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" The earth provides enough to satisfy a man's need but not enough to satisfy a man's greed"

Drought  Relief  Service (DRS) 

*The DRS was to coordinate relief during the dust bowls 


 *was a federal agency of the u..s new deal 

 1920- still a drought system today 

Shianne Cain

A relief- from this was president Roosevelt came up with a solution. Called the drought-aid plan which provided cash and livestock feed and equipment to farmers and other business's that got affected by the drought.

The drought system ended when Roosevelt handed out tools to help the farmers and other businesses. Roosevelt asked congress to appropriate $52.5 million to battle the economic crisis.    

   A quick summary of how the program was, they DRS started during the great depression. During the great depression, it was with very poor time management. Which have created a dust bowl and that's when droughts started to be a problem.

  • * Herbert Hoover, had been harshly criticized for failing to avoid the Depression through proactive economic policies
  • * A series of great droughts that began in the 1920s and a history of poor land-management practices had created a Dust Bowl in the Great Plains
  • * In 1931 the new president, Franklin Roosevelt, brought an air of confidence and optimism
  • * The New Deal, in a certain sense, merely introduced types of social and economic reform familiar to many Europeans for more than a generation.
  • * Anyone who had even a little money was extremely lucky 
  • * In 1933, with the nation in the grip of the most disastrous economic depression in its history, Roosevelt took over the presidency.
  • By 1932 United States industrial output had been cut in half.
  • His New Deal policies, which included drought relief, were unprecedented in scope and size;
  • An influx of Dust Bowl refugees into industrial urban areas and the more productive agricultural areas of the West drove down wages
  • Most of the agricultural segment of the economy had been in serious trouble for years.



Drought system: effect on economy


Unemployment rate:


Government spending:

It also increased


From 1910-1960, 1929-1939

Confidence spending:

Roosevelt increased confidence by having the government help out the farmers and other businesses

Role of government:

Was to achieve the best results for America

 Even though that the depression started on October 29, 1929, drought systems started in 1920 and they are still drought systems today.