, she
gave me a glare of hate.
The Demon Hunter broke into a run after the commander,
leaving us behind in her dust.” Well? Let's go!” I said. The wargen
nodded, transforming into a cat and running ahead of me. When
I made it to the top of tree, I hide myself outside the door of the
room. The room was wooden, elven furniture spread out across
the room. The Demon Hunter made it in before me and the druid
had used her cat form to hide in the shadows in order to listen to
the conversation. I, however, had no such ability.” Can you not
see? She wants to slaughter us all! You are all blind!” The demon
hunter roared. Amused, I walked into the doorway and said” need
I remind you are aswell?” I could feel the fury from the demon
“You have no authority here, ex-illidari.” The Demon Hunter
roared, turning to face me. I quickly fell silent.” I mean no harm,
friend.” The women said, with a voice unusually calm. I knew
that was a horrible case.” Escort her to my quarters.” The
commander ordered. So we did, but when we got into the dark
room, with the worgen at our side, something…unexpected
| Page47 Demonheart:Moonsworn
happened. The women turned on us, sending bolts of shadow at
the worgen. She went down in an instant, still alive, yet gravely
wounded.” How can we trust you?” I asked her. The women
smiled at me.” How can they trust you, demon hunter?” She
pointed out.” Because I don’t murder my allies.” I said. She
laughed.” But your demon will.” She teased. I roared, sending
myself through the air at her, shields ready, yet as I hit her, I
bounced off a barrier, sending me flying to a nearby wall. I
snarled at her.
The women ran out the door, running down the ramp.
I quickly got off my feet, running after. I leapt through the air
with a furious roar, landing in front of the women. The other
demon hunter came around behind.” Your surrounded!” I said.
“You're going to die.” The woman growled. She sent a bolt of
shadow at me, and I leapt backwards, forgetting I could raise my
shield. Another bolt towards me, and this time, I raised my
shield, defending against the shadowy magic that was sent
hurtling towards me.” You can't win!” I yelled, throwing my shield
under her feet. The mysterious woman stepped out of the way
just in time as the shield came back into my waiting hand. In
that instant, I felt a sharp pain came in my but and I went down
to my knees. To my surprise, I saw the commander, striding
forth, her bow in hand.
“Was that really necessary?” I asked, trying to get myself to
my feet. I fell off balance the instant I stood, meeting the wooden
floor. The commander looked at me.” Yes.” She said, changing
her gaze to the matter at hand. All eyes had fallen upon the
commander, some having recovered, some still kneeling.” What is
going on here?” She asked.” This woman tried to kill Illisan.” I
explained. Ler nodded to me. I'm surprised you would choose
such…enthusiastic allies. My demon taunted. What do you have
to say, demon? I replied. It just amusing to me that a demon
hunter even one such as yourself would choose to ally yourself
with the people who hate you, and serve an order that is a
permanent reminder of your loss. I’ll admit, the demon did have a
point. I myself didn’t know why I had taken up the offer, yet even
if I could find the answer, I highly doubted it was one I’d like.
| Page48 Demonheart:Moonsworn
The reason I had thought of then was that I had joined the
Moonfang Sentinels as a way to atone for my sins, to atone for
becoming a demon hunter and being baited into the trap of The
Sons of Legion. Though Alerion had recently laid siege to
Narazeal, their homeworld, I was not there to strike a blow upon
them. It was bitter revenge, revenge for everything the Sons of
Legion had put me through. Yet I would have to deal with it. I
slowly picked myself up, picking up shields that had fallen from
my hands. I held them steady, ready for anything.
I waited. I knew that there was nothing I could do to help
the situation and I had missed the words of the conversation that
Ler and the rest were taking part in.” I’ll take my leave for now.” I
said. Ler nodded to me, giving me the sign to go, and so I did. I
left Feathermoon Stronghold, and for the first time in what
seemed like an eternity, I felt something I believed lost: I felt
Chapter 5: Memories Of The Past:
I walked through the city of Suramar, a city I had not walked in
years. Tall, ancient, night elven builds stretched into the sky.
They were beautiful in their design, reminding just the price we
had truly paid for the victory in the War of The Ancients. Arcane
infused elves walked the streets of the city, some giving me
| Page49 Demonheart:Moonsworn
glances, or even stares of hate at the worst of times. Yet none
attacked me. I guess it was because of the “treaty” of sorts with
the Nightborne, recently made when the assault on the Nighthold
was finished.
I took a transported to the upper levels of the city, my
being transformed into a ball of fast moving arcane energy that
sent me to the teleporter above. When I was whole again, I
walked the massive bridge towards a towering building, its gates
open for all to see. The Nighthold. The massive, purple building
was an awe to see once more. Yet with it’s gates open, it looked
even more massive than I had ever seen. The massive tower in
the middle provided a perfect area for one to take in the beauty of
Suramar. Then, directly behind it, a hellish figure moved in from
behind. The Tomb of Sargeras. The tomb itself, despite being
massive itself, was impossible to see, the only exception being the
massive beacon that served as a portal into Azeroth for the
Burning Legion.
As I prepared myself to walk through the gates of the
Nighthold, they suddenly snapped such.” No outsiders allowed!” I
heard one of the Nightborne yell. I sighed. I would have to go in
the way the adventurers before me did: from below. I walked
through the city once more, until I finally came to the Terrace of
Order. The terrace itself was massive in size, yet not grand. When
I entered the main room, it was unimpressive compare to the rest
of the city, three platforms allowing politics to take place. I didn’t
care much for politics, and I never have, yet even here, it looked
I walked onwards, until finally, I reached an area that was
once closed off by a portcullis. The portcullis was still there, yet
it’s still form loomed above the doorway. I entered the Nighthold’s
underground tunnels, massive ones in size. The rotting corpses
of dead withered lie spread across the floor in random patterns. I
walked passed them, seeing more dead withered. The withered
where elves, yet cursed ones. The withered had arcane energy
that flowed freely through them in life, giving their skin a pale
blue color. Yet these withered had fallen by the blades of heroes,
the heroes who had laid siege to the Nighthold and ended the
menace of Gul’Dan. I walked onwards, until I came across a
| Page50 Demonheart:Moonsworn
massive room, filled with crystallized mana, ancient mana as the
Nightborne called it. And behind a gaping cave, the corpse of a
massive beast, that looked to be infused with crystal as well, laid
This was one of the greatest challenges the heroes of
Azeroth had to overcome in order to slay the nightborne, their
guard you could say. I pressed onwards, eventually coming to the
room I had found Shan’Drathorn. The room was still intact, with
a few holes here and indicating where heroes had missed their
blows. And, near the massive, cylinder-like structure that held
the Nightwell, massive bindings lie motionless. They once held
the creature I had seen when I had recovered Shan’Drathorn, and
now, the creature was dead. Yet the Nightwell was I had come for.
Ever since the heroes of Azeroth had taken the Eye of Aman’Thul
from atop the Nighthold, the Nightwell had been dieing. Its once
massive size had been reduced to a small, yet soothing stream. I
walked towards it, drawing my shields. I knew this was a foolish
move, one that could get me killed if not done right, yet I knew
that allowing corruption to run rampant in my weapons was not
an option. I was not like the Illidari, I was not a fool, addicted to
fel magic, trying desperately to destroy it’s source for more power.
I was something more.
With a furious look of hate, I plunged my shield into the
Nightwell, and I wanted to scream. Agony filled my body, every
inch of it bathing in pure agony, suffering. I watched with horror
as my hand began to spin the flesh off, leaving little more than
bone. Horror filled me. This was a foolish idea. Yet, even in that
moment of agony, memories of the past flashed through my head.
And I remembered something I had not remembered since
becoming a demon hunter. A memory I wished dearly had stayed
It was late at night. I walked through the halls of the Temple of
Elune, waiting impatiently. This was where all night elves in
Suramar went to pray, where they went for help. I was waiting for
Lorven to finish her business as a priestess, knowing that it
would be quite a while. The entire area was almost beyond
description, beautiful moons covering the area. The entire area
| Page51 Demonheart:Moonsworn
was filled with statues of Elune or Queen Ashra, offerings to the
Moon Goddess placed out around the temple. The walls and floor
were light blue, the complex area of it making it seem like a
night-version of heaven.
I paced still. Elves were all around, of all descriptions, in
all different kinds of clothing. I did not feel anger at that moment,
yet what I felt was something different. Something I couldn’t
explain. It wasn’t rage, it wasn’t disappointment, it was
something I cannot explain now. When I saw her walk out the
nearby door, I nearly fell off my feet. The priestess was dressed in
robes, moons and stars decorating the sacred robes. Yet her face
was something I'd never forget. The priestess looked as if she was
going to cry. I knew something was wrong. She came to me,
hugging me, and in that moment I embrace her.” What
happened?” I asked. The priestess looked up at me, nodded me to
guide her out. I did as she asked, knowing that whatever I was
about to hear, it would be something heartbreaking.
“I’ve been removed from the Sisterhood.” Lorven said,
unable to keep the sadness from her voice. I felt my jaw drop. A
thousand questions flowed through my brain at the same time.”
What? Why?” I asked.” I don’t know.” She said. Tears rolled down
her face and I pressed her to me. Eventually, she pulled away
from me fiercely, before running away, tears rolling down her
face. I felt furious at myself, yet I knew that it was only a matter
of time. Time was the healer of everything. I was so foolish back
then. Time could heal only physical wounds, but wounds in the
mind, wounds that scarred the very soul, are permanent. They
are something that not even time can heal…
Agony rolled through my entire body, and I wanted to run
away from the Nightwell, knowing that it was a foolish move to
even try and empower my weapon with such a power. I felt death
closing in, all around me, death. In that moment, I felt a surge of
hope. I would see Lorven again. Demonic laughter rang through
my very soul. You truly think you will ever see your love again? Do
you honestly believe that she would even want to see you after
what you did? You let her die! You are exactly everything that she
hates, everything that she would rather smite then even give a
| Page52 Demonheart:Moonsworn
chance to live! Do you honestly think she would welcome you with
open arms, even if you could escape fate. The Demon was right,
and I knew it, with a cold, hard certainty. Another memory
formed, a memory that shaped my entire life in a few minutes. I
cannot share this memory. I cannot describe it. I cannot even
explain it.
Chapter 6: To Be Redeemed:
| Page53 Demonheart:Moonsworn
I walked the streets of Darnassus, the Capital of the Night
Elves. The entire area was filled with trees, even the bank being a
wooden carving of an eagle fighting against a bear. Temples stood
all around, yet the one in the middle was massive in size, the
Second Temple of Elune. Many went there to pray. I avoided that
place above all, for I knew that any there would surely attempt at
the least to strike me down.
I walked alongside the massive river that tore through
the city, gaining more than a few strange glances, yet nothing
more then that. Sometimes, people would spit on me, yet none
dared draw too close. I looked into their eyes every time, and
every time I saw fear: fear of death, fear of me losing control, fear
of my kind. I nodded, yet besides that, I mentioned nothing of it
to the people. I had come here for wisdom, for aid. Little would be
found in such a place for me , yet I still came, for I knew
whatever wisdom I could find would be more then helpful. After
the events with the Nightwell, I felt as if I had no purpose. I felt
like a puppet, just being stringed around, a puppet of the night
elves, a puppet of Azeroth. A pawn of fate, just like everything
else. I walked for what felt like hours, yet it might’ve been since I
lost track of time. Eventually, I found where I wanted to be, The
Howling Oak. The Oak was a massive tree, sprouted for the new
worgen allies of Gilneas.
I walked into the oak, trying not to draw attention to
myself, yet knowing that many people gave me glances of hate
behind my back. I didn’t care. I walked outside it, until I reached
the tree’s back. No One would come back here. I knelt down on
my knees and willed my vision of the world shut. As my vision
went black, it quickly returned, yet I was not in Darnassus
anymore. I stood somewhere in the clouds, maybe even above
Azeroth, and before me, where the moon would’ve been, a
massive female figure stood. She was dressed in all kinds of
riches, a dress made of stars, a crown of made of a material I
couldn’t even begin to understand. In that instant, I nearly
| Page54 Demonheart:Moonsworn
jumped back, as I realized who the figure was. It was Elune, The
Moon Goddess.
The figure was glaring at me, her eyes filled with the fury of
a thousand suns. I wanted to run, yet invisible hands held me in
place.” What do you want from me?” I asked. At first, I received
no answer, only the howling abyss outside to answer me. Yet as I
listened to the void’s songs, I realized something that should’ve
hit me all at once: I could see normally. My vision was not made
of fel magic, there were no magic indications around Elune, even
though I’m sure if there, it would’ve blinded me.
After several moments, which felt like an eternity, Elune
finally spoke.” I only want answers from you, Alriona.” The figure
said.” Why did you betray me?” I would’ve jumped were it not for
the hands holding me in place.” What do you mean?” I asked.
The moon goddess smiled.” You turned your back on your people.
You sought vengeance you took in demonic powers. You made a
mistake.” She replied, her voice echoing across the cosmos.” Yet
there is hope for you yet.” She continued.” There is a chance at
redemption for you, yet it is fading fast.” I swallowed. A chance at
redemption from Elune herself? This sounded too good to be true.
Even though I thought this was a trick, I was already drawn in.”
Could you remove my demon?” I asked. Elune nodded.” No One
can do that, child. I'm afraid that’s beyond any power you will
ever find. Yet there is something you can do to redeem yourself in
the eyes of your people.”
“If you seek to atone for your sins, then you must follow three
trials to remove three artifacts. First, you must venture into the
Halls of Valor in order to recover one of the many horns of
Cenarius. Odyn stole it from me long ago, and he has left his pet
wolf, Fenrir, to guard it. You will have to go in alone and slay the
great wolf in order to recover the horn.
An image of a primal looking horn appeared. It had
carvings of nature, some I understood, yet many I didn’t.” The
next trial will be more challenging.” Elune continued.” You will
have to venture into the upper area of the Tomb of Sargeras, to
the Cathedral of Eternal Night, and recover something of such
value that returning it to Darnassus surely would earn some kind
of favor. You must recover the lost staff of Elune, one of many
| Page55 Demonheart:Moonsworn
items lost within the Cathedral. The Legion had sought after the
staff aswell, and they have many forces within my Cathedral.
Cleanse these filth from my Cathedral.”
An image of a staff the size me appeared. It was decorated
with many depictions of the night, and many more of nature, yet
the head was amazing. The headpiece of the staff was a moon,
one that seemed to shift depending on season.” The final trial.”
Elune began.” Will be one you may have to wait a while for. For
your last task, you must await for the Tomb of Sargeras to be
opened, by the combined forces of the orders of Azeroth on the
Broken Shore. Then, you must venture into the Tomb with a
group of heroes, maybe even the Illidari, and you must cleanse
the tomb of the demons. However, there is another reason you
must go into this place. Within the tomb, a group of the most
skilled huntresses were laid to rest. The legion has defiled these
spirits, forcing them to take up arms against any who dare enter
the tomb. Take from them their weapons.”
