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 Matt Groening

  BY Brandon Perez

I chose Matt Groening becuase he animated and drew the characters in futurama and the simsons.Aswell he did som comic strip drawing in highschool and before his major animated shows kicked of into popularity. He has  skills of a writer,cartoonist ,producer and voice actor. 

 He was born Febuary 15 1954.He sold his forst comic strip in 1978,his comic got the attention of James L. Brooks in 1985. He then created the Simpsons and based the people in the show after the people in his family for example the dad in the show is based of his dad (Homer) so it would be Homer Simpson and follows through the family Marge,lisa,Maggie while bart is an anogram of brat.In 1977 he and a co creator of the simpsons created futuarma