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 By Sydney Ward 

By Sydney W

Table of




1. Found Poem


2. Blackout Poem


3. ABC Poem


4. Cinquain Poem


5.Haiku Poem 


6. Bio Poem 


7. Shape Poem


8.Acrostic Pom 


9.  Elgery Poem


10. tanka Poem


11. List Poem


12. Limerick Poem


13. Syneru Poem


14.Epitaph Poem


15. Diamante Poem


16. About the Author  

Starting out Strong

Sending prayers to

my true friend she sees waves

 crashing against the ocean

making small stars in one explosion playing 

my fight song no limits for you're true freind 

till the end proving worried missing home 

Found Poem

Blackout poem  


ABC Poem 

    A Day for celebration

    B ut it can be a day for sadness

    C ause you are leaving the nest

    D eciding  to leave and never comeback spread your wings and fly

    E ven when you go down the road of life


                       Big Yellow

                Made to hit it hard

         So I can hit it over the fence

Softball Cinquain poem 

Haiku Poem 

 In the cold weather


The weather is cold outside



   I hate the cold




Athletic, Smart, Funny, Cute

Daughter of Jamie and Michelle Ward

Softball,family,beaches , and fun in the sun

I'm always somewhere being funny

Spiders,snakes,and clowns

Runner Up in softball nationals last year

Meeting my idol in the softball world,making new friends,

Meeting new people  

I live in Paris Arkansas





Bio Poem 


                                   A big yellow ball

                              That you can hit clearly

                         And hit dingers all the time and

                  Have the willing not to give up when tough

              Hitting dinger all game long are always fun to hit

          When you field a ball and get that double play you have

           World . You say I'm learning so many things all the time

Shape Poem 

Acrostic Poem

Scared  of the Dark

Moment that you are scared

Are you gonna scream
Run I would run

The hills and run far far away


Softball is all my life

Never give up on that one play

Strive to be better than your potential

Say you can do it you really can




I love playing on the weekends


with my softball friends usually


I see more than half of the people


I know in one weekend

Usually I know who they are playing for and



When and what field


Thats what part of softball is








Elegy Poem 

 I love my dogs

she is so big and fluffy

I can hug her whenever 

She will always be my favorite 

I love my dog  always 





Tanka Poem

I went to the doctor and my stomach

Was hurting and I didn't  know what it was

It could be anything the only things that I have

eaten this week are

A bowl of Cereal,3 pieces of Pizza,a little bit of trail mix ,

3 toaster waffles, One Hamburger with french fries for lunch ,

And I also had a plate of  Spaghetti  for dinner , the next day I had cold pizza for breakfast and the same for lunch ,I had some olive garden pasta for dinner and it was good .

List Poem 

There once was a wonderful star
Who thought she would go very far
Until she feldl down 

And looke like a clown
She knew she would never go far.


A folded napkin
Is not intended to be
A permanent thing, 

It is intened to be something where you can unfold or redo 

Senryu poem

. “And lion tears will fill for her,

Pity’s long-broken burn,

For her mourners will be outcast women 


Epitaph Poem 



delicous , sour, hot 

Fun to eat on any day of the week 

Creamy, Smooth , Heavnly 

Amazing, fun to eat 


Diamante Poem 

Author Bio  

Hi I am Sydney Ward the author of this potery booklet .

I attend paris High School in Paris Arkansas. I play softball and basjetball for the lady eagles . I attend St Benedict catholic chruch in Subiaco arkansas . I plan to go to college Somewhere in Arkansas or Oklahoma , My plan is to go play college softball and get my school paid for . I want to be a elementary school teacher or get a business degree .