“Once that is done, find the fiend named Kil'Jaeden. Im
sure you know his name from more than source. Slay him, and
collect from him a shard of the thousands of souls he had
consumed over the countless years. However, in addition, the
fiends who have taken up residence within the tomb had
gathered a great amount of my essence. Slay them, and collect
this essence. Once you have completed these trials, go to the
temple of the Moon. Place the items near the water. It is only
then that you will redeemed. It is only then that you can be
saved.” With those words still echoing within my skull, I was
transported back into my body. My fel vision returned to me. I
knew what I had to do next. I would begin the trials Elune had
given me. And I would prepare for the opening of the Tomb of
Sargeras. If it meant my death, I would be redeemed…
I stood in awe at the Halls of Valor. A bridge of gold stood
before me, holy magic shining off the golden bridge. The air was
the color of yellow, making me stare at it in awe. I was in a
different place, a place of great wonder. The Halls of Valor. This
was Odyn’s realm, the realm of champions.” Odyn!” I yelled.” I
have come in the name of Elune, the Moon Goddess, and I seek
| Page56 Demonheart:Moonsworn
the Horn of Cenarius. I will undergo your trials, if need be, and I
will beat them! Tell me what I must do.” Silence passed through
the halls for many minutes, until finally, a booming voice
replied.” Demon hunter. You have come into my realm seeking
the horn of Cenarius. In order to retrieve this horn, you must
face Hymdall, Hryjia, and Fenyr” I knew this came from Odyn.
I smiled. Vrykul warriors dressed in gleaming armor
began to form ranks in front of me, some of them forged of thick
metal, lightning crackling off their skin, yet some dressed in
battle armor and cloth depicting ancient gods. Their weapons
were the same as their stormforged skin, all of them holding their
weapons out and bellowing challenge. I drew my shields and with
a roar that shook the Halls of Valor itself, I leapt amongst them. I
drove my shield through one of the vrykul, then another, until
finally, I found the Stormforged Vrykul. These vrykul were
massive, towering beasts of war, and my shields could not break
their skin. No matter how hard i drove my blade through them,
they did not fall. Their weapons swung overhead and I ducked,
trying to avoid dieing to their massive weapons.
Eventually, I managed to break the head of one of them
off, shattering it to pieces. I walked onwards, to where a massive,
gleaming vrykul stood, a gate of holy magic. Hymadal. He was the
gatekeeper of The Halls of Valor.” A lonely demon hunter has
found his way into the halls? I will purge your filth from these
halls, felspawn.” The warrior yelled, charging with a massive
blade. I ducked as the warrior swung his blade, a blow that
would’ve killed me. I aimed my shield at the head, yet the warrior
blocked.” Only cowards fear the call of battle!” The warrior yelled,
grabbing a horn the size of a wolf. I leapt backwards, knowing
that being near the warrior when he blew into it would result in
death. The warrior blew into the horn, the sound nearly bursting
my hearing apart. It sent me off my balance almost, leaving the
warrior an open area to charge towards me, and he did so with
great pleasure.
I ducked, avoiding the massive blade the warrior wielded,
before raising my burning shields to launch an assault of my
own. I drove my shields into the warrior again and again, yet his
steed skin seemed to resist it. “Dragon riders! Purge this filth
| Page57 Demonheart:Moonsworn
from these halls.” I hadn’t noticed until this point the massive,
crackling dragons that flew around the bridge. I broke into a run,
as the dragon began to cover the entire bridge with grey lightning
that crackled with the power to instantly kill any who dared walk
over it. The warrior, now separated from me, stared me down.” Be
gone, fel spawn!” The warrior roared, as the deadly lightning
began to clear. He charged towards me, his massive sword
coming down in an arch that would’ve cut me in two. I rolled
away from him, dodging the blow.
“For Elune!” I roared, my cry echoing throughout the Halls
of Valor. I leapt to my feet, charging with the fury of a thousand
suns, and slamming my shields into the warrior. The warrior was
dazed, and that was a fatal flaw. I launched myself towards the
warrior, unleashing bolts of dazzling arcane energy at the
warrior, sending him off his balance. He was greatly bruised. I
approached him, and as I did, he fell to his knees. “You…have
beaten me…Enter the halls.” The warrior said, his breath
becoming erratic. I nodded to him. The fight against him had
been a true challenge, and I knew the virtue of mercy still. I
walked into the inner halls, no one daring to strike me. There, I
entered a massive hall of food. Tables filled with meats of all
kinds and enough beer to get the whole of Azeroth drunk were
laid out across the hall.
Ahead, a barrier stood, a bridge made of Light leading to Seat
of Ascension. I turned to the left, seeing the vrykul war maidens
standing guard of Eyjir. I quickly ran that way, trying to avoid
any who would strike at me. I managed to find my way past
them, and I entered a glorious room. The shield maidens of the
Valajar lined up aside the walls, leaving room for me to meet my
foe. The entire room was golden, beautiful beyond words. When I
reached the top, the angelistic beings known as the Val'kyr stood
in golden armor, forged of Light itself.
And there, my challenge stood. Before me, a winged maiden
with a mask that gave no features away stood before me. “What is
a demonspawn doing here?” The massive being standing above
my foe yelled.” Explain your presence, felspawn, before I order
the whole of the Halls of valor to arms against you!” Ejyir’s voice
echoed throughout the halls. I smiled.” I am Alriona Moonsworn,
| Page58 Demonheart:Moonsworn
and I have come by Odyn’s blessing. I am here to prove myself
worthy of obtaining an Artifact that your keeper stole from my
people long ago. The Antler of Cenarius.” I said , walking into the
middle of the golden room. I stood before a god, and I felt her
bitter judgement before me. Several moments passed before the
mistress of the Val'kyr spoke.” Very well. Hijra, test this young
one.” She said. The one addressed as Hijra held a shield of golden
light and a spear of the same material. She raised them and
spread her wings, charging towards me.
As she landed, I rolled away, barely dodging the blow. Then,
getting off my feet, I raised my shields, quickly striking the
Val’kyr in the chest. The winged being nearly fell off her balance,
yet just before she fell, she rose again, charging towards me with
her spear and shield. I raised my shield, blocking the blow, before
holding my shields together in a line, unleashing a bolt of Arcane
energy towards the shield maiden. The maiden quickly fell
backwards, yet before she fell to the ground, the winged maiden
took to the sky, unleashing a thunderstorm. The skies of the
Halls of Valor were torn asunder by thunder, slaughtering any
who dared draw near. I raised my shield to the skies, forming a
barrier around me. Then, I allowed my wings to stretch out,
taking me to the sky. There, in what almost looked like a battle
between good and evil, I clashed with the winged maiden.
My shields held sturdy against a thousand attacks,
many of spears, some shot out of the maiden's shield, and some
of magic. Eventually, after a few minutes of battle, the maiden
and I lost the energy to support our wings and we came crashing
to the earth. I breathed heavily, before charging towards the
maiden, knocking the maiden off her feet. She fell to the floor. I
offered my shield, almost in challenge. “Go ahead, felspawn.”
Hyrja said. I nodded, placing my shield upon my back.” No.” I
said. I began to walk towards the door, knowing that my actions
may one day come back to bite me. Yet still, I left the maiden to
her business. Afterwards, I made my way to the great fields of the
Eternal Hunt. The fields were light brown, grass covering the
entire area.
The rotting bodies of many of the fallen beasts were
everywhere. Eventually, as I walked towards a massive cavern, I
| Page59 Demonheart:Moonsworn
saw the beast. Fenyr. The wolf was massive, dwarfing me. Her
fur, or at least I think it’s a her, was light brown, yet carved upon
her fur were yellow glowing runes. The beast’s eyes glowed with a
furious power. I leapt forward, engaging the beast. Fenyr’s
massive claws came to me, and I barely managed to raise my
shield. Fenyr then send me flying back, until I managed to stop
myself, before leaping at me, her claws drawn. I rolled out of the
way, barely avoiding death. Then, I rose my shields, bringing
them down with a roar of fury. The beast, surprisingly, was
gravely wounded. As the beast attempted to lick it wounds and
heal itself, I sliced my shields across the beast’s chest, killing it
instantly. The instant the beast fell, a thunderbolt fell from the
sky, leaving a massive antler in it’s wake. It was the antler of
Cenarius. I left the halls of Valor without a word, my prize in
I flew across the sea of Vashj'ir. A call had been sent out by
the Sentinels to report to one of the Alliance boats in order to find
one of the family heirlooms of the Moonfangs. Though I hated
fighting underwater, I still knew a small amount of arcane magic,
and one of the few spells I knew was how to breath underwater. I
saw the ships ahead, their wooden forms appearing massive over
the horizon. I took the reins of Shan’Drathorn to the right,
leading the manasaber towards one of the ships. I landed softly,
quickly getting off the manasaber and standing before the
Commander, who was looking out over the ship’s edge to the
“Commander.” I said, bowing in respect. She nodded to me.
You’re a little late, Alriona. But it’s hardly like that matters.” She
said, turning to face the gathered group.” I have called all of you
here in order to find one of my family artifacts. It lies within the
ocean below us. We will dive shortly.” Ler said. The rest of the
sentinels, most of which were night elves quickly walked below
deck. One of them, a female worgen, caught my eye. I knew who
she was, Islana, the second in command of the sentinels, yet she
seemed to be…different. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first. I
| Page60 Demonheart:Moonsworn
knew I had missed one of the events, during the time I was
spending learning about the trials of Elune and getting the first
one done.
I suppose it could wait. I sat outside for many minutes,
waiting for the group to emerge. Let me ask you something,
Alriona. My demon whispered. Why do you put yourself where you
don’t belong? Why not just go out on your own, live your own life.
Let loose. The demon mused. I considered his words. The demon
did have a point, yet it was not one I was willing to listen to.
Because I can, demon. I replied. The demon fell quiet, and as it
did, the sentinels emerged. The commander stepped to the edge
of the boat, ready to dive. “Let's move.” She said.” Wait!” I quickly
said.” How are we going to breath underwater?” The commander
smiled.” You should have the spell.” She said. And then, she
dived into the ocean below. The rest of the sentinels did the
I followed them, diving into the deep see, and what I saw
took my breath away. A hundred ruined cities from before the fall
of the Night Elf empire. Giant turtles sat lifeless, their eyes
glittering in the darkness of the sea. I had been so busy taking all
this in, that I lost track of where the sentinels were going. “Damn
it!” I said. And then, the most unlucky thing that has ever
happened to me, and that’s considering becoming a demon
hunter, a whale shark attacked. The shark was massive, white
blue in color, its massive fin covering me. I raised my shields,
then I remembered I was underwater. They would not ignite
underwater, for obvious reasons. I quickly hid from the beast,
trying to avoid its gaping mouth or anything else it may have in
its arsenal.
Somehow, the beast lost sight of me, and left. I quickly
returned to my hunt for the sentinels, and I swam for many
minutes. Until finally, I found the commander and the rest in a
small ruin somewhere around the ruins of Vashj'ir.” What did I
miss?” I asked. The commander turned to me.” Not much.” She
said. She was kneeling next to a runed stone, one I did not
recognize.” What is that?” I asked. “We don’t know.” She replied.
“Stay here. I'm going to continue my hunt for the staff.” Ler said,
| Page61 Demonheart:Moonsworn
quickly gathering herself up from the ocean floor and swimming
off into the ruins of the city. I sat down, not knowing what to do.
Minutes passed. Nothing happened. Until finally, one of the
night elves of the group, dressed in purple armor, stood up. “I
don’t care what the commander says. It's my duty to protect her
and that’s what i'm going to do.” She said.” Wait!” I yelled, as she
swam off into the distance. I bit my teeth. I quickly chased after
her, before quickly losing her at the same time. I searched the
ruins for minutes, until finding the commander and the night elf
standing on the edge of a cliff. I ran towards them, my unlit
shields in hand.” Commander.” I cried. When I finally reached
her, she spat something at me in a demonic tongue I couldn’t
recognize.” What happened?” I asked the elf.” The staff is
corrupted.” She said. I knew what I had to do, a simple task, yet
one that, since I was underwater, could send me into a massive
abyss of darkness.
I dived for the staff, aiming my hands for the artifact in a
desperate attempt to reclaim the artifact. Yet Ler dodged to the
side, and as I tried to desperately get a grip on the wet cliff, I saw
something. An army of naga was coming up from behind.”
Commander!” I yelled. I saw one of the naga aiming their trident
towards the command and as soon as I got onto the cliff, I ran
towards her, in an attempt to take the blow myself, yet I was too
late. The trident hit her in the chest, not in the heart, but in the
chest, and she quickly lost her balance. As she lost her balance
on the cliff, I ran towards Ler, trying to get a hold on her armor,
yet it was in vain. She fell into the water, her face one of agony. I
swam back to the cliff, a look of sadness on my face. “It's over.” I
said.” We should return to the boats, let the others now.” The
night elf said. And so, we returned to the boat, making our back
to the boats.
| Page62 Demonheart:Moonsworn
Chapter 7: The Cathedral of
Eternal Night:
Despite the loss of Ler, and the entire unit of the Moonfang
Sentinels falling into disorder, I knew I had to continue on the
trials of Elune. Back then, the promise of redemption was
something I would give everything for. Something I would relish.
Yet my adventures in The Cathedral of Eternal Night would
forever change that…
I stood in a massive, blue elven room. Fel corruption was
seeping up the walls, yet it didn’t even matter. The bodies of
demons were everywhere, yet I didn’t care. They were from the
first assault on the Cathedral of Eternal Night. Yet there were
even more demons ahead, seeing as the Legion had recently
provided reinforcements to the Cathedral. I smiled. I walked
forwards, staring death itself in the face. An army of demons
stood before me and the staff, which was conveniently located at
the very end of the Cathedral.
“Ah, another guest has arrived.” A demonic voice said.
Soon after I heard the voice, I saw the source. A massive, winged
demon, one who should be dead, appeared before me.” What’s
this? Alriona.” The dreadlord said. I knew this creature, through
the agony it had caused me. The dreadlord’s name was
Ka’varshorn, the champion of Kil'Jaeden. This dreadlord was the
reason why I was a demon hunter. This dreadlord was the reason
why Lorven died.” How are you alive!?” I exclaimed. Demonic
laughed filled the entire cathedral, and most likely the levels
| Page63 Demonheart:Moonsworn
below aswell.” I never died, fool! Did you honestly think that a
pathetic little paladin could vanquish me?” Kar’Vashorn said. The
dreadlord then folded his wings together, their dark power
leaving a trail of bats behind him. I roared in fury, as I slammed
myself into one of the demons. The demon died on impact, and I
turned to face another one, driving my shield through it’s gut.
