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This booklet informs you of the history and mission of the Burt's Bee agency.

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About Burt's Bees

By Kelly Gunther 

The History

Burt Shavitz was born in Manhattan, NY in 1935 and was an American beekeeper. In 1984, Burt and Roxanne Quimby, an American artist, met in Maine (eventually relocate to North Carolina) and they connected instantly. Burt's Bees was born! 

The Mission Statement

"Earth Friendly, Natural Personal Care Company." The model that the company created is called The Greater Good - Good for you, good for us, good for all. Basically, their mission is to do things that will help the world, naturally and emotionally on a daiy basis.  


The Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream has won 30 awards, including four Allure Best of Beauty wins! Also in 2010, Burt's Bees was #1 in an ImagePower Green Brand survey which means zero waste to landfills. 

Why should you use Burt's Bees products?

You are not ony helping yourself, but the world around you too. By using the natural ingreidents used in Burt's Bees on your skin, you see instant results; your skin glows, feels clean and the bee's are happy. 

Thank you.