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This is about Sir Isaac Newton's laws. He made three laws and he discovered gravity and it is going to tell facts and it is going to state how he discovered everything like he discovered gravity by an apple falling on to head and how he was so curious about how we stay on the ground why don't we just float up to space. But it is going to be more about Sir Isaac Newton and his three laws of motion.

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Sir Isaac Newtons Laws of 




                                                                                     5th and 6th science 

                                                                                                   Johanna Peterson

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                                                 Newton's important

                                                 Newton's laws of

                                                 Law 1

                                                 Law 2

                                                 Law 3



Newtons facts for his laws of motion 

His first law says an object stays at rest unless acted upon by a unbalanced force.

His second law says an balanced force causes an object to accelerate.

His third law says for every action there's a reaction.

           Newton's 1st law of motion

I remember when I did an experiment for Newton's 1st it of motion it was penny on a card experiment it was where you have a cup out on a flat surface and then you place a card on it and then put a penny on top of the card and the here you flick or pull the card and the penny will fall into the cup.



Our conclusion said that the penny wanted to stay at rest so it fell into the cup. Did you know Newton's first law is called the Law of Inertia.  



                2nd Law of motion  

I remember when I did an experiment it was called newton's 2nd law demonstration using balls. It was where we had 3 different massed balls and then we saw which one knocked over the dominoes.We had a basketball, a stress ball, and a paper ball.


The basketball and stress ball knocked over the dominoes. But the paper ball didn't. We learned the balls with more mass knocked  over the dominoes.

   3rd Law of Motion 

We did science on a skate board. It was where someone sat on a skate board but we used a scooter and then someone else threw a \ball. Then the person on the skateboard/scooter would move back.



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