I summoned the flames that were on the edge of The
Bulwarks to my side, bathing me in a ring of flames. Any demons
who dared to draw too close were cut down by this aura, and my
furious assault. I rushed ahead, coming over a bridge, until
finally, my fury faded. I breathed in and out, no demon daring to
invoke my wrath once more. Then, I ran onwards, shooting bolts
of arcane as I went through the armies of demons that blocked
my path to the dreadlord, and the staff. Yet this would not last.
When I reached the library level, I saw a massive demon. The
thing was infused with demonic power, power that seemed to
course through it as easily as water through sand. A foul color
was coming off it’s head, which was covered in a black helmet.
Slung over it’s shoulder was a massive mace, not one in the
shape of a hammer, but more of a beatstick.” Boss man doesn't
want to see anyone! Go away.” The creature said. The dreadlord
quickly appeared, making a barrier of shadow magic to prevent
me from following him. “Enjoy your quick death, demon hunter.”
Karvanorn said, his demonic laughter filling the halls long after
the dreadlord was shrouded in bats and taken to the top of the
Cathedral. I spit on the ground. Fury no longer pumped through
my veins. I could think clearly for once. The massive creature
charged towards me, it’s mace swinging towards me with a wish.
I leapt around it, knowing that taking one hit would more than
likely mean certain death.
The demon roared, it’s fury sending me to the door almost.
Then, the demon raised his mace, aiming for my head, yet I
ducked. The demon rose his mace, aiming for ribs, yet I rose my
shield, sending a bolt of arcane power at the demon, throwing the
thing off it’s feet. Yet that would not stop it. The demon quickly
rose, and I saw the fury in it’s eyes behind its helmet. Thinking
quickly, I ran behind a bookcase, as the demon roared a
challenge that rang throughout the Cathedral, and charged
| Page64 Demonheart:Moonsworn
towards me. The bookcase protected me from dieing to the
demon’s mace, and I smiled. I summoned a shimmering shield
around me, allowing the demon to slam his mace down upon me.
The demon slammed his mace upon my shield, and I felt my will
being assaulted as well as the shield. I sent another bolt of
arcane magic at the thing before falling to my knees in pain. My
head was on fire, agony filled my entire body. I couldn’t rise.
The demon laughed, slowly approaching me, his mace in
hand. In that moment, I felt like it was over. Finally, death would
claim me. Peace could come. I welcomed it with open arms. Then,
I remembered that death was a fate of suffering afterwards. Using
my very will as fuel, my rage fueling my body, I rose to my feet. I
roared a demonic roar, before leaping onto the demon’s back. I
sliced it’s head off, before leaping off as the creature fell to the
ground. I rolled away, and the creature died. I started to breath
heavily. The battle had taken much from me. I think I had
forgotten that I was still mortal. Weariness had taken me. I fell to
my knees, scanning for any demonic reinforcements or the
dreadlord. I saw none. After many minutes of regaining my
strength, I bolted towards the staircase.
A few packs of imps tried to stop me, yet I cut them down
with a simple blast of arcane power. Eventually, after minutes of
running up the staircase, I reached the top. The door was closed.
I could hear movement on the other side. With a powerful kick, I
broke through the rough stone door. The room beyond was
medium in size, not massive, nor small. The once glorious
stained glass windows lie shattered around the area. And in their
place, a view of the outside was granted. Outside, a massive
beam of fel energy threatened to engulf the entire cathedral in fel
There was not much in the room. An altar stood near a
shattered window, holding a massive staff. The staff was the seize
of an elf, and maybe even beyond. It was decorated with patterns
that detailed the first night of Azeroth, one of the most important
events in Night Elf religion. At it’s head was two moons, rotating
around a crescent moon that was connected by spires of iron to
the top of the rod. It was the staff of Elune. I knew this was too
easy. I looked around, searching for any sign of Kar’Vanorn, yet
| Page65 Demonheart:Moonsworn
finding none. The screeching sound of fel energy outside was
starting to bother me, yet I did not care. “Where are you,
dreadlord?” I asked, masking my voice in that of a curious child.
As I was about to go search the rest of the Cathedral for the
fiend, I heard the screech of bats come from behind me. There,
Kar’Vanorn stood. His entire body was encased in shadow armor,
his horns coming forth from a large hole in the helm. Demonic
runes covered those horns, his eyes were the color of a fel
volcano erupting and shattering an entire civilization. His wings
were massive, covered in shadowy energy that dripped off them
like poison off a blade.” Kar’vanorn.” I said, unable to keep the
rage from my voice. The dreadlord laughed.” This is where you
die, elf. This is where you will serve the Legion.” The demon said,
chuckling.” No.” I proclaimed in return.” This is where you die.”
With those words, I threw myself towards the dreadlord, my
shields in hand.
The demon launched a purple bolt at me mid-air,
sending me flying to a nearby wall. I quickly got to my feet and
held my shields before me, unleashing a bolt of Arcane energy.
Kar’Vanorn was thrown back by the impact of the blast, almost
as if he was caught off guard. “You cannot win, demon hunter.
You will serve us!” Kar’vanorn roared, sending yet more bolts of
shadow at me. I dodged them, even raising my shield to block
one. Fury bubbled within me. This demon was the reason why
Lorven is dead. This demon was the reason why I was a demon
hunter. So much pain all because of this one demon. I roared
with such a fury that it shook the entire tomb. Rage filled me,
and I stuck at the dreadlord without care. My shields beat into
him again and again, until finally, the dreadlord plunged his
clawed hand into my unprotected arm.
I staggered back and the dreadlord did not relent. He
threw up his arms, roaring in his tongue. From his hands came
forth great bolts shadow. I lifted my shields, rolling in a desperate
attempt to dodge the blows. When the bolts finally faded, I roared
a challenge, leaping onto Karvanorn’s back. Then, I summoned
all of my strength and I placed my hands on the dreadlord’s
wings. I pulled with all my might and the wings popped loose. I
was thrown off his back, the wings still in hand. I threw the
| Page66 Demonheart:Moonsworn
wings to the ground, diving for where my fallen shields lie. I
picked them up and charged towards the dreadlord. Yet as I did,
I noticed something: the dreadlord’s wings were still there. The
demon let out a bellowing laugh. I knew what he was going. He
was waiting for my strength to leave me, before corrupting my
very soul. I smiled as I threw myself into a wall.
“You will give in.” The dreadlord fated. I stared him in the
face. I stared death in the face. “Never.” I yelled. I knew
Kar’Vanorn’s plan and how to prevent it. Acting quickly, I leapt
out of one of the broken windows, praying to elune not to be torn
apart by fel fire. Agony filled my entire body. “Shan’Drathorn!” I
cried as I fell to the ground. Even if I could survive the fall, the
demons below would finish me. Then, I saw an armored purple
figure in the distance. It was Shan’Drathorn. The manasaber flew
under me, picking me up by the belly onto the saddle. I struggled
to get full control for a few minutes before finally, I managed to
seat myself atop the saddle properly. And then, I noticed
something horrific.
The dreadlord had followed me. Kar’Varnorn’s wings were
stretched out, flapping again and again to keep him in the air. I
was both amazed and filled with dread. Amazed at how wings
could keep a creature of that size and weight in the air, and
horrified since I knew what would happen next. “You cannot
escape me, demon hunter!” Kar’varnorn roared. “Go burn in the
hell from whence you came, demon!” I yelled. The sound of fel fire
tearing a hole in reality itself screeched in my ears. The flapping
of the dreadlord’s wings were a sound that was concealed by the
booming sound of the demonic portal opened overhead.
Felbats swirled around me, all of them eager to devour
whatever what left of me and Shan’Drathorn. I was not going to
die, not here. I whipped Shan’Drathorn towards the dreadlord,
one of my shields in hand, the other on the reins. I stered my
mount towards the dreadlord, slicing a hole in it’s wing. Bolts of
shadow and shimmering magic of witch I couldn’t identify
shimmered around us, claws and shield clashing again and
again, making the sound of some horrific creature being
awakened from it’s slumber.
| Page67 Demonheart:Moonsworn
I roared my fury at the demon, knowing it would do
nothing. I brought the reins of the manasaber around, aiming for
behind the demon and hanging on for dear life. Then, I leapt off
the manasaber, drawing my second shield and plunging them
again and again into the dreadlord’s back until my hands felt
numb. Yet Kar’Vanorn refused to fall. Eventually, the dreadlord
threw me off his back, laughing, expecting me to fall to my death.
Yet I did not. I spread my demonic wings, before shooting myself
back into the sky, shields in hands. “For everything you’ve done
to me, and my people, and the people of Narazeal and any other
world you’ve damned to your forsaken crusade, you will die!” I
yelled. I shot bolts of arcane energy at the demon, Kar’Vanorn not
even falling.
After many minutes of battle, Kar’Vanorn had been amused
enough. “Enough of this! Playtime is over, demon hunter.” The
demon growled. The demon shot my wings off, sending me
tumbling to the earth below. Yet Shan’Drathorn swooped me up
from my fel infused tomb. “You will join the Burning Legion!”
Kar’Vanorn yelled.” YOU WILL BURN!” I screamed, the words
being carried across the whole of the Broken Isles. Fury had
consumed me.
I shot bolts of magic from my hands, being careless as to
how or what they hit. I threw my shields at the demon again and
again, every time summoning them back, until finally,
Shan’Drathorn brought me in close enough from a kill. I
summoned all of my strength and sliced the demon’s wings off,
forcing the demon to the ground. I started to breathe heavily,
weariness filling my soul. I steered Shan’Drathorn to the ground
of the broken shore and dismounted the great beast. I looked to
the fallen demon, wondering whether or not the beast was dead.
Then, I heard the chuckling. Demonic. Kar’Vanorn had survived.”
You cannot defeat me, demon hunter! I will be your end!” The
demon roared. I didn’t even care anymore. I flew Shan’Drathorn
back up to the temple, agony filling me as I reached the top.
When I finally entered the center of the temple, I saw my prize.
The staff of Elune was sitting there, ready to be claimed. I
touched it, yet as I did, a bolt of light came from it, sending me
flying into a nearby wall. Demonic laughed came from a nearby
| Page68 Demonheart:Moonsworn
window and looked to the one split in the middle and saw
Kar’Vanor coming.
The Dreadlord was like an angel of death itself,
coming to claim my soul for whatever dark master it served. “You
fool! The Legion couldn’t move that staff no matter how hard we
tried. Its protected by Elune herself. For your foolishness, you
will die!” Kar’Vanorn said. I prepared myself for death. It had
come to claim me, to end me and force me into it’s embrace for all
eternity. Yet it never came. Eventually, I forced my vision to come
through once more and what I saw shocked me. Standing
defiantly before the dreadlord stood a blue armored figure. He
held a square blade, the same color as his armor, a halo of blue
floating above his head. I stared at him in awe, for I knew his
name. It was Alerion. “What the hell are you doing here, Alerion?”
I asked. He turned to me. “I'm here to finish what I started on
Narazeal. And it looks like I arrived just in time.” He said.
“He will not save you from your fate!” Roared
Kar’Vanorn. “Not even Sargeras himself can you now, demon!” I
yelled in reply. The leapt towards the demon, roaring a demonic
cry of fury and anguish. I unleashed every single piece of agony
the dreadlord had caused, every loss. My shields came down and
made a sound like a chorus of endless mirrors shattering at once.
From Alerion, lightning bolts danced across my vision, hitting the
dreadlord’s armored form and sending him back. “ENOUGH!” The
dreadlord yelled after a few minutes. He threw his arms up, a ball
of shadow engulfing Alerion, forcing him into the air. “Your
pathetic little friend will not save you from your fate, demon
hunter.” The demon growled. I smiled. “Nor can your master's
save you from yours.” I replied. I leapt towards the demon, my
shields striking Kar’vanorn in the chest.
The demon did not falter. He threw his arms us, sending a
ball of shadow around me. I rose through the air, hearing an
endless chorus of souls screaming, begging me for release. “This
is where you both die, fools.” Kar’Vanorn said with relish. I felt
rage. First, it was barely a trickle. But as the moments passed, it
built in a grand crescendo of fury. Eventually, I glowed hot red,
bursting the prison the Dreadlord had made for me and I leapt
towards him. I plunged my shields into his chest, the same place
| Page69 Demonheart:Moonsworn
I had struck before, sending the dreadlord spinning. Kar’vanorn
tried to send bolts of shadow at me, yet I plunged one of my
shields into his mouth, earning a roar of agony that had no right
to be. Eventually, an explosion of fel energy released from the
dreadlord’s dying form, blinding me for a few moments. When my
vision cleared, the dreadlord was gone. The demon was dead, all
that remained of the dreadful creature was a smoking, demonic
skull. I walked towards the dreadlord’s body, only know feeling
the agony KarVanorn had wrought on my body. When I took one
step, I fell to the ground in agony. When I looked to stand again,
Alerion offered me a hand. “Thank you.” I said, breathing heavily.
Alerion nodded at me. “I believe this belongs to your people.”
Alerion said, handing me the staff of Elune. It no longer burned
in my hand. “Will you make the trip to Dalaran?” Alerion asked. I
nodded. “Yes, I'll be fine.” I replied. And with that, the paladin
nodded to me and began the journey to the bottom of the tomb. I
leapt out the window, Shan’Drathorn catching my form. The
manasaber took me to Dalaran afterwards.
| Page70 Demonheart:Moonsworn
Chapter 8: The Illidari Redemption
After the Cathedral, I felt as if my goal was finished. The beast
who had used me like some kind of forge material was dead. Yet
it left a bitter taste in my mouth. The demon had caused so much
damage, so much pain and agony that I felt like killing the thing
did nothing but give me a moment's satisfaction…
I returned to Dalaran minutes after the battle at the
Cathedral. I visited the medical center in the city before returning
to the Broken Shore hours later. When I arrived at Deliverance
Point, the main base of the armies of Legionfall, I could sense the
foul presence of the Dark Titan himself coming from the tomb.
Deliverance Point was not the largest base, nor the most effective,
but it did serve its purpose: a staging ground for the armies of
| Page71 Demonheart:Moonsworn
Azeroth to unite in order to bring down the Tomb of Sargeras.
There were many buildings that lie shattered around the base.
One was a massive mage tower, broken by what seemed to be
years of overuse. The base of the tower was complete, the
graceful stonework looking as if it had just been made, yet as I
looked up towards the top, I could see wooden construction
points, where peons and peasants worked around the clock to
restore the building.
