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this technopagan altar

laden with futuristic offerings

like tools channeling electricity

that we can command with our hands.

a cornucopia for the next millennium

stuffed of wires and cords

opens up for plentitude

and the whole world becomes luminous.

what call for celebration!

let the computer sing its tune!

sonic electronics dance across the sky

in this jubilant worldwide rave.


in the midst of this discovery

we lost ourselves to hands agog

of fervent children, eager explorers

lung-trusting cave divers 

all on their own

cutthroat curiosity

of a cavernous concern

lean too far in and you will fall

a ghostly counsel to the past

my wise warning too late, alas!

now twenty years deep into this problem

dead diver corpses, hauled from the bottom

twenty years after an expedition gone rotten

let this tragedy never be forgotten