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It Can Wait

By: Samuel Schaeffer

Created by AT&T, the "It Can Wait" campaign was aimed at drivers in order to influence them to pay attention to the road rather than pay attention to distractions, especially cell phones. 


95% of drivers do not approve of distractive driving, and yet more then 431,000 crashes a year are cause by it.


It Can Wait

The "It Can Wait" campaign aims to keep roads safe for not only the driver, but other drivers around them. The campaign encourages drivers to make a 3-part pledge to end distracted driving. Those 3 commitments are:


I pledge to care for those around me and put my phone down when I'm driving.


I pledge to share the message: distracted driving is never ok.


I pledge to be aware that I'm never alone on the road.


It Can Wait

Need further proof no message or search is more important than a life?


Visit to watch a 360 video depicting a distraced driver texting on their phone.


You can also simply search for other videos or more information on distracted driving to learn more about the dangers of a distracted driver. 


It Can Wait

So take the pledge. Stop distracted driving and save a life on the road.


Visit to take the pledge and learn more about the movement!






It Can Wait