Just across from the Mage Tower was what looked to be a
Command Center. The building was not nearly complete as the
tower was, the base barely even constructed. It surprised me that
the armies of Legionfall would rather work on a mage tower
rather than something that would allow them to properly
command their troops. It seemed odd to me, but then again, I
don’t know much about humans or any other ace of the Alliance
or the Horde, for that matter. Races wearing all different types of
armor and clothing all ran around the clock, some even nodding
in what I guessed was disgust at me. It didn’t matter too much to
me, I was used to such remarks by now. I walked onwards,
leading me down a steep slope. When I reached the bottom, I felt
a sense of dread overcame me. I had just entered the middle of
The Broken Shore, a war zone. The Legion had already claimed
much of the land here, and that was obvious to me.
Felfire raged at a nearby pit to the left of me, with a massive,
fel-infused Core Hound standing in the middle of it. I knew it
would be a foolish idea to oppose that thing in battle. I looked
ahead, seeing demonic fortress without end, armies of demons
that could easily level entire cities just with their sheer numbers,
and even mortal races of Azeroth, twisted to the Legion’s cause.
The reason I had returned to the Broken Shore so soon after the
events in the Cathedral was clear: to gain the trust of the Armies
of Legionfall, mainly the Illidari. Despite all my hate towards
those fanatics of Illidan, despite everything they had done,
despite the fact that they had killed my beloved, a crime which
can never be atoned for, if I were to complete the Trials given to
me by Elune herself, I would need their trust once more.
Not to mention the armies of Legionfall were composed of all
the orders of The Broken Isles who had united under one banner
| Page72 Demonheart:Moonsworn
in order to finish the war against the Burning Legion. Demons of
all horrid descriptions crawled around me, doing what demons
do. I snarled and I charged forwards, my shields raised in hand.
Two Felguard, purple skin brutes of the Legion, tried to raise
their massive axes against me, but I unleashed a bolt of arcane
energy that sliced the demons in two. As they fell, I watched as
heroes, in all different types of armor, some matching, some not,
and some that were so bright, it burned my eyes. Some of these
heroes were paladins, one of them dressed in golden armor,
wielding a famous square-shaped blade. The Ashbringer. The
weapon was truly glorious to see on the battlefield. The sword
was a square shape in terms of the blade, with a small part cut
out of it in the top for a circle to float above the blade. A hunter
wielded a bow that dazzled with arcane power, a warrior wielding
a pair of golden blades, and even more heroes using weapons of
awesome power.
I smiled as I looked to one who burned brighter than the rest.
A demon hunter. The demon hunter was dressed in felskin
armor, like most of his kind, but this one had a special kind to
him. His armor was lite aflame on his shoulders, forming a felfire
that floated in the air around his shoulderguard. His face was
covered by a mask of roaring fire, one with the snake-like mark of
the Illidari floating above it. In his hands, this demon hunter
wielded a pair of blades colored purple, demonic power seeping
from them. I knew who this demon hunter was at once: The
Slayer of the Illidari. I looked at him in awe, even though I stilled
held my hate for the Illidari, this one was so awe inspiring that it
was impossible not to be inspired. Eventually, the demon hunter
looked away from his endless killing duty, to me.
In that moment, I felt a glare of hate come from him. He
casually walked over to me. I dreaded what would come next.
Would he kill me? Would he shatter my soul? A thousand
questions raced through my head, each more bizarre than the
last. The slayer clapped, amused.” Well, well, well. It would seem
the traitor had arrived at last. Have you come to beg before the
Burning Legion?” The Slayer asked.” Or have you come because
your master Night elves told you to?” I bit back a wave of
overwhelming fury.” Ah, the slayer.” I replied.” Shouldn’t you be
| Page73 Demonheart:Moonsworn
spending your little followers out on missions?” I teased. He
laughed at this.” Atleast I have followers.” He replied sharply.” I
have not come to slaughter you and your kind, Illidari, though I
deeply wish I could make you all pay for what you did to me so
long ago. It would appear we will need to work together once
more, for the good of Azeroth, that is.” I proclaimed. The slayer
scolded me, I could feel his rage from where I stood.” A little
worm like you? Do you expect me to just forgive you for your
cowardly actions at the Black Temple?” The Slayer laughed.
I wish you had died on Mardun, maybe then you could
join your little pretty lord Illidan in hell.” I said. The slayer
laughed.” Hell is something beyond all demon hunters, traitor.”
The slayer replied. “Slay them where they stand!” Roared a
demonic voice. We both spun around, facing towards the armies
of demon amassing around us.” We’ll settle this later!” I said. The
slayer nodded. I charged forth at a fel guard, slicing it in two with
my shields. I then dived at another one, driving a shield through
its head. Doomguard began to surround me from the sky,
swooping in to try and grab me. I shot bolts of arcane energy at
them, killing some and sending them crashing to the earth. We
advanced forward, slaughtering any demon who dared to come in
our way. I lost count of how many I had slaughtered, but after
what felt like hours, we made our way to the Tomb of Sargeras.
The tomb itself was massive. Black spires with spots of
green made up almost the whole of the towering structure. Atop
the spire, a crescent moon that represented what had been lost
when the legion took this place stood, unleashes a beam of fel
energy that darkened the clouds above. Where the beam struck,
the clouds swirled in dark patterns. This was the connection to
the Twisting Nether, the realm of demons, that allowed the legion
to launch their endless assaults on our world. However, the
battlefield at the Tomb of Sargeras was massive. Armies of
demons flowed from the massive, green swirling portal that lead
to distant Legion worlds. Defenders of all shapes and sizes stood
defiantly against them, few in numbers, yet their killing efficiency
was not in question. Hundreds of demonic corpses lie all over the
area, almost covering every inch of the place. I looked at the tomb
in disgust, knowing that soon I would venture forth into the tomb
| Page74 Demonheart:Moonsworn
in order to complete the final Trial of Elune. I allowed my mind
to wander off the Trial for a bit, since that time was still far away.
I’m surprised that these defenders have held out for this
long.” The Slayer said. I smiled at him.” With the amount of
demons coming through that portal, i'm not sure why the Legion
hasn’t just launched a full out assault yet.” I said. The Slayer
nodded.” I still believe you should be killed where you stand,
traitor, but for now, you may live. We have a common enemy,
and ill be reasonable to you. For now. But if we ever cross paths
again after the Legion’s assault is done, I will end you.” The
slayer scolded. I nodded. I understood his hate for my kind, it
was shared among the Illidari, yet it didn’t matter to me.
Suddenly, a Dreadlord came through the portal. The demon was
massive in size, its wings uselessly sitting at his side. The
dreadlord’s nails, or what should have been nails if this were a
mortal, were sharp, deadly claws. I already had my shields
drawn.” Defend yours-“ I warned, yet too late. The dreadlord
raised his arms, unleashing tendrils of shadow that struck at
both me and The Slayer’s throats. I gasped for air, desperate to
gather some kind of oxygen before I died, yet the dreadlord’s
tendrils held true. Then, seconds later, my vision turned black
I awoke what I assumed was hours later, within the
Cathedral of Eternal Night. I was in a Legion cage, felsteel
keeping me trapped within. The Slayer was nowhere in sight, and
I knew where he was, four seconds later, a scream of agony came
from the upper levels. Demons surrounded me, my guard I
assumed. One of them was an Eredar, a buff, red skinned race of
demons. These demons were the leaders of sorts of The Burning
Legion and the fact that they were spending such a force to guard
me was amusing. I searched for my Bulwarks, eventually finding
them on my back…why? I honestly have no clue, but it mattered
not. I drew my Bulwarks and blasted the cage door open, leaving
purple, searing magic residue.
“A prisoner has escaped!” One of the eredar yelled. I leapt
at the demon, slicing his skull in two before he could say
anymore. Demonic beings rushed me and I shot arcane bolt after
arcane bolt, each one cutting down its intended target. Yet that
| Page75 Demonheart:Moonsworn
was not enough, as they kept coming. I realized what I had to do.
I broke into a run, diving for the other side of a nearby bridge. As
I reached it, I saw a doorway that lead into the library and I ran,
with all the speed my legs could muster, I ran for the doorway,
quickly slamming the doors shut behind me. No demons were
inside, which I thought was odd. I heard the Eredar pounding
their weapons on the door, trying to break it. I ran up the stairs,
eventually finding the room I had faced Kar’Vanorn in. The
Dreadlord I had seen from the Broken Shore has its hand raised,
shadowy tendrils attempting to torment the Slayer. The
Dreadlord turned to me, it's demonic laughing ringing through
the halls.
“So, have you come to save your Slayer?” The demon asked. I
snarled at him.” He’s no slayer of mine, servant of Sargeras, but
yes, I have come to save him. And you will not stop me.” I
proclaimed, trying to make as much confidence in my voice as I
could. The Dreadlord laughed.” I will enjoy breaking you, demon
hunter.” The Dreadlord said. I charged to the demon, rage fueling
me. My shields hit the Dreadlord’s claws with a clash of steel. I
held my grip firm, eventually throwing the Dreadlord’s claws
away, sending the demon off balance. I held my shields before
me, allowing them to float in the air, as they spun, faster and
faster, glowing purple and seconds later, shooting a beam of
arcane energy at the Dreadlord. The demon stumbled, yet roared
his fury. It held its claws together, its wings folding in, and bats
appearing in the demons former spot. The demon appeared
behind me.
I spun around, raising my shields just in time to block the
demons great attack. I threw the dreadlord back and he yelled
something in the demonic tongue. The boom of footsteps came
behind me, and I knew that demons were approaching.” Slayer!
Take these.” I said, throwing the Illidari commander his
warglaives. The Slayer caught them in his hands, and he quickly
slashed the bars of cage away, leaving him a clear area to step
free. Just in time too. Demons began to pour into the area,
surrounding us. “I hope your ready for a fight.” I snarled. The
Slayer smiled savagely. “Always.” He said. The Slayer leapt
towards the army of demons approaching, his warglaives slicing
| Page76 Demonheart:Moonsworn
through the bodies of demons over and over again. “Kill the
Dreadlord! I’ll hold them off!” The Slayer roared. I nodded and
“You thought to break me? HA! I will break you.” I yelled. I
leapt at the Dreadlord, shields raised as I brought them crashing
down upon the Dreadlord’s wings. They fell off, green blood
flowing from their former sockets. The Dreadlord roared in agony,
shouting words of doom, words of darkness, as shadow magic
appeared upon its fingertips. Bolts of dark, purple magic flooded
the area. I ran for my life, jumping over some, dodging other,
deflecting some with my shields. I looked to the Slayer, seeing as
the demons came in like a tidal wave of foes, all of them begging
for our deaths, yet watched in awe as they were cut down by the
thousands. I turned my gaze away from the awesome powers of
the Slayer and roared at the Dreadlord. “Your kind will never take
this world, demon!” I yelled. “For your arrogance is your greatest
weakness. It is the weakness that will end your crusade! The
worlds you have damned will rise against you! For we fight, for
Azeroth! For the cosmos! For everything we hold dear. You fight
for nothing more than fear!” The dreadlord smiled.” We have
scourged a thousand worlds, fool. You will burn in Sargreas’s
The Dreadlord charged faster than light itself, and I barely
had enough time to raise my shield, yet it did me little good. The
Dreadlord pinned me to the wall, his claws around my limbs.
Blood start to flow from my shoulders. I screamed in pain, agony
coursing through my veins.” You will die soon, demon hunter,
and then, this “Slayer” will serve the Legion” The demon snarled.
With a furious cry, I unleashed a blast of arcane magic, forcing
the dreadlord back. I feel from my place, and as I did, the
Dreadlord closed his wings upon himself, summoning blast of fel
magic. I felt the strain it put on me, yet my rage pushed me on.
The beams went back and forth, sometimes mine pushing
forward, sometimes the Dreadlord’s coming close to me, yet I
stood firm.
Dreadlord yelled. I smiled, looking over to the slayer, yet I
crowned as I saw he was still busy with the demons. Death was
| Page77 Demonheart:Moonsworn
closing in for me. As i felt my strength leave me, the voice of
Elune touched my mind. Take my blessing Alriona and slay this
demon! The instant those words were spoken, my flesh flashed a
light blue and I felt my strength return.” Go back to hell from
whence you came, demon! Your kind have no place here!” I
yelled, sending all of my strength into the beam, obliterating the
demon's own beam and sending him flying into a nearby wall.
The dreadlord roared in agony and fury as he began to pick
himself up. I heard demonic bones crack and smiled to myself.” I
hope your demon master inflicts his fury upon you.” I laughed.
Booming, demonic laughter filled the chambers.” You will be the
one to die, demon hunter.” The dreadlord screamed.” Traitor! I
can't hold them much longer!” I heard the slayer yell. I looked to
him, and well he was still cutting down demons in rows, I could
see his strength leaving him.
The Dreadlord stood once more.” You will die. And you will
serve us.” The dreadlord snarled. The demon was on its feet once
more. “NEVER!!!” I screamed, with such fury, the wind itself
turned against the demon. I roared with fury, leaping towards the
dreadlord, my shields ripping through the demons skull. I looked
to the slayer. I could see he was nearly done, the Illidari
commander took three blows when I looked.” Away from him!” I
yelled. I leaped towards the demonic army and only then did I see
their true numbers. Thousands of demons. All of them charging
upwards, hoping to slaughter us for the end of their master. I
threw bolts of arcane at the demons, yet it barely dented their
numbers.” Slayer! We need to leave!” I cried. The demon hunter
nodded.” If you still have your wings, get out of here!” He said. I
nodded back, leaping off the bridge, gliding my way towards the
entrance, the slayer right behind me. We landed on the stairs
leading out of the Cathedral.” GO, GO, GO!” He ordered. We ran
down the flights of stairs, eventually reaching the broken shore.
The Slayer made it out, though he was bleeding.” You
need a healer.” I said. The Slayer stood.” We’ll get that back on
the Fel Hammer.” I raised an eyebrow at the Slayer.” We?” I
asked. The Slayer nodded.” You’ve proven your honor. Though I
still don’t trust you, and i'm sure the Illidari don’t aswell, you will
be granted a…pardon for everything you did.” The Slayer said. I
| Page78 Demonheart:Moonsworn
summoned Shan’Drathorn, the Slayer summoned a Fel-bat, and
together, we rode for a small isle off the coast of dalaran,
containing a portal to the fel hammer…
The Fel Hammer was massive. The main deck had
many stairs, some leading to the lower levels, some leading into
the main area of the ship. I saw the Illidari raise their weapons at
the sight of me. The Slayer waved them down. We walked
forwards onto the platform where the control panel stood, a metal
shaped in…a strange shape. Fel power loomed above it.” Illidari!”
