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Discrimination in the world, examples of people who is discriminated in gender, race, disability and age. Forms to prevent this problem.

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We know that the new generation must changed this fools thoughts that have transcended until our time. That thing doesn`t only help to decrease the discrimination this also hepls to the people who suffers of this problem.

we can see discrimination in every place specially in the schools or streets. The problem has born time behind. It has been lived with the pass of the time. It has decreased a bit quantity but It still exist people that disciminated another.


Homework Nº 11

Name: Karen Lòpez Sànchez.

Date: January 26 th, 2017

Classroom: 11 th grade (BGU "B") 

Is very necesary to stop this because anyone is better than another, all the people have the same opportunities and the same needs.

It is an action that is focused on the people who is discriminated by the rest of people who think that are different than their in themes such as culture, age , gender , etc.