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Animation Booklet


Paris Keegan     9MM

Contents Page


Page 3:  Animation (can include Tagxedo here)


Page 4:  Simple animtion


Page 5:  Thaumatropes


Page 6:  Morphing and Warping 


Page 7:  Types of Animation


Page 8:  Tagxedo or Tagul 

Defintion of:


Thaumatropes: Is a scientific toy created in the 19th century consisting of a disc and one image on either side oif the disc. These two images appear to combin into one when the disc is rapidly spinned.




Zoetropes: Is an optical invention of the 19th century is composed of a cylinder with a series of pictures on the inside, so when viewed through the cylinder when rotating, gives an impression of continous motion



Phenakistascopes: An early form of a zoetrope in which figures are depicted in different poses around the edge of the disc . When the disc is spun, and the figures observed through the apetures around the edge of the disc , they appear to be moving.

Put a picture of the 2 still images your group created.

Video of you twirling the two images


       Morphing and Warping


Morphing: Is the smooth transformation of one image into a another by animation, for example a motion picture.



Warping: Is when an image is becomes bent or twisted out of shape.