The Slayer began, his voice booming throughout the Fel
Hammer.” This renegade demon, known as Alriona, has proven
his honor. His strength in the fight against the Legion. I do not
care what you think of him, for he has saved me from the horrors
of the Burning Legion this day. For this, he will have a pardon for
past crimes committed. Until he proves himself unworthy of our
trust, he is to be either ignore or treated with tolerance. Respect
is alright, but tolerance is a must. Anyone who has a problem
with this can take up with me.” The Illidari roared, some in fury,
some cheering, some silent or confused. I smiled. The Illidari had
accepted me once more. Now all that was left to do was to storm
The Tomb of Sargeras, a task that would prove…difficult to say
the least…
Many things happened before the Tomb of Sargeras was raided.
One of them was me leaving the Moonfang Sentinels. It all began
on the Broken Shore…
I was slaughtering demons, right before the tomb, an army
of them coming forth like endless waves of death. I looked near
the tomb, to see three Eredar, their skin red and fel-pocked,
holding what to be a fel green gem in the air, their magics
seeming to gather power from it. I knew what it was in instant,
and I charged towards them, disregarding their defenders. I cut
them down, one by one, grabbing the gem, yet when I did…I saw
a vision. The whole of the Moonfang Sentinels were at war,
Feathermoon Stronghold was aflame, and worst of all, Isalena,
| Page79 Demonheart:Moonsworn
the one who I had given one of the Tears of Sargeras, shot a
Moonfire at me, killing me and took the rest of the tears, flying
towards the broken shore.
That was all I saw, I didn’t know what it meant at the
time, and I still don’t fully understand it, yet I knew what I had to
do. I had to leave the Moonfang Sentinels. And so I did. I took my
tear from Ileana and flew away into the night.
Chapter 9:The Gates of Hell
The time had finally come. After months of waiting, the armies of
Legionfall had breached the tomb and the final trial awaited. But
before the tomb itself would be opened fully, the gates of Hell
would have to be opened…
| Page80 Demonheart:Moonsworn
Around me, fel magic perverted what was once the entrance
to the Temple, fel energy corrupted everything in it’s wake.
Obvious signs of elven power were everywhere, the walls, well,
the ones that the legion hadn’t perverted with their damned
magics, were a sky blue and light purple. A stairway beckoned,
and I stood alongside the leaders of the order halls. The Highlord
of the Silver Hand was dressed in golden battle armor, the light
itself reflecting from its surface, the famous blade Ashbringer
held in his hand. If you don’t know what Ashbringer looks like,
where have you been for the last few years?
The next was the Battlelord of the Valajr. He was dressed
in dark plated armor, a steel guard covering his face from view,
and in his left hand sat, Stromkar, the warbreaker. I didn’t know
much about the sword at the time, but that mattered little. Then
there was the Slayer, dressed in his fel infused armor, his
tattoos, swirling circles, the color green, just like Illidan’s. The
Slayer held the Twinblades of The Deceiver, iron warglaives that
burned with power. These were the only ones I recognized, and I
knew that all of them either mistrusted me or barely tolerated
me. It was the Highlord of the Silver Hand that stepped forward,
standing before the group.” Welcome to the Tomb of Sargeras.”
The Highlord said, his voice stern.” Let me make one thing clear:
no one will be allowed to fuck up. If you do, then you’ve put the
whole of Azeroth at risk. This is the strongest bastion of the
Legion on Azeroth, and this is where they will fall. We’re in hell
right now. And we can either stay in hell, get the shit kicked out
of us, or we can fight. We can crawl our way out of hell. Take
your pick right now, any who wish to leave, do so now.
Remember what the Legion has done recently and in the past and
unleash the fury of a thousand sons. They will not show mercy,
and neither will you.”
All nodded towards the Highlord. We began to walk up the
stairway, leading us into a massive room. The walls were starting
to succumb to the fel corruption of the Legion, yet it did little to
cover up the stained glass paintings. Two pillars stood ahead of
us, leading into the room, and on the left, a demon stood. The
thing seemed to be forged of stone, yet that seemed impossible,
| Page81 Demonheart:Moonsworn
since his skin burned with fel-fire.” Welcome to our first major
encounter.” The Highlord said.” This pit lord's name is Goroth,
and, due to his failures, his flesh burns with fel fire, as you can
see now.” Mortals have dared to enter the tomb? Fools! If you
believe you can stand against the fury of the Legion, allow me to
show you just how wrong you are.” The demon gloated.
“I hope your ready. This is your chance to show us what
you're made of.” So be it, I said in my mind. The heroes charged
the massive pit lord, one of the warriors with a shield and blade
charged the massive demon.” Fools! This is where you die!” The
pitlord roared. I began running around, sending bolts of arcane
from my shields at the demon, barely doing anything. I felt weak
then. Spells of all colors, all kinds, began to flood the air. The
mages, warlocks, druids, shamans, and more began to throw the
fury of their magics at the pit lord, as well as the heroes brave
enough to take up arms against the pitlord directly. “Burn in my
eternal agony!” The demon roared, as his fists flamed to life,
sending the warrior with the shield flying. “Someone get the
things attention before it rampages through the others!” Someone
yelled. I knew what to do. In an instant, I leapt to the demon.
Hey demon, a campfire burns more than you!” I taunted. The
demon turned to face me.” Die, wealp!.” The demon roared. It
brought its massive fists crashing down and I raised my shields,
putting all of my strength into sending the fist flying off balance.
It was only then that I noticed that the demon was a lot
taller than I’d expected.” Infernals, aid me in burning these fools
to ash!” Goroth ordered. Suddenly, fel-fire balls came from the
skies, landing with enough impact that it shook not only the
gates of hell, as the legionfall had nick-named this place, but the
entire tomb. The pit lord smashed me aside, sending me flying to
a nearby wall. I felt something break within me. I moved my
hand, ensuring that everything still worked. I was more than
grateful when I realized it did. When I rose, I felt a thousand
hammers were thundering down on my back, every bone in my
body was in pure agony, yet I willed my body into action, fueled
by the need to finish this trial.
By now, infernals were raining from somewhere in the
Cathedral of Eternal Night, crashing down with a furious force.”
| Page82 Demonheart:Moonsworn
Sargeras, give me the strength to slaughter these so-called
heroes!” The demon yelled.” Your lord cannot hear you down
here!” I yelled. The demon let out a bellowing laugh, as he picked
up one of the heroes, a night elf, and slammed him into the
ground, with such force that his entire body exploded.” That
should’ve been you, fool.” The demon taunted. An infernal landed
right behind me, sending me flying to a nearby wall.” Stand fast!”
I heard the Highlord yell.” The Light shall guide us this day!” I
saw the pit lord was starting to wane, many wounds indicated,
even one on his head, landed by a lucky chaos bolt by the look of
it. I knew what I had to do.
With a furious cry, I leapt into the air, shields in hand, and
when I reached the pit lord, my shields drove directly where the
chaos bolt had landed, ending the foolish pit lord. I fell to the
ground, slowing the fall by using the pit lord's descending corpse.
I breathed heavily. The entire room was silent. Yet there was
more to come…
We spent a few minutes recovering our strength, before
we moved on. A door had opened with the defeat of the pitlord,
almost as if the tomb had realized our intent.” Let's go.” The
Highlord said. He lead us onwards, the group taking walking over
running. We began to make our way to the upper level, until we
reached another elven-themed area.
However, demons were all over this area.” Heroes! You
are not alone in this place!” Came a voice. I didn’t recognize it.
Nor did it matter. All of a sudden, the races of Azeroth began to
pour into the area, taking up arms against the demons.” Pathetic
mortals!” A demon yelled.” I will be your end! Come face me,
“Heroes of Azeroth.” Come. Fight. Die.” The demon put an
emphasis on “die”.” We should help the legionfall.” The Highlord
said. Before I he could speak again, I interrupted him. “Highlord,
with all due respect, we can't waste time. The armies of Legionfall
are capable of holding their own, that demon should be our
priority.” I said.
All eyes turned to me. “And why would you suggest that,
demon hunter?” He asked. I smiled. “Because. Time is of the
essence. The less time we spend in here, the less likely we are to
| Page83 Demonheart:Moonsworn
die, and the more likely we are to save Azeroth. If you want to
fight the Legion and do someone else’s job for them, be my guest,
but right now, our primary focus should be on slaying the
generals and powerful corrupted souls within the tomb. The
“trash” can come later.” We sat there in silence for many
moments.” So be it. If any demons attack you, fight back, but for
right now, make your way to the demon commander.” The
Highlord ordered. I nodded to him. We began to spread out,
making it hard for the demons to assault us. We eventually met
up again right before the demonic commander.” This is one of the
members of the Demonic Inquisition. There will more then likely
be more, so keep your eyes peeled. Get ready for one hell of a
fight.” The highlord said. Because the warrior who had held the
pit lord's attention had died in his attempt…needless to say it
was my turn.
“For Azeroth, for the kaldorei!” I yelled, as I sent a bolt of
arcane magic towards the demon.” You will all die!” it roared. Its
body was covered in leather, a massive axe held in its hands. I
dodged the demonic commander’s axe swipe, swinging my shields
in every once in awhile.” This world shall burn!” The demon
roared. Suddenly, jailors appeared out of thin air. The legion had
a bit of a habit of doing that.” Many additional targets! Handle it!”
The battlelord roared. Cages appeared out of nowhere, pulling all
those too close to it pulling towards it. I darted across the area,
forcing the commander to follow me.” Burn!” It yelled. The demon
swung in a massive arch, its axe ignited with a fiery power. I
barely dodged the attack, knowing it would more than likely
mean death. The demon rose his axe high into the air,
summoning fel-lighting. Where that hit, massive spikes arose to
impale those foolish enough to stand within them.
Fury rippled through me. “No One else dies today!” I
roared, as I raised my shields into the air, sending brilliant blue
streaks of power out to the heroes of azeroth, forming a shield
around them. I threw another arcane bolt at the demon, yet the
demons arrogance and fury seemed endless.” Hold the line!” I
yelled. “You secrets shall be mine!” The demon roared. I
continued pouring arcane energy towards the demon, and I could
feel the demon’s power starting to wane.” You will all BURN!” the
| Page84 Demonheart:Moonsworn
demon roared in fury.” Sargreas’s flames shall take your world,
as it has a thousand others.” The demon yelled. The noise in the
room was endless, the clash of steel, the roar of magic, it was
almost deafening. I screamed at the demon. Death hadn’t come
for us yet, and there was no way in hell that I’ve came this far
only to die.
“Back to the Nether with you, demon!” I yelled. I roared my
agony, my pain, and endless hate out. I just let it flow through
me, I let it fuel me, let it drive me. Death had come for this
demon, I was sure. I leapt into the air, slamming my shields into
the demon’s skull. It feel to the ground. I didn’t even bother doing
anything fancy, I just let my body fall. We sat there for a while
We pressed onwards. We found ourselves in a tight
corridor, a door leading onwards, the souls of the fallen night
Elves spawn everywhere. I was on edge. Everyone was. Who knew
what was lurking with this forgotten pace? The spirits of dead
seemed to avoid us, oblivious to our existence. The door stood
before us. I could sense what lay beyond. The sisters of Elune,
my task that the Moon Goddess had sent me here for, well, that
and Kil'jaeden. But that was far, far away from this moment.
“Well?” I asked.” We don’t know how to open it.” They said.
I threw my shield to the sky, and it glowed. The door glowed
aswell, opening up to reveal a massive arena-like area. Three
Ghostly figures stood before us, all of them armed. They were all
females as well. The lead one, as it seemed, was dressed in a
standard ranger outfit, her face covered. A priestess stood
nearby, a crescent staff in hand, her white robes stained a dark
crimson.” These are the Sisters of the Moon.” I said. “Who knows
what they can do after all these years, or what the Legion’s done
to them. All we can do is put them down, put them to rest.” The
others looked at me.” I'm not going to say this is going to be easy,
i'm only saying that you better get used to things like this if you
want to survive. Get ready to engage.”
I felt a glare for the Highlord, since he had been leading so
far, and doing an amazing job, but I shot him a look that said” I
know more about this place then you do.” Everyone held their
| Page85 Demonheart:Moonsworn
blades ready, it was time. I fired a shot at the leader.” I’ll take the
first shot sisters.” The leader said in a ghostly voice. She began to
open up on us, shooting arrow after moon blessed arrow towards
us.” TAKE COVER!” I roared. There was none.” Shit.” I cursed. I
wouldn’t come so far to fail now, not when I was so close. I knew
what had to be done. I leapt into action, standing right in front of
the leader. I raised by shields to the sky, summoning a barrier of
stars.” Get behind me, I’ll whether this storm.” I called. The
heroes ran towards me, each of them gathering behind me as my
barrier took arrow after arrow, yet I put every single last inch of
my will into it.
“Casters, hunters, resume your attack!” The Highlord
shouted. Agony began to set in on my head. This is where you
die, fool. The demon within taunted. Struck down by a ghost of
your own people. I didn’t have time for the demon. My entire
mind was aflame, my strength waning.” You can't hold this
forever!” The Highlord yelled.” For Elune!” The sisters cried. It
was time to finish this trial, to get on with it. I let the barrier fall,
let as I did, I fell to the ground, agony in every part of my body. I
felt a surge of power within me, my body glowing with yellow
grace. I nodded to the priest who had given it to me. I roared my
fury, willing my entire body into action, as I walked through the
volley of arrows, like a god among men.” I will put you to rest.” I
said. They kept coming. I didn’t care. I roared as I shot arcane
bolt after arcane bolt at them. And as I did, the spell casters, the
heroes, and all the rest of them charged. Blades of light emerged
from the ground, the entire ground was filled with power, and
they began to fall. The leader was the only one who remained. I
drove my shield through the face of her, ending her suffering.”
We have…failed…the goddess.” She said as she fell to the earth.
| Page86 Demonheart:Moonsworn
Chapter 10: She’s still alive:
| Page87 Demonheart:Moonsworn
We walked throughout the Tomb of Sargeras. So far, we’d
taken out a few unimportant Legion commanders, not many
important things happened during those encounters. But I still
don’t think it matters to the overall telling of this tale. So, I’ll pick
up when things got interesting again: when we entered the
Chamber of The Avatar…
We walked throughout the golden, runed chamber, slaying
any stray demons who dared to face us. I had my hand on my
shields, knowing that there was no way I’d be caught off guard.
We stopped when we reached a certain point in the chamber, and
I could see why. Up ahead, in all it’s glory, was the inactive
Avatar of Sargeras. The thing was massive, its fel-infused skin
making up most of the body, a skull-flamed shoulder guard sat
lonely on the Avatar’s left shoulder. In its left hand was a
massive, broken sword, one that burned with demonic fire, and
hungered for the taste of flesh.
There was a loud boom nearby, right in the room in fact,
and a fel green mist came near the Avatar. Then, all of a sudden,
the mist was gone, replaced by something far more terrifying:
Kil'Jaeden. The lord of The Burning Legion, the person behind
this assault. And he sure looked the part. Dark iron chains
covered his chest, holding a fel-orb shoulderpad to his skin.
Skulls were decorated all over his armor, at least from what I
could understand of it, and his eyes burned fel green. The demon
lord's fingers were gone, now replaced by razor sharp claws.”
Damnable mortals.” The demon lord began with a scolding tone.”
You scurry through this tomb like vermin, dispatching my
underlings and imagining yourselves equals of the Legion.
| Page88 Demonheart:Moonsworn
Heroes…champions…fools! The husk before you was once a
vessel for the might of Sargeras. But this temple itself is our
prize. The means by which we will reduce your world to cinders.
Still, I will not deprive you of this chance to fall before an ancient
wonder. Let this avatar be the end of you!” With that, the demon
lord poured fel energy into the fallen avatar, bound by beams of
holy magic.
The beams faded, and the avatar looked up.” By the
Light…” I heard the Highlord curse. I took to the head of the
group.” You all know the enemy we face.” I began.” This is the
avatar of Sargeras himself…the Lord of the Legion. Do not fear,
for the avatar does not contain the dark titan himself, merely a
fragment of his power. We have not come so far to be stopped. We
fight today, we Azeroth! If we fall…Azeroth falls.” I let the words
sink in.” Let's do this shit.” I said. A roar was sounded as I leapt
forward, sending a bolt of arcane magic towards the avatar.”
Mortals….BURN!” It yelled. It’s voice was mindless, without an
operator.” For Azeroth!” the group cried in usion. The avatar
swung its massive sword in an arc above me, fel-fire left in its
wake. It’s hands glowed with fel power, sending a wave of power
that hit everyone, sending us flying back.
I slammed into a wall once more, a bit of a running
theme here. I wasn’t done yet, and I leapt to my feet, running
towards the avatar, yet as I did, the Avatar of Sargeras raised it’s
blade high, the shattered blade glowing with foul magic. Then, it
slammed the blade down with such force, we were sent flying
back. The entire room crumbled, throwing us back. I was barely
on the edge of a small platform and what was below that? Fel.
Liquid fel. A few of the heroes had fallen into the fel, justified by
their screams of agony.” We cannot fall today!” I yelled.”
KIL'JAEDEN!” A rage filled voice yelled. I looked over to see the
Deceiver over on a pile of rocks, not too far away. And fast
approaching them was Velan and Illidan.” We have come to end
your invasion of Azeroth! Your crusade ends here.” I didn’t have
time to see or hear how it developed. I focused on the avatar.
Once again, bolts of death flew through the sky. Arrows
scratched harmlessly off the massive being, and it quickly
focused on me. “Smash you!” It yelled. It raised it’s blade high
| Page89 Demonheart:Moonsworn
and brought it down hard, sending me flying. I hit a wall hard. I
felt death’s grip closing in on me. Please Elune. I prayed. Save me
from the nether. Bring me to your realm in death. My vision was
shut off, I had no idea how the heroes were faring. I felt icy grips
closing in on me. My demon was gone. Nothing mattered. A flash
of light filled my vision and in an instant, I stood before
Elune…The Moon Goddess.” What do you want!?” I asked. She
didn’t reply.” Please…explain to me…please.” I begged. She said
nothing, simply staring at me. I wanted to unleash the beast, to
unchain my fury, yet I knew that it wouldn't do anything.
I didn’t wish to call you here…but I have a message.” Elune
began. I was silent. I would’ve folded my arms, had I had physical
form.” She’s alive.” Elune said.” Who?” I asked. Yet I would never
know the answer. I was instantly teleported back to reality, the
heroes still battling on with the avatar, yet it wasn’t going so well.
I saw that many were wounded, some dead. Hope was waning
fast. I felt something in my pocket, something glowing. I looked,
and realized that the Tears of Sargeras were glowing, almost had
an empowered looked to them. I pulled one out at random,
slightly grateful it wasn’t the master tear. I floated above the
Avatar, before unleashing a beam of light blue, blinding me for a
short time. When the light cleared, the Avatar had fallen, the tear
floating before me. I quickly picked up the tear as fast as I could,
putting it back in my pocket.
“What the hell was that?” The Highlord asked. I
shrugged. ”Who knows?” I said. “Let’s just be grateful it’s dead.”
A raven appeared before us, quickly transforming into Khadgar.
“Heroes! Lets finish this! Kil'Jaeden must fall!” The mage said. I
nodded. The mage opened a portal to a fel ship and I stepped
through. Demons. They were everywhere.” You hunted your own
people, chasing us across the stars!” The voice of Velan came,
twisted by fury. “It was you who lacked vision, who refused to see
the truth of the Legion’s inevitable victory.” Kil'jaeden snarled. We
made our way through the foolish demons who sought to prevent
us from reaching their master. The details are not important.
Within minutes, we stood before the right hand of the Burning
Legion. Velan had been thrown back, stunned even.” Heroes of
Azeroth!” The Highlord’s voice boomed. “We have braved the
| Page90 Demonheart:Moonsworn
dangers of the Tomb of Sargeras. Now, we stand before the one
who is responsible for this invasion: Kil'Jaeden. He had burned
entire worlds, corrupted races beyond number, and now, he
stands before us, believing that he can stand against us. We have
slain C’thun and Yogg-Saron, we have put Deathwing down like
the dog he was, we have slain Garrosh, and we have even beat
Archimonde when he sought to Draenor and Azeroth. If Kil'jaeden
believes he’ll fare any better against us, then let us show him
how damn wrong he is. For Azeroth!”
The laughter of the demon lord began.” Let us see. Come
then, “heroes of Azeroth.” Come and die.” Kil'Jaeden offered. Rage
pumped through my body. This was the one who had forged the
Sons of Legion, the reason why Lorven was dead, the reason for
so much pain. The crowd of heroes charged, spells began to fly
through the air, and cries of fury filled the air. We would not fall
today. This was the day that the Deceiver would finally die, and
meet his makers.” Very well then, heroes. You have chosen
death.” Kil'Jaeden laughed. Balls of shadow filled the air, coming
from the demon lord. I leapt through the air, driving my shields
through his leg over and over again, blood, pure green, began to
pour from the demon’s leg. “Death has come for you, Deceiver.” I
roared. The demon ignore me, yet I cared not.
“Enough!” The Deceiver roared.” You are below me, you are
not even worthy of facing my wrath.” The demon yelled.
Suddenly, the deceiver disappeared in a spell of dancing
shadows, consuming him. Suddenly, demonic portals blazed to
life, pouring out felguards, imps, wrathguard, and fellords.”
Damn it!” I said, yet over the sound of approaching demons, it
was lost.” Hold fast, we shall not fall today!” I heard the Highlord
yell. They descended upon us like a wave of death itself. I flung
bolts of arcane from my shields, dodging fel axes and spells
everywhere. I heard the wails of the dieing, and I cursed.” Come
out and face us like a man, Kil'jaeden!” I yelled. No reply.”
Heroes! You are not alone in this fight.” Came the furious voice of
Velan. The prophet came to us, like an angel from heaven, his
white and pink robes stained green with demon blood. And then,
from the skies, in utter contrast, came Illidan. His wings flapped
as he crashed onto the ship, his burning warglaives in hand. I
| Page91 Demonheart:Moonsworn
wondered what had happened to his famous Warglaives of
Azzinoth, yet I dismissed the question.
I’ll hold them off. The rest of you: use my sight to find
Kil'jaeden.” Illidan ordered. He began to slaughter demons by the
hundreds, no, the thousands, yet they kept coming. It didn’t even
matter anymore, for I was granted the sight of Illidan. I saw the
power of all in the room, similar to my spectral sight, yet so much
more powerful. And then, suddenly, a large red glow appeared in
the shape of Kil'Jaeden.” There!” I yelled, pointing a finger
towards it. I shot an arcane bolt at it, revealing the deceiver in all
his horrific glory.” You cannot win mortals!” The demon lord
yelled.” Can you truly face the shadow that lies within, mortals?”
The deceiver asked, purple shadow magic on the tips of his
fingers. In an instant, purple versions of allies appeared
alongside them, mimicking their abilities in a twisted way.
I shot bolts of arcane into them, before leaping towards the
Deceiver, my shields diving into his skin.” Your magic shall not
save you, deceiver.” The voice of Velan roared. Blades were
starting to drive deep into Kil'Jaeden's legs, yet he refused to fall.
Fury was in the air.” We shall not fail, we’ve come too far for that
shit.” I heard the Highlord yell. I nodded to him, and smiled. I
could imagine Sargeas’s rage from here. Yet the Deceiver refused
death, even as I plunged my shields into his legs again and again,
he refused to fall.” Enough of this. Let us see how you mortals
fair on Argus.” The demon lord proclaimed. He opened a demonic
gateway, going through it.” Follow him!” I heard the Highlord
order. We did. I leapt through the portal and shock filled my face
at what lay beyond. Argus. The entire world was filled with fel-
corruption, the ruins of dreanni buildings everywhere, demons
filling the area. Fel-powered machines filled the area, and I knew
how this would end. Either in our deaths, or something even
more insane. Either way, it was time to put this demonlord to the
“Push forwards!” The Highlord ordered. I then noticed the
demons were attacking, coming up the hill. And down below,
Kil'Jaeden waited for us, taunting us with his mere presence. We
ran down the hill, clearing the path of any demons in our wake.
Kil'Jaeden stood before us once more. “Fools! You will burn in my
| Page92 Demonheart:Moonsworn
endless fire.” He roared. Fury filled my entire body, and I roared a
challenge towards the demon lord, sending bolts of arcane energy
towards him as spells hit his chest, swords were thrown at him,
daggers, and a thousand other weapons. And then the Illidari
came.” For lord Illidan! For the Slayer!” They roared in unison. An
entire wave of the elite, the demon hunters began to run. I didn’t
even want to look at them.
Glaives began to dig into the deceiver's flesh, the demon
lord starting to falter, yet he still send bolts of shadow magic all
around. An end would come. Soon. I knew it. And it did.” This
ends here, Deceiver.” Came the voice of Illidan. I saw him, flying
above the battlefield like a god. He descended upon the demon
lord in an instant, his glaives eager for the taste of the demon’s
blood. And before Kil'Jaeden could even respond, Illidan was on
his face and he drove a nasty cut down his face, before taking to
the skies once more, his hands glowing with fel power as he
directed a beam of fel energy towards the demon lord. KIl'Jaeden
fell, and we were transported back onto his nameless ship above
Argus. It was done. The deceiver had fallen. I plucked one of his
nails from his body, and I left.
| Page93 Demonheart:Moonsworn
Part 2: The
| Page94 Demonheart:Moonsworn
Chapter 1: The Fallen Priestess:
The next set of events are…debatable. But believe
me when I say that all of these events are true. The only way I
can even begin to explain them is to tell the tale to you. But first,
some need-to-know things. My shields were shattered after I
| Page95 Demonheart:Moonsworn
discovered the Tears of Sargeras were a beacon for the Legion,
and, if activated, would give away the exact coordinates of
It was three months after the assault on the Tomb of
Sargeras, and I was doing what I normally do. I had set up camp
within Ashenvale, a crackling fire in front of me, Shan’Drathorn
sitting nearby. Since I had to destroy my shields, and during the
assault on the Tomb, I found a pair of warglaives, those that sat
nearby. I heard rustling in the bushes, grabbing one of the
warglaives that sat nearby. I leapt to my feet, warglaive in hand.
“Whoever or whatever you are, show yourself.” I said into the
abyss of night. An echoing, yet surprisingly familiar voice, replied
to me. “Alriona?” It said, in surprise. I lowered my weapon,
knowing the voice in an instant. Lorven. After seconds of
agonizing silence came, the figure revealed itself and I was
stunned at the results. A dark armored figure with a long, dark
edged blade on it’s back emerged from the bushes. The figure’s
face was pale blue, yet beauty still showed through the dark
marks. I ran towards her, embracing her in an instant.
“What have they done to you?” I asked, with a sobbing
voice, yet no tears came from my burning sockets. I wished the
moment would never end. Even if it was just my demon messing
with me, even if it was just a dream, it was one I never wanted to
wake up from. Eventually, Lorven pushed away. There was
silence for many moments. Then, she spoke. “I failed.” She said,
sadness in her voice. Tears began streaming from her eyes, and I
frowned. Then, the strangest thing happened. The sound of
clapping came from the darkness, and I nearly aimed my glaive
at it. Another dark armored figure emerged, yet this one I knew.
It was Shailerion, the arch-enemy of Alerion. “This
is…unexpected.” He said, the warlock’s voice distorted by the
dark magics he played with.
I aimed my glaive at him.” What do you want?” I growled.
Shailerion, in the light of the burning fire, was dressed in full
armor, blackened. His face was tattooed, like even looking to be
altered by some mysterious force. I didn’t even want to know at
| Page96 Demonheart:Moonsworn
all, just what he wanted. The warlock laughed, the fire making
him look evil almost. “Why, Alriona. Is that any way to greet an
old friend?” The warlock said, amused. Fury built up within me.
Lorven gave me a confused look. “But I suppose I do owe some
explanation. I have come to…surprisingly, ask for your aid
against the Legion.” Shailerion explained. I laughed, so hard I
nearly dropped my glaive. “Don’t even think about giving me that
shit, warlock.” I said, laughter still in my voice. Shailerion gave
me a serious look and at that moment I knew something was
“This is not a joke.” The warlock growled, seriousness
taking his voice. I stared at him in surprise. “Allow me to explain
further.” He said, his voice taking it’s normal form again.” Thanks
to Illidan’s foolish attempt to save the heroes of Azeroth, he
opened a portal to Argus…as I’m sure you’ve seen by now. The
Legion knows of this portal, and they have a plan that could
shatter the entirety of the Horde and the Alliance. They have
planned to send a fleet through. A doom fleet, if you will. This
fleet will assault all major cities, Stormwind, Orgrimmar,
Silvermoon, and most of all, Dalaran. Once that city falls, the
forces of Azeroth will lose their main base against the remnants
of the legion. And of course, the legion would have a new invasion
“This is where you come in. I need your help to end this
Doom Fleet, in order to save this world.” The warlock said. “Give
me one reason I should help you save the world when you
literally just tried to destroy not even a year ago?” I asked. The
warlock looked into my eyes, and I thought that he would control
me with dark magic or something else. Yet it never came. “Times
change.” The warlock said. I felt the urge to drive my glaive
through the warlock, to end this madness right here and now,
but something gave me pause. Something I haven’t felt in years
that I didn’t even believe I was capable of feeling anymore: pity.
Pity for the warlock who had tried to shatter the lines of Azeroth
and take the world in the name of the Legion, pity for the warlock
who had tried to kill me more times than I could possibly count. I
still don’t know why, but I felt as if I could actually trust him.
“Why are you here?” I asked him, my tone showing my anger.
| Page97 Demonheart:Moonsworn
“For you.” He said. “I know how insane this sounds,
but…I can only hope you’ll believe me.” I knew that whatever the
warlock had come for, it wasn’t good. “A few weeks ago, I
managed to steal away the former flagship of the Sons of Legion,
The Crusade. On its drive, I discovered that the Legion has plans.
Ever since their defeat at the Tomb of Sargeras, the masters of
the Legion believe an invasion of Argus is imminent. Which, of
course, is true. However, Karvanorn has a plan.” I nearly spit at
the warlock. Instead, I gave him a quizzical look. “Didn’t I just
finish killing that son of a bitch?” I said. Shailerion sighed. “You
did. But it seems that the Legion have something on Argus to
speed up the resurrection of demons, and they have chosen to do
this to Karvanorn.” The warlock explained.
I was shocked a little. Id never imagine that the
Legion could ever obtain such power. What other demons could
they bring back? Archimonde. Kil'jaeden. Mannoroth. Just the
thought of those names sent shivers down my spine. “But there’s
more…and much, much worse news I discovered aboard that
ship. The Legion has their sights on Azeroth, quite literally. They
are planning to send a whole fleet of elite ships through to
Azeroth, for an invasion on a different scale. Instead of sending
the whole of the Legion bearing down upon us, they want to
assault only the capitals all at the same time. Stormwind,
Orgrimmar, Silvermoon, but most important of all, Dalaran. If
these points-.” I cut him off. “Azeroth falls.” I finished. The
warlock shot me a look that said “never do that again.
“What do you want me to do about it?” I asked. The
warlock smiled. “I want you to fight this fleet.” He replied. I
laughed. “One demon hunter is not enough to take out a fleet of
Legion ships.” Shailerion smiled. “I suppose you forgot about
me.” Lorven laughed. I nearly jumped. I had been so focused on
Shailerion I’d forgotten about her. Shailerion nodded. “Between
the three of us and The Crusade, I’d say we have enough
already.” He replied. The warlock flung his hands back, opening a
demonic portal. I knew where it lead. “Shall we?” He asked. I
nodded, as I stepped through the portal…
| Page98 Demonheart:Moonsworn
Shailerion had not lied about The Crusade. It
was a completely different ship, compared to most of the Burning
Legion’s endless fleet. The basic design was there. But even that
was different. Massive, black steel made up the majority of the
ship’s hull, but the basic design was changed decently well.
Massive holes lead into the lower levels of the ship, yet from what
I could see at the time it lead to different areas, which split off at
some point, leading into different areas.
The main deck, where most things were located,
was utterly different, almost. A ramp lead into the tactical
display, where a massive picture of the universe was displayed.
Yet even there, a massive part, where the third and fourth ramps
should’ve been, that lead into the main area, we’re completely
different. Instead of a mirror of the area where I now stood, a
massive, glass wall was extracted, leaving a clear view of the
abyss outside, the stars that sparkled in the abyss.
Yet I could see why below. The Crusade had many
consoles, each of which displaying the area outside of it, below it,
and above. Some of them looked like they controlled the
weapons, others controlling damage reports, and others
controlling basic function of the vessel: moving from point A to
point B. I had to admit, I was impressed that the warlock had
found such a vessel, just left by the Legion. What if he didn’t? My
demon whispered. What if this is all a trap? He did work for the
Legion before. I considered those words, but soon dismissed
them. Shailerion, despite his cunning, wouldn’t go out of his way
to hunt me down, considering how much I move around. Either
way, if it was a trap, I’d be ready to see it sprung.
“Welcome aboard.” Shailerion proclaimed. “This is
The Crusade, one of the Legion’s greatest feet in engineering.” I
could agree to that at least. “One ship isn’t going to take down an
entire fleet, you know that, warlock?” I asked. The warlock
smiled. “Ah, but you see, this ship is not ordinary Legion ship.
This ship was not created to lead Legion assaults. It was created
to be the assault. The weapons are fel lasers, cannons as
powerful as the Legion’s devastators, but most of all, a powerful
teleportation network.” The warlock explained. All the more
reason you should leave. My demon whispered. For once, I was
| Page99 Demonheart:Moonsworn
baffed at the felguard’s words. It was as if he was trying to
protect me. I dismissed it was typical demon trickery. But it did
raise the question: why did the Legion abandon such a powerful
vessel? And how did Shailerion even know of it?
I knew I was being paranoid at that point. If
the Legion really was sending a doom fleet through, then even a
trap could work in my favor. “So, where’s this doom fleet you’re
talking about?” Came the icy voice of Lorven. I had not quite
realized what death had done to her. Yet still, despite the icy
corruption of death on the wind, it still sounded sweet to my ear.
Shailerion blinked. “Well….” He trailed off. The warlock hurried
down to a station below, pressing a few buttons, before quickly
running back to us. “You might want to hold your stomach of
this.” The warlock said. I could hear the whine of Legion engines
awakening, engines that sounded as old as the Legion itself. And
then, I felt my entire body suddenly torn apart, as we entered
what I assumed was the Twisting Nether. I could hear laughter,
deafening to all other sounds, and then, just as quickly as it had
began, it stopped.
I was reformed, in the same spot I was originally on The
Crusade. Expect, now, instead of gleaming stars shining on the
other side of the glass, a massive planet stood in their place. It
was filled with oceans and land. It was Azeroth. And above it lie
the fleet of which Shailerion had spoken of. The fleet was visible
to the naked eye, so obvious, like a missed stroke on an almost
finished painting. And they were converging on the world. Almost
defenseless against the coming storm. “Damn.” I said in awe.
“We’re in stealth mode currently, The Legion’s ship shouldn’t see
us until we’re ready for them to.” Shailerion explained. “But I’d
say that assault can wait until tomorrow. I’ve set up living
quarters downstairs, excuse me if they're a mess, I had to set
them up with haste. Your welcome to rest.” Shailerion said. And
with that, the warlock walked away, doing what he needed to do
on his end…
I had tried to sleep. Honestly, I tried so hard to sleep that night,
yet every time I closed my eyes, I only saw that horrid image. Of
Lorven falling dead on the floor in front of me. Eventually, I just
| Page100 Demonheart:Moonsworn
decided to stay awake. And there, I saw Lorven, on the side of my
cot. “I don’t need sleep anymore.” She said, matter-of-factly. I
nodded. “It seems you can’t get enough of it.” I sighed. “I can’t
sleep at all, not with…”I trailed off. Lorven sighed. “You're too
protective of me. I can fight. How do you think I made it, for all
those years?”
“You never told me of how you were truly raised.
Come on, my girl falling to a couple of undead?” I teased. She
laughed, before giving me a cold glare. “It was shortly after the
assault on Stormwind City by the Scourge. When the Northrend
Counter Offense was just starting to form. Under the orders of
the Priesthood, I had to fight in this war, to aid the sick and heal
the wounded. And so I did. I went out into where the fighting was
at it’s most desperate. Icecrown. The chill of that place will never
leave me.”
“It was when the Argent Crusade was still at the
gates of Icecrown, holding out against the endless hordes of
Scourge. We had been winning the battle when a massive wave of
undead assaulted the base. I had done my best, but eventually, I
realized healing would do very little, if anything at all. So I picked
up my bow. I fire arrow after arrow, until there was none left. And
then, a Death Knight appeared. The Death Knight had shattered
our ranks, and then, he came for me. He killed me, and in the
endless cruelty of the Scourge, raised me to serve. After the battle
at Icecrown, I had been freed. I’ve been wandering the world ever
You fought so hard to redeem yourself in the eyes of your
Goddess, to be with her for eternity. And it turns out, you're both
damned. My demon laughed. If I could pick a time I wanted to
just slap my demon across the face, this would be it. There was
silence for a long time. I felt as if that gave me comfort somehow.
I laid my head down and went to sleep.
| Page101 Demonheart:Moonsworn
Chapter 2: The Doom
| Page102 Demonheart:Moonsworn
The next day, Shailerion had prepared for an assault
on the fleet. I just wanted to get this over with. I was prepared to
give the demons hell. The warlock had explained he had already
set up a teleportation network to the Doom Fleet’s command
ship, Azeroth’s Fall. The name was ironic, considering what was
about to happen. I held Lorven’s hand tight as we stood on a
teleportation pad. “I’ll come in after you.” Shailerion said. The
warlock pressed a button and we were sent in an instant to The
Command Ship.
It was massive, a normal Legion ship, but at the
same time, it was more packed than a normal Legion Ship.
Demons were already at the entrance, ready to greet us. I moved
swiftly, slicing down a Fel guard in mere seconds, my warglaives
making a sickening sound as the blessed metal hit the demon’s
flesh. The Fel guard fell to the ground swiftly. Yet this seemed to
alert the rest of the demons. “Shit.” I said. Every demon in the
entire ship turned to us, quickly charging towards us. Felguard,
winged Doomguard, and even some Terrorguard charged us.
I threw one of my warglaives at the demons,
my hand outstretched, glowing green as I willed the warglaive to
strike. It hit three demons before I willed it back to my hand,
coming back like a boomerang. Then, a burst of felfire held the
demons at bay. Shailerion appeared from the teleportation
network. Yet soon, the demons began to part. Almost as if to let
us pass. No. It couldn’t be. Karvanorn. The dreadlord champion
of Kil'jaeden. The dreadlord was covered in his normal demonic
armor, covering every inch of his skin, even his face was nearly
consumed by it, besides his all seeing eyes. His wings were
outstretched. His claws ready to kill.
“Well, well, well.” The Dreadlord began.
“Look what crawled its way aboard my ship.” I glared at the
demon. Fury began to build within me. I fought the urge to strike
out at the Dreadlord, despite how tempting it was. “Did you really
| Page103 Demonheart:Moonsworn
think I died in the Tomb? How naive. I am immortal, you fool.”
The Dreadlord said to me.” And you even brought the puppet.
Perfect.” This referring to Lorven. “And you.” The Dreadlord said,
his tone changing from playful to serious in an instant. “You
Shailerion are going to pay for your betrayal. When I am done
with you, you will have experienced the same torment as
Ner’Zhul!” The demon exclaimed. “Think again, Dreadlord.” I
said. “I killed you once, and I’ll damn well do it again.” The
Dreadlord laughed. “Let’s see how long you last.” Karvanorn
laughed. The demon raised it’s claws into the sky, fel energy
coming off them. Felfire soon erupted around us, slaughtering
the demons who dared to stand guard.
The Dreadlord then threw his hands towards
my party, trapping Lorven and Shailerion in fel bubble. “Much
better.” The Dreadlord said. I roared in fury, as I charged, my
warglaives hungering for the flesh of the demon. The Dreadlord
moved away at the last second, yet I managed to stop myself
before I lost my balance. The Dreadlord assaulted me from the
side, his massive claws digging through what little armor I wore
and straight into flesh. Pain is good. It reminds you you're alive. I
reminded myself.
The demon prepared it’s claws for another attack,
yet I struck first, my warglaive’s shattering the demon’s armor
and diving into it’s flesh. I pulled back before aiming my other
glaive at the demon, striking him with such force, the demon
nearly lost its balance. I struck again, my warglaive biting into
demon’s flesh, causing green, gooey blood to spill onto the floor.
“A good start.” The Dreadlord said. “But not good enough.” The
Dreadlord leapt at me, his wings outstretched as the demon leapt
in for a kill. I dodged the attack smoothly, before striking into the
demon’s side.
The Dreadlord looked up at the pair of his
prisoners, my allies in all of this. But most of all, he eyed Lorven.
A cold smile slowly crept across the Dreadlord’s face. “Let’s see
how well you do WITHOUT your love.” The Dreadlord said. I knew
what was going to happen, long before it did. I charged at the
Dreadlord, smashing my glaives on the demon, to no avail. He
was protected by magic. I would’ve wept, if I had eyes. I
| Page104 Demonheart:Moonsworn
continued to bash on the demon’s protective barrier, but it never
shimmered and disappeared. I looked to Lorven, as she was
crushed by the demon’s magic. And in an instant, she was gone.
I roared in pain and fury as I resisted the temptation of the
power. The power of my fury.
The Demon laughed. “Give into the rage.” He
said to me. I would not do as he wished. But I would use it
against him. I threw my warglaives to the ground, as I channeled
my fury through my fists. I ran at the Dreadlord. “This is for
Lorven.” I screamed as I bashed a fist against the demon’s flank.
“This is for everything you’ve done.” I said, as I bashed another
fish against the demon’s body. I leapt onto the Dreadlord’s back,
taking hold of the sockets of his wings as I pulled. A terrible
sucking sound filled the air as muscle fought against raw
strength. They came lose, and I summoned my warglaives to my
hand, bashing the demon again and again, until Karvanorn was
filled with blood and my gloved hands were covered in blood.
I breathed, as the Dreadlord began to rise.
“This….is not over…” The Dreadlord said, as he folded his wings
around himself and vanished. I ran to Lorven’s body, what was
left of it anyways, and I held her. It was cold. I howled in anguish
and fury. “Elune damn you Karvnorn!” I roared.” If it takes me an
eternity I swear on my very soul, I will hunt you down. You will
die!” I roared, the words filling the whole of the vessel. My
warglaive lie nearby. The urge to end it suddenly filled me. Join
her. My demon whispered. It started out as one voice. Then, it
quickly amplified to a thousand. My head rang in agony, and I
fell to the cold floor. And then, I passed out.
| Page105 Demonheart:Moonsworn
Chapter 3: Return to Narazeal:
I felt my body shattered and reassembled
somewhere else. I looked around confused, before realizing where
I was. Rocks, ones that looked to be infused with fel magic,
floated in the air. The ground below was the same, except there
were no demons. I looked forward, seeing the familiar human
dressed in dark armor, two fel-forged sabers at his side.
Yet this time, his face was a pale blue. His eyes
glowed the color of ice itself. It was Shalerion. “We meet again,
my friend.” The warlock began. “This better be good warlock. I
don’t have time for your bullshit.” I said. The warlock let out a
soft chuckle, almost as if he didn’t even want it to be heard. Elf
| Page106 Demonheart:Moonsworn
ears pickup almost everything. “It is. A few days ago, Karvanorn
stormed The Crusade, returning it to the hands of its original
owners and builders, The Legion.” Shalerion began. “And if you
want to blame me, he’s a fucking dreadlord empowered by one of
the most powerful beings in the universe. If you want to face him
alone, then be my guest. I’ve tasted death before. Never again.”
The warlock said with a tone of command.
“But that’s besides the point. Listen Alriona,
with The Crusade back in the Legion’s hands, I believe they plan
to travel to the former command-world of the Sons of Legion,
Narazeal, and reclaim it for the legion.” Narazeal, base of the
Sons of Legion. This was the world invaded by Alerion’s forces,
who you may remember from a few months ago. The Sons of
Legion were killed in the attack, all besides, of course,
Karvanorn. Ever since the death of the Sons, the planet has been
in utter chaos, some of the Demons rising up against what
remained of the Legion loyalists. If the Legion reclaimed the
forces on Narazeal, they could actually push the forces of Azeroth
and The Army of Light, a force made up of survivors of the worlds
the Legion has shattered, back to Azeroth and launch a new
“So basicly, there is nothing we can do.” I said,
with a sigh. The warlock, or death knight, I still can’t tell
anymore, smiled. “And that, my friend, is where you are wrong.”
The warlock clapped his hands. Suddenly, I felt the ground shake
a little, and then, the whine of gears and the roar of engines filled
my ears. I turned around and looked in utter awe as I did. “You
captured another Legion ship?” I asked with humor. The warlock
nodded. “Not so much captured. I actually destroyed the original
ship.” Shailerion said. I could see how it was improvised. Most
legion ships are giant triangle-like structures of fel-green and
black metal. This one, on the other hand, was almost utterly
The color of its hull was the same, and the overall
menace of the Ship was still intact. However, it was longer than a
normal Legion ship, just noticeable. Fel-glass jetted out from
what normally would’ve been…. I have no idea actually, but it
was in the same shape. The massive ramp that would’ve held a
| Page107 Demonheart:Moonsworn
Legion commander was still there...but it looked to be loaded
with weapons. I felt as if I was already in love with it. “You
coming?” Shailerion asked. “Hell yes!” I replied with glee. The
warlock had created a demonic portal to the ship, it seemed. I
stepped through the portal, my soul slipping through the twisting
nether until I appeared aboard the mysterious legion ship. Even
the underhold, the area where the forces were held before a
Legion assault, was different.
It was a massive room, filled with activity, demons running
back and forth. I noted that these were not the Gan’arg, the main
backbone of the Legion tech. No, these were the Mo’arg, cunning
demons that used tech to advance themselves. The Gan’arg were
still present, but they were overseen by the Mo’arg. In the recent
Legion invasion, Mo’arg brutes seemed to appear, and, it is
theorized that the Legion found the Wyrmtongue and enslaved
them to fill the role of the Mo’arg, seeing as the brutes are
becoming far more common. The room was filled with seats, and
what I presumed were stations. And in the middle of the area,
there was a massive throne, skulls adorning it, along with pelt
and spikes.
“Welcome aboard The Wrath of Argus.” Shailerion
exclaimed. “You enslaved these demons?” I asked. The warlock
laughed. “THESE demons, up here at least, serve willingly, the
Mo’arg not wanting to become the brutes that their race has
become known for in recent years, and the Gan’arg who follow
them.” I was impressed. Not only had the warlock managed to
create a whole new ship, a whole new layout, a whole new
everything, but he had also managed to get demons to serve him
willingly…from the Legion.
“Friend!” A demonic, yet distorted voice cried.
“The Illidari have spotted us. They’re about to unleash The Fel
Hammer!” The Fel Hammer. Once, it was a command ship for the
Legion. Now, it serves as the Illidari wrath. I looked out the port
view and saw the massive ship, slowly moving its way towards
us. Shailerion spirited to his throne, sitting down and resting his
hands on it. “All hands on deck.” The warlock said, his voice
amplified, bouncing off the walls. “Everyone, prepare to leave
Mardum, The Shattered Abyss.” Shailerion declared. The whir of
| Page108 Demonheart:Moonsworn
engines struck my ears. The sound of roaring engines heating up,
the sound of a great machine awakening after a thousand years
rest. This was the sound The Wrath of Argus made. And then,
after a whole minute, a massive boom sounded off, one that
nearly shattered my hearing. “We’re in the Nether now. If they
can follow us, I’d be surprised.” Shailerion said.
I nodded.” How long until we reach Narazeal?” I
asked. “Three…two…one.” Another boom sounded off. I buckled
under its force. I looked out to see the familiar half-consumed
planet of Narazeal looming ahead. Half of the world had been so
corrupted by the Legion that it phased out of reality itself,
becoming a part of the Twisting Nether. The planet, well, what’s
left of it anyways, was a massive ball of burning green fire.
Flames jetted out like geysers. It was a massive ball of twisted fel
and scorched earth. “The Legion sure did a number on this
place.” I said. Shailerion nodded. “Indeed. The Sons of Legion did
truly break their ten thousand year old rival, simply by breaking
their world.”
I couldn’t agree more. “What now?” I asked.
Shailerion smiled, as he leaned back in his throne. “Set thrust to
full!” The warlock ordered. Instantly, the roar of the engines
intensified. “We’re going in.” Shailerion proclaimed. “Are you
insane!?” I blurted out. “No.” The warlock replied. “But what I’m
about to do, you might consider me insane.” Those words didn’t
give me much hope. Narazeal began to come closer. Closer. No, it
was us moving! I didn’t know much about physics and science
and all that bullshit, but I knew enough to know that re-entry
would cause The Wrath to be destroyed. “Why didn’t you just
teleport us in!?” I roared. The warlock sighed. “Because, of all the
parts I did manage to salvage, I managed to break the original
Wrath’s teleportation drive. Meaning we cannot teleport into
specific locations, we can only teleport to planets.” He explained.
I groaned. “So how the hell are we going to get down there
without dying?” I asked.
The warlock smiled. “Simple. Thruster speed to
50%! If we’re going too fast, we will crash and burn. Bring us in
slow and steady.” The warlock ordered. “So what the hell do I
do?” I asked. Shailerion sighed. “You get to watch.” He replied.
| Page109 Demonheart:Moonsworn
“Friends, reentrance begins in one minute.” The voice of a
wyrmtongue came over what I assumed was the com. “Now,
activate the warp drive. Legion’s Citadel.” The warlock
proclaimed. “WHAT!?” I screamed. Too late. Another boom went
off, this one knocking me to the ground. I was thrown against the
wall, hitting it head on. When I rose, the whine of engines had
become lower than ever. They seemed to steam with exhaust.
I groaned as I looked out the window, yet that
quickly turned to amazement. Iron fel-spikes jetted into the
heavens, looming iron base-works lie everywhere, forming a
massive wall, yet the most impressive feature was ahead. A
massive citadel, of fel-iron, of felslate, and of all legion materials,
loomed ahead. This was Legion’s Citadel, the former base for the
Sons. “You're telling me we get this ship AND Legion’s Citadel as
our base?” I asked with excitement. The warlock nodded. “Kind
of. Legion’s citadel is held by the rebels of Narazeal. Despite how
you may feel about this, we will need their alliance if we are to
kill Karvanorn.” I felt myself die inside a little.
“In that case, I’ll stay up here.” I said. The warlock
nodded. “Good, you can stay up here and be mission
commander. Right now, I believe an emissary is required.” The
warlock said, as he was consumed by fel magic and left nothing
but steam behind. I took the place of his throne, turning to face
the looming citadel. Yet I quickly realized something as I began to
grow comfortable within the Throne. There were far too many
demons within that citadel to be a mere rebellion, even if it had
held up for months. Something was wrong. “Give me a zoomed
up image of the courtyard.” I said. The demons all muttered
under their breaths. I didn’t even want to know what they said,
as long as they did what I asked, I didn’t care. And they did. An
image of the Courtyard soon appeared on the view in front of me,
the only window to the outside world. With horror, I quickly
realized we had walked into a-
“TRAP!” I soon heard Shailerion yell over the com.
“Alriona, I need you to bring The Wrath of Argus down here now,
the rebellion has fallen, Karvanorn has control!” see? Not even
this petty rebellion will stop the Legion. I heard my demon taunt.
“But we will.” I said aloud. “Get us down there now! Set every
| Page110 Demonheart:Moonsworn
weapon to full, we will unleash our full-“ Suddenly, the zoomed in
image of the courtyard was gone. And there, lie my hated enemy.
In all his golden, gleaming armored glory. Karvanorn…
“Hello Alriona. It is a pleasure to meet again.”
The demon said with a motherly voice. “Cut the shit, you damn
demon! Listen here, come on this ship and I will beat the living
crap out of you until you are nothing but ash!” I replied in fury.
“Very well then. I suppose you should know one thing: You are
under attack.” The coms cut off there. I slammed my fists down
on the throne.
Suddenly, in a burst of fel fire, Shailerion appeared, looking a
little more pale faced then before. “We walked into a trap, Azeroth
is doomed!” The warlock announced. “Not if I can help it, now
damn it, get ready for some destruction.” I proclaimed. I didn’t
move from the throne. “What siege weapons do we have?” I
asked. “Fel cannon, The Wrath of Argus- “you're telling me…that
the Wrath of Argus has a weapon called the Wrath of Argus?” I
asked. The warlock nodded. “This whole ship is a weapon.” He
said. “A fel cannon isn’t going to be enough to break through fel
steal. What’s the Wrath of Argus do and is it available?” I asked.
The warlock sighed. “It’s a bomb. One designed to leave little but
ash in it’s wake, but if you fire it off at this height-“that’s all I
need to know.”
“Prepare the wrath!” I ordered. I heard the grinding
of gears, of something opening. “Drop it now!” I ordered. As fel
bats began to fill the skies, suddenly, from the Wrath of Argus, a
massive bomb was shot from the ramp. It flew down into Legion
Citadel, sounding off a massive explosion of fel fire. “Get us out of
here!” I ordered, hearing the roar of engines. And before the
endless flame could consume us, we were gone. If Karvanorn
survived the bomb, then whatever waited for us on Argus must’ve
been truly horrific…
It had been a few hours after Narazeal. I had
commanded The Wrath of Argus to teleport into orbit above
Azeroth, seeing as it was the best place at the time. Going above
| Page111 Demonheart:Moonsworn
Argus was certain death. Going to Argus was pure suicide. In
order to pass the time, Shalerion and I had gone to the launch
ramp, simply to talk, seeing as bringing a fucking Legion ship
into Alliance or Horde territory, actually scratch that, literally any
territory with a population, would assault us head on.
“You ever wonder if there’s any hand guiding
us.”Shailerion said. I laughed. “If there is, then someone sure as
hell hates me.” I joked. “I think I’m with you on that. But still,
sometimes…things in Azeroth seem to be so well set up. One
threat falls only for another to rise up and take it’s place
sometimes less than a year later.” That was true, and it had been
happening far too often in recent years. I had begun to wonder
how the hell Azeroth hadn’t been destroyed yet. Questions for
another time. “Let me ask you something.” I began. “Why the hell
are you so hell-bent on helping me?” I asked. Shalerion sighed.
“Do you really want to know?” He asked. “Yes.” I replied eagerly.
The warlock breathed in and out once. “The Illidari didn’t give the
command to kill Lorven. In fact, it wasn’t even an Illidari demon
hunter that put her down.” He began. “It was a Legion traitor.”
Those words stung me like poison. I stood up instantly. “You
knew this the whole time…” I said, mostly to myself.
“What did you think, I wouldn’t even fuckin
care!? Did you think it didn’t matter!?” I raged. The Death Knight
sighed. “I couldn’-“ “Don’t even try and give me that bullshit! And
why should we even work together, huh? A common enemy?
What happened to you serving the darkness?” I continued. “Do
you think I did that by choice?” Shalerion began. “I did that to
protect.” “Who? Yourself?” I replied. “You understand nothing of
sacrifice. Of true agony.” Shalerion said, with certainty. “YOU
understand nothing of TRUE agony. Do you even understand the
pain I’ve had to live with, you son of a bitch?” I roared. The
warlock stood as well. “Do we really need to do this? Do I need to
remind you Karvanorn is still out there?” He said.
“Yes, do you think I need you to kill him?” I spat.
“YOU don’t know him like I do. I know everything about him, his
powers, his cunning. What, do you expect to go up against one of
the Legion’s final powers in the universe and fucking win!?” He
yelled. I grabbed my shields, which had been laying on the
| Page112 Demonheart:Moonsworn
ground beside me. “I won’t fight alone. The heroes of Azeroth will
aid me, and if they don’t….Then one way or another, I will have
my revenge.” I said. I then leapt off the ship, gliding my way
towards Azeroth.
Chapter 5: The Campaign Begins:
| Page113 Demonheart:Moonsworn
The time had come for the campaign to begin.
The heroes of Azeroth were on Argus, unaware of the forces at
play. It was time to call in the heroes of Azeroth, those who
weren’t with the orders, and crush Karvanorn…
Before the campaign could begin, I needed aid. I had
asked around Stormwind about mercenary groups, but one name
kept popping up: Greyshields. Supposedly, this was a very skilled
group of mercenaries who had a history of helping people in
need. Just what I needed. I walked around the Cathedral district
for hours, searching for a recruitment ad or something.
I walked into the lush gardens behind the main
Cathedral, my head almost hanging down. Then, I noticed a night
elf huntress. She was dressed in orange and grey armor. And I
noticed her tabard was supposedly the same as the Greyshields
as well. “Excuse me miss, but are you with the Greyshields?” I
asked. “Yes. What can I do for you?” She asked. “I believe I have a
possible contract for you.” She smiled. “Well, before you say
anything, let’s go somewhere more private. Don’t want anyone
listening in.” The huntress explained. I nodded for her to follow
and walked towards the docks. I walked aboard one of
Stormwind’s unused ships, sitting in the lower decks, the one
used as living quarters. “Isn’t this private property?” She asked
with concern. “As far I know, no.” I explained, as I took a seat.
She did the same.” So, what’s your offer?” She asked. “There’s a
certain Dreadlord I need dead. It’s name is Karvanorn.” I began.
“This dreadlord is responsible for the death of many, and I believe
that he’s on Argus.”
She grinned at the mention of the Homeworld of The
Legion. “Well, how the hell do you expect to get there?” She
asked. I smiled. “Portals…hopefully.” I said “hopefully” with a
light amount of sorrow. “What do you mean “hopefully”?” She
demanded. I sighed. “There were many portals used during the
Outland and Draenor campaigns, used to call in reinforcements
when required. If anything, the mages of the Kirin Tor will have to
use portals to call reinforcements through to Argus. I don’t think
we can have a whole army on one ship.” I explained.
| Page114 Demonheart:Moonsworn
“But also, due to Argus’s connection to the Twisting
Nether, and the fact that the link Illidan set up during the
Outland Campaign has most likely gone cold, it is a possibility
that normal teleportation will not be an option.” She frowned.
“And if it isn’t?” She asked. “Then we draw him to Azeroth.” I said
with confidence. “And if that doesn’t work?” She pushed. I sighed.
“Then we notify those on Argus, and if that doesn’t work….” I
trailed off. “If that doesn’t work, we are all going to die, most